So I was Writing and Noticed...

that I may not be writing exactly what you guys are looking for in match-ups, but I really don’t care.

Now before you, all start unfollowing me because I “don’t care” let me explain. I do care (way too much) about what you guys think of my posts, what I don’t care about is what those posts are. I made this blog to write whatever popped into my head, the one thing I was missing before was a prompt (see where this is going).

Your guys asks give me the inspiration to write whatever pops into my head (in response to your asks), and that’s the one thing I love to do.

Now, I know I have mentioned this before, but the reason I’m posting this now is due to a specific ask I answered (but haven’t posted yet). I LOVED writing this specific ask, and I would not stop talking about it with anyone that listened. Eventually, as I was explaining the short-story I wrote to one of my best friends she questioned it.

“Isn’t this supposed to be mushy and cute?”

That’s probably what you guys want right? Mushy, cute scenes where your S/O shows their love through cliche action and flustered adorable messes.

The ask I wrote was NOTHING like that.

It was a Match-up mind you! You had a bonding moment with your S/O where their love for you is blatantly obvious. But, can we be real here, the Transformers Universe is not all sunshine and rainbows, there is some dark, sad, and gritty stuff (the story is literally about a war for crying out loud!). If you’re in any relationship with a bot there will be danger at one point (and even based on your personality maybe several points). So what I’m trying to say is…


I am trying to put as much content out there as possible so I don’t care if you drop in the asks and be like “Yo, can you do [this ask] again, but [different more specific request]?” I can assure you I will say yes 100% of the time. Let me repeat, I WILL SAY YES 100% OF THE TIME.

Thank you for listen, I hope I didn’t bore you. If you stuck to the end I can assure you I have bought a shitty desktop computer to use and am currently doing final editing on 4-5 answered asks (though this post was completely made on my phone, RIP).

squawkdallah, we are off !! this is a terrible idea considering my drafts but. i’m gonna do it anyway lmao; since my other one is a little messy, ❤︎ this clean, fresh new one for a starter !! lengths will vary, capping at 5.

anonymous asked:

Tuafw you have a region jazz festival and the school that's hosting it has really crappy vibes and the congas sound weird and you have to be put way far away from the rest of the band because there was no room where you usually rehearse. And everything is just so different and they say to just deal with the change but you can't and you feel like sobbing uncontrollably. 💁🏽👶🏽