Dear Grace,
Without a secretary I write my own letters, and I write without malice. I learned long ago to hate my enemies, but I’ve never loved one before. The idea of New York is interesting, but I’ve worked so hard for this day…for this victory. I have responsibilities here, people I need to protect, and people who I love. Before the war, if I had an important decision to make, I used to flip a coin; perhaps I will do it again. Polly tells me you fell in love for real. Polly is never wrong about matters of the heart. I will give you my decision in three days.
                                                                                                All my love, Thomas Shelby.


The Brutalist Playground at The Scottish Queen, Park Hill (Part Three), June 18 and June 30 2016.

You have a look at (or even play on) Assemble and Simon Tirrell’s Brutalist Playground yourself until September 11th. More info here.

Unwieldy Foam - Trust Fund (Spotify link)