If you need some alone time, take it. Some people need time to themselves to recharge so that they can be their best person, and that’s okay. Do what you need to do.

Can I just say I’m so proud and happy for ten ????? I don’t wanna sound like a typical ten stan saying “oh my god about time ” or “finally ” but like I’m actually so proud I know everyone in the NCT fandom has waited a year for Tens return I don’t really know why ? But I’m assuming they wanted ten to get better on his Korean , I understand that Not gonna lie I was mad for waiting a year just to ten get back like he’s getting a solo.. in SM station .. like um wow ? This boy probably worked his ass off day and night studying not only that making lyrics and creating choreography for this song ? Like that’s impressive the video too from what I saw was so pleasing ! It suited ten’s personality so well ! And especially his voice !! Like it’s so soft he’s worked hard on his singing too it’s so fucking great to see him happy and I hope he feels proud for his work because I know we’re all proud of ten …

something that i really, really hope happens in regards to finn and rey’s relationship in the upcoming films is a huge emphasis on how much FINN means to rey.

because a lot of ugly racists and re/ylos like to say that their relationship is so obviously ~one sided, that finn clearly likes rey but she doesn’t feel as strongly for him (when that’s far from the truth).

so what i REALLY want to see is rey being affectionate towards finn. i want to see her run to him and embrace him, i want to see her laugh at his jokes and look at him like he’s the only thing in the galaxy. i want HER to be the one to say “i love you,” or something along those lines, first- because not only would that be GREAT character development for rey, who has gone so long without having anyone and has finally allowed herself to grow attached to and feel for someone else- but also because it would prove that rey loves finn. it would prove that yes, rey, the white woman protagonist of this trilogy, loves finn, the black man protagonist of this trilogy.

so lucasfilm, please give me a rey who misses finn so much it hurts while she’s away with luke, a rey who cries over him and for him, a rey who is so obviously smitten with this good, brave, incredible man so that nobody can deny that finn is loved by her.

for once, let a black man be the hero; let him “get the girl,” let him be the shining light for those around him- let finn be loved, fiercely and undeniably, so that nobody can deny how important and amazing he is.

Hey it’s me, your friendly neighborhood farrier here to say that I really, really hate hitting your horses for kicking me, falling on me, and jerking their huge limbs into my body in very creative ways. It makes me feel bad and sad. So you need to train your horses, you need to hire someone to train your horses, or you need to cough up the cash for sedation every time your horses need their feet done. Simple as that.

Explaining a man that you don’t have to give them your time, that you don’t have to let things slide, that you’re under no obligation to let their awful comments pass… makes you a rude and intolerant radical, apparently. 

Cow Chop Fans

Can we all not re-post other people’s gifs and edits? It makes me feel bad when I accidentally reblog them and it’s rude to the people who worked on them in the first place.

The more Cow Chop content the better, but I’m respectfully asking you to make your own and not re-post it anymore. 

This isn’t a call out post at all btw, just a general psa. <3

You cannot convince me it didn't go down exactly like this.
  • Flash Writers: "Ok, guys, so we're thinking of doing a musical this year."
  • Candice, Danielle, Keiynan, Tom: "Yeah um *mumble*don't sing*mumble* no."
  • Carlos: "Actually that sounds kinda -"
  • Carlos: "Yeah, singing, boo."
  • Flash Writers: "Man, shoot. Ok, so then how about -"
  • Flash Writers: "Oh, sweet! Ok, so crossover! We'll do this!"
  • Barrowboy: *crashes in through the wall bc Barrowboy* "DO NOT FORGET ME! DO NOT FORGOT MY NAME! I AM JOHN BARROWMAAAAAAAAAAN!"
  • Flash Writers: :D

honestly idc if you post it or not if you buy into that whole “ace people are basically [romanticism] ; aro people are basically [sexuality] ; aro/ace people are ignorant fuckbabies who deserved to be mocked and have no actual struggles of their own” and demoralize or demonize people like me, especially for your “”””””aphobe cringe humor””””””””””””, i want nothing to do with you l o l