They Pulled This Out Of The Depths Of The Ocean, And What It Is Will Take Your Breath Away
Whales are the peaceful giants of the seas, we all know that. But they hold lots of secrets that we don't know about them and any information is important in learning more and preserving the species. These whale pictures will give you a whole new perspective about their size! source Meet Jacqueline Miller, a researcher at Royal...

I just wish everyone would show some respect. You don’t have to like or enjoy SKAM, but then for fucks sake keep your opinion to yourself. Damn.

There are so many people out there who you are actually offending with what you’re saying. Is it really that hard to keep negative shit to yourself? Like and enjoy the things you like, and let us like and enjoy the things we do.

SKAM really doesn’t deserve all this bullshit. It’s such an amazing tv show that has taught me more about respect, equal rights, feminism, friendship, love and many more very important things than anything or anyone ever has. And if you don’t feel the same way, that’s perfectly fine, but don’t fucking harass people who didn’t ask for it.


I’m done with polite reminders.

I am not your cutie. Your princess. Your babygirl. Your miss. Your little one. Etcetera.
How dare you. Step off or be more polite. If you EVER want a chance at me being your princess etc, don’t call me that unless I say so. You my daddy? No? Then don’t!
Oh, and you’re NOT my daddy unless I specifically say so. Can’t believe I have to specify that.

If Your Partner Is One Of These Zodiac Signs, They're Probably A Cheater
Some zodiac signs get along better with each other than others, that's a well-known thing. But if you partner is one of these zodiac signs, you might consider getting a new relationship because they are probably cheaters. source #1 Aries: According to most Zodiacs, the Aries are daring and adventurous. This can easily lead to a...

When you’re genuinely conflicted because you want more badass female characters leading games but you really, REALLY were looking forward to seeing more of a badass with a Boston accent going on some grand adventure with a “goddamn” old man……