Best Laid Plans

Summary: History professor Dean Winchester had his life all planned out – until a brilliant, beautiful doctor walked into his office.
Part One: Research & Take-Out
Pairing: Dean x Reader
Word Count: 2070
Warnings: None.

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Witch Tip: Research

People get really freaked out as beginner witches, or witches entering a  new area of study when it comes to the research part of the craft. 

There is so much information, so much of it is contradictory, and it can be really difficult to find exactly what you’re looking for, so on top of that you’ve got to worry about writing down your findings in your BOS when you might find out later the information has changed or was incorrect??? 

Make a site index! Open a word document, pages document, etc, and copy and paste sites with a short description of what they are about. This way you have an easy reference guid that can change and be rearranged as you see fit, and you get way less “grimoire guilt” for not writing it down even tho you’re not sure about the research yet.




i haven’t watched the hulk movie(s) in a hundred thousand years honestly so i don’t even REMEMBER what any of this is about but like SERIOUSLY??? is the 1st hulk movie even part of the mcu timeline though?? i thought only the 2nd one was?? was tony even iron man by the time the 1st hulk movie happened?? i literally know nothing CAN SOMEONE GIVE ME THIS WHOLE STORY all i vividly remember is tony’s after-credits cameo


Request: Prince!Brad AU / Bradley never expected himself to fall in love with the daughter of a florist. It was forbidden for royalty to have peasantry relations, but, he loved her.

Words: 2.2k

a prompt loosely based on this post by @stussybrad

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i’m sorry but there’s absolutely no reason to throw pepe reina under the bus, especially when by basically every metric he had a better season last year than iker did.  he had a better win ratio, he made more saves, and he allowed fewer goals per game (and actually fewer goals total in all competitions) while making almost twice as many appearances.  love and support iker all you want but don’t pretend that pepe isn’t worthy of being called up because he absolutely is.

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Headcanon for the paladins going on vacation with their s/o. Places they'd go and how they'd act!

YES! I love vacation headcanons so much omg!


  • He would absolutely love to take you to a large festival, especially one from his home country. He wants to introduce you to all of the cuisine and culture and just have so much fun walking around and trying new things! He paid one of the bands to play a song for you in which the two of you danced to for your anniversary, he takes you back there at least once a year now.
  • He will take you to Cancun at least once. The water is absolutely beautiful and the beaches are gorgeous, how could he not go? You will also stop by Chichen Itza on your way and see the Temple of Kukulkan, you’re going to have to drag him away from there because he’s just going to want to stare at it all day.
  • He’s going to take so many picture with you no matter where you two go. He wants to remember everything he does with you and every time you smile! He’s going to have hundreds of pictures of the two of you from all of your adventures over the years.


  • Two words: spontaneous adventure. He’s going to take you anywhere and everywhere! He loves taking you knew places where you both can explore and find new things! You rarely go the same place twice!
  • He favorite vacation with you was a trip to Machu Pichu. Partially because you pointed out every. single. freaking. llama. And because you could go see the remains of an ancient civilization, how cool is that?! He loved the view, it’s definitely not something he’s going to forget.
  • He also enjoyed the trip to Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming. You hiked everywhere, and I mean everywhere. You two had to climb up a tree in order for a bear to pass once, you were there for about and hour and a half before a park ranger drove by help you out. You couldn’t really wander off the path after that without getting kicked out, but you still had a lot of fun!


  • You never go too far from home with Hunk unless you really want to, but you always have a wonderful time! He will want to try all of the local foods and try out cute couple’s things with you. He just wants to do everything he can with you!
  • His favorite place to take you is Kualoa Ranch on the Hawaiian Island of Oahu. There’s always so much to do there and it never gets old. He always takes you on the Jungle expedition tour and the horseback riding tour because they are just so amazing and the views are absolutely stunning.
  • You’re going to go to Disney with him whether you want to or not. He LOVES it there and he will show you everything he knows. He will have the greatest time if you two randomly break out into song and have cheesy romantic duets in the middle of the park.


  • She’s not one for taking many vacations, but if you do go on one with her then it’s very well planned out. She won’t leave your side once, but she’s going to enjoy every minute of the trip!
  • She likes taking you to Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida. She loves seeing all of the technological accomplishments in all of the rides and she won’t hide the fact that she likes watching your reactions to all of the 4D rides. You two may hide out in Diagon Alley and drink Butterbeer while you talk about your day.
  • She also liked your trip to New York City. She dragged you everywhere and she knew exactly what was going on while you stared at the neon screens in Time Square. You always managed to end up in either the Nintendo store or the M&M store by the end of the day. Always.


  • He absolutely loves taking you on vacations, he would take you someplace new every month if he could! You both get souvenirs wherever you go to remember your trips and you have a display cabinet full of all of them!
  • His favorite place to take you is The Galapagos Islands. He loooves snorkeling so much and he will make goofy faces at you through his mask. Seeing all of the sea life swim past him just amazes him and he loves watching how have so much fun in the tropics.
  • He also liked the trip to New Zealand. He will want to travel everywhere and just see how beautiful everything is. You’re going to have a picnic in Long Bay Regional Park on the beach and just enjoy your time in the sun. He will insist on going to Hobbiton at least once, he thinks it’s the coolest thing.

Is it just me, or is the advice “Write what you know, not what you don’t know” the worst advice ever? Well, a bit dramatic to say it’s the worst, but, it’s a bit cryptic.

Maybe some element of the statement is true, don’t throw yourself into a subject you’ve barely even heard of, you’ll mess it up, or you won’t know some elements of the subject and it’ll make writing about it difficult. But don’t limit yourself when it comes to your books.

Write what you know, and write what you’re going to know.

Write about a subject you don’t know about, and get to know the subject.

on a whim* I decided to look through @allrightfine‘s tags on colin related posts and each one is it’s own hilarious snowflake of an essay with a beginning, middle, and end idk how she does it but it’s truly something

ok so I don’t have time to elaborate much bc I’m walking in downtown Calgary atm but this has been on my mind for the past few days and I just wanted to share

so I’ve seen a lot of Canadian keith headcanons and recently some Texan keith headcanons but consider this:

Keith living in Alberta. Mountain climbing and hiking and camping in national parks and loving the Rockies. Biking through mountain paths and getting hella good at driving. Childhood dreams of flying the helicopters that blow up the snow to set off controlled avalanches when roads are closed. Racing through the badlands. Loving the fossils and collecting the small ones that he finds himself and secretly hoping he’ll find a dinosaur one day. Highkey excited about the Calgary Stampede every single July. Unironically wears cowboy boots and he takes good care of them bc they’re expensive okay.

The boy has Canadian sass and sarcasm and you can’t convince me otherwise.

Also tbh the best part of Canadian Keith headcanons is imagining him butting heads with Lance about the proper spelling for “colour”.

National Defense R&D and Internet Startups | 1st In SEO
Creating an internet startup company comes with more than its share of complications. The website itself represents a small investment, but building up and emerging as a fully operational organization takes time, effort, and funding. When looking for potential investors, though, many fail to recognize the potential that the federal government offers. In particular, funding

Creating an internet startup company comes with more than its share of complications. The website itself represents a small investment, but building up and emerging as a fully operational organization takes time, effort, and funding. When looking for potential investors, though, many fail to recognize the potential that the federal government offers. In particular, funding through agencies and organizations tied to the Department of Defense can create opportunities for many technology-based internet startups. Sandia National Laboratories in New Mexico offers funding competitions and opportunities that can help fledgling companies get on their feet and move into the future. If you present your company and your technology well, through your website and online marketing approach, you can work with some of the most intelligent scientists in the world to develop it into a refined, finished product. As they help you move that technology into the private sector, you gain opportunities to launch successfully and grow from a more advantageous starting point than any of your would-be competitors.

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“Sometimes you even look like her…”

He’s just a Crystal Gem
Each day he watches them
Cry and then cry again
He’s Stevennnnn

He’s got a pink lion
Rose shattered Pink Diamond
Opal is the best fusion
He’s Stevennnnn

Pearl is still hurting
Garnet is gay!
If you think they can’t, they’ll always find a way!

The Cluster will erupt
Jasper will become corrupt
The Rubies will float through space
He’s Stevennnnn
Stevennnnn, Stevennnnn
He’s Stevennnnn!    

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