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But imagine... big, tall, strong Kylo... tied to the bed and fucked almost blind. He pulls so hard he nearly breaks it, and Hux scolds him for the near destruction of First Order property. But really, he's pleased he can drive this wild, mad, powerful and wilful man so far out of his mind.

thank you for this blessing. 

Their way to the bed has been rough. Pent up tension and sexual desire got the best of them. 

This has been going. Wrong.  Empty handed missions, destroyed resources and humiliating defeats. It was humiliating. It was humbling. Although they both have talent for damage control. It was a horrid reminder on how things could go wrong. How things spiral out of control. 

Even now, with recovered missions and apprehended intruders. Their pride were still stinging. 

Hux had been pacing with the need to control and Kylo, Kylo acting more like a skittish beast, injured and cornered, waiting to bite. To go out of control. It wasn’t something new between them. They’ve shared bed a few times, it was beneficial. 

Hux needed to control. And Kylo needed a leash around him. To be subdued. To know that failures doesn’t mean denial of the only source of stability he had. That maybe, Hux can offer that, even just for a moment. Even just for a fleeting moment of reconcilable need that they both can provide to each other. 

Kylo welcomes the feeling of the binds. Already imagining the rough fingers on his hips, the way it would bruise for tomorrow, leaving him marked for days. 

Instead, he felt gentle fingers all over him, ghost like in it’s caress. He waits and it’s eager and sure, just the way Hux is, but it’s way too much teasing for Kylo. Not the way he’s used to. 

So he pulls, and pulls. Demanding the attention he knows. Demanding the brutal fucks he’s familiar with, the one’s they’ve practiced before, the one’s he’s received from others. Others that were way too eager to have someone like him obeying. Hux’ always come of naturally, never with the want to have Kylo Ren underneath him, although yes Hux did enjoy having so much power under his hands. But Hux already knows of the power he can command. 

“Tsk. Better not break anymore equipment Kylo. You’d be patient or I’ll leave you like that.” 

Kylo almost sobs. But he recognize a command when one is directed to him. So he waits. He waits as he was opened slowly, carefully. A lot more patient than anyone has ever handled him before ever. Every whimper were answered with an incessant press on his hips. A good reminder that Hux knows he can handle more, that it’s not an insult to what he can bare. 

Rather a reminder that he need not to do so always. 

When Hux fucked him, it was slow, steady and calculated. It took his breath away, leaving him wanting more. The soft tugs and pushes here and there were answered by his groans of appreciation. It was slow and long, like a rhythm refusing to end. Almost like lovemaking.

When he reached his climax, he was panting and his vision hazy. He loved the warmth of his seed and he preened when Hux’ own joined his on his stomach. He tries to blink his blurry vision back as Hux caress his head, smoothing the hair from his eyes. 

Hux kissed him as he undid his bindings. 

It was only then that Kylo took his walls down. Finally acknowledging the wanting from Hux that had been lingering for a long time. Something he’d been afraid of.

But he hoped he’ll be able to cling on. 

Specially now that the avalanche of their combined doubt about their leader dance between their thoughts. 

@strawberrypanda1-art-blog drew Human!Bog with vitiligo and now I think it’s a thing if I ever write that Pushing Daisies AU

Bog bakes all the pies for the shop but doesn’t usually serve customers. He lurks in the back, a ghost haunting the fruit fillings and pastry crusts. But imagine one time they’re short staffed so he’s waiting tables

and he catches Marianne watching him and snaps at her, thinking she’s staring at his uneven complexion (she’s not). She gets really flustered and angry and blurts out, “You have such amazing eyes!”

Cue blushing and rushed exits

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I just read the phrase "pushing daisies AU" and I am highly intrigued and desiring to read this immediately. That sounds like a lovely plan!

“Alan Boggart King was 32 years, seven months, three weeks, ten hours, and fifty-seven seconds old”

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It’s firmly on my list of Things I Super Look Forward to Writing

Bog the Piemaker and Marianne “Dead Girl” Charles

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And of course Sugar Plum is hanging around too

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