I got some asks about my sister and answered one, but answered it privately on accident, so I got them to send the text back over so I could post it for Posterity™. So here is an explanation of what happened with my older sister:

My sister got bacterial meningitis when she was a few months old and as a result has severe brain damage and a seizure disorder. We’ve tried for years to control her seizures but therapy, an implant, and no amount of heavy duty seizure meds could stop her from having bad seizures that resulted in a flatline of brain activity for a short time post seizure (note: these are the BAD kinds of seizures that are VERY risky)

It got to the point where brain surgery was the only option. So last summer (2015, summer before my freshman year of college) she underwent a Corpus callosotomy at Vanderbilt. This means they split the two hemispheres of your brain so that basically, if a seizure starts causing problems in one area of her brain, they are isolated to that hemisphere of the brain, whereas before they would “generalize” (become the life-threatening full-body seizures). It’s kind of like quarantining the seizure to one half of the brain. Which was awesome!!

But what was not awesome was recovery. They thought she’d bounce back, but her “neuroplasticity” was not as good as they initially thought, so she didn’t. She didn’t wake up for about a day and even then could only stay in a state of semi-consciousness before sleeping again. She had also gone completely mute, which was also not expected or normal. Along with that, she could no swallow, walk, stand, or even sit up on her own.
She moved with my mom to an amazing facility in Atlanta called Children’s Hospital of Atlanta (BEST PLACE EVER), which conveniently was also the city I was moving into for school. So me and my dad and my sister visited as often as we could and Madison got better every time, but it was sad to see her struggle so so much with things that used to be easy for her. I bought elastic headbands in bulk on Amazon because they helped her feel super cute and covered up the incision when it was healing (her favorites were yellow, because that is her favorite color). The Madison we knew was still in there, but her brain had to remap all the functions that it knew before it got separated into two halves. She also had some of those split brain symptoms, where two halves of your brain act independently–even today she’ll sometimes reach for a pencil with two hands instead of one, and then get confused when she realizes her hands aren’t really agreeing. 
I remember when I managed to get her to talk for the first time after surgery by playing a game she enjoys–basically, I make her laugh by acting silly. I call my mom or dad by someone else’s name (like, call them my grandparents, or or dog’s names, or Santa Claus, whatever works) and they would look at Madison as I said this, she would look at them, and they would be like “umm that’s not my name!!” It sounds silly, but the options in a hospital room are pretty limited, and this game LITERALLY never fails to make Madison COMPLETELY lose it laughing until she can’t anymore. Plus, you can keep going forever, just calling people by silly names. Before surgery she usually would go “no, that’s mommy!!” or whoever it was, but since she couldn’t speak, she just laughed. But one day I pressed for an answer. I pointed at my mom and called her some silly name, which she and Madison laughed at, and then I said “wait, that’s not it? Well then what is it?” it took a lot of encouraging and a while for the words to come to her, but she managed to say “mommy!”. I did the same with my dad and she said “dad!” At this point, this was the first time we heard her speak since surgery, and since there werent any guarantees, up until then we didn’t know if she’d ever be able to speak again. But she DID. Me and my mom couldn’t stop laughing, and all of us were all crying too. It was such a special moment, I love telling that story. And there’s a lot more, like the first time she was able to move her left side of her body again, the first time she was able to stand, the first time she was able to walk the whole floor on her walker, the first time she went up the stairs in physical therapy…

Anyways this is way longer than this probably warranted but even though this was a year ago, I still have so many FEELINGS. Madison still has some seizures after her surgery, but they are not “generalized” and mostly occur during her sleep, so they’re basically harmless. She’s also gotten her seizure medication dosages lowered significantly, which is amazing because they were REALLY heavy duty, the side effects were “feel like you have the flu all the time, and also feel tired 24/7”. Before this year, we had never known a Madison who wasnt on these medications, and she is so energetic and happy!! The surgery has dramatically improved her quality of life and helps us all sleep easier because it means that its impossible for her to have a seizure that would actually be life-threatening. Anyways that’s my story, I grew up walking into my school holding hands with Madison everyday, and I love her like. AGGRESSIVELY. She’s great. It was a hard time after surgery, but it was so worth it for her.

I Literally Do Not Care

if Bellarke never actually becomes show canon. If the Series simply ends with the two of them alive and together, watching their people flourish because they’ve achieved the goal: survival, I will be so happy. 

Because that means their ending is ambiguously open. It can literally be imagined any number of ways and you will never be wrong!!!! It also means that ultimately, Bellamy and Clarke’s relationship with one another will still be highlighted as the most important relationship in the show and I’m just….

I would be fine with that.


Darkness exists to make light truly count

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can you write something for supercorp?

“Miss Luthor.”

Supergirl calls after the woman, striding down the hall away from her. In all honesty, it has been a very long day and she’s ready to go home, curl into her couch, and watch terrible television with her sister. But no. Some jackass had to go and threaten Lena Luthor. Again. So maybe her tone is a touch sharp but Lena Luthor is still walking away from her—into the room from which they only just removed a bomb.

“Miss Luthor!”

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Standing with those who are fighting to protect their sacred land and water. #nodapl #waterislife#mniwiconi Taika Waititi

I would also like to take this opportunity to raise something that has been bothering me for sometime. Last New Year’s Eve I was at a “Lone Ranger” themed party where some of us, myself included, wore the traditional dress of First Nations people. I was stupidly unaware of the offence this may have caused and the sensitivity around this issue. I sincerely and unreservedly apologise to all First Nations people for this thoughtless action. I now appreciate that there is a great need for a deeper understanding of the complex and extensive issues facing indigenous communities. I hope that in highlighting my own ignorance I can help in some small way.

An INFJ dealing with compliments
  • my mother:*compliments me*
  • me:I don't buy it. She's my mother. Mothers have to say stuff like that. She only says that because her own mother never said stuff like that to her and she doesn't want me to have a self esteem as crappy as she does. How sweet, but that still doesn't make it true what she says.
  • a friend:*compliments me*
  • me:I know this girl better than I know myself, and I know exactly how she acts when she says nice stuff that she only says because she thinks the other person wants to hear it. This is it. That's sweet of her, but I don't buy it.
  • some acquaintance:*compliments me*
  • me:Who the hell are you, why are you talking to me, what do you want from me? Go away. *sprays bottle*
  • a random child:*says something remotely nice*
  • me:Awww, this is the sweetest thing I've heard in my entire life. I believe everything she says to me. I love her, let me keep her.

Idk why I love to think about how the FAHC spend holidays but with Halloween coming up y'know I have to
I’d like to think that there have been a few years that their ‘costumes’ are just them switching clothes

The first year they do it is before Ryan, and they’re fairly capable of just coming to the agreement that Ray and Michael switch, mostly because they basically share all of their t-shirts anyway and it’s just a matter of making Ray wear actual jeans

(“They’re so fucking long I hate this”
“Shut the fuck up Ray my knees are freezing . what is wrong with you?”)

Geoff and Jack swap, and this incites a Shit On Geoff party.

(“Geoff, oh my God. This was such a terrible idea for you! Jack looks a thousand times more badass in a suit than you, and now you look-”
“Like a suburban dad on vacation?”
“Fuck, Ray, that’s exactly what i was gonna say! Fucking put some sunscreen on your nose, Geoff, you suburban piece of shit.”)

Meanwhile Gavin somehow misses the memo and wears a dick costume [y'all know the one] but when he finds out about the others, he just says he’s dressed as all of them.

Another year they have to draw names because no one can agree on who they want to be. It ends up with:

Geoff in Gavin’s dumbass gold shades and a button down

Gavin with his hair temporarily dyed in rainbow stripes and a suit jacket that is somehow both too big and too small.

(“Jeremy, are your arms like two inches long because this is absolutely ridiculous.”
“And yet you could fit another person next to you in the torso. You look like an experiment that went wrong.”)

Nobody even bats an eye at Jeremy in a Hawaiian print shirt because it definitely seems like something he already owns. Jack is beyond offended.

She, like every other fucking year, ends up in a something that makes her way more badass than everyone else. They all say the system is rigged, that she’s a cheater, but nobody is willing to fuck with her when she’s wearing Ryan’s mask. Not even him.

Ryan has to just carry Michael’s bomber jacket around with him because it doesn’t fit, and he is 100% not willing to go buy a new one.

Michael not only wears Geoff’s suit (which fits him about as well as it does Geoff, I.e. not at all) but he spends the day doing terrible impersonations.

(They all boil down to “I’m fucking great as dicks, you all suck, why don’t you listen to me ever?!?! You’re all fired!! Alcohol!!!”
Everyone finds it hilarious and accurate, except Geoff, who immediately says he should fire all of them.)

The same year that Ryan decides to start branching out in what he wears on heists (it’s all godawful, except for the masks. Those are still all skull or animal themed, and no more terrible than any other masks the crew picks.) they decide it’ll be hilarious to all wear one of his outfits, each more ridiculous than the last.

Again, nobody quite believes Jeremy’s costume, as they’re all sure he’d already had it in his closet.

Needless to say, when Ryan shows up (in a horrifically accurate butcher’s costume- they are all pretty positive that’s real blood on his apron, but it belongs to no animal) he is not amused. He mutters something about putting his cleaver to good use.

The calmest year they ever have happens after a particularly close-call heist. They make it out by the skin of their teeth and have zero energy to celebrate Halloween. Instead, they buy enough candy to put a small elephant into a sugar coma, and spend most of the night fucking around with Ryan’s surprisingly large collection of face paint.

Its starts with Gavin begging him to ‘do me up like you would you’. Except Ryan refuses to do his own trademark look on Gavin, opting instead to create one for him. Which, of course, has everyone else wanting their own personalized style.

They all take a billion selfies before wiping it off and trying to do it themselves, at which point they all look like rejected clowns. It only gets worse when they start drinking and doing each other’s faces.

Somehow Michael ends up with most of his chest painted with color swatches. Jeremy has a giant face that uses his nipples as eyes. Gavin once again gets a rainbow in his hair. Jack forces Ryan to redo her face then proceeds to brag about how much better she looks than everyone. And Geoff just thinks about how this came to be, and how he could not imagine a better way to spend Halloween.