(pretty pretty)


my new tattoo c: I was going to wait until it fully healed to show you guys but I’M IMPATIENT.

obviously it’s still got scabbing cause it’s still fresh (a couple days old) and the stencil ink is like glue, still hanging out around some of the outline areas. I love how it turned out and eventually will probably get some watercolor splashes in the background of the flowers. Not sure though! The delicate line-work is really appealing to me. 

also taking pictures of your forearm is awkward, especially when there’s a perfectly straight line of text on it lol.

dragonwish2  asked:

WAIT so on part 2 of the basketball thing Jack said he thought the hood looked cool, and it kinda resembles Reaper's hood. Is that a coincidence or intentional suffering brought on by you?

Ahahah! What a odd question! Ahaha!

You really guys see the angst like everywhere around these two!

No, it’s not intentional and definitely a coincidence. What Jack says it’s what he really thinks.

Still, @megsblackfirewrites once wrote something cute in the tags saying that Jack probably didn’t want to be recognized, (you know, he’s the poster boy, after all) and I like that idea as well.