Snow and David weren’t exactly heroic during the first curse. David especially. I didn’t like him at all back then. He was selfish and weak. I liked the hero in the flashbacks a lot more.

But that was the point of the curse. It didn’t just transport them to another realm. It changed them, by essentially taking away their bravery, which stemmed from their experiences etc. So Snow became a doormat, and David was a selfish jerk. Because they were afraid – and they still get scared, everyone gets scared, but usually they’re brave enough to overcome it and take the hard path and choose hope. Without that, they lost their confidence, their heroism, their determination. We saw the same thing with Hook in the other AU, he lost his courage and his bravado, charm, anger, etc, along with it.

And I think this wish did the same with Emma. It wasn’t “what if Emma had grown up loved and adored”. It was more along the lines of the original curse, taking away some fundamental parts of her personality – her bravery, her defiance, her self-confidence. The Evil Queen basically did to Emma what she did to Snow and David before.

At least, that’s how I’m interpreting it. That’s my tale and I’m sticking to it. Because that was not Emma as she would have been if she’d grown up in the Enchanted Forest. No way.

elfyourmother  asked:

I have a Very Important question that you should feel free to answer as seriously or not as you want: how do you think Actual Disney Prince Sebastian would get along with Blackwall and do you think his presence would soothe Problem Bear?

This is indeed a very important question and one I have dwelled on from time to time.

I’ve seen an AU scenario or two in which Inquisitor Sebastian sends Rainier off to the Wardens without a second thought. Even though I think, if Sebastian were somehow in charge of his fate, he might eventually decide to do just that, there was something…ineffectual about the execution in these AUs. Like they equate it to Seb’s reaction at the DA2 endgame. This situation wouldn’t be traumatic on such a personal level. Again…fandom doesn’t respect or try to understand Seb’s feelings, so it comes off as ruthless or a tantrum.

So I’ve never really cared for it; my vision of Sebastian seems to be a lot softer than fandom makes him out to be.

I like to think the two would get along famously. Blackwall would be avoidant, as is his default setting, but Sebastian’s enthusiasm is infectious. He would remain cautious, but Sebastian would become the few in Skyhold he regularly talks to. When he gets more comfortable, he replaces Grey Warden talks with vaguely disguised stories of Captain Rainier, which enthralls Sebastian just as easily.

Eventually it comes out that both of them were heavy partiers and gallivanters in their youths until they found purpose, and they become even closer friends. It drives Varric utterly bonkers.

Sebastian is still curious, especially given the last Grey Warden he knew did not have the stories he wanted. But that’s one more reason why Sebastian is so thrilled to be working alongside Blackwall. Here’s the real deal, the people’s hero in the stories his grandparents read to him as a boy. And after what happened in Kirkwall, it’s comforting to know someone who isn’t disillusioned with duty. That heroes do exist, after all.

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you say he's romance repulsed. does that mean he'd never enter a romantic relationship / love anyone or does it mean the right person has to come along?just curious!

as he is right now, he has no interest or desire to pursue a romantic relationship. that hasn’t even crossed his mind whatsoever. however, that doesn’t mean he won’t ever fall for someone– as you said, not until the right person comes along. it’s gonna take a lot of time and patience from the other party. he will mistaken this as interest, despite wanting to be around them but once he notices little changes in behavior like that, he’s gonna wanna push it away. not wanting to come into terms of it but eventually will come to terms with it after much frustration and internal struggle.. somewhere down the line. it ain’t gonna be pretty, at all. there’s gonna be a lot of fighting, a lot more yelling, and attempts at kid being a straight up asshole to the person he will like. like i said, it’s gonna take a lot of effort and a lot of patience. not to mention lots of tension and friction with one another, mostly cause of kid’s fault. but romantic relationship with kid isn’t impossible, just extremely difficult and rare.

EDIT: also, if said potential partner breaks up with him after he invests so much time with them, he’s gonna react very negatively. first, he isn’t fond of people playing him. another, he doesn’t like to be discarded like yesterday’s trash, it’s gonna remind him of his biological parents that cast him away without another thought (my headcanon for him is that his parents disowned him at a very, very young age– that’s when he learned to fend for himself and such. ) so for a potential partner to do that is the biggest mistake ever. he will not be interested in repairing the relationship afterwards if the person wants him back. unless it’s something.. reasonable but even then he will be extremely iffy and have a whole lotta trust issues. finally, he’s gonna be talking a lot of crap– letting them know they wasted his damn time and such. vent out rather angrily and something he will probably never let go.

You get most of your stuff stashed in your room and then take your cousins over to the Bannered Mare. As much as you’d love to have them all stay over, unless they want to pull up bedrolls around the hearth you just don’t have the space. Besides, you have a plan for tonight. You get their things upstairs and buy everyone some lunch. Within about three minutes Karkat and Jake are comparing notes on dwemer ruins and you can’t tell if they’re agreeing or not because while you understand the words they’re saying individually, when they’re put together like that…

You raise an eyebrow at Jade, hoping she understands what’s going on better than you do.

Sadly, she just mirrors your look.

You shrug.

She sighs with exasperation and rolls her eyes.

Jade taps you on the shoulder. “Hey,” she says, “I think it’s about that time.”

You nod and stand up. “We’ll be right back.”

Jane frowns in a clear “Don’t leave me here with them!”

Karkat and Jake don’t even respond. They’re too distracted by something something resonance stones. Whatever those are. You just let Jade lead you upstairs.

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You have invented a new kind of stupid

A ‘damage you can never undo’ kind of stupid

An 'open all the cages in the zoo’ kind of stupid

'Truly, you didn’t think this through?’ kind of stupid 

So yeah,


qrowin-shitposts replied to your post: i feel like i’m getting a lot of ship related asks…

Your Kacchako metas inspire me and we seek your opinion on many things


besides kacchako and toshinko, my opninion on MHA ships pretty much range from “it seems cute, but i don’t ship it,” “i don’t see where the chemistry comes from???” or “I… I don’t care”

it’s… fairly lackluster. there’s not much for me to comment on b/c i just… don’t really care, so i don’t really see the point in asking me about ships b/c i’m not really going to give anyone a good answer one way or the other

now Dad Might, Dadzawa, platonic relationships, and friendships between the characters–ohohoho, now THAT’S gonna get my attention and i’ll usually  have plenty to say on the subject

but in relation to ships, it’s pretty much just…. *shrug*

tfw you start multishipping (not your OTPs, just your neutral pairings) in one fandom, and the habit starts bleeding into all the others, oop.

sorry not sorry