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request for @bangtan-bangbang from forever ago of jimin’s mama 2016 performance - specifically the blindfold-taking-off part :’D

there’s another drawing like this on my twitter~ 

Got7 Imagine: Mark as University / College Student
  • Requested by Anon
  • Got7 X Reader
  • Order from eldest to youngest member
  • YOU HAVE NO IDEA HOW OFTEN I IMAGINE THESE 7 BOYS AS UNI/ COLLEGE STUDENTS. THANK YOU FOR YOUR REQUEST! Also, I feel like I’d over-write for each member so I’ll put this into 7 separate posts!
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University AU List: Jaebum | Jackson | Jinyoung


  • Third / Junior Year Student
  • Major in Biochemistry, Minor in English and Mathematics
  • Above-average grades
  • Best friends with Jackson Wang from the Athletic Department
  • Known around campus as the handsome chic genius by the females and the chillest cool guy by the males. (Everybody wants a piece of him)
  • How he commutes to campus: Skateboarding or walking from the campus dorms
  • Everyday outfit: Snapback, loose hoodie or t-shirt, ripped jeans, vans or nike
  • Class schedule: Either it’s an 8 am or a 7 pm class. There’s no in between.
  • At school 24/7 because of lab experiments, studying or simply just chilling with his friends

During classes:

  • Takes his seat by the very back of the lecture hall and close to the doors
  • Typically an earnest, hardworking student that takes decent notes
  • Always hands in his assignment on time; fulfills the minimum requirements
  • Occasionally uses his hoodie to hide himself when he decides to take a nap in between a 5-hour lecture
  • Has many acquaintances in class but usually is quiet unless he’s asked a question
  • Has the habit of twirling his pen/pencil
  • Sits comfortably in his seat and sometimes slouch when class gets boring
  • Wears glasses
  • ALWAYS have some sort of snack or drink on the table
  • Usually, doesn’t use his electronics during class aides for academic purposes
  • ALWAYS the first to arrive and first to leave, rarely late or absent (if he’s late it’s most likely because of Jackson.)

During breaks:

  • Can be seen around the cafeteria or at the school’s common area with his friends (the rest of got7)
  • Usually, has the signature New York Deli and Iced americano
  • If there’s soup on the menu that day he’d definitely get that
  • Forever scrolling on his phone while eating (and ignoring Jackson on the side, rambling)
  • Sometimes mischievously flicks crumbs at Yugyeom and Bam Bam
  • Teases Jaebum with aegyo
  • Rarely, helps Youngjae and Jinyoung with their English papers
  • Leaves to the sleeping pods on campus or heads to the library when the others have afternoon classes
  • Naps at the sleeping pods and wakes up prior 30 mins until his night classes
  • Usually, during early summer, he naps by the grass area bathed under the afternoon sun with his music plugged in
  • Works on homework and maybe study in the library if he’s not napping that day
  • Skateboards around campus and plays basketball if he’s not studying or napping

During exam season:

  • You will not see this boy anywhere else besides his classes, the library or at his dorm
  • Studying becomes his middle name during exam season
  • Looks prepared but is actually quite stressed
  • Stressed but never forgets to have proper meals and decent amount of sleep
  • Tries to sleep early before exam days
  • Stubble Mark at the peak of exam season
  • Does his exams and stresses over if he’s gotten the questions right
  • Probably calculated his score in his brain after every exam
  • At the last day of exam he probably just hope he’d pass this semester
  • Sleeps straight after his last exams and wakes up a few days later all refreshed
  • Hella relieved when he actually scored good in his exams and has a smile plastered on his face for the rest of his day

How he handle on-campus admirers:

  • Usually just politely smiles and continues his way when he hears freshman gasping over him by the hallway
  • Doesn’t necessarily take it to heart when he hears news (from the other got7 members) about a particular girl or guy crushing on him
  • If he’s approached with a confession, he’d be very flattered but politely declines if he’s not interested

How you meet him:

  • You first meet Mark in your general education class for English writing
  • He’s the first person you see in the empty lecture hall and you just awkwardly say hi
  • He just nods back and continues to do whatever he was doing
  • You place yourself a few rows in front of him and gets ready for the lecture
  • You guys don’t interact with each other majority of the time besides hi and bye
  • You find him the second time in the Library typing away on his paper due for your English class
  • The very paper in which you have no clue how to start on because the topic is so broad
  • You sit next to him by the computer and tap on his shoulder
  • “Hi sorry to disturbing you, I’m in your English writing class and I really have no clue how to start on this paper. Would you mind helping me start off?”
  • “Pardon me?”
  • Mark takes out his earphone and you repeat yourself again
  • “Oh okay, let me just wrap up my paragraph and I’ll help you.”
  • This is how you actually started talking to Mark because of homework
  • You asked what Mark was writing his paper on and he explains it to you briefly
  • Eventually, with the help of Mark and the textbook, you set on a topic
  • You thank him and went off to do your own research and write up your paper that’s due in a few weeks
  • For the following few weeks, you glue yourself to the library as you did your other assignments and wrote the paper
  • You’d see Mark appear a few times in the library and you guys just wave at each other
  • The day before the paper is due, you were in the library editing the final paragraph when someone taps you on the shoulder
  • “Hey, how’s the paper coming along?”
  • It was Mark with a few science books in his arms
  • “It’s going okay, just editing the last paragraph. Yours?”
  • “I finished it a few days ago, just need to proofread it before handing it in tomorrow Can I sit here by the way?”
  • “Sure.”
  • Mark casually sits beside you as you have small talk here and there while the both of you got your work done
  • You stretched your back when you were finally done and gather your things.
  • Mark was deeply concentrated, calculating some equation while his eyes scanned the books
  • You tap him on the shoulder to get his attention
  • “Hey, I’m done. Thank you so much for helping me.”
  • “It’s no problem, glad you have your paper written up.”
  • He flashes his cute smile
  • “Good luck with your work, I have class so I gotta run.”
  • “Sure, see you around in English!”

Got7 Imagine: Jackson as University / College Student
  • Requested by Anon
  • Got7 X Reader
  • Order from eldest to youngest member
  • YOU HAVE NO IDEA HOW OFTEN I IMAGINE THESE 7 BOYS AS UNI/ COLLEGE STUDENTS. THANK YOU FOR YOUR REQUEST! Also, I feel like I’d over-write for each member so I’ll put this into 7 separate posts!
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University AU list: Mark | Jaebum | Jinyoung


  • Second/ Sophomore Year
  • Major in Fencing at the Physical Education/ Sports Department
  • Student Ambassador
  • Excellent Grades
  • Best friends with Mark from the Science Department and Bam Bam from the Arts Department
  • Known around campus as the sweetest guy alive by females and the everybody’s bro by males
  • How he commutes to campus: Usually jogs or walk but will take a ride on Jaebum’s car if he’s running late
  • Everyday outfit: All black athletic wear, nike or adidas
  • Class Schedule: 8 am to 2 pm classes because he has early morning practice with the fencing team
  • At school during at the crack of dawn and lasts until afternoons practicing at the gym, in a lecture, or on ambassador duty in the offices

During Class:

  • Takes his seat right by the middle row, usually right in the center of the hall
  • Has a pen and one piece of paper, usually at the very bottom of his bag
  • Tries to take notes but scribbles hieroglyphics because he can’t catch up with the speed of the professor
  • Gives up and type notes on his computer instead and gets distracted by social media notifications
  • Hands in his assignment on time; fulfills the minimum and tries for maximum (even if he struggles)
  • Sits with his friends and usually gets distracted every 5 seconds
  • Has habit of breathing heavily and drumming his fingers if the class gets boring
  • Starts off sitting properly at the beginning of class and has his upper body laid flat on the table by the end of class
  • Always arrives just after the professor steps in because he was too caught up with morning practice

During Breaks:

  • Can be seen around the cafeteria or at the school’s common area with his friends (the rest of got7)
  • Usually, has caesar salad with shreds of chicken breast with organic green tea
  • From time to time he has a cheat day and has a burger with chips/ crisps/ fries
  • Always tries to talk to Mark even if Mark doesn’t reply
  • Talks to Jaebum and Youngjae as well cause they all live together and share house chores
  • Occasionally goes out with Bam bam and Jinyoung off campus to have grilled meat
  • If he’s preparing for a competition, he’d be in the gym practicing
  • If he’s particularly free that day he’d go play basketball with Mark
  • Other times he’d be working at the offices as the uni/ college’s student ambassador
  • Helping out mostly undergraduates and freshmen around campus
  • Tries his best to answer any questions students have about their career path
  • Low-key on the side promoting his beloved organic products

During Exam Season:

  • This boy will be panicking
  • Asks his hyungs, noonas and friends to tutor him
  • He will disappear for a good few days to study
  • Hella stressed and you can tell from a glimpse
  • So stressed that he’ll neglect food AND sleep if necessary
  • Speaks out loud to himself while studying to help himself remember things
  • Has his hair up in a ponytail to stop it from falling over his eyes
  • Stubble Jackson at the very peaks of exam season (reference to Law of Jungle for accurate depiction)
  • He shows up to his exams hobo style and ALL BLACK
  • “I am attending the funeral of my grades.”
  • Checks grade or GPA updates every day during the holidays
  • Thanks his mom and gives a speech to celebrate the world, when he finds out he scored flying colours on most his exams

How he handles on-campus admirers:

  • Thinks himself as unattractive or not desirable when there’s a flock of Jackies everywhere (like boy, please, be more confident)
  • If he’s approached with a confession, he’d be very flattered and humbled
  • Also would politely decline if he’s not interested, tells admirers that he has other goals in priority and that he wouldn’t mind being friends instead

How you meet him:

  • It was at the beginning of the uni/ college break when you meet Jackson
  • You visiting the offices, hopefully, to rearrange the clashing class schedule for your next academic year
  • It was pretty much your second time in the office aside from the time you had your interview there
  • The office was empty besides the one guy dressed in FULL BLACK by the desks
  • He had his back facing towards you
  • “Excuse me—”
  • You slip into the office and touch the guy’s shoulder
  • “ARGH!” “AHH!”
  • He jumped up at your touch and screamed that resulted in scared you
  • The two of you just kind of looked at each other and burst out laughing
  • “Hi, sorry for scaring you just now, I’m trying to look for the program advisor. Any idea where they would be?”
  • “Actually, _______ is currently in a meeting. But, I can try to help you out. I’m Jackson, one of the many student ambassadors here.”
  • Jackson smiled at you and pulled out a chair, motioning you to sit next to him
  • “So what exactly do you need help with?”
  • “I just need to rearrange my schedule for next semester/ quarter. I have a night class that’s clashing with my part-time shift.”
  • “Oh okay, that’s quite simple then. I’ll do it for you cause the meeting might take a while.”
  • You then went on into telling him what classes you’d need to change and got business done. You thanked Jackson and left for home and enjoyed the rest of your well-deserved break/ holiday
  • For the rest of the academic year, you’d always run into Jackson in the offices
  • You guys gradually become really good friends
  • You also grew to help around the offices, and people thought you were a student ambassador at some point (when you were not)
  • Fast forward to the end of the academic year, it was the end of your last class when you find Jackson waiting outside
  • “Hey!”
  • “Hi, Jackson! What are you doing here?”
  • He hands you a sign-up form for the student ambassador program
  • “Came to hand this to you. Figure you should actually become part of the team since it’s been a while you’ve been helping out now.”
  • “Haha, I should. Thank you for delivering this to me! Got anything planned for later since it is now officially holidays.”
  • “Nothing, but I would want to hang out with you.”
  • “We see each other all the time, Jack! Classes and at the offices?”
  • “I want to see you outside of school and the offices for once.”
  • Jackson smiles cutely at you and boy you know it’s gonna be the perfect way to start your uni/ college break

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(Jackson looks like a polished but cute af high schooler here HAHAHA)^

Got7 Imagine: Jinyoung as University / College Student
  • Requested by Anon
  • Got7 X Reader
  • Order from eldest to youngest member
  • YOU HAVE NO IDEA HOW OFTEN I IMAGINE THESE 7 BOYS AS UNI/ COLLEGE STUDENTS. THANK YOU FOR YOUR REQUEST! Also, I feel like I’d over-write for each member so I’ll put this into 7 separate posts!
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University AU list: Mark | Jaebum | Jackson


  • Second/ Sophomore Year
  • Major in English and Korean Literature, Minor in Film Studies (Considering another minor in Theatre)
  • Outstanding Grades, Straight A Student
  • Best friends with Jaebum from Film Studies and Yugyeom from Department of Theatre and Performance Art
  • Known as the Prince by the females and the savage one by males. Park actor by Jackson Wang
  • How he commutes to campus: The public bus since he lives with his sisters and not at the university/ college dorms
  • Everyday outfit: Styled hair, glasses, some sort of button-up shirt (Mid or long sleeve), fitted pants or jeans, vans and or converse, sometimes leather loafers.
  • Class Schedule: 11am to 7pm classes. He dislikes waking up early but likes to stay late
  • At school a fairly large amount of time because he likes to stay in the quiet library to do his own thing until late times

During Class:

  • Takes his seat at the front of the halls so there are no people blocking his view to the board
  • Has a set of basic colored pens and has a book for notes for every single class. Sticky notes and tabs in his pencil case for extra uses.
  • Takes the cleanest, precise and tidy notes with beautiful penmanship
  • Refuses to take notes on his computer with the reason “We write our exams so I’m better off writing my notes as preparation.”
  • The student that answers difficult question the professor throws to the class
  • Hands in his assignment prior deadline; revises his work and submits an improved version by actual deadline
  • Has a few close friends in class and usually sits with them
  • Has the habit of pushing his glasses with his pen
  • Sits up straight with good posture the entire time
  • Arrives to class early and usually stays behind to organize notes or talks to professors about work

During Breaks:

  • Can be seen around the cafeteria or at the school’s common area with his friends (the rest of got7)
  • Usually, has the house pizza or burger with fries served with water or juice
  • If you don’t see him at the cafeteria he is most likely in the library doing his work. enjoying a good book, or helping out the librarian
  • Sometimes during longer breaks between classes, he’d go out to the nearest CD store to look for music or goes to the cinema to watch a movie, alone
  • Other times he’d be talking to Jaebum about their Film Studies projects
  • But most of the time he’d definitely be messing with Yugyeom (Tom and Jerry Couple)
  • If Yugyeom and Jinyoung are not at the cafeteria, you know they are probably working on some dance for Yugyeom’s theater or performance piece
  • If Jinyoung and Youngjae are both not at the cafeteria, they are also probably in the music rooms composing a piano piece for Youngjae’s classes
  • Very rarely, if he’s stuck on his papers, he’d go look for Mark’s help
  • In extremely rare cases, he’d be napping with Mark under the sunlight by the grass area

During Exam Season:

  • Same as Mark, You will not see this boy anywhere else besides his classes, the library or at his home
  • Since he already has notes written from class, he’d just be reviewing them…… A million times
  • He is more than prepared, but secretly worrying and stressing so SO much
  • Written out a detailed exam study time table and sticks to it by the dot
  • Dresses more comfortably for exams
  • T-shirt, jeans, a jacket and comfortable shoes and leaves his hair down
  • The student that asks for more paper in the exam hall
  • Finishes half an hour before time’s up, checks the paper over and triple checks it again
  • Along the checking his answers, he also calculates his possible scores
  • Leaves the exam hall with his mind in peace, doesn’t think about the exam once it’s over
  • Smiles brightly and kills the female population when he finds out he has aced all his exams

How he handles on-campus admirers:

  • Surprisingly for his image, he handles them pretty mischievously or savagely
  • If his flock of admirers gasp over him nearby the corridor, he’d pull an offended face jokingly and shake his head while continuing his way.
  • If he’s approached with a confession, he’d be very flattered and maybe embarrassed inside; but has a nonchalant expression on display
  • He would decline politely but if the guy or girl persists, be prepared to receive a roast from savage Jinyoung (He gives me the impression that he does not like anyone that won’t take a hint and back off.)

How you meet him:

  • You actually first meet Jinyoung’s voice before you meet him in person
  • You were a theater major and part of the Theater department’s student administration team
  • It was near auditioning season for the Theater department when you were having a huge creative block for your own performance work
  • You were working in one of the drama rooms but drifted off to dreamland midway
  • Not knowing how long you’ve been asleep for, you woke up to an extremely soft and soothing voice
  • “If god told me I had three wishes, I’d tell him…”
  • You realized that whoever is rehearsing must have thought that they were alone as you were asleep and well hidden behind the long curtains in the drama room
  • You peeked out to see a male student sitting by the window, facing away from you
  • Only the light of the moon lit the dark room and gently washed over his figure as he was reciting the lines in the notebook he was holding
  • “First, I’d give you half of my life. Then the remaining other half, to exchange for your happiness.”
  • “Lastly, forget me, and live on.”
  • “Please, shalt not shed tears for when I’m gone.”
  • The modulated, yet silvery voice has struck you deeply.
  • They were simple, yet very cheesy lines. But, the atmosphere became bittersweet from the male’s simple narration.
  • You hid behind the curtain as he sighed and stood up from the chair, proceeding to leave the room
  • You made sure he had left before you gently moved out from behind the curtain and proceeded to leave back to your dorm.
  • For many days, the narrations and the bittersweet feeling lingered in your mind
  • Fast forward to audition day where students are applying to the Theater department
  • Auditioning students were instructed to demonstrate their abilities with a short performance and the theme was “Agape”
  • “Agape”: A universal, unconditional love that transcends, that serves regardless of circumstances
  • You were sitting at the judges’ table, bored out of your mind when the next performer came onto stage
  • Your brows raised as you recognize this performer.
  • He was the popular straight-A student/ campus prince: Park Jinyoung.
  • “Wasn’t he majoring in English? What was he doing here??” You thought
  • You stayed quiet as you signaled for him to begin his audition piece
  • Jinyoung took a deep breath and begun
  • “My dear. You are my soul, filling this empty, eroded shell. Without you, this shell will cease to exist.”
  • “If god told me I had three wishes, I’d tell him…”
  • “I love you, I’m sorry, and I really love you.”
  • “I’d give you half of my life. Then the remaining other half, to exchange for your happiness.
  • “Lastly, please forget me, and live on.”
  • “Please, shalt not shed tears for when I’m gone.”
  • You instantly realize that Jinyoung was the person rehearsing from that night
  • An idea sparked your mind and you stood up from the judges’ area
  • You slowly walked towards Jinyoung, he seemed to be slightly panicking but remained still at the center of stage
  • You stood in front of Jinyoung, and his eyes completely focused on you: searching for answers
  • “My dear. If god told me I had a wish, I’d tell him…”
  • You stopped and smiled at Jinyoung gently
  • “If possible, please take my life in exchange for his.”
  • “Even if he’s an empty, eroded shell, Please don’t take him away. Don’t tear the love of my life, away from me.”
  • “For my tears shall form a new ocean.”
  • Jinyoung’s eyes widened at your improvisation and returned a soft smile
  • Jinyoung took a hold of your hands and gave it a light squeeze
  • “Through thick, and thin.” Jinyoung whispered.
  • “Through thick, and thin.” You replied back.
  • The audition room erupted with applause from both auditioning students and judges
  • You lead Jinyoung and took a bow, before returning back to the judges’ area
  • “Mr. Park. Your short piece was simple yet moving. I’d be honored to represent the Theater Department to warmly welcome you.”
  • You were certain that Jinyoung would be the upcoming, new prodigy of Theater Department
  • “Thank you very much. I am flattered of your high praise.”
  • Jinyoung smiled warmly as he bowed, his eyes never leaving yours
  • And you were also certain that your creative block will soon be resolved

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Coming Up: Youngjae as University/ College Student

Follow My Lead

The sensational and talented @ramibriidge, your art makes me do things like write numerous drabbles based on them, more than I can write and keep up with “erryday”. Based this fic off the LuNyx Dancing Art, I’ve woven together what Emily intended for the reason why Nyx looks so uncomfortable, her request for about “the last hero’s new kingdom” and @newtscarf’s request of a secret marriage.

That doesn’t mean that this is the fic to settle the requests, no, consider it a spin-off of the combined concepts until I’m able to post both requests separately. They will be considered more lengthy than this. Consider this an AU to fill in some context. Also, I’m on the fence of whether Nyx just can’t dance at all or specializes in the bumping and grinding kind only. Here, he just can’t dance x) I imagined their outfits differently than the art.

People telling me that they like my portrayal of the characters I write for gives me life .////. Thank you so much. Thank you so much for requesting me to write for you <3

“I feel like a part of my soul has loved you since the beginning of everything.
Maybe we’re from the same star.”
  - Emery Allen


The Tenebraen Ball was at its peak of vibrant and ardent activity.

Prodigious nobility and affluential political figures hailed from all over Eos to attend the event. It was made possible because Ravus placed full responsibility over Princess and Lady Oracle Lunafreya’s shoulders to organize the ball. A festivity that had not been active since they were children and she retained little memory of the process and formal procedures involved.  

“We may be subjects of the Empire, Lunafreya, but that shouldn’t prevent us from demonstrating our once-lauded hospitality to the rest of the world.” The former prince had told her. “I leave everything in your capable hands to represent us well.”

The young Fleuret did not believe the older sibling, for he could care less about Tenebrae’s fate. The people of the country had lost their customs in the ocean of the Niflheim Empire, they were of Tenebrae in name only. Ravus sought for his sister’s obedience and to dominate her willful nature.

He found that those two outcomes were possible by keeping the woman occupied, knowing that she would struggle with the task. The high-ranking imperial officer never failed in mentioning the ball whenever he was within proximity and the Princess Oracle could only force a smile and assure him that everything was underway.

It never ceased to amaze Luna the condescending efforts that her brother  made to keep her pigeonholed in these kind of tasks.

The entire celebration was a sham and the determined woman had other matters to put to motion before the future could be  set in stone. Fortunately, she had Gentiana to assist her, the only one who possessed knowledge of this fabled ball.

Luna was already a bird in a gilded cage and a focal authority without any power to wield herself. Oracle, once a revered office, was simply a placeholder to keep the masses complacent without ever knowing the truth. Her assigned tasks were mockeries to the patriarchal domain, inconsequential to the order but she performed them to their satisfaction.

Lunafreya Nox Fleuret simply played a role, the docile and meek treasure whose only purpose is to be admired akin to a table’s centerpiece, and she kept with appearances. She retained many other rules tucked under the sanctity of her acting. Luna’s autonomy remains in self-ownership and she would be willing to fight with her life for it.

After the commencement ceremony ended and the Princess Oracle gracefully accepted the applause that erupted in her honor for organizing the ball, it did not take long for potential partners to form a line and request a dance. Despite the array of people joining hands and the booming orchestra, disquiet filled the young woman at the thought that any of these men and especially if their positions and stances coincided with the Empire’s, that a marriage arrangement would be made without her consent. The sovereign powers could choose her husband and most likely, it would be so that he would be the princess’ overseer to take away what little liberties she had left.

“Your Highness, would you give me this dance?”

“No, m'lady, please dance with me.”

“Gentleman, be silent. I believe the Good Lady was going to give me her answer.”

The Princess Oracle was inwardly vexed over the trivial pursuit. It was unfortunate that she did not possess a fan to hide her irritation but a demure smile had to do. She looked at the three men, one of which bore a wedding band much too tight to take off while the other two she recognized from prestigious family names but were considered irresponsible, philandering scions.  

And what an unavoidable situation she found herself in. The gown, flowing and consisting of the most luxurious of shimmery satins that exposed a sizable portion of her bare shoulders and down her lower back, was not of her choosing, it had been Ravus’. Her attire made her feel ridiculous as the puffy sleeves at the elbows, vying for attention she did not seek. But it was against Tenebraen etiquette for a woman to decline a man when interest is expressed despite it being one-sided.

As the three suitors looked at the Oracle expectedly, Luna detected a familiar figure outside the dance floor, disengaged from the lively guests and stern gray eyes fixated on his surroundings.

“Oh, I’m so sorry. I believe I already promised my first dance to him.” Luna indicated through a confident turn of her head. The three men followed her gaze.

“That Lucian dog?” The three of them chorused the negative sentiment.

It bothered her these men are proof that discrimination and stupidity never went out of style.

“Yes… Though he’s more of a badger than a dog. Please don’t aggregate my partner with the rest of the Lucians.” The Princess Oracle lifted the sides of her gown and without bowing her apologies or excusing herself, she strolled over to the decorated and obstinate soldier.

The man, standing at attention in a Kingsglaive uniform, saw her approach and greeted her with ghost of a smile on his lips before he returned to surveying the party. The woman decreed that it was not good enough. She took one of his hands.

“What are you doing?” Nyx resisted, finding that the young woman’s resolve was stronger. “I’m on-duty.”

“Nyx Ulric, you mustn’t refuse a lady asking for a rescue. It’ll offend her.” She stated coolly as she led him to the dance floor. Other couples were giving them queer glances at the improper exchange but she continued onward without batting an eyelash. Nyx is the only company she rather be with right now.

“Oh, no. No-no-no, no.” He lamented before she enveloped herself in his clumsy embrace. “You’re gonna pay for this later…”

“Is that a promise?” Luna teased as she positioned his hands. Her left hand in his right, set up a mandated distance between the two and while she liked where his hand  rested on her lower back, she lifted it to her shoulder blades. The lingering heat of his fingers on bare skin made her confident that this arrangement would work. She would lead.

“Don’t even go there, Princess.” He said dryly and as soon as he made the comment, Luna yelped. “Okay, that’s it, I’m leaving.” He dropped his hands and began to drift away.

Luna clasped his hand. He stepped on her foot. It was not a problem, many partners have done the same. “And watch me get swept up by the sea of men?” She did not have to look, she knew that they had an audience who no doubtingly would take Nyx’s place.

Nyx shook his head, voicing his displeasure in a hushed tone. “Not everyday do I get the pleasure of dancing with my wife…”

“Follow my lead.” Luna nodded as she closed the distance, not voicing her complaints when Nyx’s hand was at her lower back again. They were beyond etiquette at this point, they neglected the curtsy and bow stage. She simply rested her hand on his shoulder. “It’ll be all right because we’re together now.”

“I’m going to dance the entire time, aren’t I?”

This meeting was not by chance.

Luna was aware that Nyx, her guardian sent by the King of Lucis, would be attending the party but passively acting on orders received by his superiors.

His orders were to protect her.

Not to look.

Not to listen.

Not to think.

And certainly not marry.

Clearly, those instructions were unclear along the way.

The clandestine marriage was a union decided between the glaive and Oracle to safeguard a future that both of them intend to see through, only Gentiana possessed knowledge of this. No one else in all the four kingdoms knew that they were husband and wife. How they carried themselves in the public eye had gone unquestioned for some time.

It had been reckless and foolhardy on Luna’s part to pose the proposition, initially because of a destiny she had foreseen in the form of abstract visions and to obtain true ownership of her body. But she truly loved Nyx and it drove her to have him at her side. Niflheim could dictate who her husband would be but no man would wish for a bride whose purity was no longer intact.

“I see you didn’t bring the enthusiasm you had that night at Malbo’s.” Luna observed as Nyx stared down at their feet in silence.

Nyx grimaced. “Give a man a couple of drinks and I’m sure he’ll be happy to do anything you ask. That includes dancing.”

“Yes, but as I recall, you asked me to dance.” She remarked with a saccharine smile. “You weren’t terrible.”

“Sure, just keep sugarcoating to avoid hurting my feelings.”

Luna once accompanied the members of the Kingsglaive to Malbo Smul’s Hut during their off-duty hours. She had anticipated that formalities would be dropped so they could casually enjoy each other’s time, but unexpectedly learned that they were notorious for getting excessively drunk. She found her meal had been kicked over when the glaives decided to hop on tables to dance and break into dissonant song.

Nyx offered her to dance on top of one of the tables and against her proper upbringing reprimanding against the rancor behavior, she accepted. The table broke under their stomping and she fell in his lap. She apologized profusely, but he claimed he meant to break her fall. Mister Yama demanded full compensation for damages and trauma.

It was also the same night that once they were thrown out, Nyx and Luna retired to a more exclusive location. Nyx presented a Galahdan rum in its distinctive wooden flask, the best that he could afford with a glaive’s salary. It paired nicely with the box of savory dark chocolates Luna brought.

By the time they finished the bottle, the glaive and the Princess Oracle fell in love.

“If you were officially my Prince Consort,” Luna shifted her legs, causing the glaive to stumble awkwardly against her. “you would have to learn how to do this.”

“To music I could actually dance to?”

“Sadly, no.” Luna fondly held him in her gaze, feeling a little guilty that she had to crush his hopes.

“Well, I’m glad that you’re enjoying yourself…”

“I’m enjoying your presence, aren’t I? You’re my husband, Nyx.”

And you’re the best dance partner I’ve ever had. You’re honestly not that terrible.

The way Sakura thought "Okaeri." and Sasuke's "Tadaima, Sakura." is FREAKING BEAUTIFUL.

I mean, it’s so important to Sasuke. Even Naruto has Konoha as a home eventually after with lots of friends and he knows it’s somewhere to come back, to feel warm.

Sasuke didn’t. He considered Konoha no longer his home (despite it being a special place for him). He had no home after part 1. He’s “homeless” without anywhere to come back throughout part 2.

But he finally has one. And it’s not “he came back looking at Konoha’s gate sign with a thought it’s home to him” or a simple “I’ve come back”.

It’s “Tadaima, Sakura.”

Everyone learning trashy Japanese through manga anime is well aware that tadaima is not a simple “I’m back” or “I’m home.” . It’s a thing special for everyone coming back from a life out there, to a warm home where they know their beloved people are waiting for them.

Not all people would say tadaima when they come “home”, but people filled with love from others and for others in that very place would do everytime and every day. Because they know there would be someone greeting them with “okaeri”.

That’s when you realise, with Sasuke’s sentence, it’s not Konoha that is recognised as his home.

His home is the Konoha that HAS Sakura IN IT.

His home, IS Sakura

and wherever she is.