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Poke League's Rainbow Opportunity:Season 5

Hey everyone.
I hope all of you have had wonderful adventures in the Alola region so far. Its a new region with new pokemon opening up exciting new challenges for those who want to become master trainers. Speaking of challenges, We here at The Poke League will be opening our doors once more to you trainers, champions of Alola. This new season of the League officially just begun.

making some changes
As pokemon trainers we strive to find challenges in everything and so this season we are doing things a bit differently for our dear leaders. In past seasons our leaders have been themed and restricted to monotype. For this season we are going by mono color- A Rainbow League of sorts.
Their teams will be comprised of pokemon sharing a main color (including shinies).
Why don’t you check out our leaders!

Come one and all

Always seeking those in search of a challenge, and those just looking to have some fun, we invite you all. We have seen many different challengers pass through our doors, both veterans and new to competitive pokemon, and hope that continues as we strive to be a part of a large community of friends and rivals. So why not give us a try and sign up here 

Obsidian Leader Patrick.

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poke-fairyfreak  asked:

You've probably answered this a hundred times, but what is it about marigaius(?) you like? Do you always support them or like marry them with your mu? Just curious and sorry if it's a strange question but I'm kinda curious!^^;

nah, i dont get asked often enough!

well… where to start? i didn’t put a lot of thought into this response, there’s too many reasons i love them and  my brain is kinda mush rn so apologies if you can barely understand my wall of text.

first, i’m a sucker for the noble/outlaw tropes. just imagine all of the angst and political stuff you can get out of these kind of ships. lots of drama but despite it all, they always find their way back to each other.

another reason is their supports. to me, they had the most believable supports out of their support pools. gaius had no reason to save maribelle all those years ago, but he did it out of the goodness of his heart. they had the most believable supports, where it didnt just go “i hate you” to “let’s bone” in four supports. there was conflict and there was resolution.

on top of this, maribelle seems to be the only person gaius gives a damn about in terms of what she thinks of him. in supports like cherche, sully, cordelia, etc, gaius doesnt care for their opinions on him while with maribelle, he’s guilt stricken over what he did and he genuinely wants to make it up to her. she’s one of the only people who he goes out of his way to better himself for when he’s so used to just writing off other people’s opinions on him. he feels genuine emotion when trying to right his wrongs.

this is further proven in summer scramble and the official comic where gaius talks about the tattoo on his arm he got for nearly sentencing her father to death for his own crimes. gaius feels a lot of guilt over what he did to maribelle and for someone like gaius who doesnt let things effect him so much, it speaks a lot that he holds her opinion of him in high regard.

there’s also the fact that both of them are pretty smart mouthed. they both have sharp tongues so i like to imagine the two of them banter a lot and then are embarrassing with how sickly sweet they are with each other the next few minutes.

brady also has a similar way of speaking like gaius. while his is more rough, i feel like gaius did influence brady some in his speech patterns.

im probably forgetting a lot more reasons but those are my main ones!

anonymous asked:

Tbh I thought BotW Zelink was super cute but it's been getting really annoying how everyone is saying "OMG ZELINK" when Link and Zelda interact at all or a piece of art is released :/

Yeah thats what I thought :/

Like its really just the hype getting to them i guess???