idk I just get highly amused when I make a gifset of an RTD-era Moffat episode and people reblog it with tags like “remember when Doctor Who was GOOD?” like.


1: It’s still freaking amazing

2: That one happened to be written by the dude you’re pretending to hate for really close to no reason at all

I have a lot of Unpopular Opinions™ that I would love to discuss...

but i also like having friends so i probably won’t.

I feel like I should just try to post as many sketches as I feel comfortable with bc I just filled up an entire sketchbook with nothing but transformers doodles and I don’t think I’ve posted more than like, 2 of them.
So here’s a TFA Prowl being chosen as a lil resting spot for a bee. He’s stunned and secretly really happy bc what an honor. I can’t draw accurate bees when the doodle of Prowl is only 3 inches tall. That’s too small for a good bee doodle. I need to learn how to draw bigger.

Self-Knowledge Questionnaire | The Book of Life

So, I know you can’t care less, but I did this, and I’ve found it interesting :O
Mostly: maker, this is me.
Here’s what I got:

You like clarity and intelligent simplicity and you get frustrated at messy thinking. This can make you seem unreasonably pushy to some, but it is actually a virtue: you are motivated by a horror at pointless effort and a longing for precision and insight into how things and people work. Your ability to synthesise and bring order is essential in producing thinking which is truly helpful.

You don’t set out to be different for its own sake; you are more easily guided by what interests and moves you. You are more concerned about what is right for you than about the pressure to fit in. In sex you are more aware than others of impulses which are not entirely conventional. You know the value of selective irresponsibility, of forgetting occasionally about being ‘good’.

Part of you is gripped by the fear that you’ll launch into something and completely mess it up. The upside of this is wise caution: people are indeed often too rash, whereas you know, by instinct, that holding back can save you. Probably, you feel shame and self-disgust a bit too much. But when you do feel in your element, you act with a wisdom and sensitivity never found in people with thicker skins.

i was messing around in a headshots only custom game trying to get better at aiming w/ mccree and i had the enemy team as just 6 anas and it was the wildest fucking thing hearing 6 ana’s lil footsteps running around anhijfodsf

I know I basically made a pact not to blog about certain webseries anymore but my favorite character is basically confirmed to have anxiety (word of God but I’ll take it) and i want to write an essay about this character with anxiety so much I could go on for days about why I relate to him and all the scenes that make so much more sense when you interpret him with anxiety