(please don't make me regret this omg)

Welcome to the Waves Network, a place for us to share our love for this wonderful DeanCas fanfic.

This is also my first network so if you have any questions or concerns or i’m doing something wrong just send me a message  :D


  • must be following me
  • reblog this post, you may like this but it won’t count
  • must reach at least 30 notes, or i will kill this post
  • have your ask/submit open
  • must be reading or have read Waves (obviously)
  • Supernatural must be one of your main fandoms

What I’m looking for:

  • a Destiel shipper 
  • a clean theme 
  • a good tagging system
  • an awesome url

 If you get accepted:

  • +follow from me 
  • i will send you a message with more instructions
  • you must follow everyone in the network
  • you must have a link to the network page somewhere on your blog
  • track the #wavesnetwork tag for updates
 What you’ll get:

  • a place to talk about how much you love this fic and how gross Dean and Cas are. the’re so in love. this is hurting me
  • a promo when you get accepted
  • a link in the network page (i’m currently working on it)
  • hopefully more followers
  • you’ll get to make new friends! yay!
  • help with anything you need!
  • you can tag all your edits/html/selfies/fics/polls for everyone to reblog
  • my love and friendship

 Additional info:

  • I will announce the first 5-10 members on January 16th
  • 2-3 will be accepted every Thursday after that
  • I’m thinking about maybe 20 members, but it all depends on the notes this gets
  • If you have any questions just ask