(plasma's in there too)

reasons to love fallout: new vegas:

  • eight companions: 3 lgbt.1 dog. 1 robot. 1 mutant. 1 ghoul. 1 straight white dude.
  • veronica santangelo: literally punches things in face but at same time asks you for a dress because being feminine doesn’t mean weak.
    • lesbian and her faction frowns upon it because of ridiculous notion that she must procreate.
  • arcade gannon: canonically gay but more importantly is tall nerd fluent in latin who shoots a plasma gun. too precious for this world.
    • character arc has nothing to do with sexuality he just is because he is, you know, like in the real world.
  • can choose to be bi/hetero/homo/ace
  • can choose race and gender aka no being forced to play as macho white dude
  • characters are racially diverse
  • respectful commentary on the double standard for lesbians vs gay men.
  • game tells you you’re being a jerk (aka negative karma) if you tell someone to just “get over” their trauma/mental illness
  • leader of a medical institution is a girl with a mohawk because why not.

Before I was turned, I dreamed of becoming a master chef. I loved cooking so much and now I get nauseous around food *sigh*. Have you ever heard of a squeamish foodie who can never actually eat food because … well you know. It took me a while (78 years in fact) to get used to drinking plasma too, I mean it tastes delicious but the idea of it just freaks me out. Worst vampire ever right?

On that note, I never actually learnt how to turn into a bat or run really fast and all that cool vampire stuff. Me hating Vlad kinda … uh … hindered our training together. My new master, Caleb occasionally pops by or summons me but it’s usually just to drop off plasma fruit or packs. He’s more of a, um, distant mentor-figure.

But I pretty much know the basics: sun is a no-no and I own curtains … so I guess I’m not all that bad?


this is (almost) everything i’ve ever wanted in a Stitch toy.  i really appreciate that they gave him his additional arms as an option part.  it’s short a few essential accessories, buuuut I’m thinking maybe Kaiyodo wants to retool it into different outfits for those (ie, Elvis outfit w/ ukulele, spacesuit w/ plasma cannons).  hint hint Kaiyodo, i’d be in line for those too.

A thing about Reno being raised by robots is, even though Daichi lived in a mansion and his father didn’t outright abandon him, he was still basically raised by robots too.  All the robots that worked at the mansion.  Butlers, maids, cooks, etc.  His father was rarely around so it was the robots who took care of him.  The robots that were there, tending to him and maybe even praising his art.  I think that’s part of why it was so easy for Atlas to turn against humans and why he didn’t have a “I’m just a machine now” phase.  His only contact with humans was negative whereas his only contact with robots was positive.

Please hell

Im so scared holy shit my spell worked too well and now Johnny test is out of my tv and rolling around my living room floor in the plasma like a newborn baby, hes fast too, like scary fast, hes asking for my social security number and he has a sharp rake please…

On a different note, people write crossovers for Halo and Metroid all the time but it’s always like “what if mister chafe and the sam sam put their diddlis together.”

That’s so dumb. I want to see Covenant come across the Space Pirates or the Kriken Empire.

I want to see what happens when the Covenant witness the Metroids feeding on and actively exterminating the Flood.  Imagine the horror of seeing the most dangerous infection in the galaxy wiped out by big blue jellyfish, and then the Covenant discovers the Metroids feed off of plasma energy too.

Imagine the Covenant stumbling on a planet corrupted with Phazon, and all of their efforts to purge the Phazon just make it worse.  Kig-Yar becoming mutated due to exposure, Sangheili and Jiralhanae succumbing to phazon madness and going berserk.  

UNSC troops are investigating ancient ruins and find giant statues of bird-like aliens, only to be attacked by Ghosts and are forced to retreat.  Or investigating the huge, expansive silvery remains of Forerunner civilization, only to find references to many other sentients, with names like the Chozo, the Luminoth, the Alimbics, the Reptilicus.

ODSTs thinking Sangheili are huge until they find 12-foot tall Space Pirates.  Or even the utterly massive Elite Pirates.

Samus mistakes the Covenant for the Space Pirates, and promptly begins to not only systematically eradicate them, but also compromises their battlenet and is stealing vital intel faster than they can counter her intrusions.  When she finds references to her as a Spartan Demon, she sends a transmission directly to Covenant Supreme Leaders.  She’s the Hunter.

anonymous asked:

I would like to say the entirety of Team Plasma would gladly punch Nazis. Especially Ghetsis, who's sick of being compared to Hitler; Colress, who doesn't like being called a fugitive Nazi scientist (yes I saw someone call him that); and N, because he would do it to protect Pokemon. Speaking of which, their Pokemon (Hydreigon, Kyurem, Beheeyem, Klinklang, Zoroark, Reshiram, and Zekrom) would fight too

Ah yes, Team Plasma! (I grew up with gen 5 so they play a special place in my heart) all are added to the queue!

-Mod BluJay

Thanks again to everyone who reblogged my posts, donated money, bought from my shop, and sent words of support and encouragement. It means so much and I couldn’t have done it without you.

It’s important to me to only ask for money when I have no other options and a plan in place for the next month. Otherwise I would just be in the same situation again, and you’d only be postponing the inevitable. I don’t want to waste anyone’s money or time.

I had enough to pay my landlord in full, even with the late fees, and enough leftover to renew my state ID! It costs $54 to renew, and my current one is expired. With a valid ID I can sell plasma, and get $300 a month doing it! My wife is doing it too, and this should keep us in house and home when combined with my SSI.

I shouldn’t be in this position again anytime soon, which I am thankful for. Packages will be going out again starting tomorrow, I’m sorry for the delay. I’ve been busy, obviously, but I’ll be back packaging and sending out orders in the order they were placed tomorrow!

Additionally, I’ll have the $7 to spare for shipping and can officially start the giveaway for the squishy package!

Thanks for your patience, you can message me at anytime asking about the status of your package.

I had a problem a few weeks back where customers received notification of shipment and a tracking number as soon as I bought the label, even though they hadn’t shipped. I but labels immediately, so I am not tempted to spend the money on bills, but that should have stopped now that I buy the labels directly through PayPal.

You should see your package ship soon, if it hasn’t already, and it will arrive 2 days after. Again, thanks for your patience with me during this time. Things will be faster from here on out.



It’s been so long since I introduced a new OC! So…I had this guy in mind for a while and I finally get to post him! This is Antimatter. He meets up with Stella and the others while they venture through the darker parts of space. In the future of the comic, Antimatter causes REAL trouble for them. If you touch Antimatter’s hair, you will most likely be electrocuted, so be careful!

His other forms though…when he gets very angered or pumped, he transforms. First, the Half Form. Antimatter’s Half Form activates when his heartbeat races too fast. When he gets too angry, his head transforms into a plasma-like head, which is Full Head Form. The final form is Full Form, which his name changes to Plasmus. As Plasmus, he becomes a giant plasma-like creature with four arms and a sparky tail. All of these forms are temporary, not permanent. His appearance always has the appearance of a smile for an unknown reason.

Hope you all like him~!