here’s some of the work i did on a project that- as i have just learned recently- didn’t pan out too well. my client gave me the go-ahead to hook it up to my portfolio, though, and i’m pretty proud of my work. gotta enjoy what you can get

the idea was that you were the planner for a space base on a faraway planet, like a small-scale city builder; you had rooms that did things like fed your spacedudes, elevators that elevated your space dudes and armories, where you sent your spacedudes to then prepare them when you send them to die

ok, actually, wait. while we’re on this subject, you know what’s weird? remember that gravity gunners post i put up like a month back? that’s like my single most trafficked post (behind armored dove’s announcement, and in front of that one really half-assed giga drill breaker joke i did for project PKR). i dont even know why, do people just like space? do people just like slapstick? 

god i hope people just like slapstick. that’s the sort of information that clears up a cloudy day. if you ever feel yourself losing faith in humanity just remember ‘everyone can put aside their differences and enjoy some good-old-fashioned looney toons-ass physical comedy’. it’s basically foolproof

GEN 7 players!! HELP ME EV TRAIN!!

Please if you got a pokemon infected with pkrs can you trade it with me so I can train my pokemon a bit faster. Or reblog. Reblogs always help :p