Honest Teaching

So we were eating lunch today, and we sit with the kids and eat lunch together. (Yes, I am with my students 8 hours a day without breaks unless I have to pee.) And while I’m with my kids, they freely talk to me, ask questions, and (when no one is paying attention) we goof around with our food.

So today, one of the boys got on the subject of body hair. And he looks at me and asks “Do mommies grow hair under their arms like my daddy?”

And as another teacher is walking by, she responds, “No, girls have clean armpits.”

The child looked up at her confused, as the question was directed at me, and was about to accept the answer.

Well me, being me and not shaving to help a student with body hair issues, raised my arm and showed him my pits. “Girls grow arm hair. Some shave it off though.”

Well wasn’t I the talk of the table. The kids kept asking me to look at their arms and see if they had any hair yet, and others told me they wanted their hair as long as mine some day. Some of those students were girls.

Am I prepared for some asshole parent to come up to me and tell me to stop teaching their kids this stuff? Absolutely. It’s happened before. However, if a child asks me a question, I’m going to answer it as truthfully and appropriately as I can.

Teach your child at a young age the truth. It’ll be easier for them to believe when they’re older and be honest with others. 

Kids learn through example. Be a good one.

“if marriage isn’t your goal then idk why you’re in a relationship” Perhaps, for the betterment of myself & my partner that will still be fulfilling regardless of whether we stay together for years or not. is that the right answer, ya fuckin normie?

the thing is i wouldn’t mind ads so much if the staff gave a single shit about this site and its userbase. there are literally so many problems with the site that have persisted for years with no resolution in sight, from shit like how Literal Shitty People™ are allowed to harass others with gleeful abandon because they know the staff won’t give a single flying fuck, to other basic functions that are just well and truly broken.

there are audio posts that won’t play because tumblr’s code could be the subject of a monster factory video, the broken themes that have been widespread through this month because the geniuses at hq love to push out their awful code without a second thought, just to name a couple that spring to mind. the blocking feature is broken as shit and could be vastly improved upon with “new” (read: common sense) features that hundreds before me have reiterated into the void. let’s not forget this is also the site incompetent enough to remove replies when implementing the IM system, as if that’s an adequate replacement for an essential (if flawed) site function, and it took them months before they could give us replies again.

i’m not the first person to talk about stuff like this, i sure as hell won’t be the last, and this is just the barest tip of the fucking iceberg. basically, if the staff can’t give a shit about its userbase and is now only focused on leeching as many pennies and dimes as it can from us before they cut their losses and sell this place off to the next schmuck, you’ll have to forgive me if i in turn don’t give a shit about them.

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I wonder if the Pattern deliberately spun out such a massive gift for creating cuendillar to Egwene, Leane and Bodewhin. What they did with the chain was insane from a strategic perspective. Their potential is staggering. If they had people with such potential in the War of Power they could have been basically mass producing cuendillar fortresses, tanks, planes. One Egwene plus industrial capabilities could change the whole world. Instead we seem to be getting mostly random cuendillar dinnerware

This is such an excellently composed ask. Well done. I’m still laughing at that last line.

It’s a good question, though. How extensively was cuendillar used, and if it wasn’t, why not? What are the limitations? Is it too heavy to wear as armour? Can you not turn a vehicle to cuendillar without ruining key parts? Was there something that could destroy or circumvent it somehow? Maybe it could have covered parts of a person or vehicle but some parts would have had to be exposed, and precise channelling or weapons could maybe exploit those weaknesses…

I want a cuendillar fortress, though. Shame real estate prices are so high.

When you move into a new house for the umpteenth time, you weren’t expecting it to be any different. New school, same cliques. You had gotten used to being invisible. But this time, someone sees you. Steve is the popular boy next door, quickly becoming one of your best friends, and perhaps more. That is, unless Bucky can do anything about it. 


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decided to get a free month of netflix for the sole reason of finally finding out what the majority of my dash loves about Voltron

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My dude, bro, my art senpai, help me out. How the absolute flying fuck do you draw noses from the front because HOO BOY mine are looking a lil funky and I am STRUGGLING

Hellluuuw my dudebrooo friendooooo, I have you seen my art??? I have NO CLUE, its a mystery and its an art form only a few can master and I am not even close to figure it out, I am not a true art senpai x’33 


We’re in this together
Hear our hearts beat together
We stand strong together
We’re in this forever

Thanks for the inspo @ladriened <3


Klaus perceiving Caroline’s sublimated feelings