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Otayuri Ramadan/Eid HC

I know Ramadan just ended but I’ve been holding onto this one otayuri headcanon for a while.

Otabek is visiting during Ramadan. He doesn’t mention it to Yuri because he doesn’t feel like it’s a big deal. He’s used to skating while fasting but he doesn’t overdo it, knowing that it’ll wear him out. Yuri does notice this but, surprisingly, doesn’t comment on it. Yuri goes about eating in front of him, only noticing by lunch that he hasn’t brought anything.

“I would’ve brought you something if you’d told me you forgot to bring lunch? And did you not bring water either? What the hell?”

“It’s Ramadan, I’m fasting…” is all he replies.

Yuri stops eating, “Beka! Shit, I’m sorry, if I’d known I wouldn’t have…why didn’t you tell me? And why the hell are you skating?”

He just chuckles, “It’s not a big deal, I’ve been doing it for years!”

So that night, they leave early and Yuri had spent his entire break looking up things to make for iftar (breaking your fast meal). He goes home and tries to make do with what he has. He’s careful not to use pork. Otabek is touched by it all and telling him he didn’t have to.

The next day, Beka wakes up for ceri (morning meal, eaten before sunrise) and sees Yuri up and cooking.

“I just want to make sure you’re eating enough to keep you going for the rest of the day.”

Yuri basically prepared a feast for him and makes sure he eats every last morsel, including quite a few glasses of water.

“Thanks Yura,” is what he gets along with a smile.

For the rest of his visit, Yuri prepares iftar and ceri for him, using the help of online tips and videos. And after he leaves, Yuri gets used to it, so he makes a lot of it for himself. One day, he wants to do it along with Otabek…so he sets out to research the religion and learn as much as he can.

He flies out to Almaty the day before Eid because he wants to celebrate it alongside Otabek. He’s surprised to see him, but nonetheless is happy to see him.

So the next morning they for Eid prayer and then visit his family afterwards. Otabek’s mother and sisters basically stuff his face but no complaints because their cooking is amazing. They’re all happy that he’s decided to visit them to celebrate Eid, despite not being Muslim. Yuri isn’t the least bit sour or irritable, and for once, he actually enjoys himself…

“Should we get out of the water, it’s getting kinda chilly.” You mumbled, looking at Loki.

He smiled, gliding his hand along your bare shoulder, watching the gooseflesh rise beneath his touch. “I suppose, you do look cold.”

“I like being in here with you though.”

“We can always swim tomorrow.” Loki tilted his head up, looking towards the sky. A smile graced his lips as he watched the twinkling lights. You followed his gaze, admiring Loki’s angular jaw and the way his hair cascaded around his head. “Yes, come love, let’s get out.”

You swam over to the edge of the pool and slowly lifted yourself from the water.

Loki watched you closely, admiring the curve of your body, the movement of your muscles, your hair hanging in dripping curtains. You pulled yourself up and turned around, smiling coyly at him.

Quirking your finger, you motioned for him to join you.

Loki’s grin widened as he moved forward, resting his hands on either sides of your legs. You wrapped your legs around his torso as he lifted himself from the water. Pulling himself up, Loki met your lips in a soft kiss, lifting himself and slowly pushing you back until he crawled out of the pool, sliding you back and pressing his body against yours, planting soft kisses on your dripping flesh.

You giggled at the feather touches, reaching for the large towel to wrap around the pair of you. Loki wrapped his arm around you, the towel enveloping the two of you. He leaned his head down and pressed a soft kiss into the crown of your head before lightly rubbing the corner of the towel through your hair, drying it off.

As Loki held you tightly, sometimes drying you off, other times just planting soft kisses, the two of you kicked your feet in the water, lightly splashing and enjoying the texture of the water.

“Look at the stars.” You finally interrupted the warm amicable silence.

“They’re beautiful tonight.” Loki agreed, following your gaze. “Thank you for this lovely evening.”

“Thank you too.” You replied.

Loki cupped your chin and pulled you in for a deep kiss, his lips melding against yours. Your eyes sank shut, melting into his touch.


I thought I should keep the tradition alive of me posting random selfies before an exam, I know you all want to see these, bc they’re a work of art, and I mean, just look at that face. I call dis piece “before she fails”, it’s inspired by law school, hope you like n good night to you allllll

also abbie says she’s my shoes in the background, so we’re hanging now @blackthornsims 👌🏻

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Ey Wowza I gotta curious question. :Vc What's the story/inspiration for your little horned (or pointy eared?) blue persona?


im shameful to admit that it was mostly inspired by Disturbed’s mascot. I started drawing myself like this when i was in my obligatory 12 year old emo phase lol.

Early drawings of my persona were super emo it hurt omggg. It looked more or less like the disturbed mascot but drawn rly bad and with crooked horns.

txghut’s 600+ bias list!

Asher becomes like a sun god in his banished land of savagery, collecting followers nearly as savage as he is but never making it on the level of a beast. In one version of the story he is labeled as their savior, the sun kissed man who lays his hands out and takes once slaves and they go together, they are an army of savage salvation. In other versions he is recruiting demons, they are an army of the damned and should be feared. Asher can be predicted as a literal monster, teeth too sharp and more limbs than needed, the power to control fire or eyes that glow when angered. There are rumors that he can shift into a dragon or a dog nearly a dragons size; countless other rumors, none of which Asher denies are calls as truth. Asher and his army, his friends, are stories told to children to keep them from misbehavior. They are terrifying or inspiring, they are legends among men, and above them all is Asher Forrester.

Never forget that Asher is driven by his heart, but the rawness and pureness of his emotions, and no man or woman can deny emotion. Logic can be countered, but emotion is as steady as a heart-beat, it will only cease when Asher Forrester dies. 

Fuck if I’m not a loser && excited ??? I just wanted to thank you all from the bottom of my heart, and to give you as much love and support as you all have given me throughout the two years I’ve run my beautiful boy Asher Forrester. In truth without the support of all of you, Asher wouldn’t still be here, and like the rest of the ttgot fandom I’d have vanished! But– enough about that. I love each and everyone of you. I have to thank you for your patience and kindness, and the fact you stayed even when I faltered. You’re stuck with me and Asher forever now, and I look forward to the adventures that we get into. Mutual or not, whether I rp with you or not, whether I follow back or not? I still love you– I support you– I know you will be great, and, once again. Thank you. ( ayo the art was done by @likexsummerxrain–archive

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Im have trouble understanding why some shippers care about what others think of them shipping kaisoo? People are going to look down on you for it whether you ship them casually or “to the extreme” you’re still going to always be a “dirty gross kaisoo shipper” to them no matter what so why care? 🙄 Just ship them happily and let it be.

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Lmao so you say "we look spoiled" but you made a huge post about cheap promotions and iKON's music not being treated properly. This is why you get hate for being "fake" just like you once made a post about unfair line distribution and wanting vocal line to shine and now it's "vocal line will get their chance". You're a hypocrite.

  • iKON promotions during welcome back: 0  = I complain about poor promotions
  • iKON promotions during New kids: era: A lot = I’m happy & thankful

Me: has common sense, You: don’t

Also, I still think vocal line doesn’t get enough lines. I never said I don’t. I said I’m happy if we get any of the members on variety shows. We didn’t even talk about line distribution to begin with so your ask doesn’t make sense. 

Also, I know how much I love the boys and do for them. It doesn’t matter what a person like you, who doesn’t even have a tiny bit of courage and has such a low personality to send others negativity on anon messages, think of me. I don’t know you, I’m glad I don’t know you, and I most likely wouldn’t ever wanted to know someone like you. I actually feel sorry for you. The ones who want to call me fake are usually the ones who don’t do anything for the fandom but bring drama and talk shit about others without a reason. Hence, I don’t really care since people with a brain don’t do stuff like that. 

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thanksforthescarf is still active and she is an Eremika shipper

oh yes ofc I know her and right she is ^^, but anon wasn’t looking for eremika shippers who are active, but eremika shippers who actively post about the ship itself all the time so I reminded them that that’s something dependent on the content we get

but if you’re looking for eremika shippers in general @thanks-for-the-scarf  @lolakasa​, @happymikasa@kuchenackerman​ , @drunkeremikatexts​ , @kaekiro​ , @someboredloser​   @eremika-art​ , @shingekinoeremika
and there are others for sure but I’m screening my memory for the ones I see reblog/post the most eremika content, and sorry if I forgot anyone

When you only have 1 friend

I am laughing my ass off.
On the day of the new update, before turning off that weird location thing snapchat has going on, I took a minute to look at it and

my friend who lives 5 minutes away

okay lets zoom out a bit here..
How about the entire province?

… the Americas???

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Ryatt fluff with them hanging out in their apartment cuddling with Lego and Banana and like treating the pets like their kids, like Ryan handing Banana to Matt and being like "here hold our son."

It’s been a long day. No, really, it’s the Summer Solstice so it’s the longest day of the year.

Ryan throws his pencil across the room. Wow, great joke, dude. This is the pinnacle of humor. I *scoff* I just can’t believe this. He can practically hear Matt’s reaction. He’s just trying to write a short story with a little humor in it, and thinking of jokes by himself just isn’t as fun as it is with Matt. He leans back into the couch and closes his eyes, hoping that some sort of motivation will just land on his lap. 

Ryan can head the door unlocking as Matt comes home from the store. He doesn’t open his eyes or switch his position, hoping that Matt will see he’s in a slump and come rescue him. A few seconds later, something lands on his chest with a thud. Surprised, he shouts and opens his eyes, only to be greeted by the tiny face of Banana, who mewls at him. He can’t help but ‘aww’ for a second, before turning his gaze towards Matt, who has been cackling for the past minute in the corner of the room.

“You should have seen your face, dude. I thought for a second you might throw him!”

Ryan glares at him and stands up, holding the small cat in both arms like a baby. From the other room he can hear his phone going off, with the personalized ringtone for Arin on it. He looks around frantically, trying to find the best location to place the cat. He takes a few brisk steps over to Matt and drops the cat in his arms.

“Here, hold our son, I gotta take this.”, he hurriedly mumbled before running out of the room. If he had taken a moment to look at Matt, he would have seen a very cathartic range of emotions play out on his face. First, surprise, then acceptance, then questioning, and then acceptance again in the form of a shrug.

After a few minutes, Ryan comes back into the living room, his attention focused on his phone. 

“Hey man, sorry to just dump the cat on you, I was - “

He looks up from his phone, only to see Matt sitting on the floor, cradling Banana in his arms, rocking him slightly and humming a tune. He blushes slightly, thinking how paternal Matt looked in that moment, and he couldn’t help but smile that half-cocked smile that Matt once said ‘could light up an entire city, man. I wish you’d smile like that more often.’. 

He could have stood there for ages, just looking at his roommate holding their cat so lovingly, but he decides on a better idea. He rushes to the bedroom where Lego is napping, and awkwardly picks him up, urging him along with such motivation phrases as ‘come on, buddy, please just…*heavy breathing*’ and ‘*grunt* pl…please dude come on this is gonna be so fuckin..so cute’. After a few minutes of struggling, he picks him up and turns around to go back to the living room, only to see Matt (holding Banana like a football) waiting for him in the doorway. 

“So that’s what you were doing in here. You have no idea what that sounded like from out there. I figured you were having some intestinal distress or something.”

Ryan makes a face, pursing his lips and furrowing his brows. After all that work to try and do something cute, this is how he’s rewarded. Just as he’s about to explain himself, Matt toes off his shoes and lays down on Ryan’s bed, careful to keep Banana in a comfortable position. Ryan looks down at him, confused. Lego licks his face, and he’s suddenly reminded that he’s just holding their dog. He gently places him on the bed and then gets on it himself. He throws his arm over Lego, Banana, and Matt, and lets out a long sigh.

“It’s nice having a night in with the kids, huh dear?”, Matt says playfully. 

“Come on, dude, I didn’t mean to…it was just a split second…” 

He blushes deeply and gives up on making any sort of coherent excuse.

“Yea…it’s really nice.”


WCH 9 original handwritten outline, this is what I write out before typing out a more detailed outline. Some stuff definitely doesn’t make it and some stuff is added in.

BONUS: I overcame a bit of writers block by handwriting out scenes and then typing them into the doc (I’d usually end up typing up double the amount I had hand wrote because it got my thoughts flowing). So the second pic is a random collection of some of the scenes from WCH9 that I wrote out before typing.

I honestly want to make a goodbye LWA amv that contains almost all the ships, but I’m scared I’ll get so much hate for it, because it means that it will include ships like Akko x Andrew and that’s bound to get me hate.

This AMV is meant for the whole fandom, and not everyone agrees on the same ships, and you all know that I ship Dianakko and Charoix to death and will never betray them, but seeing Andrew seems to trigger some people despite that he might only have like 5-10 seconds in it since there are many ships to cover.

I honestly think that all LWA ships are good, and I don’t hate on any ships and will gladly cover any ship I find.

However, after all the love and support you all gave me, I don’t want you to hate me for something like this.