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yo dont send biphobic shit to my gf thinking she gonna kiki w you lmao??? on what actual planet does ya dusty self think she gonna date my hella Bi ass and gonna be about u being a dry sponge lmao that shit gets screenshotted and directly sent to me and i gotta be the one to calm her wrath down cause she ain’t here for that biphobia she just ain’t about it like lol??? go outside?? do yoga?? take a laxative?? the person u are trying to reach is unavailable - please hang up and try again???

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how do you feel about SU Crit blogs??

I’m kind of jaded about the SU c/rit/ical thing. So like disclaimer, if you’re a fan of the show providing legitimate criticism, that’s one thing. I respect that, like, a lot! But I’ve seen “su cr/iti/cal” blogs complain about such trivial things, down to (literally) inconsistency in Pumpkin’s tongue texture. I feel like at the beginning there was actual valid criticism, but now it’s just turned into a hotbed of negativity.

I think the problem is that some people feel like ragging on something for its flaws somehow demonstrates that you’re more objective or enlightened than those who choose to celebrate the good things about it. But how can you provide a valuable critique of something you’ve already decided you hate? In my opinion, if you find it impossible to acknowledge anything good happening in the show, you’re pretty much just as subjective as someone who is incapable of acknowledging its flaws.

The thing that I mostly don’t like is that when a fan of the show says “I don’t like su c/ri/tical’”, their immediate response is to say “foolish sheeple^tm, you special snowflakes are unable to take criticism about anything you like. these damn millennials !!!” Which is so ironic, because like, that’s just a weak response that gets tossed out by people who claim to be “critics” but are unable to handle when anyone says “hey, that’s a dumb argument and here’s why.”

I do really appreciate that they keep the criticism in their own tag rather than just the general SU one, though, so like, props. They can keep doing their thing, they aren’t hurting anyone. A lot of the time w/ ships and stuff, the actual ship tag is just filled with hate, so it’s nice that these guys don’t post their stuff in the main tag.

also–in case you’re worried this is suddenly gonna transform into a Discourse Blog^tm or something, worry not lol, we are returning to your regular programming right after this post. I just have gotten a lot of messages about this and feel like I should voice my thoughts about it \o/

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Peridot's height is absolutely not the same do you have eyes??????

yeah is not the most consistent ever Mr.Sarcastic fruity goo (I would really appreciate if you could ask things nicer), but all the characters have this little height inconsistencies and Peridot is not “getting smaller”.

Hey is not my fault you are swallowing so much discourse, be nice jfc, its not that hard.

Imagine: Jughead serenading you with his air guitar

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Riverdale was never boring after Jason Blossom’s death. You helped with the Blue and Gold investigation of the murder. You also, hopelessly fell in love with a certain angsty, beanie clad teen. 

The air in Riverdale had gotten clouded with toxic relationships with parents and tension. Times were a bit tough, but luckily it was the weekend. The “toxins” in your life were away on business so this was the perfect weekend to turn up the music and ignore the world and thats where our story starts.

You were currently listening to “Rock the Casbah” by the Clash and dancing on your bed.. well it was more like bouncing to the rhythm. Suddenly you hear a rock hit your window, then another and another. You open your window to see Jughead, who did stop throwing in time. You barely dodged that last rock.

“Hey,” Jughead smiled sheepishly.

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as an European ARMY these days I’m constantly between two moods :

being super happy for my USA mutuals who get to go see the boys being  like yaaaaaas get yo happy time

but at the same time I cant help my ass getting a bit salty that everyone is !!!! because woah concert !!! and cute “  fan project” and what not and Europe is just there like 

Shout out to people who followed me for my YouTuber art and put up with my endless reblogs with nothing to do with the YouTube community.

Y'all are the real followers that matter to me.


Part 6!

(Oh. So I was able to do part 6 today… umm.. surprise!!..?)

imagine the first time genji sees tracer again after the recall and before they can get to talking about what they’ve done over the past years zenyatta enters the room and genji of course greets him as Master and tracer has that brief moment of “what the fuck really guys in public” before genji tells her what he’s been up to in nepal and she tries her best to smile and nod while hiding the fact she’s recovering from a minor heart attack

PSA: if you ever find yourself trying to justify k*ramel by comparing them to literally any other ship in SG and asking why people don’t freak out about *insert minuscule complaint here*, the answer will always be because they’re not toxic



I’m streaming NieR Automata again right now! If you interested, come hang with me and my cat.

Also, I’m planning on streaming some FFXV over the weekend! Maybe tackle some dungeons and take booty pics of the bros.

[TRANS] 170322 HARUHANA Vol.41 Jaehyun talking about Winwin

A3. The one member you want to always be with?
Jaehyun: Winwin, my friend. If he is with me, I feel as if I would never be tired.

A5. What are Winwin’s charming points?
Jaehyun: Winwin’s charming point is that he is easy going and also very innocent, but there are some times where he can become serious as well. Also, more than anything else, he is really, really, really cute/lovable. 

*t/n: it’s hard to translate 愛くるしい into english, it means like…lovely? but it can also mean cute, charming, sweet, etc.

trans by me
please take out with credit

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do you ever think about the fact that a plot in YOI season two could be Yurio coping with the fact that his body is changing and he can't necessarily skate in the ways that he used to?? do you ever cry because of it??

KFJALFJSLKFKFJD you’re right :( :( At least Victor and Yuuri will be there to support him & love him !!