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when to listen to korean boy groups:
  • BTS: when you wanna kill someone.
  • GOT7: when you wanna feel f r e s h af.
  • BIGBANG: when you wanna throw a party no one understands.
  • SEVENTEEN: when you want something catchy and refreshing.
  • SHINEE: when you wanna throw an electro party.
  • BLOCK B: when you wanna bring out the weirdest sides of yourself.
  • EXO: when you wanna feel hella sexy.
  • IKON: when you wanna punch someone in the face.
  • 24K: when you wanna get pumped up to 100%
  • WINNER: when you wanna cleanse your soul with perfectly combined voices from heaven.
  • MONSTA X: when you wanna get pumped up to 150%
  • B1A4: when you wanna cure youself from all evil.

all i see about the years when andreil are on separate teams is fricking angst about it,, my gay ass can’t have that,,,,, have some fluff about andreil managing long distance alright

  • honestly, neil and andrew weren’t expecting to miss each other
  • they knew they were used to each other so they were prepared for it to feel weird
  • but not wrong, not like something or someone was actually missing
  • neither of them have had cause to miss someone before
  • usually if someone stopped being in their life it was for the better
  • neil never even really missed his mother, all his memories of her are mixed in with her anger, her leaving bodies in their wake with no remorse, all the things she denied him
  • of course they don’t tell anyone they miss each other
  • they barely even admit it to themselves
  • but within a week of not living together anymore they’ve made up ways of missing each other less

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Who shall I see when I look at your face?

This is a prayer to R'iia, the Teedos’ god. I don’t believe in her, and I don’t really understand it, but I like the way it makes me feel,  so I put bits of it on pretty things I’ve found. And all of it here, of course. Maybe you will like how it makes you feel, too, you unlucky castaway.

- scratched out entry in the Scavenger’s journal. Who would have thought she liked poetry?

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why you should appreciate nakahara chuuya

please appreciate nakahara chuuya, or another post of why dazai is terrible to chuuya, aka the post that justifies my url

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Voltron Week 2016: Day 5 → (Platonic) Relationship


I’ m   p r o u d   o f   y o u.

Let me take care of you

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“What happened?” Hyuk Woo asked staring at your wrapped ankle.

You looked down at your ankle as well biting your lower lips scared to tell him the story behind it. You just looked up sending your boyfriend a sheepish smile. He let out a sigh and sat down kneeling down in front of you touching your leg careful not to touch the bandages.

“Does it hurt?” he asked again looking up at you. You knew he was mad or at the very least still worried even if you were sat there safe in front of him. Hyuk Woo was usually very calm and loving and wouldn’t blame you for anything that you did. He would usually just laugh as you apologize to him, but if there was one thing he didn’t like. It was you not putting him at the top list of person to call when something happened but he was trying hard not to show you that he was mad. You however knew him better than you knew the back of your hand.

You shrugged and playfully bopped his nose. “Stop worrying, nothing I can’t handle.”

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I drew Force Sentinel A.C.A.B. she’s a character from Title’s TITLEwave setting.

I drew an oc from @titleknown based on a drawing I made of a different oc by him.

And to quote Title, “ As with all the TITLEWave stuff, this character is free to use so long as I, THomas F Johnson/Titleknown and polygonalfish​ are credited as its creators!”


‘I’d love to be in a period drama – that’s my obsession. But being a mixed-race actress, there aren’t so many roles you’re right for. There are lots of period stories to be told with ethnic people in them, but the stories that are being told are not those ones. And that’s frustrating. No, it’s not an easy industry, but so far I have been lucky, so I will keep going.’ - Antonia Thomas

hc time

jake recently discovered that amy keeps an EpiPen in her purse in case he ever gets stung by a bee … what he doesn’t know is that she’s been carrying it around for nearly eight years


Marvel Shuffle | “I’m not even surprised that you didn’t deny contemplating adoption. Actually, I wouldn’t be surprised if we have officially adopted Kate and you just haven’t told me yet. Oh, and I knew about her date.” (inspired by a tag about clint being a mama bird to kate for this post)

It is now canon that Harold has a huge weakness for all sorts of ice cream and literally will not refuse it, so I want all the fics to have people bringing him ice cream. 

Harold is upset? Ice cream. 

Harold is angry? Ice cream.

Harold is despairing over his creation? Ice cream. 

Harold is happy (shush just let me imagine it)? Ice cream.

Harold is getting urges to lock people up? Ice cream.  

Also, Harold just has a truly alarming sweet tooth and nothing will ever convince me otherwise. 


Lannister siblings about each other (requested by celiatully)