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when to listen to korean boy groups:
  • BTS: when you wanna kill someone.
  • GOT7: when you wanna feel f r e s h af.
  • BIGBANG: when you wanna throw a party no one understands.
  • SEVENTEEN: when you want something catchy and refreshing.
  • SHINEE: when you wanna throw an electro party.
  • BLOCK B: when you wanna bring out the weirdest sides of yourself.
  • EXO: when you wanna feel hella sexy.
  • IKON: when you wanna punch someone in the face.
  • 24K: when you wanna get pumped up to 100%
  • WINNER: when you wanna cleanse your soul with perfectly combined voices from heaven.
  • MONSTA X: when you wanna get pumped up to 150%
  • B1A4: when you wanna cure youself from all evil.

Voltron Week 2016: Day 5 → (Platonic) Relationship

I’m close to finishing up on my Mass Effect 2 series playthrough I am yet again playing a noble paragon of justice and skill but I can’t help but notice how literally none of the shit you do in this game is fucking legal like I know you spend quite a bit of it outside council space but I’m curbing c-sec policies and probing Uranus like I have jurisdiction on the damn things


Marvel Shuffle | “I’m not even surprised that you didn’t deny contemplating adoption. Actually, I wouldn’t be surprised if we have officially adopted Kate and you just haven’t told me yet. Oh, and I knew about her date.” (inspired by a tag about clint being a mama bird to kate for this post)

all i see about the years when andreil are on separate teams is fricking angst about it,, my gay ass can’t have that,,,,, have some fluff about andreil managing long distance alright

  • honestly, neil and andrew weren’t expecting to miss each other
  • they knew they were used to each other so they were prepared for it to feel weird
  • but not wrong, not like something or someone was actually missing
  • neither of them have had cause to miss someone before
  • usually if someone stopped being in their life it was for the better
  • neil never even really missed his mother, all his memories of her are mixed in with her anger, her leaving bodies in their wake with no remorse, all the things she denied him
  • of course they don’t tell anyone they miss each other
  • they barely even admit it to themselves
  • but within a week of not living together anymore they’ve made up ways of missing each other less

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Lannister siblings about each other (requested by celiatully)


dragon raja au where eremes is a soldier in the bysus army stationed along the southern border and runs away with cathselprime’s egg after finding a plot to sell it to the enemy

which would make daisy an ice dragon technically but i mean. the fandom is literally me and a shoelace i don’t think anyone will raise objections

but yes the dragons in d/r take on the shape of humans when convenient //

Between Heaven & Hell

The full version of the graphic I made for @alexandralyman‘s amazing fic! You’ll find the fic on her blog, or on ao3 or ff.net.

It was made for this fic so please just reblog it, DO NOT repost it, tweet it, edit it, or put it on Instagram. I’ll report it if I see it anywhere. Thanks!


SHIPS + Aesthetic: Fitzskimmons (for eclectictsunami)


When Shaw kind of went away at the end of last year, all of the sudden I got to do all of these cool things that I hadn’t really done before and everyone is like ‘Where’d you learn that?’

hc time

jake recently discovered that amy keeps an EpiPen in her purse in case he ever gets stung by a bee … what he doesn’t know is that she’s been carrying it around for nearly eight years

can you imagine grocery shopping with malum tho like they would be all over the place, dropping the mist random shit into your cart and you’d have to keep going like “michael no we do not need 16 packs of mac and cheese” and “calum why do you have 6 litres of milk” (to which calum would laugh and point at michael who was carrying like 9 boxes of cereal and go “for that of course” like it was the most obvious thing) and it would be so freaking chaotic and in the end you’d end up with enough groceries to feed an entire football team twice but michael and calum would just be all giggly and cute as you gave them a critical look and muttered “i am never bringing you guys again”

Its best to take it one step at a time through the darkness…

                           ( BETARONPA - HOW MUCH EXACTLY CHANGED ? )