Annemle çamaşır asıyoruz..üçüncü mandalıda tak diyor bir havlu için..niye diye sorduğumda da rüzgar çıkabilir diyor..:) memleket yanıyor, 60 dereceleri görüyor, kime hava sıcak mı desek ağzını küfürle açıp küfürle kapatıyor..annem rüzgar diyor..:) bir umut hep var adanalının içinde..:p


Selfies before and during college today and the view at breakfast~ ✨☺️🙌🏻

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Hi Shena :) I'm so glad you decided to come back with your amazing stories, I've no words to tell you How much I missed them :) Well, I don't know if prompts are still open but I'm gonna try anyway :P lol Can you, please, write a fic about the little Lu meeting for the first time his baby sis? (maybe while Lisbon is still at the hospital) I really need your family bliss :) -Thanks a lot !!!

Meeting Baby Sis

He held his small son by the hand and headed down the dull gray hallway, allowing Lucas to stop and look at the balloons on the nurse’s station desk. After a bit of distraction from the colorful, inflated plastic, Jane and Lucas set off again toward the room at the end of the hall.

“We are getting to see mommy and your baby sister,” Jane promised his son, bending down to pick him up as they neared her room. “Would you like to meet Michelle?”

“‘Chelle?” the nearly four-year-old tried to reiterate.

“Yes,” he nodded at his son. “And mommy.”

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白くて羽がついてて神々しいはずなんですけど、割烹着とか給食のエプロンを連想する…(* ˘ω˘ *)