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Out of curiosity what is your Native American heritage? I'm from Canada and we refer to the population here as Indigenous or First Nations but there are well over 600 different nations and cultures. The closest people I live to are the Haudenosaunee (who also live in New York) but for obvious reasons they don't recognize the border. But I'm not all that familiar with other Indigenous people who live in the USA so I was just wondering.

I’m Choctaw and Chickasaw! Ah, gotcha, well I’m from North Carolina and since we’ve got a butt load of racists who can’t be bothered to learn the difference between actual Indians and natives, we get called American Indians. S'all good! No harm done! ❤ I appreciate you asking!


Yesterday I hit 1k followers, which is so mindblowing for me, because I run this blog for only 7 months and I never thought that I will gain that many, but here we are!I appreciate and love all of you so so much, for sticking around with me for that long, it means a lot!!

So, I decided to make a follow forever, where I will basically tag some really nice people which I love and appreciate, to say thanks!

I can’t tag all my mutuals bc it would have been huge, sorry, but if I am following you and you are not here ily ♡

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I think [being in Fifty Shades] changed my life and a lot more people know who I am, I guess, as a result of it. It opens doors in the industry and I have to be honest here, if you are in a movie that makes over 600 million dollars worldwide at the box office, that helps your career and that means that you can get things like The Siege of Jadotville and Anthropoid made, based on your involvement. I wouldn’t have been able to do those projects that I was desperate to do, had I not been in a film that made that much money.

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Dark Paladins AU

Okay gotta get this idea down.  

What if Zarkon was successful at the end of the finale?  That there wasn’t some secret agent Galra to deactivate the barrier in time?  

And the Galra continued to wear our heroes down to exhaustion until finally the Castleship and the paladins are broken and captured…but when our cast is bound, on their knees before this monster, and Lance is the one that venomously spits out, “So what now, big guy?  You gonna kill us?”  

Zarkon says, “Kill you? Why?”  

Because except for Shiro, he needs them in order to form Voltron.  

After all, the lions are the ones to choose their paladins remember?

Sure, he could kill them. Easily.  But then who knows when the Lions will choose new pilots to wield them? For example, Zarkon already possessed the Red Lion…for many many years.  But not even his skilled protégé Sendak could gain the Red Lion’s loyalty and respect.  I also think that the Galra perfectly knew that their mining site was home to the Yellow Lion.  Since you know, there are engravings all over the walls and gee their master has been hunting for these things for a extremely long time.  

But the Black Lion is still his.  

The title of Black Paladin is still his.

Where Zarkon can dissolve Voltron from a distance and literally eject Shiro from his seat.  Plus the Black Paladin is known for being an unquestionable leader, someone that people naturally wish to follow.

So what does Zarkon do?

He uses any means to convert the paladins. 

Anything is on the table from bribes, threats, and blackmail to magical brainwashing.  

Zarkon could even use the lives of Allura, Coran and Shiro.  “Tell me, Paladins.  What are you willing to give to keep them alive?”

The Paladins crumble slowly…one by one.

Here are some possible tactics Zarkon could try:

  • PidgeHands her father and brother back to her on a silver platter.  They might even be brainwashed beforehand so they can convince Pidge that working for the Galra is a wonderful, rare opportunity.  That this way with the Galra they can stay together as one big twisted family. “Think about what we could learn, my dear?  What worlds are still left to discover.  With the Galra resources…we could do anything Katie.” 
  • HunkGiving him the power to shut down mines. To save Shay and her people.  To “rescue” other races from the mines the Galra has spread across the universe.  To allow him to help “change” the Galra.  Since…they don’t really need mines to harvest Quintessence anymore…but the Yellow Paladin doesn’t need to know that.  Not yet.
  • Keith – I’m a firm believer of the secret Galra!Keith headcanon here.  But basically?  Zarkon gives Keith validation.  Maybe rips apart his human identity with a DNA test and redefines his pride as a fighting soldier.  I think Keith would be most prone to military brainwashing.  In addition since we have no idea what Keith’s prior relationship with Shiro was.  You know, with the whole “It’s good to have you back” scene?  Zarkon could offer to keep Shiro alive since, “It would be a shame to lose our champion, wouldn’t it?”  
  • LanceLance would fight the hardest.  Lance’s lion represents loyalty and friendship and he would not break easy. So Zarkon plays the dirtiest ace up his sleeve.  Lance’s family and home.  Be his blue paladin and the Earth will be under Lance’s protection.   Zarkon and the Galra will not even touch the solar system if Lance complies.  But if Lance doesn’t…Earth will become another Altea.  Left in the history books and the Galra will drain the planet’s Quintessence.  So with a heavy heart…Lance accepts.  

Zarkon has never felt so satisified.  True, most of the paladins are unwilling now…but time will change that.  

It always does.  

SciShow/SciShow Kids Video Maker Wanted

Missoula-based production company seeks a talented, smart, and creative full-time video maker to help us share educational content with the world through SciShow Kids, SciShow, SciShow Space, and SciShow Psychology: a group of YouTube channels with over 600 million views and 4.5 million subscribers. We’re expanding and sharing more content with more people and we’re looking for great personalities to help us. Accepted applications through January 20, 2017.

Here’s some of what we’re looking for:

  • Confidence in working with the Adobe Creative Suite, particularly Premiere and After Effects 
  • Experience working on a film set and anticipating needs
  • Confidence in explaining and animating complex concepts for very young viewers
  • Familiarity with SciShow and online education content
  • Passion for creative projects, and for accuracy and clarity in scientific communication
  • Interest in writing scripts a plus
  • Local to Missoula or willing to relocate to Missoula
  • Ability to work independently and on a team
  • Flexibility and ability to take direction
  • Sense of humor and willingness to share ideas
  • Ambition to grow as a video maker and animator

Nerds of all sort encouraged to apply!

Please submit this application no later than January 20, 2017.

Success for the sea otter!

Sea otters were once locally extinct from the Washington coast, but in 1969 and 1970, 59 sea otters were relocated there from Alaska. These otters have thrived: today more than 1,800 individuals call the Washington coast home! Most of them live in the waters of Olympic Coast National Marine Sanctuary. 

Each year, researchers survey the population – the 2016 census was organized by U.S. Fish and Wildlife and the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife, with assistance from volunteers and staff from the sanctuary, Seattle Aquarium, and Point Defiance Zoo and Aquarium. One large raft of over 600 sea otters was observed off the mouth of the Hoh River! 

(Photo: NOAA)