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  • what she says: i'm fine
  • what she means: in the first episode of voltron legendary defender coran says that the castle of lions is 10600 years old and that his grandfather built it. in the fifth episode when coran and hunk go to the balmera coran says his grandfather brought him to a balmera while he was building the castle of lions. coran and allura were in suspended animation for 10000 years. this implies that coran is over 600 years old. from the way he and allura interact in the second season we can conjecture that coran is in late middle age, or maybe early old age. how long is the average altean lifespan? how long is the average galra lifespan? zarkon was displeased but not surprised when his head druid told him allura was alive. exactly how unbelievable is it that they're both alive after 10000 years? is this why allura and coran acted like the paladins could easily free the entire known universe in their lifetimes? do allura and coran know how short human lifespans are? how

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if ur still taking prompts can you please do one where Jane and Sutton finally meet Adena for the first time officially as Kat's gf

Kat decides to plan a brunch date. Something about it feels less formal than dinner.

So, five days after Adena finally re-enters the U.S., or, three days after they make their relationship official, she plans a brunch date for her girlfriend to finally meet her best friends.

It’s fine. She’s totally fine.

“Kat, are you okay?” Adena asks quietly, concerned, when the hostess greets them.

She’s not fine.

And she doesn’t really know why. This shouldn’t be a big deal. She’s having brunch with her three favorite people. But—

“I just realized I’m kind of nervous all of a sudden,” she admits, and Adena pulls them to the side before the hostess can seat them.

Adena smiles, patient and holding her hand, but then—“I thought we both knew you were nervous? Or was it only me that noticed?”

Kat gives her a look and Adena keeps smiling, pulls her into a hug.

“I think I’m just, like, protective of what we have? And I don’t want this to mess it up. Is that weird?” Kat pulls back, meets her eyes and then shrugs away. “It’s weird.”

“I don’t think it’s weird. But I do think that everything is going to be okay. I’m excited to meet them,” Adena assures.

“You’re not nervous?”

Adena guides them back over to the hostess and follows as she leads them to a booth in the back.

“Oh, I am definitely a little nervous.”

Her eyes widen in surprise, because it’s the first time Adena has admitted it, and she’s about to respond but her words are cut off when she sees Jane and Sutton approaching the booth, right as they sit down.

Sutton slides in across from them first, followed by Jane.

Kat clears her throat, looks at Adena and then at the two of them for several long seconds. “Morning.”

“Stop being weird,” Sutton says, and Adena smiles, leaning into her side and holding her hand. “Also, I win, you owe me a mimosa,” she adds to Jane.

“You bet on me?” Kat whines and Sutton grins while Jane looks between them.

“If it’s any consolation, I was rooting for you,” Jane says, glancing down at the menu.

“And what was the bet?” Adena asks, in lieu of formally introducing herself.

“That Kat would look nervous.”

She feels her face heat up, embarrassed, and looks down to her lap. “I hate you right now.”

“I think they got rid of those banana pecan pancakes, I don’t see them anymore.”

“No! Did they really? Those were my favorite,” Sutton sighs.

“They’re disgusting is what they were,” Kat says, a reflex, and Jane smiles.

Sutton narrows her eyes at her and then turns to Adena. “How do you feel about banana pecan pancakes?”

“I’ve never tried them,” she answers, trying to keep up with their antics and remain neutral.

Kat relaxes into the booth, reaches to take a sip of her water.

“Fair enough,” Jane chimes in. “How do you feel about Kat?” She says it while she’s mid sip and Kat chokes, coughing.

She knows that Jane is messing with her, that her friends are being terrible and teasing both of them until they lighten up, and she’s about to tell Adena as much when—

“I care about her very much. And I feel…so lucky and blessed to be with her. Especially after everything that kept us apart.”

The whole table falls quiet for a moment and her face is heating up again, for different reasons.

God, no wonder you fell for her, is she always like this?” Sutton interjects, and Kat looks to Adena, sharing a quiet smile.

“Pretty much,” she admits, still smiling at her girlfriend instead of looking at Sutton. Adena is now the one blushing, until their waiter approaches and she clears her throat, looking away.

“Good morning, ladies. Can I start you all off with something to drink?”

shoutout to everyone who has to sit through long religious ceremonies even though they are no longer religious.

shoutout to everyone who isn’t in a safe environment today and can’t express their opinions

shoutout to everyone who has to sit through homophonic and transphobic table talk.

shoutout to all my girls who have to hear endless stereotypes & sexism today.

shoutout to everyone who will hear “you look good without makeup though!!” and “but, you’re a boy, why are you wearing makeup??”

shoutout to everyone who is suffering through an eating disorder and still have to sit through dinner.

shoutout to all my boys or gender queer people who are wearing dresses today no matter what their families tell them. And also those who weren’t able to.

shoutout to everyone who has to hear the wrong name or pronouns today.

I’m sorry that today may be very overwhelming for you, please remember that you can always leave to go the bathroom for a few deep breaths. I love you, thank you for being alive.


Yesterday I hit 1k followers, which is so mindblowing for me, because I run this blog for only 7 months and I never thought that I will gain that many, but here we are!I appreciate and love all of you so so much, for sticking around with me for that long, it means a lot!!

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On one corner of a magnificent 19th-century mansion in Vienna, Austria, is a rather unusual glass case. Inside is the midsection of an ancient tree. And it is completely covered in nails. Back in medieval Europe, hammering iron nails into living trees, wooden crosses and even rocks was a common practice for luck – similar to throwing coins into fountains today. Some trees became particularly known as “nail trees,” like the spruce in Vienna. Called Stock Im Eisen, or “staff in iron,” it is estimated to be somewhere over 600 years old. The first nails were hammered in while the tree was still alive, sometime before it was felled in 1440.

The idea of iron nails in living trees being lucky fell out of favor sometime in the late 1800s. And many nail trees quietly disappeared. But not Stock Im Eisen. It remains, watching over its corner.

Damage my TV in transit and deny the claim? No more shipments for you.

10 years ago I moved for my job. I had forgot about one of my TV’s back home and asked my dad to ship it to me (on my companies account since they paid for my move). A couple days later the delivery driver from Shipping Company A drops it off. The box was heavily damaged so I didn’t sign for it. He waited while I plugged it in and, to no ones surprise, was damaged. He said that he could take it back if I didn’t want to sign for it and the shipper could file the claim. I informed him I was the shipper and would file it here. This was a small mistake but I’ve shipped thousands of parts through this company so I figured it would’t be a problem.

Claim denied a month later. This goes back and forth for a couple months with multiple emails to this old lady and she did’t care at all. She was also very rude to me via email and phone.

Now this Shipping Company A has two separate entities. Parcel and Freight. We solely used this freight company for all of our warehouses across the US. I cut them off at my new store and started using Company B. It only took a month before the salesman from Shipping Company A stopped by. When he showed up and asked why he was losing $20k worth of freight a month I informed him of the $600 broken TV from his sister company a couple months back. He said that he couldn’t do anything about it since it was a separate side of their company and begged for the business back. No dice. This goes back and forth for several months. Our average was about $20-$25k/month they would bill us for and it was a small town so they were very upset that it was only over a $600 TV. I got a check in the mail about a year after I shipped the TV along with a letter from their Vice President.

So I guess this is the “Pro” part. Fast forward a couple years and I’ve been promoted within the company to make certain decisions and one happens to be logistics. NONE of our locations use Shipping Company A. Some months we spend well over $100k but most are around $80k company wide and this has been going on for several years now. We also inform customers to use Shipping Company B since Shipping Company B is awesome and treat us very well. Since about 2011 we have used them country wide. No telling how much Shipping Company A lost over a $600 TV.

Big thanks to everyone who applied and/or signal boosted our application posts!

During the two week window of accepting applications, we ended up getting over 600 artists applying! After hours and days of sorting through them all and calculating the absolute maximum amount of artists we could accommodate for, we finally were able to come up with 160 artists! Below, in alphabetical order, is the list of the 160 artists selected. If you want to see what series each artist is doing a piece on, go HERE to see the full list!

Every artist above have been sent an email with all the information needed for this zine so if you’re listed above, please check your email inbox!

do you ever go into a game shop and see Fallout: New Vegas (2010) on the shelf, the game u already own and have over 600 hrs pumped into but u still pick it up just to examine this perfect specimen

We don’t need anyone to believe in us. We just keep going anyhow. It’s what we do.
—  Neil Gaiman, American Gods