Meanwhile, back in Viper Canyon, I was very proud of Tammy Ottomas. Not only had her Grandpa died and her parents turned into mush, she’d caught Trent cheating on her - and yet there she was, front and center, dancing with Samantha, cleaning up messes, getting everyone fed, tucking Davis in. She was so pulled together, I had her throw a birthday party for the twins, before going over to the Newson place and having one for the Newson twins before sending Devine off. But George grew up onff-camera. Don’t worry, he’s the only out-of-family friend Gabe has, and you’ll see more of him. 

Samantha is Knowledge, Dora is Romance, Garnet is Knowledge, and George is Family. Those were all random rolls except Garnet, who’s been very clear about what her aspiration would be from the start.

anonymous asked:

will you do another outtake of beyond the horizen? maybe emma wanting to teach killian how to dance with killian surprising her by saying he already knows how and it ends in sex?

I actually did write a BtH outtake along these lines already as a bit of fluff after the angst of the Killian-as-another-Dark-One reveal. It’s even called Dance Lessons, and you can read it here. A lesson in sword fighting aboard the Jolly is not going well, until Captain Jones comes up with another way to teach Princess Emma the steps.


Sorry for more non-Nose pics again so soon, but this next bit is going to be work - I don’t only have to play it, I’ll have to do a certain amount of editing to make it coherent and work dramatically, and that takes time. 

And life goes on in the GS Uberhood all around our protagonist, regardless. For instance, Devine Newson reached the top of her teen career, got some scholarships, and went to LFT!


Found these outtakes from the first shoot (!) i ever did for I-D which got published in December. I also had a chat with Bhenji Ra who is this amazing dancer and artist from Syd, I admired them from afar for ages before eventually becoming friends with them. And then eventually i did this shoot with them in head to toe di$count universe lol. We spoke about how gender fluidity and trans identity coincide with indigenous communities, history and the institutions that exist within the art world that have historically festishised and excluded people from those backgrounds….it was a very human talk


And then people started turning up. First Bud appeared, then Silver, then Jac! It’s possible Jac still had some residual hostility toward Davina which caused her to show up to steal the paper or kick the trashcan, but then she got suckered into the eternal poker game in the hall. Bud and Silver coming to check on their friends actually makes sense, since they live right across the street and are good friends with both - but not game mechanic sense. Never mind, it made the last part of the day more interesting than the first.