In the 1960s, pioneering French New Wave filmmaker Jean-Luc Godard introduced the world to a new cinematic lexicon, generated from his innovative, auteurist style. Between 1960 and 1967 alone, he made fifteen features (beginning with his groundbreaking début, Breathless)—and it’s this period that regular Criterion Collection contributor :: kogonada explores in a new video essay highlighting the iconic director’s signature themes and devices. Watch the piece above, and if you’re in London, check out the British Film Institute’s comprehensive Godard retrospective running now through March 16.

You can view more of :: kogonada’s works for the Criterion Collection here and at kogonada.com.


Imagine your big brother Two-Bit finding out that you’re not a virgin…

“You’re not a what…” Two-Bit muttered, his eyes wide and his jaw slack as he stared at you with disappointment clear in his eyes.

“Keith, please.” You whispered, looking down ashamed. “It’s not like that… it was once. And I thought he loved me, it’s not like I’ve been through every single guy in Tulsa.”

“I thought you wanted to wait until you were married.” You had never seen such shame in your brothers eyes… and it was aimed at you. “What happened to you?” 

“Please…” You whispered, tears brimming in your eyes as the wind made your hair blow. “I didn’t mean to disappoint you. Okay? I’m so sorry, he made me feel so special. He made me think that he loved me. And then he just left and I feel so damn cheap.” 

He reached out to touch you as sobs wracked through your body, but you recoiled away from him. 

“Now he is out there, telling every one that I’m a slut. I regret it… is that what you wanted to hear? I wish I listened to you when you told me he was bad news. I’m so stupid.” 

He wrapped his arms around you, letting you sob on his shoulder, not caring that your tears soaked through his favourite Mickey Mouse shirt.

“You’re not a slut, okay? He is an asshole… and you won’t have to worry about him for much longer. I love you, kid.” 


Now listen.  I need to talk about this show.  First off Sasil, Yes!… Love them but this show is filled with so much more you can’t tell me you can’t find a POV you can relate to.  I adored Justified but this is not the same but just the lawlessness of it has me thirsty for more.  Now the ships, too many to count, ok 3 max.  Sasil I love and due to the sloppiness of this show there’s so much variety (Asa, G’Win, Little Foster.)  Now back to Sasil…

Sasil:  Hasil and Sally Ann

These two. SMH.  Now let me say this.  Hasil has won my heart. I mean like… this man is doing every and anything under the sun for this woman.  A woman that is not a part of his foundation.  (SPOILERS)  I can see Hasil just being smitten and leaving it alone.  This man goes out of his way to get to know Sally Ann after just one encounter, even though he knows they’re from different worlds.  A simple weh bit shy conversation has ignited a flame. Hasil lives on a mountain top and Sally lives at the base of that mountain.  In other words its the equivalent of living in NY and someone you like lives in Connecticut but neither of you have fucking a car.  There is no way I’m having relations with you, none!  You live too damn far!  Hasil walked down that mountain, 2 hours to see his Sally Ann. Ya’ll don’t hear me now…  Walked unaware if she would even be at work, no guarantee… walked knowing there was no coochie awaiting him on arrival.  But he did it anyway.  His stalker tendency is accepted given his smooth approach.  The man wanted a simple conversation and he walked for it, lovingly.  He comes from a world where money isn’t used, it has no value.  He asks her out on a date with nothing but dirt in his pockets.  Not even lint, dirt.  She knows he has no money but he has a plan because he wants to woo her.  Ya’ll, to make some cash to take out Sally Ann the woman he adores out on a  date he steals from his family.  Steals what is considered gold to sell to get cash for what will be his first modern date.  SMH.  The man abandoned all of his beliefs/structure to please this woman and for this action he lost a couple of appendages.  I’m overwhelmed.  Not just by the outcome due to his actions.  But by his reaction to stay the course to woo this woman given he’s lost a parts of himself, without animosity.  He can’t catch a break at any turn… He still hasn’t even gotten his first date due to police brutality and an arrest.  It’s just magnificent.

I don’t know how far this story line can go. It is written as Romeo & Juliet.  It is a tragedy.  I know bad things are coming but I am invested.  All the way.  Pray for me.  

*Yemme sings and air strums banjo… Oh my Sally Ann…*