(other than crow and his everything)

God, this chapter. 

Hinata’s positive outlook has always been an inspiration to me - him being able to see past his physical disadvantage and rising to the challenge, learning from every experience and acknowledging other people’s skills (no matter how intimidating or better than his own) as an opportunity to improve. Everything is an opportunity, a blessing.

I’m so proud of my little crow, I can’t wait for you to fully develop your skills. You’re getting there. 

The bae and dads are so proud.


Can we all talk about how Kageyama follows Hinata and Yama at the souvenir stands after totally ignoring Daichi in the previous chapter? Heh.

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Bellarke au where the world is black and white before you meet your soulmate and then coloured once you meet them? And if your soulmate dies, the world goes back to black and white? Could I have it from both perspectives please?

I  hear you laugh, I hear you sing (you say you wouldn’t change a single thing)
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When he first lays eyes on her, and the greys of the dropship become a little bit sharper and that blonde girl in the corner who had been batting her eyes at him since he first got onto this piece of shit spacepod turns out to be a brunette, he knows that he is completely, utterly, and royally fucked.

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How would team Karasuno react to see their little crow chick version? (I may be asking more of something like this with their crow chicks or something)

hinata: he would probably get really excited and play with it all the time, even in class (he’d be the first student in karasuno to get a hinagarasu confiscated)

kageyama: he’d pretend like it was nothing but he was actually really happy about having the hinagarasu with him. he also devoted lots of time to make sure the little crow was comfortable, and he took care of it a lot.

sugawara: he liked the little crow from the start, and taught it to sit on his head. he likes to pat his hinagarasu and feed it little pieces of mapo tofu. he won’t tell anyone, especially not daichi, but he makes a really really small mini lunch box for his hinagarasu that has really really small little food in it for the crow.

sawamura: he immediately took a liking to the hinagarasu and taught it to sit on the volleyball net poles, watching over the practices. if anyone lazes around, his hinagarasu also chirps, which makes it easier for him to manage the team.

asahi: he was overjoyed with his hinagarasu, but he treats it like glass. his crow sits on his shoulder or his head, and is very calm. asahi likes to feed it crumbs from his desserts.

nishinoya: he shouted the moment he saw it, and somehow, the hinagarasu reacted similarly. the crow now comes whenever noya calls it, and it stands on his arm (he reaches it out). the crow likes to steal food from other people.

tanaka: he treats it like a real pet, with proper cleaning equipment and everything. he loves giving bits of his bread to the hinagarasu and letting it eat off his shoulder. his crow gets more attention from kiyoko than tanaka himself, so he gets jealous, but if kiyoko kisses the crow or pats it, tanaka feels like he’s the one getting patted and doesn’t care too much.

yamaguchi: he adores his hinagarasu. it rests on his ahoge on his head, and he often takes it down to pat it and cradle it in his hand during class. because he’s not disruptive with the bird, and it doesn’t really distract his studies, the teachers allow him to keep it on his desk.

tsukishima: he pretends to not like the crow, and vice versa, but they both actually adore each other. he even set up a whole play area and resting area for the hinagarasu at home, with little dinosaurs and a bed and everything. his hinagarasu sits on his shoulder and keeps a watchful eye out  for anyone who might steal his yamaguchi.

ennoshita: he uses his hinagarasu to help him study. he taught the crow to get pencils, spare paper, light books, erasers, so he can study without being interrupted. the bird doesn’t mind either, since he gives the crow a little treat every time it brings back his dropped eraser or draft paper. during practice, it stays watch over his jacket and his water bottle.

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discorse aside do dnp remind you of anything else?? you always have really kind descriptions of them i was just curious to have your take c:

idk dan is always . the earth for me hes got the woodland creature vibe downpat. doe eyes u know. n the freckles and soft curling hair and softer curling smile u kno :( hes earthy n grounded n kinda hazy like a badly taken picture but in a good way. n phil is the sea Yeah I Know but he just is his very damn eyes reflect it how can u look at him and be like yeah hes a uhhhh fknn hes a dried pumpkin seed. hes so out of this world kind of other god i swear hes got magic in his blood phil is the vibrancy u find in everything hes lighter than the air. dan is also a pancake he will always be a pancake n phil is UH ice cream. strawberries. a crow . idk i love romanticisation tho. who cares look at something and say its them if u want to go fucking wild. theyre a sunbed of flowers n a pile of freshly washed blankets n the Feeling Of Being Happy

Thoughts on Kanda

…and What It Means to Be Human

Otherwise known as one of the many things about him that keeps me up at night.

Let’s start off with this random quote that some people might remember, some people might not:


“Anyone can die…as long as they stay a human” (95th Night, Page 14/15)

[or, a better translation: “Humans are beings that die, so long as they remain human”]

Right after he not-quite kills Skinn Bolic, he denounces the Noah’s supposed immortality as complete and utter bs. In a way he’s right. You actually can kill a Noah, though Kanda’s the only Innocence Wielder to have done so. Not the point though, and while i’m not too fond of that translation (it could be better worded), the message itself is pretty clear: If you’re human you’ll die. Plain and simple. 

But wait. Where does that leave Kanda, and why is this relevant? 

At this point in the manga, we know basically nothing about him, his past, or his goals. Just a chapter ago, his tattoo is revealed (the lotus falling apart wasn’t actually in the manga).  But now, with the Alma Arc having come and gone, the implications of this quote changes a lot. To Kanda, being human means dying. It means being able to die. Which, you know, up until just recently, he was completely incapable of doing

If you take the quote from above with that kind of context, there’s really only conclusion to make: Kanda doesn’t think of himself as human. He probably never has, not once. How can he? He was literally engineered to be a soldier, and not once did the scientists who were in charge of the experiment make him think otherwise. Both he and Alma, neither of whom knew any better, both of them just accept that they’re something other than human without much protest. And this is before everything falls apart. 

Once Kanda knows the truth, that he had died, once upon a time ago, and that the Order did something to him, to them, his sanity just kinda…cracks. Then they try to magically euthanize him and even that doesn’t work. And then, after all that, he has to go and kill his best friend after said best friend slaughtered 46 of the researchers that’d been working on them, along with who-knows-how-many CROWs. And he didn’t have to kill Alma just once, either. He had to butcher him over, and over, and over again, until Alma was regenerating at a rate so slow Kanda thought he was dead. 

How would he be capable of calling himself human after doing that? Especially since, even during the time leading up to all of that, he’d already thought of himself as a non-human? A tool of the Order, a second, created in order to help win the Holy War. And now, knowing that that’s not true, he was human, once, and now they’ve turned him into an abomination, and now he’s even gone and killed his best friend (not something humans do-only monsters), there just. Isn’t any feasible excuse he can use? The knowledge of what he is, who he was, and what he’s done, the guilt for killing his friend-his best friend-and going on and living, that guilt is probably what keeps Kanda from labelling himself as a human. Kanda even acknowledges the Noah as human, nothing more, nothing less, just plain humans with special abilities. But himself? No, he doesn’t deserve that. 

(Despite the changes that had occurred for Badger & Crow while they were away, seemingly massive changes for both of them, Misthallery itself did not change in their absence.

Like most small villages, Misthallery repels change. In recent years the village has seen a medical marvel discovered in the form of the Golden Garden, as well as a giant, previously unheard of creature battle a small army of drilling robots to bring about said discovery and (what’s possibly even more dramatic than all of that) the barriers between the rich and poor kids broken down for the first time. That sounds like a lot of change right there, but despite this Misthallery remains very much as it always has been in spirit.

So when Crow and Badger return, even with everything that’s happened in London, they’re drawn back into life as usual.

True to his word, Crow doesn’t say a thing to the others about their relationship. But he does make time for Badger. Whenever they get a private moment he slips him little kisses and leaves him small presents, just to show that he’s thinking about him. Maybe they’ll get caught eventually, but Crow privately finds that to be quite thrilling.

He’s sure the same can’t be said of Badger though and the last thing he wants to do is to make him nervous. Which is why he’s come out to meet him at his usual lookout.

Crow stares up from the bottom of the steps.)

“Badge’? Ya up there?”

The wrong aquarium (@ice-cold-loki)


“Ah! Sigyn! Do come in,”

“Thank you, Mr Ashton-”

“Gerald, please - I am your godfather, after all,” The well-dressed elderly gentleman smiled, “Come along, I’ll show you around,”

Sigyn followed her godfather in a sort of daze - her parents’ accident had rendered her almost numb for weeks, and the sudden discovery of a Godfather she’d never known about had just become part of that confusion. These days, she frequently had the expression of a startled rabbit in headlights, and today was no exception.

She let her godfather lead her through the extensive rooms of his mansion, telling her all about the facilities she now had at her disposal, and all about the life her father had had that she’d never known about. She only really started paying attention when they approached a massive aquarium, in which sat a forlorn-looking creature the likes of which she’d never seen before.

“My pride and joy,” Gerald crowed, “he has plenty of space to swim, of course, and we tend to his every need - He was found off the coast of Alaska by a trawler, I was lucky to get him. Three other people were bidding on him, but I suspect they all intended taxidermy… a crime for something so fine, don’t you think?” Sigyn didn’t answer, so her godfather continued, “He’s in a much better state than when we first got him - his fins were all torn, he was half-starved… we’ve done everything we can,”

“He looks so sad,” Sigyn commented, “Why don’t you just let him go? He doesn’t belong in a tank,”

“And miss out on the chance to show him off?” Gerald looked almost shocked, “You wouldn’t understand, Sigyn, you’ve not seen what it’s like out there - they’d just catch him again in a couple of days anyway, he’s much safer here,”

Meeting You - Part 19 (Final)

Thank you all for reading! Thank you for all the kind comments! Thank you for everything!!! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I have more rambles at the end but just going to get straight to it….


~Previous Parts~  (when I get some free time I’m going to go back and polish it all because I’m sure it needs tuns of editing and the continuity is probably a mess)

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