(or maybe you will but that's a whole different matter)

  • POC in fandom: It makes me super uncomfortable that fandom's approach to "write what you want" often results in racist and misogynistic works that dehumanize and erase characters of color and female characters (and female characters of color). Whenever I see posts telling fan fiction writers to "write what they want", they tend to be in response to people like me pointing out that fandom is categorically unsafe for POC and women who don't toe the line. There are tons of stories about characters of color being brutalized for the sake of kink and the fact that fandom culture would rather ignore the issues there instead of fixing the fact that that sort of thing is considered the norm, is frightening. Maybe exploring your sexuality and identity shouldn't come at the cost of other people's humanity? Please think about that.
  • A whole bunch of entitled assholes every single fucking time: Don't fucking tell me what to write you fucking SJW. If you can't handle ~problematic~ content, don't critique it even if it's racist or misogynistic or upholds systematic oppression as totally awesome. You're triggering yourself on purpose, that's not our fault. Fan fiction isn't important enough for posts like these. It doesn't matter if someone writes tons of stories dehumanizing black characters so white men can triumph! Just go out into the real world and ~make a difference~ because it's not like fandom is the real world impacted by established biases like cissexism or antiblackness. Freedom of speech is a right so we can write what we want, but you can't critique us. ~Don't police or criticize (white) women's sexuality because fan fiction is so important because it's a way for them to explore their kinks and desires safely even when that means writing sexualized,consensual violence and humiliation as uncritical kink~
no matter what, i think we hide our most vulnerable and genuine parts, we keep them to ourself in fear that someone will know the real you, the full you, the you that really makes you, you. i think that’s the worst thing humans do to themselves. they hide. they refuse to see what was right in front of them. they choose to ignore, that you can be 18 or 45 and that person that did everything for you, wether it was answer all your texts right away because they always worried about you or wether they were always able to solve your problems and keep you calm, they will always hold a special place in your heart. i want you to keep me there because i know for a fact that ill always be that person to you. i didn’t love you the way lovers do, i loved you as a person, i loved what i saw you were able to fulfill, i saw you in colours on days my world was spinning in black. i didn’t love you in the way that i wanted you to be mine, i loved you with every piece of my soul, i think thats the difference between loving someone because their your boyfriend or because they were your entire world. i could live the rest of my life without you but deep down we both know some people are connected by memories and by their past and no matter what they never forget and maybe we don’t want to. i wonder if one day when your world is less hectic and your older if you will wake up and look in the mirror and realize it was me, it was fucking me the whole time, you were just too young, too dumb and too fucking scared to admit it. ill spend the rest of my nights wondering if we fall asleep under the same stars and if you sometimes breathe a little heavier because you miss me or when you see pretty things if my face finds its way to show up in your mind. you were the most amazing thing to me even though it usually ended in tears, i know for a fact that on my bad days i want you near and on my best days i want to turn to you, but i guess we all got to learn to live without someone and to be able to hold ourselves together. maybe someday you will learn to love me the way i loved you.

just to clarify, I don’t have some vendetta against shipping.

if you ship a thing, that’s cool. But like. I just don’t CARE

if you ship a thing I don’t like, w/e I’ll keep scrolling and move on with my day. I’m not going to beat you up bc “>:O YOU LIKE THING?? THAT I DON’T LIKE???”

bc that’s just stupid. You’re allowed to like things. You’re allowed to not like things. Shipping this or not shipping that doesn’t make you or anything PROBLEMATIC. You don’t ship anyone? Great! I don’t care. I’m just happy that you enjoy a game/show/story that I do and we can talk about it and enjoy ourselves and be friends. And if shipping or not shipping things makes you happy, shit bro go for it. If it brightens up your day and makes you feel nice, that’s all that matters to me. So long as you’re a decent person thats not a dick to other people for disagreeing with you or for having differing opinions, that’s all good in my books.

What matters to me is that we enjoy a common interest and we can nerd out about it. And that excites me.

Idk where this is coming from. Maybe It’s bc I’m going two whole days with 0 hours of sleep. Maybe I’ll delete this later, maybe I won’t.

But it’s something I need to get off my chest. Fandoms have gotten so toxic over shipping. Whether you ship a thing, don’t ship a thing, ship a WRONG thing, or don’t ship at all. You’ll be labelled as “___ erasure” or “___phobic” or what ever the fuck. Tumblr and its bs laws about what is allowed in a fandom have made me feel ashamed to be a part of some fandoms. 

“OH! Welcome to tumblr where we’re all so open minded and accepting!”

Maaaaan fuck that noise. You all know Tumblr is the farthest thing away from that. I’ve seen so many artists and bloggers that I really look up to (like REALLY look up to) get tons of hate and slag for doing and drawing the shit they enjoy. 

Honestly, for me? When I see an artist who is passionate about a thing, pouring effort and heart into a piece of art, a story, or whatever, I love it. Maybe I don’t agree with the context. Maybe I don’t agree with the setting. But dude, that person is having fun and enjoying the hell out of a game or show. And maybe we can talk about the thing and enjoy ourselves bc HEY! I like the thing too! You are allowed to think for yourself and enjoy your own stuff (well like, only if its not illegal or something, but thats a whole different subject).

But seriously. Tumblr. Like, just chill

(or tv show or whatever)