(or maybe he is)


Jun saw it coming, but it’s gonna bite back someday, Wonwoo. Took an entire year for him to take revenge on Dino though.

Keith’s entire existence has No heterosexual explanation


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Uhh, I took the dancing and ran with it. All the original BG crew having a fun night partying….well almost everyone (come on Sarge and Church).



Okay but there are so many books. So many books. 

Can we just. Zoom in a little bit more? 

Even just on one shelf? So we can see the titles?


I N E E D IT. 


Luckily we canonically have someone who can PUNCH RIGHT THROUGH STONE WALLS am I right?

paul coming back would literally ruin this season so it better not be true

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Pinto in LA: I want them constantly coming up with excuses to see each other. Like Chris suddenly has an extra ticket to this thing. Or Zach needs to borrow Chris's kitchen so he can cook everyone dinner. And they're spending all their time out or surrounded by other people because neither of them is ready for what'll happen if they find themselves alone.

Then Chris walks Wednesday down to Zach’s hotel one afternoon, and together they walk their dogs around the block a few times. And they’re still not really alone–there are plenty of other people on the sidewalk and cars driving by all the time and they never know when someone’s phone could be pointed their way–but it’s the first conversation they’ve had in a while where no one else listening in. Except…it turns out to be a little stilted, like maybe they’ve forgotten how to do this.

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Can you please do a reisaru scenario where fushimi actually like gets really mad at munkata for putting himself in danger and yells at him Infront of the alphabet squad?? Reactions from seri and such please

I can see this happening some time post-ROK now that Munakata is more on a ‘normal’ level rather than what a King was, like his powers still may be strong but he’s no longer invincible the way he once was. Maybe King powers end up deteriorating more quickly than regular clansmen powers too, so Munakata goes from being on the level of an exceptionally powerful clansmen to more Totsuka-level but despite that he’s still leading the force and basically acting as if nothing has changed. Fushimi notices it shortly after the Slate’s destruction, like he himself is still on bed rest and light duty but Munakata’s already going out on missions despite his own injuries and the need to adjust to his weaker powers. Fushimi clicks his tongue when he sees Munakata returning with a worried Awashima at his side, part of him wondering about Munakata and recalling their last private conversation where Munakata gave him the mission to infiltrate jungle. Munakata told him then that neither of them might survive that mission and Fushimi finds himself thinking that it seems as if the mindset is still there for Munakata. Maybe there’s some issue with Homra too and Fushimi notes the look on Munakata’s face when he talks with them, wondering if Munakata really thinks that Suoh Mikoto’s ghost will be satisfied by Munakata’s death.

Finally one day Munakata steps in during a mission and almost gets badly injured, Fushimi jumps in the way and saves him but it’s very close. Afterward everyone returns to the office and Munakata continues to be super chill about what just happened, like he shows no worry at all that he was nearly killed. He does thank Fushimi for saving him, very calmly and possibly phrasing it more like ‘I appreciate your valuable assistance’ rather than actually using the word 'saved’ (which would imply he was in danger) and that’s when Fushimi just snaps at him to shut up. Awashima immediately scolds him and the alphabet boys are shocked but Munakata’s expression doesn’t waver as Fushimi coldly asks what Munakata thought he was doing there anyway, he hasn’t got the powers he once did and yet here he is running into danger even so. Munakata starts saying something bland about a King’s duty and that just makes something in Fushimi snap, he starts berating Munakata in this cold dismissive voice that gets increasingly emotional as he goes on, like he’s sick of Kings and their stupid sacrificial bullshit, Munakata’s not a King anymore and he needs to accept that and stop running headlong into danger, he might not care about the risk to his life but his clan does. The rest of the squad is just left speechless, like seeing anyone yell at Munakata like that is outside of the normal but seeing Fushimi raise his voice so much, get so visibly emotional about it, that’s just dumbfounding to them all. In the end Fushimi’s breathing hard and angry and that’s when Munakata walks over to Fushimi and puts a hand on his shoulder, apologizing for not putting more value on his own life and that he did not intend to worry Fushimi so much. Fushimi immediately looks away, suddenly embarrassed by how much actual emotion he just showed, and Munakata smiles gently as he says this is what he has his clansmen for, so if their King loses his way there is someone to help him put his feet right again.


After a quick shower and getting into her clothes again she heard a knock at the door…

scarlet: hello there, is there a special reason for you knocking on my door?

johnny: i heard about you from a friend

scarlet in head: if this bitch is about to pay me

scarlet: really? what’d they say?

johnny: that you’re good company, oh by the way, my name’s johnny

scarlet: well i wouldn’t say that all the time, but hello johnny, mine’s scarlet

johnny: do you like cloud gazing?

This is the first time I’ve drawn Yosuke and Yu together being adorable partners, which is kind of a travesty because these two are one of my favourite fictional friendships ever.

It also happens to be Yosuke’s birthday today (June 22nd; this is the only one of the P4 cast’s birthdays that I can remember offhand, which probably says a thing or two about me), so what better excuse?

//You know I was thinking about Qrow and Winters fight again, and other than getting caught by her superior when she was about to tear Qrow’s throat out, nothing bad actually happens to her

I mean she’s the only one who manages to land a hit by smacking him in the face with the hilt of her weapon. She actually stands on his sword at one point, she runs up the side of a piece of architecture and she doesn’t even slip once. 

So does she know how to compensate for Qrow’s semblance or was it just there were no rotting structures for her to fall through like with Tyrion?

and if that’s the case, how dangerous is Qrow’s semblance really?