(or don't. really.)


I’m having a hard time trying not laugh at this because i know her purpose was to smooth down his messy fluffy hair ..but.. I CAN’T FUCKING HELP IT!!!!!

…also can i get that job? my hands on that fluffy gorgeous soft hair 😍


Name the WIPs Update

Thanks a lot for all the names ya’ll have left!  2/3 of the WIPs have names!  

The romper one came from @fangirling-fangirling-fangirling & the Off-Shoulder dress I came up with.

I still would like a few more suggestions for the last dress.  (The pun-nier the better!)

I still don’t know how I feel about this season, but some scenes are so fucking brilliant. Like, in this episode, the one where Mary Cherry and her husband called out Ally for being a racist while they were wearing sombreros and throwing fucking Taco Bell coupons at her. That was such a good parody of all the people who like to crusade in the name of social justice when they actually don’t know the first thing about it. I thought it was genius.

Really quick observation of 21.02

The music in this ep:

Used to show Heidi and Eric trying to have a functional, support relationship and failing. Heidi holds the boom box and looks confused, or else she talks over Eric trying to stand up for herself.

This is especially apparent when contrasted with Tweek and Craig. It starts out with Tweek’s “song” in which he’s completely alone and screaming-

But through love and support and mending their relationship, it ends with Tweek and Craig singing together, and harmonizing with their supportive classmates.

Basically using Tweek/Craig as an example of a good, stable relationship to highlight Heidi/Cartman as an unstable one.

Sakamaki Shitty Thing: Too similar

Okay, this is veeery random and I didn’t even finish it, so not all the Sakamakis included. I really don’t want to continue this, but I didn’t want to waste what I’ve already wrote, so here it goes. It’s only a lil shitful shit I wrote by accident. Don’t mind me lol.

You tried to convience him how annoying he sometimes was. But he didn’t listen to you and you decided to pursuade him in a bit different way.

♞ Laito ♞

“Heyyy, babeee…”
The sweet sound of your voice instantly reached his ears and he stalked over, wrapping arms around you.
”Ahh, Laito-kun, let’s…”
The way you gripped his pants in the next moment made him instantly go nut.
And guess what? He didn’t regret you acting like this.
You failed, lol.

♝ Reiji ♝

“Reiji, you didn’t do your homework yet.”
“Don’t you see I’m busy with-”
“Do it right now, I’m not going to repeat myself.”
You sat down, sipping your tea, as he looked at you, raising his eyebrow.
“What are you trying to prove…?”

♚ Shu ♚

“Oi… We should do something… You’ve been sleeping for a few days in row…” Shu’s face shown the highest confusion as he looked down at you, shaking your arm to wake you up.
“…too bothersome…” you mumbled, smashing his hand away and rolling over, disppearing under blankets.
“…Hey… Stop it.”
“Shut up…”
“…” He was annoyed now and he rolled on top of you, trapping you under his heavy body, making you groan uncomfortably.
“…Shu, get the fuck off of me.”
“You’re the one who started it. Let’s see who can be a better me.”

♜ Subaru ♜

You yelled out aloud and hit the wall with all the strength you had.
It was followed by a pathetic, pained whine and the sound of your bones crushing.
Subaru facepalmed.
2/10, wouldn’t do it again.