(or attempts to)

JSE Fanart attempt #3! ^-^

So as you may know I’ve been working on this particular drawing idea that I think is super cute ^-^ my first attempt was so terrible but I wanted to make it better. And so I did. And today I did it again - at least I think it’s better :) 

Attempt #1

Attempt #2

Attempt #3!

I’m sure it’s still faaaar from perfect but I’m actually kinda proud of this! Shading might not be quite right and know that the Sam shadow is almost definitely wrong haha but I liked the idea of it xD I hope you like this! :D

@therealjacksepticeye if you see this I hope you like it ^-^

Shoutout to @cranky-septic-pewdie-plier for the tips and stuff, I wouldn’t have been able to produce this new and improved drawing without you <3

after 'finishing' fragmentary passage, I imagine this conversation took place at some point.
  • Minnie: And then your shirt just... dissolved.
  • Mickey: Yep, dissolved.
  • Minnie: Into nothing.
  • Mickey: Into nada.
  • Minnie: Just like that.
  • Mickey: *snaps his fingers* Just like that!
  • Minnie: ...
  • Mickey: ...
  • Minnie: You know if you don't like the clothes I pick out for you, you can just say so.
  • Minnie: What's actually happening is you can buy your own clothes from now on, mister.

Face-up Attempt #84 - Doll in Mind Azelia (dyed)

So part of what I’ve developed for Azelia so far is that she’s a model and a lot of this look was inspired by different runway looks. I don’t think she’ll keep this, as I kind of rushed it, but it’ll do for the moment, until I work out a bit more about her.

Her nose piercing is a natural emerald. I’m going to be doing up a proper post later, but if anyone’s interested, I’ve got a small supply of emeralds and a very small supply of tanzanites that I’m going to be offering for commissions. They can be nose piercings or ear piercings or whatever your heart desires. Message me if you’re interested :)

Tried sanding a bit, the peanut butter seems to sand pretty well. It’s no as resistant as I thought it was going to be, which would make the sanding job ahead seems a lot more daunting. But the grip pieces and rear bolts are coming along now.

I still feel kind of

about all this, but soldiering on. I’ll likely miss tomorrow night because it’s my last day and imma get krunk with co-workers. But then after that I have a week off to really cock things up!


I’M NOT GOOD AT ANIMALS AND THESE DON’T LOOK THAT GREAT CUZ I HAD TO RUSH THEM CUZ I SHOULD HAVE BEEN IN BED 20 MINUTES AGO BUT REGARDLESS, HAVE MY ATTEMPS. Shion should be in armor but yeah, no time to doodle it, so have him with some mythical birbs.