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I've seen a lot of people saying that D maybe isn't really pregnant, I don't get it???? Do you think there's any truth to it? Wouldn't that mean she has to hide in her house at risk of someone seeing her and realising? Or would she just wear a fake bump all the time? Seems like a lot of effort:-/

Hi Anon.

IF Danneel’s pregnancy was fake and she were wearing a fake bump, along with a surrogate having the twins. It honestly wouldn’t be that hard for Danneel to get away with it. A lot of times Supernatural fans/Tinhat’s forget that it’s mostly just the SPN fandom that know’s about, has heard, or knows what Danneel even looks like now. Most One Tree Hill fan’s have long forgotten about her, and if they haven’t, I doubt they care all that much if she’s truly pregnant or not.

The regular citizen on the street won’t recognize Danneel. The woman could literally do a whole days worth of errands and probably 98% of the regular people wouldn’t even recognize her. So I doubt they’d care if they caught Danneel at the store without fake her baby bump. Besides that fact, it seems like the only time Danneel is even recognized these days is when she get’s spotted with Jensen. I can’t even remember the last time someone posted a photo of an individual sighting of Danneel saying something like: “OMG it’s Danneel Harris from One Tree Hill!”

It’s practically radio silence from Danneel almost all the time, except for on Social Media. We all know Danneel loves her some Twitter, maybe a little too much if the past is anything to by.


- K

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Do you know the name of the fic where Harry and Louis are in their last year of school and decide to sleep together just so they can say they lost their virginity. Louis runs away quickly and treats it like a one time thing and then proceeds to sleep with a lot of other guys and ignores Harry for awhile. They eventually go on a group camping trip and work out their problems. I think Louis is a big fan of One Tree Hill and the little mix girls are at the camping site. Any ideas?

it’s Never Had a Chance  by kiwikero : “What if we don’t have to?” Louis asks slowly, and Harry can practically see the gears behind Louis’ eyes spinning madly as his mind concocts whatever harebrained scheme he’s envisioning. Harry lets his hand fall to his lap, Louis’ fingers still closed around his forearm. The other boy makes no move to pull away, and Harry relishes the unexpected contact. “Don’t have to what?” Harry asks, his brain catching up with his ears as he looks at Louis expectantly.The pink, pointed tip of Louis’ tongue darts out to wet his lips before he fixes Harry with an intense stare. “Have to go to uni without losing our virginity first.”Or, the one where Harry wants Louis, Louis wants to lose his virginity, and a camping trip is exactly what they need to sort themselves out. (22k)