(on a bunk bed ladder)

the second time isak enters even’s room, they’re coming back from school and even is throwing his backpack on the floor and taking his socks off and he holds one of them and pretends he’s about to throw it isak’s way and isak gives him a stern look and warns “don’t you dare. and even smiles a cheeky smile, says “you know i wouldn’t” and isak breathes out a laughter and shakes his head, replies “no, even, i don’t”. and then even is going through his drawers, a pensive look on his face and grabs black jogging pants and a pastel pink shirt with a teddy bear at the front, hands them to isak. isak unfolds the shirt and raises an eyebrow at even, but he doesn’t protest, decides to play along, takes his shirt off and asks even “where did you get that shirt?” and now even has also changed into something more comfortable and he walks over to isak, hugs him from behind and he sways with him a little and says “flea market last summer, only 20 kroner, total steal for such an iconic fashion piece”. and isak chuckles, turns around and kisses him, quick pecks on his lips

and then even walks over to his loft bed, climbs up the ladder and he’s sitting on the mattress and waiting for isak to join him but isak kind of just. stays there. and even looks down at him and asks “hey, you coming?” and isak walks over to the ladder and holds on to each side and places a foot on the first rung but once again he goes still. and then even is up on his knees and looking down at him and isak is starring at the floor, loose grip on the ladder and even frowns at the sight, asks “hey you, what’s up?” and he gets down as he says the words, isak moving out of the way. isak glances up and chews on his bottom lip and he looks slightly confused and nervous. “it’s just -” he sighs, and even waits, gently presses his forehead against his. “you’re going to think i’m ridiculous but, hm, you see when i was eight, i had this friend and his name was, hm…mattias but, hm, that’s not important. hm, so yeah i went to sleep over to his house once because we had this, hm, football competition over the weekend and so i was supposed to sleep at his place and he had this…bunk bed and i remember when i climbed the ladder, my foot kind of slipped and i, hm, fell” 

he lets out another long sigh and even wraps him in a hug, kisses his temple and says “you know, when i was six, i fell from my bicycle and i didn’t want to ride one for the longest time. do you think that was ridiculous of me?” isak is resting chin on even’s shoulder and he whispers “no” and for a second even holds him tighter and he softly says “then why would i think you’re ridiculous?” isak gives a small shrug. “i just haven’t tried to since that one time, you know?” and even replies “well, we can try tonight, if you’re wiling. but we’ve got these extra mattresses too, so it’s really up to you” even lets go of isak and gives him a comforting smile, one that says i see you, it’s alright. and isak can’t help it, runs a hand through even’s hair and smiles back, and a few seconds later he nods towards the bed and says “let’s go” 

and so isak goes first and even is right there behind him, a reassuring presence as isak climbs up the ladder, step by step. and when isak is up on the bed, even immediately joins him, tells him “i’m really proud of you” and he kisses isak, slow and affectionate. they remain like this for a while, exchanging words and kisses and delicate touches. and then even runs a finger across isak’s lips and down his neck and then on his shoulder, over the shirt he gave him earlier. even lets out a little laugh and asks “that’s a really cool shirt, where’d you get it?” and isak rolls his eyes, a small smile spread across his face and he says “well, this pretty great guy gave it to me, said he got it for sale or something” and even rubs his nose against his, playfully asks “a pretty great guy, hm?” and isak places a hand on even’s cheek, replies “yeah, he’s incredible actually, and he’s got this really comfortable bed and” isak is looking into even’s eyes and his are filled with appreciation, for what he’s just done and for the person he is, and he adds “i think you’d love him” 

Caught Web Handed

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Series: Peter Parker Imagines

Relationship: Peter Parker x Reader
Warnings: Swearing cause I swear a lot get used to it or don’t read my stuff
Word Count:2,000+
A/N: Typed this before my shift! Enjoy my darlings :)

[Reader’s POV]

“Now just do the equations worksheet over the weekend, you have a quiz on formulas on Tuesday have a great weekend everyone!” the teacher waves to us before walking back to her desk. Putting your notebook away you zip up your bag.

   Slinging the straps onto your shoulders you pick your phone up off the lab table. Taking your beanie and putting it on your head. You start to walk towards the door when a hand grabs onto yours. Looking at your hand to the body thats connected to the other one. You smile realizing it’s your boyfriend, Peter Parker.

“Baby, I’ll see you over at my aunts tonight for dinner right?” he asks looking at you with a cute smile. Nodding you quickly peck him on the lips.

“Yes I’ll head over there after school,I offered to help her cook” walking hand in hand the two of you leave the room. Fixing your glasses you push them back up the bridge of your nose.    

“No wonder why Aunt May larbs you so much” his laughter making you smile, it’s so damn cute. It was his Aunts way of saying I love you and since you started dating she says it to you too. Now you’re a part of the Parker household.

   Peter kisses you goodbye once you two reach the end of the hall. He said he had to go do something for the Stark Internship. Your friends joked he was cheating on you but you all knew he wouldn’t. Peter wasn’t like that all, he reminded you of a love sick puppy.

    Walking down the hallway next to you, you pass through a sea of people to get to the doorway. Peter was long gone by now doing whatever for Mr. Stark. Zipping up your windbreaker you step out into the windy environment. It was fall in Queens and quite chilly to be exact. Holding onto your skateboard as you step down the entrance steps.

   Teachers stood outside watching as people left. Their eyes monitoring everyones behavior some eyes on you due to your skateboard. Leaving the school grounds and placing your skateboard on the ground. Placing your maroon Van clad foot on the black board. Your eyes looking down at the Spider-Man sticker you made to decal it.

   Pushing off with your left leg you stand fully on the board. The wind blowing against your skin as you roll down the street. Using your left leg to push for more speed. Music playing in your headphones as you make your way to Peter’s place. The streets turn into a blur as you make your way down. Skating across crosswalk ,thankfully no one next to you. You hated skating and having to get off if there were more people trying to cross.

   A red blur passes by capturing your body sending your skateboard off into the street. Headphones popping out of your ear as a cars honking fills the air. A scream leaves your mouth as you see you’re not on the ground connected to the lovely Earth. Seeing your skateboard get snapped in half broke your heart. The man driving the car slammed on his breaks flipping you off.

   You were held in strong arms making you snap back into reality. Looking up you see it’s Spider-Man. Words couldn’t even form in your mouth. Your jaw was ajar and probably broken open from shock. He swings another web descending from the perch he was holding you on.

“Watch where you’re going bitch!”

“Hey buddy that’s not how you talk to a lady!” He shoots a web hitting the man in the mouth. Another web securing his hands to the wheel.  

“I-I don’t even know what h-happend I was just crossing the street I-”

“Don’t worry, he was the one who almost hit you trying to speed through a light… Are you okay?” his voice sounding worried as he placed his hands on your shoulders. The eyes of his mask narrowing as he looked at your body.

“I’m fine thanks to you Spider-Man, my skateboard not so much” you sigh pointing over to your crushed buddy who was murdered.

“Can I offer you some web transportation today?” his voice sounding very familiar. Your mind just couldn’t process anything at the moment after what happened.

“Thanks but I have to go help make dinner tonight, maybe I’ll see you around Spiderling”you wink at him before walking over to the guy trying to get the web off. Pulling out your brass knuckle rings you slip it on.  Raising your arm you punch his back window.

“That’s for Zippy you impatient fuck” Checking the road you cross it and pick up your murdered pal. You’ve had him since you were in middle school. 

    The man looks over at you like you’re insane. His face angry but he couldn’t say anything cause it was muffled. Flipping him off you make your way down the street. Putting your headphones back in your ears you turn the music up. Secrets cover to Shape of You starts up making you grin. Singing along you continue your way to Peter’s apartment.


“Sweetie can you grab me the vegetables I washed? they’re in the sink in the colander” May asks as she chops up the onions her eyes watering slightly.

“Got it” giving her a thumbs up you walk to the sink pulling the colander out.  Water droplets drip so you shake it a few times before setting it on the counter.    

     Grabbing a cutting board you place a zucchini on the board. Opening a drawer you find a knife and pull it out. Hitting the drawer closed with your hip you begin to cut the vegetables. May instructs the way you should cut as she slides the onions into the sauce pan. Elvis was playing in the background as the two of you cooked.

     May and you talked about what was going on at school. You told her how your art piece got picked for a contest. Peter was more the science smarts you were the artsy one. Total polar opposites but love each other so much. It was also a plus for having a smart boyfriend, he’s your own tutor.

   Sticking the pan in the oven you set the timer for an hour. May was cleaning up the kitchen while everything was baking. She had the sauce on a simmer to keep it warm till Peter gets home. Lifting your backpack off the ground you carry it to Peter’s room. Walking in his room and stumbling on his shoes. Kicking them to the side you roll your eyes.

     Going to the bottom bunk you set your bag on the made bed. Leaning against the wall you cross your legs. Pulling out your laptop you open it up to Tumblr. Scrolling through your feed on the Spider-Man Blog you had. You’ve been trying to capture pictures of him and thankfully you had your camera set up in your glasses.

     Taking them off you flip a latch open and plug a micro usb into it and the usb into the computer. Downloading the file you upload it and add a caption. Adding the tags you want and post it to your blog. Pressing play you watch as you’re hoisted up and how you look up to see Spider-Man. Watching the clip again smiling cause you knew it would get loads of reblogs. Closing your laptop you unplug your glasses.

      Putting them back on your eyes adjust being able to see clearly again. You could see without them but the world seemed more clearer with them on. Thankfully your dad knows how to add technology to things so you were able to have him customize the glasses. They were perfect because you were able to capture footage of him.

     Moving to the edge of the bed you freeze seeing the door close on its own. Quietly getting out from under the bunk bed your feet step onto the floor. Looking up you see Peter on the ceiling crawling. A strand of a web hanging from the door closed. He jumps down quietly and gracefully, his back to you.

“You’re Spider-Man?” You blurt out making him jump turning around. A look of fear plastered on his features.

“N-No I’m not” Peter’s voice panicked as his suit slides off his body. His muscular body coming into view making your eyes grow wide. Peter wasn’t like this before,where did this body come from? What the actual fuck was happening?!

“You were on the fucking ceiling Peter Benjamin Parker” your voice rising a bit from what you saw. He covers your mouth pinning you against the ladder of the bunk bed. Peter looks back at the door becoming dead silent.

“Quiet please, May doesn’t know..” He looks you in the eyes, his eyes begging you practically. Nodding he lets go of your mouth stepping back.

   Watching as he slides out of the suit. Pulling on a sweater he had draped over his desk chair. His hands pulling down the sweater covering his prominent abs. A blush on your cheeks as you look away from him. Jesus Christ you didn’t know he had that body hidden under the clothes he wears.

“How long have you been hiding this from me” crossing your arms over your chest shifting your weight to one leg. Your hip popping to the side as you waited for an answer.

“It happened a few weeks before we dated…I just feel like I need to do something around here while I can.. Mr. Stark made me this suit, it used to be this homemade one but now I have thi-“

“HE made your suit?” you ask in awe looking at the suit on the floor. A lightbulb going off in your head, looking back up at Peter you point at him.

“This is the Stark Internship isn’t it or is it just a cover? Holy fuck you’re working with Iron Man” Peter’s smiling at your freak out moment that you were having. Your boyfriend is Spider-Man.

“You’re not mad at me?” he looks at you with the sweetest eyes, he reminds you of a puppy sometimes. Shaking your head no you pull him into a hug. His strong arms wrapping around you tightly.

“I’m just mad you didn’t tell me cause I’m your biggest fan” you give him a playful glare as he lifts you up.

“Do you know how hard it was to keep this a secret? You’ve almost found my suit so many times while you’ve been here” Peter laughs lightly setting you down on the ground. The door opens to show May peeking her head in.

“Hey I- Oh Peter I didn’t know you came in!” Peter turns around kicking the suit under his desk. May raises an eyebrow looking at Peter’s tense body.

“Dinner will be ready soon, Peter put some pants on” she closes the door leaving the two of you in Peter’s room. Peter jumps hitting the ceiling open a small latch. He hooks the suit up closing it letting out a sigh.

“Now why don’t you show me the footage you captured today” Peter grins pushing your glasses up the bridge of your nose. Your eyes widening at his statement he just made.

“What do you mean?” You look away heading towards the bottom bunk.

“You really think I was just saving you or coming out of nowhere? I did that so your blog could get tons of hits” He sits down next to you on the bunk a content sigh leaving his lips.

“Son of a bitch” you laugh shoving him slightly only to be pulled into his arms. Peter kisses your forehead making you smile.

“Don’t think I didn’t notice you charging your glasses in class today, my Spider Senses tingle more around you the most” his smirk growing only making you roll your eyes. He was such a smart ass but he’s yours and you were so content with your life. Daily content because Peter is a part of it.

   For the remaining time you showed him the clips of you caught of him. Him asking you how you got certain angles or how you did certain shots. Dinner was ready and the two of you headed out to the dining room table. May being a hoot with her jokes with Peter. Life was great and even greater knowing your boyfriend is the friendly neighborhood Spider-Man .

Everything Fades - Pilot

A Jungkook story inspired by Kimi no Na wa (Your Name)


Once in a while when I wake up, I find myself crying. The dream I must’ve had, I can never quite remember. Yet, the sensation that I’ve lost something important always lingers for a long time…

Her: Just a normal day in my boring, calm li- HOLY SHIT I’M IN JEON JUNGKOOK’S BODY.

Him: Alright, let’s go to prac- WAIT WHY DO I HAVE BOOBS?

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A/N: This is the pilot of a story I’m considering writing. What do you guys think? Should I? 

First chapter - PANIC MODE: ENGAGED

My eyelids flutter as I slowly gain consciousness, mind still foggy and body still numb.

“Hmm,” I utter.

I bring a hand to my mouth. “Huh…” I think. My voice is much hoarser than usual.

“A cold..?” I mumble.

“Get up, JK,” someone says.

“J-JK?” I ask in confusion, trying to focus on my surroundings.

“It’s already 6 am! We have to go to the interview, remember?”

“Interview?” my small voice asks.

A pillow is thrown at my face.

“Get up!”

By the time I’ve lifted myself on my elbows, the person is gone. Nonetheless, that’s not the part that worries me. What worries me is that I have no idea of where I am. There’s a feeling of déjà-vu, but I don’t actually recognize the room before me. Eyebrows furrowed, I look around with emergency.

Am I dreaming? Did I keep kidnapped? What the hell is happening…

For one, I seem to be in a bunk bed. Carefully, I move towards the little ladder and climb down. The space is quite small, and there aren’t any lights on. I let my vision adjust, then take a moment to scan the room. There’s a shelf containing books and CDs, a desk on which are scattered electronics and a few piecces of clothing on the floor.

Well…“ I tell myself. ”If this is a dream, it’s a super realistic one… Wait, is it possible to see in first person in a dream?

I pinch myself. It hurts.

Well shit.

I lick my lips.

Alright… Alright… I’ve been kidnapped.

I swallow, throat tight.

Wait… that doesn’t make sense either! I-I’m just a broke college student! Who would spend any energy to kidnap me? That’s utterly-

“Jungkook-ah! ” a voice calls, interrupting my train of thoughts. “Quit sleeping! Come out already!”

“…Jungkook-ah?” I breathe.

And then it hits me.

“Th-that’s not my voice?!” I say, panic creeping into my words. “Holy shit.”

I literally slap myself in the face.

“THAT’S NOT MY FACE!” I cry out.

“What?” a few distant voices say.

“Uh…” I murmur, growing frantic. “NOTHING!” I shout back.

Motionless, I try to calm my racing heart. There’s noise outside the room, and I can tell there are many people walking around.

I bring a hand to my head, but flinch away when my fingers don’t meet the familiar texture of my relatively long hair.

I need to find a mirror… or a cellphone… or anything..!

With that thought anchored in my mind, I push the door open.

“Finally,” a voice says. “Jin-hyung was starting to get mad.”

I turn to the speaker.


It’s Park Jimin.

…Park… Jimin…



He frowns, and my soul has pretty much left my body. “You seem disoriented…” he comments gently. “Did you have a bad dream?”

I laugh nervously, letting my gaze pry away from the magnificent piece of art standing a few feet before me. That’s when I spot Min Yoongi looking down at his cellphone, and, as my brain shuts down, I proceed to collapse to the ground with a great thump.

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Kind of Like Narnia (Part 2/4)

Raphael (2014/2016) x Reader

Notes: Hi! Part two here, let me know what you think c: Also, I’m using Splinter’s meditation room as ‘the dojo’

Warnings: Swearing, and playboy magazines.

Word count: 991

Disclaimer: I don’t own TMNT, and you belong to you <3

“You are so conceited, and arrogant and just- just- down right rude!” It had been about a week since you’d been staying with the turtles, whilst trying to help Donnie come up with a way of getting you and [P/N] back home. You’d even met April and Casey. But so far, Raphael had managed to piss you off every chance he got.

 You’d crashed on the couch in the lair after spending hours upon hours playing ‘The Legend of Zelda’ with Mikey, and you’d woken up to Raphael screaming at the TV as he watched some weird wrestling show he was into. Right. Next. To. You, and quite rightly, you got very upset. Beauty sleep is important to you.

 “I’m the rude one? Who owns the cat that pissed of my bed on Tuesday? Huh?” 

“Maybe it wouldn’t piss on your bed if it didn’t smell like a toilet bowl all the fucking time!”

“What’re ya even doing in my room for ya to know it smells like a toilet?”

“So you agree!” you laughed mockingly at the red-clad turtles obvious anger

 At this point, the screaming had gotten louder, but not any less threatening. The other turtle brothers had dispersed to their usual spots, and left you and Raphael to shout at each other. However, Master Splinter did not appreciate the yelling, at all.

 “What is all of this noise?” The large rat walked into the room, his glare on the two teenagers in front of him. A dark blush of embarrassment covered your cheeks as Raphael huffed, clearly still aggravated.

“She started it Master Splinter! I say we just kick her out, let her find her own way home.” He growled at you, narrowing his eyes. You glared back at the turtle, sticking your tongue at him. Why was he your favourite turtle again?

“I expect better, from you Raphael,” you grinned, a smug expression on your face as you gave Raph the side eye. “[Y/N] I am disappointed in you also.” Now it was Raphael’s turn to smirk.

“Stop this nonsense, you will both go, and stay in the dojo until you can learn to get along.” He ordered, his face very serious and angry. Raphael’s face dropped, as did yours as you both began to protest. Splinter wasn’t having any of it. He simply gestured for both of you to follow him.

Two hours in and you both were sat on different sides of the dojo, glaring at each other. He was now officially your least favourite turtle. Huffing, you stood up and started wandering around the small room. It was definitely smaller than all the others. There were boom boxes lined up against the back wall, there must have been over 100. As you ran your hand over each of the stereos, Raphael watched you closely. He didn’t trust you, at least not fully.

“I have a question.” He started, sitting up as best as he could. Turning around, you gave him a quizzical look. “Mikey told me ya didn’t freak out when ya first met him, why?” You stared at him for a while, trying to figure out a way to keep your secret, without sounding suspicious or creepy. 

“Just because you guys are different, doesn’t mean I should freak out.” Raphael rolled his eyes, standing up as well and crossing his arms.

“That’s not an answer, shortstack.” Huffing, you crossed your arms as well, imitating his stance. That made him smirk slightly. “Are ya mocking me?” You giggled, stepping back away from him.

“Maybe I am, what’re you gonna do?” He laughed at how you tried to emulate his voice – his ‘Batman Voice.’ You found yourself blushing as he laughed: “You should smile more, you look hot-” your eyes widened as you said that, smiling awkwardly. Raph stared at you quizzically before looking away shyly.


Splinter opened the door 37 horribly awkward minutes later – yes you were counting. 

When you both went separate ways, you to the couch you now claimed at your own and Raph to his weights, the turtles and their father watched.

For once, neither of you were arguing; it was surprising. Even Splinter didn’t think it would actually work.

“Give it a couple of days, they will be back to screaming at each other.”

But you weren’t. You stayed out of each other’s way for days, almost as if you both were trying to ignore what you’d said. It was a sweet complement, why were you ignoring each other?

After a while, you got sick of Raphael ignoring you, so you decided to confront him. Leo told you he was in his room, reading a comic book he presumed.

You hesitated before knocking, and barging into the room he shared with Mikey. Sure enough, he was sat on the top bunk reading a comic book with a red vine in his mouth.

“Why are you ignoring me?” you demanded, narrowing your eyes and crossing your arms.

“So now ya decide ta talk ta me.” He rolled his eyes and burrowed deeper under his covers, still concentrating on his comic.

“Yes, I’m talking to you, you could at least have the decency to put that stupid comic down and listen to me!” you jumped on to the ladder of the bunk bed and grabbed his comic, ripping it away from him. However, upon further unwilling inspection, it was not a comic. It was a bunch of half naked girls splashed about on the two-page spread. You yelped and dropped it, staring at Raph who looked absolutely mortified and enraged at the same time. “Get the fuck out [Y/N].” he growled, sitting up straight and watching you dash out of the room.

Malec Parenting: Rafe’s Room

Because Rafael was five when they adopted him, he had a large say in how his room would be set up. Going to the furniture store was an interesting experience for the entire family.

“You can choose which bed you want.” Magnus told him in Spanish. Rafe’s eyes went wide, questioning. He looked at Alec who nodded, guessing at what Magnus had just told the little boy, and hoisting Max further up on his hip.

Rafe began to wonder through the aisles of beds, staring at them in wonder. Magnus and Alec followed after him, smiling to themselves. They went through the store like this for thirty minutes before Rafe figured out that this was an important decision he needed to make. Suddenly his face turned serious, and he began analyzing beds.

Alec laughed, “He’s gotten so serious.”

“Indeed. I wonder what he just realized…” Magnus replied.

“Probably that this is really happening.” Alec sighed. “He’s had a hard life… I wonder what he makes of us…”

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2 if you're still up for it 💕

Always love 💜

2. How long have you been standing there?




Even’s eyes flew open. He looked up at his ceiling and pulled the blanket up to his chin, sure he had just imagined the noise. But then




Okay this 100% was not in his head. This was happening, right now at…Even picked up his phone and checked the time. 2:45am. He sighed as he slowly threw the covers off his legs and headed down the ladder of his bunk bed. He suspected the noise to be some sort of cat or rodent so he wasn’t thrilled as he pulled his sweatpants on.



he flinched, it was coming from his window. He furrowed his brows and ran his fingers through his hair as he walked over to the cause of all the noise. 

He looked into the window and suddenly felt every single muscle in his body relax and his heart quicken with excitement, but more than anything; love. 

He grinned as he gazed down at the golden haired boy whose cheeks and nose were red from the bite of the cold and his arms furiously embracing his chest, trying to protect  himself from the icy wind. He looked so tiny, standing in the glow of the street light by himself and Even felt so much adoration radiate from his every cell. 

Isak saw Even and visibly relaxed, letting out a long breath which became noticeable in the cold air. 

Even laughed “How long have you been standing there for?” 

“Long enough to nearly freeze my fucking balls off” Isak shouted back and Even threw his head back in a light chuckle. 

Isak shook his head impatiently “well, are you going to let me in or not? This is not nearly as fun as it might look you know.” 

Even smiled fondly “Of course, anything for my Romeo.” he waved him towards the door and went over to let his icy-pole of a boyfriend in. Quietly of course.

As soon as Isak was inside Even wrapped his arms around his small shivering body and kissed every single inch of his cold beautiful face. Isak giggled and melted in Even’s warm embrace. 

“I’m sorry I just had to see you” Isak breathed in between kisses. 

Even rested his head against Isak’s “never ever say sorry for giving me a chance to hold you in my arms.” 

Isak rolled his eyes, his smile painted on his lips “You are such a dorky sap.” 

Even pressed a long kiss on his lips. “I hate to break it to you my love but you’re literally the one who just threw rocks at my window to wake me up and let you in at 3am.” 

He pulled back “I mean that is like the biggest hashtag ever!” he mocked. 

Isak whacked him on the arm playfully “shut up.” 

Even kissed him again and led him to his room. They lied down on his bed, Isak never allowed to leave his arms. That was the rule in Even’s room. 

They laid there in peaceful silence for a long moment. Even thought Isak had drifted off to sleep when


“Yes my love?” he breathed into Isak’s ear, kissing his temple gently. 

“I came because I had to- I had to say sorry about before” 

Even brushed Isak’s hair away from his eyes so Even could kiss the spot between his eyebrows that he is obsessed with. “Ssh it’s okay baby. I wasn’t upset. I could never be upset. I understand.” 

“I just- i had to explain” Isak twisted in Even’s arms so he could look up into his beautiful blue eyes, that were almost shining silver because of the moonlight seeping in from the window. 

“My mum already loves you, you know that right?” he asked earnestly. Even smiled and kissed his concerned frown. 

“Of course I do baby. it’s okay”

Isak shook his head “I just- I’m scared because she says it’s okay because she loves me and I know that is true but I don’t-” he looked up at Even, his eyes wide and full of worry “I really don’t want to hurt her again Even.” 

Even’s arms tightened around him, his heart desperately wanting to jump out of his body and into Isak’s, to protect him, to love him, to stop him from thinking he could ever hurt another being from just being himself. 

“Baby you never hurt her. I promise you. You never hurt her. It was just her mind. It was never you. It is never you.” 

he rubbed circles on Isak’s back and gently stroked his cheek with his own, before looking deep into his soft green eyes “I have never loved anything as much as I love you. Do you know that?” 

Isak nodded nimbly. 

“And your mum loves you so so so much. I don’t need to meet her yet. Whenever you’re ready okay?” 

Isak smiled and tilted his head up waiting for the kiss that Even softly gave him, their lips saying everything their hearts can’t. 

They held each other for a long time, their hearts beating fast in the silence echoing through the room. 

Even’s eyes had just closed shut, and sleep was beginning to grasp him when Isak’s small voice brought him back. 

“I think i’m ready.” 

Even pulled him closer (if that was even possible) and smiled against his skin. They both fell asleep like that. Their limbs wrapped together and their hearts belonging to each other. Forever. 

Send me one of these prompts and I’ll try to write it. <3 


“Doctor, can we not sleep in the bunk beds tonight” I asked as Rory and Amy laughed in the background.
“(Y/N) No! Bunk beds are cool. A bed with a ladder!” I tilted my head to the side as he sat and worked with the wires of the tardis.

“Fine but tonight you have to sleep on the bottom bunk, ALONE” I stated sternly. he didn’t like this one bit. Whenever we slept he always was the big spoon and he loved sleeping on the small mattress together.
“Fine no bunk beds but promise to read me ‘Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy?” The doctor of course said this with his sweetest look sticking his lip out.

I was so tired from helping John and Sherlock today, to be honest I didn’t know if I had it in me to read out loud.
“Oh go on! Ya know he’s gonna keep begging” Amy piped her Scottish accent coming through thickly.
“Fine but first I’m going to go get pancakes ” and with this I took the book from the shelf and started walking in the corridors. Knowing if I thought about food long enough the tardis would create a kitchen.
“ Sweetie will you make me some fish fingers” river yelled from further down the hall.
“OH WE HAVE MORE FISH FINGERS” the doctor heard the request and now I was making two people fish fingers with custard and pancakes-
“(Y/N) hey can you make Amy and I some spaghetti” Rory yelled from his and Amy’s bedroom.

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Levi isn't as stealthy as he thinks. Raising twins turned Raven into a light sleeper. The jostling bunk bed ladder woke her at least once a week. Raven lay still and silent, until her best friend's groggy voice greeted her son, "Hey, Baby Bear. Bad dream?" The bed rocks gently. Raven heard two content, identical sighs. Levi had undoubtably cuddled into the warm cocoon of his mother and her well-worn quilt. "He came back and said we had to go with him. That we didn't belong here." (1/3)

Raven closes her eyes tightly, willing the tears away. Nia and Booker have no idea how deeply Garrett’s betrayal affected the little boy who had practically become their brother over the past few months. Chelsea was adamant to protect them. She and Levi kept on happy, brave faces. It was only times like this - late, when they were protected by night - that they let that mask fall. “I’m sorry, baby. You know that’s not true, right? This is our home now. We’re safe. He can’t find us here.” (2/3)

Raven’s considered it - wondering what she’d do if Garrett conned his way out of prison and showed up on their doorstep. She’d fantasized about taking her anger out on him in more ways than one. “Cross your heart?” Levi pressed. It wasn’t the first time he demanded the promise. “Double cross,” Chelsea swore. “Triple?” “Quadruple.” The word was punctuated with the sound of a soft kiss. “Now back to sleep, Baby Bear.” “Sing?” Without knowing, Chelsea sang her son and best friend to sleep. (3/3)

You should turn this into a fanfic anon, the world needs it! “This is our home now. We’re safe.” Got me. Deep. 

Happy NurseyDex Week! This is for the prompt: Mutual Pining/Bed Sharing

It doesn’t take a genius to see that Dex has been quietly freaking out ever since they got back from summer break. Not that it’s surprising. Well. The “quietly” might be a little surprising. The “freaking out,” not so much.

It’s the beginning of their junior year, and the first year that they’ll be sharing living space in the attic of the Haus. Some part of Nursey knew, the moment they got Ransom and Holster’s dibs last Spring, that this was going to end in disaster.

Except it turns out that it’s not the kind of disaster that Nursey would have predicted.

Sure, he and Dex don’t fight as much as they used to, but their favorite past time is still a good argument. Chowder seems to have accepted that this is just their default mode when around each other, but Bitty worries that one of them will eventually get caught up in the heat of the moment, say something he doesn’t mean, and then their whole careful balancing act will all come crashing down on their heads.

Bitty’s probably not wrong.

But, so far, the arguing hasn’t been the problem. Hell, Nursey would kill for some yelling and screaming at this point, instead of the silent, internal battle he can see being waged in Dex’s eyes every time Nursey gets within a few feet of him.

The thing is, even at their worst, he and Dex have always had each other’s backs. No matter what. And after two years on the same line, sitting together on the bus for every away game, chirping each other at every given opportunity while throwing threatening glances at anyone else who so much as looks at the other the wrong way… they’ve become friends.

Or so Nursey thought.

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Because I Don’t Sleep At All Without You Pressed Up Against Me

HI so this is a kinda sorry-i-haven’t-been-posting-that-much-but-here-have-this-while-u-wait-for-bwybms kinda thing aLso what is UP with the title how long do i have to make it smh im sorry ANYWAY i decided to write a lil more of the more-than-bestfriends-less-than-boyfriends kinda thing because imo it’s so underrated and CUTE so thsi is kinda written on those grounds i hope it ok anyway BYE

words: 3.3k


dan and phil are tired teenage art students who nap together a lot


Dan doesn’t think it should be legal to wake up before nine am.

He yawns, throwing his bag up to his bed on the top bunk, leaning against the metal ladder, and fighting the urge to throw himself up there along with his luggage. They have to be out of the hotel by six pm, something about visiting a seaside museum, bring your sketchbooks, don’t be late, blah blah blah – Dan had stopped listening after the first two minutes.

He hasn’t slept in what has to be over thirty-six hours; he’d lost last night’s sleep to cramming in some last-minute packing at four in the morning after having forgotten about it all night, and by the time he’d finished, it had been time to leave for the trip. He hadn’t been able to sleep on the coach – in his opinion; noisy, clumsy, uncomfortable and dirty vehicles aren’t exactly the best napping environments; especially considering he’d often be described as one of those annoying ‘fussy sleepers’ who literally cannot get to sleep unless they’re in absolute pitch darkness and silence. Which, considering he’s sharing a room with five others for a week, is probably going to cost him another couple of nights’ sleep, so he’ll be sure to look forward to that.

He doesn’t quite know why he’s even going on this stupid art trip. He’d only used it as an excuse to skip school for a week, but now he isn’t too sure where he’d rather be.

He yawns again, squeezing his eyes shut and scratching his head. Fuck, he doesn’t want to go out tonight. He doesn’t think he can manage it; he’ll get half an hour into the museum before passing out on the floor.

The en-suite bathroom door shuts, and his black-haired classmate emerges, drying his damp face with a flannel. If Dan didn’t know any better, he’d assume Phil is just as tired as he is and had just splashed cold water on his face in an attempt at staying awake.

That doesn’t seem like a bad idea, actually. Maybe he should try it.

“You alright?” Dan raises his eyebrows, eyeing the boy up and down.

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Here it is the long ‘tie’ awaited story! I really really hope you guys like it because I hyped it up so darn much! It was fun receiving all your guesses! Anyway here it is guys!

The female MC, Jang, winked at him and he knew it was time for the prank his company had told him about.

“So Jungkook, we hear that you have the most talented voice.” Jang smiled at him.

“That’s right! He’s also called the golden maknae,” The male MC, Kwon, added, “I would expect you to go solo any day now!”

“Actually, I do have a special announcement to make,” Jungkook stood up and pretended to look nervous, “More of a confession, um, I was approached by another company, they offered me a solo album but the catch was I would have to leave BigHit and no longer be a member of Bangtan.”

There was a deafening silence across the room as the members looked stunned, their mouths had all dropped in shock.

“Wow, congratulations,” Jang smiled, “What a bombshell!”

“What do you mean you’re leaving?” Jin sputtered, “You can’t just leave Kookie, you belong with us!”

“I can’t believe this,” Hoseok choked out, “This isn’t happening.”

“Jungkook, I thought you were happy with us.” Namjoon said tightly.

“I have another announcement too,” Jungkook looked forlorn, “It’s a hidden camera.”

Again the room was quiet in stunned silence.

“Surprise! In celebration of BTS’s huge success we set up a hidden camera!” Kwon laughed.

Confetti fell from the ceiling and a cake that read ‘Congratulations BTS!’ was brought out.

All of the members looked relieved, Taehyung proceeded to lay on the floor and Namjoon screeched in anguish at being tricked. Jungkook smiled and wrapped an arm around Jimin, although Jimin smiled back, it was tight and it didn’t reach his eyes. The members behaved cheerily and with laughter but Jungkook could tell they were acting. Jungkook spent the rest of the interview with a pit forming into his stomach.

“Alright everyone, thank you so much for watching!” Jang concluded and the cameras were turned off. The six members who had been tricked rushed off set, with Jungkook rushing to catch up. When he stood alongside them they turned and ignored him.

“Hyungs? Hyungs, are you mad?” Jungkook called out to them worriedly.

“Mad? Are we mad?” Jimin’s shoulders hunched over, “I can’t even begin to describe my feelings toward you right now.”

“Did you ever even stop to consider how awful we would feel?” Hoseok asked with his eyes still teary.

“I thought it was okay,” Jungkook said with a guilty look on his face, “Hyungs, I’m so sorry.”

“Well it wasn’t okay, it was a total disaster!” Yoongi glared, “Why did you do that!”

“But the MC’s told me it didn’t count because it was a variety joke,” Jungkook sniffled, “Please I didn’t mean to hurt your feelings.”

“God Jungkook, you’re just,” Namjoon threw his hands in the air, “You’re just so stupid!”

Jungkook felt his lip tremble and tears spring in his eyes. He quickly rushed past them and out the door so they wouldn’t see his tears.


“Anyone want to go get him?” Taehyung asked gesturing to the empty seat at the table.

It was dinnertime and Jungkook was the only one not present at the table, after arriving home he had gone to his room and gone out since.

“He’ll eat when he’s hungry.” Yoongi replied gruffly.

“Did something happen between you guys?” Manager asked, helping himself to a portion of the food.

“Yeah. That stupid prank.” Hoseok scowled.

“Why the hell are you mad about that?” Manager scoffed, “It was a variety joke, everyone liked it. People are commenting about how close you guys are and how good of an actor Jungkook is.”

“He shouldn’t have done that!” Jimin retorted, “My heart was in my stomach, I almost broke down. What if one of us had?”

“You were supposed to feel that way.” Manager reasoned.

“Well that’s a terrible feeling to have!” Namjoon growled, “Jungkook should have said no, he should have used proper judgement! That prank was childish.”

“Oh really?” Manager intoned, “GOT7 had one, Super Junior has done several, and even Girls Generation has done them. I thought seasoned and popular idols like you would realize that hidden cameras like this happen all the time.”

“But it’s different.” Jimin protested.

“I even recall Namjoon being pranked once by Bang PD himself during your reality show,” Manager continued, ignoring Jimin, “And I remember, when you were rookies, you all pranked Jungkook remember? We all scolded him so hard he cried.”

“Those were all different situations!” Yoongi scowled, he didn’t like others challenging his feelings.

“When those pranks were over, everyone laughed, smiled, got closer and appreciated each other more. You lot turned resentful and nasty.” Manager said, “Was it because he’s the maknae and he isn’t allowed to do the things a hyung would do, is that it? Do you believe yourselves to be more superior to those younger that you all felt you guys were made a fool of when you were tricked?”

Nobody said anything, the members were in varying states of shame and anger rolling through their bodies.

“Or maybe you realized how important Jungkook is to the group and you got scared of what was in store for Bangtan’s future if he did leave.” Manager proposed, “Or you could have gotten jealous of Jungkook’s talent and possible future and directed the anger you had about your own shortcomings on him.”

The members put down their food and dropped their heads in shame. Taehyung thought about all the mischief Jungkook and him had gotten into together. Jimin recalled of all the times they had joked around and ogling over Jungkook’s cuteness. Namjoon reflected on how they had gotten closer by becoming roommates and how much Jungkook admired him. Yoongi brooded over how hard Jungkook had been working on composing and how he managed to make everyone smile with his jokes and lighten the mood with his mischievous nature. Hoseok was reminded of all the hard work Jungkook put into dancing and how shy Jungkook was when he joined the company and how much he had grown. Finally, Jin thought about his favorite dongsaeng, how he would help with the cooking and refuse to teach Jin the dance but would end up helping anyway.

“All I know is that Jungkook has been in his room for over six hours,” Manager finished, “And the other manager is in there trying to convince him to come out.”

“I guess we messed up?” Taehyung said meekly.

The members got up from there seats and trooped over to Namjoon and Jungkook’s shared room. Namjoon stopped once he arrived at the closed door and hesitantly raised his hand to knock.

“Why are you going to knock?” Yoongi asked, “It’s your room.”

“Oh, yeah.” Namjoon opened the door.

The other manager was standing on the bunk bed ladder talking to a lump on the top bunk. The lump was presumably Jungkook. The manager glanced over at the other members and smiled before whispering to the lump and giving it one last pat before climbing off the ladder and leaving the room.

“Um Kookie?” Jin called quietly, “Can we talk?”

The lump shifted again and sniffled, “No thanks.” Jungkook whispered his voice hoarse.

“Kookie, please come out.” Jimin pleaded and climbed up the ladder, “At least come down to Namjoon-hyung’s bed so we can see you a little better.”

Jungkook was stubborn but eventually he moved from the top bunk to the bottom, but he was still wrapped up in a blanket. Other than a tuft of hair his body was completely hidden from the world.

“Jungkook, listen, our feelings were hurt when you said you were leaving,” Hoseok began, “We’re sorry that we yelled at you for it. We know it was just a joke and you didn’t mean any harm by it.”

Jungkook didn’t move from the blanket fort. Jin and Jimin began patting and hugging him through the blanket but Taehyung was getting impatient. He knew that Jungkook’s feelings were hurt but they had been hurt too so they shouldn’t have to been begging on their knees for forgiveness.

“C’mon, seriously Jungkook?” Taehyung sighed, “Stop taking advantage of us, please just come out of there.”

“I’m not taking advantage of anyone,” Jungkook snapped, “You don’t have to be here, and I didn’t want you trying to talk to me anyway.”

“Jungkook, watch your attitude.” Namjoon warned. When Jungkook was disrespectful when he was being mischievous it was all in good fun but this would not be tolerated.

Before an allout fight started, Jin tried a more gentle approach.

“Jungkook, is there something else bothering you?” Jin asked, “It’s hard to talk to you when I can’t see your face.”

Jungkook reluctantly pulled the cover off of his face. He glanced at his hyungs and felt the hurt bubble up again. He needed to rationally explain why he was agitated so they would take him seriously and respect him.

“You called me stupid.” Jungkook stated quietly.

“What are you talking about?” Hoseok asked, “I don’t understand why that upset you.”

“Hush, he’s sensitive.” Jimin defended.

“Teenagers.” Yoongi muttered under his breath.

Jungkook felt his emotions flare; this wasn’t about him being young. How dare they chalk up his feelings to be the result of that and dismiss them as nothing important. He felt tears slip out again and he turned his head so his hyungs wouldn’t see them. He tried to will them back but they weren’t going to stop.

“Jungkook?” Jin questioned again.

“You were…” Jungkook choked out, “the only ones… who had never called me s-stupid.”

Jungkook’s chest heaved and he began to cry harder.

“Everyone always calls me stupid. I know I am stupid but that doesn’t mean people should tell me that.” Jungkook went on, “I spent most of my life given up and believing that I am too stupid to accomplish anything. When we talk about what we would have been if we hadn’t been idols you guys had other options; I didn’t. Being an idol was my only hope of making something of myself. The talents you praise me for only help me as an idol; they are useless for anything else. With you guys around, you made me feel like I was worth something. I was finally proving everyone wrong. I was lying to myself; you think that I’m stupid just like everyone else; you’re all just too nice to have said it before.”

Jungkook bit his lip until it drew blood and grabbed a strand of hair on the side of his head and pulled. He wanted his hyungs to go away and let him wallow in his misery alone. He should have known better.

A strong hand grabbed his and gently removed it from his hair. He felt the bed dip slightly and two hands pulled him into their lap. He felt the bed shake again as other people got on it.

“Jungkook, nobody thinks of you like that,” Jin, who was revealed to be holding him, said, “Nobody, I promise you. You are so important to us and we would never ever believe that.”

“Jungkook, why would you think about yourself like that!” Hoseok exclaimed, “You don’t let people control you. You show all of those people who said that to you that they were wrong. Tell them they missed something great by not believing in you.”

“Have you been feeling like this for along time?” Namjoon asked.

“I’ve always felt like this.” Jungkook shrugged, wiping his eyes, “It’s just how it is.”

“I wish you would have told me,” Namjoon sighed, “You should never feel this way and well, we could have helped you, especially Yoongi, Hoseok, and I since we were often told that we shouldn’t be idols.”

“I don’t think you’re stupid, the hyungs don’t think you’re stupid, and the fans don’t think you are stupid either,” Jimin stated, who had also started to cry, “Those are the ones who matter.”

“No more self destructive shit.” Yoongi simply stated, “You aren’t stupid.”

As he stopped crying, Jungkook became more aware that he was in Jin’s lap and he tried to wiggle out but Jin just held him tighter. Giving up with a huff, he relaxed and laid his head on Jin’s shoulder.

“I’m sorry we made you feel that way Jungkook,” Taehyung apologized, “And I’m sorry we called you stupid.”

“It’s okay, hyung.” Jungkook said, “You guys have made me feel a lot better than I have for a long time.”

As the members began to leave the room, Taehyung and Jimin set up the game controller to play video games. Jungkook didn’t move from Jin’s lap so he decided to play too.

“We’re playing Mario super maker.” Jin demanded.

“Hyung, no let’s play Halo,” Jimin whined.

“Please please please please!” Taehyung joined in.

“Oh, alright!” Jin complained, “You guys give me gray hairs.”

“Well you all ready have wrinkles!” Namjoon called out.

“Excuse me!”

I had a dream that Pete and Murdoc were standing next to my bunk bed ladder (but I was sitting at my desk) and Pete whispered “I love you” and Murdoc looked at him and and said “boneless” and now,, that image is in my mind forever… I told it to get out.. But it is In There

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Chelsea has been having loud hot dreams. Raven wakes up every time and tries to ignore It... till she can't anymore.

It was happening again. Moans, followed by the restless movements that shook the bed frame. Raven smirked, rolling her eyes as she jumped off the bottom bunk and climbed up the ladders; to the top bed. She placed a hand on Chelsea’s shoulder, not wanting to scare her best friend but wanting to at least calm her down and make her aware of the loud noises that were filling the room, noises that could result in a noise complaint at any given moment.

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Can I have a Sousuke scenario where him catching a cold bcos of his practice and asks his gf to baby him and cuddle with him??? I'm not sure if this is even a scenario tho bUT I RLY LOVE YOUR SCENARIOS xo i hope you're having a nice day 🌸

Ahhh, this is such a cute scenario! I completely blame Rin and his bad sense of seasons.. Thank you verymuch for the compliment, I’m so glad you enjoy them!! I hope you enjoy this one just as much~~ (・∀・)

Sousuke knew that outside practice at this time of year was a stupid idea. He’d tried to tell Rin that it was, but no, of course, his friend was as stubborn as ever, insisting that it “wasn’t winter yet”, and that “outdoors training is good for you all”. So Sousuke had found himself, alongside the entire Samezuka swim team, outside, in the rain, swimming in the rough sea. And as though that wasn’t bad enough, Sousuke had woken up this morning with a head that felt like it had been filled with cotton wool, a horribly sore throat, and no voice whatsoever. So, equal parts furious at Rin for his stupid idea and feeling vaguely sorry for himself, Sousuke had just about mustered the effort to reach for his phone and send a quick text to the one person he’d actually let see him like this - his girlfriend.

She had rushed round as soon as she’d received his message; after all, it wasn’t often that Sousuke asked for help, and when he did it was usually something very important. The message he had sent was vague, and quite frankly, a little odd.

I think Rin’s finally done it. He’s going to kill me. Bring miso soup and rice.

She had no idea what he meant, and the message seemed a little out-of-character for him… He was usually so laid back, putting up with Rin and the other’s antics day after day. So whatever Rin had done this time, it must have aggravated Sousuke a lot for him to ask for her help. After rushing to make the meal (which made even less sense), ____ made the short journey to her boyfriend’s apartment as fast as she could, slamming the door open and calling out his name.

“Sousuke?! Are you ok? What happened?” Placing down the soup on the table in the room, she rushed over to his bed, climbing up the ladder to where he lay in his bunk. When she saw him, her concern only grew - piled up beside his head were multiple tissues, and several boxes filled with medicine to help illnesses.

“Is it your shoulder?” she inquired gently, squeezing herself between the bed and his body.

“No.” the curt reply came, and again, her worry grew again. His voice was raspy and weak, completely unlike his usual strong, deep tone. Then, his face screwed up, and just as she was going to reach for him to make sure he was alright, a thundering sneeze shook the bed. Looking fairly embarrassed, Sousuke glanced back up at her, tissue covering his nose.

“I’m sick.” he grumbled, shuffling down further into his covers.

“I can tell. Is that why you called me?”

Sousuke looked away from her, furrowed his brow, and nodded slowly.

“And is that why you wanted the soup?”

Another nod.

“Sousuke, you had me really worried, you big baby! I thought something was seriously wrong! I bet you’ve just got the man flu. Tch, I thought you were better than this, my dear.” At this, Sousuke groaned, and grabbed onto her hand.

“I really am ill! I can barely talk at the moment.” he paused, and his face flushed a little. “I need you to take care of me…” he admitted, somewhat reluctantly.

By this point, ____ was almost squealing with joy. Her nonchalant, independent, unshakeable boyfriend was asking her to take care of him?! She could barely believe it, and with a small giggle, she jumped down from the bed to grab the bowl of soup she’d left on the table, and gingerly handed it to Sousuke on the top bunk.

“Hang on a moment…” Once she’d handed the soup over, she flung open the doors of the wardrobe in the room, and, from the top shelf, grabbed two more pillows. Carrying them up to the top bunk as she climbed up again, she ushered Sousuke up a little, and placed the pillows underneath him, allowing him to sit a little more straight.

“Now… If you want to be taken care of, then I’m gonna take care of you the proper way. Open up!” she scooped up a spoonful of the still-hot soup, and directed it towards her (slightly bewildered) boyfriend’s mouth. As much as the colour on his face grew a little brighter at her gesture, he did open his mouth, leaning into the spoon and eagerly slurping the soup up.

By the time the soup was all gone, Sousuke’s voice had come back a little, and he wasn’t feeling quite so death-like anymore. As his beloved packed away the bowl and cutlery he’d eaten with, he looked down at her fondly, and smiled slightly as an idea came to his head.

“Oi.” Calling out to her, Sousuke realised that he could still take full advantage of being ill, and her willingness to baby him.


“Come back up here. I still don’t feel better.” At this, she turned back to Sousuke, a gentle smile on her face as she made her way back over to the bed, and up the ladder to his bunk.

“What now? The soup’s all gone, although I can make-”

“Come here.” he interrupted her, arms outspread.

“Sousuke, as much as I love you, you’ll make me ill as well if we-”

“Girls can’t catch the man-flu, can they?” he smirked at her as he remembered what she had said earlier.

“Hey! Ah… Damn you, Sousuke Yamazaki. Even when you’re ill you still get your way.” she sighed, rolling her eyes at his behaviour, but shifting up the bed to his arms anyway.

He took her in his arms, resting his head on hers as she used his shoulder as a pillow, and, just for a moment, Sousuke felt completely peaceful. Her presence relaxed him at the worst of times, and even now, with him suffering from his cold, she still managed to cheer him up and make him feel better. Their hands found each other, and his much larger hand interlocked with hers, the two of them didn’t need to speak at all as they relaxed like that, their bodies sinking further into the bed as they found their way to sleep, figures still pressed against each other, and hands still intertwined.

And then Rin barges in and ruins it all