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What if a strain runs into Fushimi and their ability lets the person they've affected hear what the devices around them are saying. (Computers, phones, etc)

Imagine Fushimi gets hit by the Strain power and the first thing he hears is this weird noise almost like a purr. At first he’s not sure where it’s coming from, it sounds like it’s nearby but there’s no sign of a cat or anything else, and the alphabet squad look at him like he’s hearing things when he mentions it. Fushimi finally realizes that the sound is coming from his PDA, he wonders if maybe it got a virus or something and as he’s fiddling with it the PDA gives this pleased little ’…love you…’ Fushimi almost drops the damn thing he’s so startled and vaguely disgusted. None of the alphabet boys claim to have heard that one either and then Doumyouji runs up to give him a report on the pursuit, PDA in hand. Doumyouji’s PDA immediately starts whimpering for Fushimi to save it because Doumyouji uses so much space on dating apps and stupid games and trash apps that would probably have installed trackers in his phone if Fushimi hadn’t coded the software Scepter 4 uses himself. That’s when he starts to realize that he can ‘hear’ anything electronic, like all the alphabet boys PDAs are suddenly clamoring at him. Kamo’s likes to talk about all the cute pictures of Kamo’s daughter and also trade sushi recipes, Akiyama’s and Benzai’s are mercifully silent and well behaved most of the time but every now and again Akiyama’s makes a comment about collars and leashes that makes Fushimi really hope that’s because Akiyama likes animals. Enomoto’s keeps up a steady stream of chatter about the latest anime movie or video game. Hidaka’s is perpetually talking about large breasts and Fushimi himself, Hidaka doesn’t understand why Fushimi keeps glaring at him all of a sudden. Fushimi’s PDA continues to love him though, because Fushimi treats it right and gives it so much attention.

So they all head back to Scepter 4 and the drive is a little rough because the van won’t shut the fuck up about the road conditions. It doesn’t like Doumyouji driving so Fushimi makes them stop and switch to Akiyama, the van likes Akiyama a little too much and that combined with the PDA’s collar comments makes Fushimi kinda side eye Akiyama a little, poor Akiyama has no idea what he did to make Fushimi mad and is very flustered about it. Fushimi also learns that traffic lights are assholes, they keep saying ‘stop’ when the light is green and 'go’ when it’s red and Fushimi almost makes Akiyama get them into accidents a few times by asking why he’s not going already at a red light. Fushimi also ends up with a headache from listening to all the chatter of everything around them, the cars on the road and all the phones everywhere. At one point he catches the sound of a small voice that sounds almost familiar trying to give someone a pep talk about making up with a friend and he looks outside to see Yata wandering along the road nearby talking to Kusanagi on his PDA watch. Fushimi immediately looks away and orders Akiyama to run a red light.

They all get back to headquarters and Fushimi has a splitting headache but he’s determined to finish his reports anyway. The vending machine keeps trying to literally sweet talk him into some nice canned coffee and a candy bar. He stops in his own room for a minute and immediately everything electronic in there starts with the purring, his computer is so happy to see him and even the handheld game system that he hasn’t played in years is making happy puppy sounds. Fushimi can’t handle the weird electronic inanimate object affection and goes back to the office to do some reports, it turns out the computers hate doing paperwork almost as much as the rest of the force does. But then maybe he overhears one computer making sad complaining sounds and saying it feels sick, Fushimi roughly shoves Fuse aside and starts fiddling with the computer, discovering that there was a complicated computer virus infecting it and Fushimi immediately quarantines and destroys it. Everyone’s so impressed by Fushimi’s intuition that he knew the virus was there, Fushimi just clicks his tongue and tries to ignore the profuse expressions of thanks from the computer itself.

(Fantastic Beasts) Imagine Dougal taking care of you because he knows that you’re pregnant

Newt was someone who was always kind of concerned. As soon as one of his babies sneezed he was alarmed and if you wouldn’t tell him to go to bed, he would stay at their bedside the whole night, making sure it wouldn’t die. Okay, maybe that was a little exaggerated but he still was usually a very concerned person. And recently one of his babies behaved weirdly.

Dougal had started sneaking out of the case occasionally and did things for you, like grabbing heavy things and starting carrying for you…or least he tried if it was too heavy for himself, or he actually started to gather food. Sometimes in the mornings there was a pile of fruits on your nightstand.

You and Newt had absolutely no idea where this behaviour was coming from, since Dougal didn’t normally cuddle to your side in bed…or ever comes to bed with you at all…head on your stomach. Like he wanted to listen to something. Newt was lying beside you two, watching the Demiguise confused. “I don’t understand this. He never acted this way before” Newt furrowed his brows as Dougal grabbed his hand and put it on your stomach. He came a little closer to you, cuddling you from your other side, figuring that was what Dougal wanted from him. “This is so unlike him” Newt mumbled and kissed your forehead.

Then you remembered something. “Newt…he acted like this before. Once” Newt obviously tried to remember the situation. “Remember when we took care of that female Niffler once? That one that was…pregnant” Your face froze as you talked and you realized what was actually happening. Newt didn’t seem to understand until a minute later, when his face told you he came to the right conclusion. He looked down at his hand on your stomach.


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Okay I finally managed to write this request…I’m very sorry for the long wait. I think it’s from December o.o

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You are loved and you're very awesome. Your art is super great and you're an inspiration to many people. Whenever life gets you down, remember that you are not alone and you are respected.

anon surprised me again

never thought i’d get that ask lol, but thanks, that really touched me ?

i don’t really know if there’s a specific reason for this or you just decided to be super kind but either way, i’m very happy !! thank youuuuuuu !

i respect you a lot too. have a super great day and night !


1-4. Just doing my job here folks

5. Part of what precipitated Sand Bucket With Screed. I wasn’t fucking around when I said “by the dozens” and this is just the shit that hasn’t been blown off by the frequent 30mph gusts of wind we have being this close to lake erie- it’s often double the amount of butts pictured here, and this is just one corner of the overhang. These people are livestock

6. #nice

7. Okay maybe I wasn’t done yet, continuing important cloud work

8-10. Just yer local potions crone (lemon extract for baking and the rest of the batch of blood orange bitters- I promise that label isn’t crooked or off-center, just some photo angle fuckery)

One more week and I get to strain and bottle the limoncello!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

the funniest part about people who use the “not all” arguments is that yeah okay maybe not all but just by saying that i can tell that ur definitely one of the people who does abuse their privilege lmao

‘Orphan Black’ Cast and Crew Share 14 Secrets of the Sestrahood — PaleyFest 2017

The Clone Club has gone Hollywood. (Okay, maybe only Crystal did.)

The cast and creators of “Orphan Black” hit PaleyFest on Thursday night at Hollywood’s Dolby Theatre for its first ever panel to look back on the past four seasons and hint at the fifth and final season. The night kicked off with more than just a hint though. The Paley audience was given an exclusive early screening of the Season 5 premiere.

READ MORE: ‘Funny or Die’ Skit: Watch ‘Orphan Black’ Star Tatiana Maslany Promote the Sexual Assault Survivor Utility Belt

It was the best 44 minutes of Helena scarfing down food that we’ve ever seen. We’re kidding, of course, but we’d totally watch that. In the interests of not spoiling the fifth season, we’ll just say that the premiere picks up where Season 4 left off. When last we left the sestras, Rachel (Tatiana Maslany) was on her way to meet the mysterious P.T. Westmoreland, the founder of Neolution, a Victorian-era man who is somehow still alive. We had also seen Cosima’s (Maslany) reunion with Delphine (Evelyne Brochu), an injured Sarah (Maslany) on the run, Kira (Skyler Weller) and Mrs. S (Maria Doyle Kennedy) being held hostage, and Allison (Maslany) and Donnie (Kristian Bruun) in hiding with Helena (Maslany).

The screening was followed by a panel and Q&A moderated by IndieWire Executive Editor and Variety Editor-at-Large Mike Schneider. In attendance were Emmy winner Tatiana Maslany, Jordan Gavaris, Kristian Bruun, Kevin Hanchard, Maria Doyle Kennedy, Ari Millen, Josh Vokey, Maslany’s acting double Kathryn Alexandre and co-creators and executive producers Graeme Manson and John Fawcett.

The panelists had literally finished their final day of shooting the morning before, and were therefore exhausted and not just a little emotional. Thrilled to be together again after wrapping, the cast and producers were game to share behind-the-scenes stories, their thoughts about being on the show and tiny hints of what’s to come.

Here’s what the “Orphan Black” PaleyFest panel:

The Final Day of Shooting: Maslany said that it wasn’t only last day that was sad but about two weeks of shooting in which every day someone was saying goodbye. “It was the emotional expulsion of sadness,” she said. On the final day, Bruun revealed that people were confused about how to react: Should they clap? Cheer? Stand and feel the moment? Kennedy decided to make up a song and “bossed them all” to sing it.

Rachel the Villain: “I feel like Rachel’s had one of the biggest arcs… a lot of transformations… things that changed her power entirely,” said Maslany. Manson added, “Rachel is very deep this year, she’s very powerful.”

The More Villainous Westmoreland: The author of “On the Science of Neolution” and of everyone’s pain, P.T. Westmoreland is sort of like the villain at the end of the video game. “He’s up in the big house. John and I knew for a long time that in this feminist show that there was a man at the top,” Manson said, which earned boos and laughs from the audience. ”So you think of the most evil, patriarchal figure… this unlikely oldest man in the world…and kind of like a Doctor Moreau.”

Here Be Monsters: Any fans of the show by now knows that there’s a certain fascination with H.G. Wells’ sci-fi novel “The Island of Doctor Moreau.” Not only was that the book that Ethan Duncan gave to Kira that contained his encrypted secrets, but don’t be surprised if some of the elements or themes are echoed in this season. For those unfamiliar with the novel, Doctor Moreau lives on an island and creates human-like hybrid beings from animals. “There are some odd creatures [in the book],” Fawcett said.

Donnie Is a Loon (Caller): One minor spoiler we can tell you about the first episode is that Donnie shows off the ability to recreate the call of a loon by cupping his hands in front of his mouth and blowing. Bruun demonstrated that he’s the real deal and performed the call on stage (pictured below). He also observed that Donnie “is a better man having met his extended family.”

Working with the Sestras: Both Bruun and Gavaris acknowledged that initially it was an adjustment work with new clones because although they were aware Maslany was performing, it still felt like another actress completely. Nevertheless, they each had favorite clones to work with. “Improv-ing with Helena is sheer madness,” Bruun said. Gavaris had a rather interesting observation: “Rachel by far is the most disorienting [to work with] because I found I was weirdly attracted to her villainy. I alway thought, ‘God, she’s so cool. I hope she likes me.’”

Fearless as Felix: Gavaris found that playing Felix Dawkins wasn’t only about putting on a really great accent. He also was able to let go of his preconceived notions of how he was supposed to act, feel or like, according to his gender. “It was cool to feel so unselfconscious in my own femininity,” said Gavaris.

The Faceless Sestra: One of the best parts of the extended Clone Club is that in real life, Maslany’s body double Kathryn Alexandre gets equal love, attention and acknowledgement from her peers. She’s not just a physical placeholder with a Maslany-like body seen from behind, but she also has to give a performance for Maslany and the other actors to react to, even if the only part captured on camera is the back of her head. Kennedy said, “Kathryn constantly gives that level of performance, utterly unselfish but isn’t rewarded by being seen. (to Alexandre) I am just in awe of your work. It’s just incredible.” In particular, Maslany cited a scene from the upcoming Episode 4 in which Alexandre gave such a strong performance that “we all felt shivers… and it will never be seen, and it’s so frustrating.”

Delphine and Cosima: Brochu observed that her character’s romance with Cosima is “one of the most important love stories in the show. I think it’s great it’s two women and the their main problem isn’t that they’re two girls.” Manson added that “It really speaks to the heart of the show. It’s a clone show that is about diversity… It’s just two characters who love each other.”

The Castor Clone Stands Alone: Although the male counterparts to the Leda clones were almost all eliminated, Ira is still hanging around for the final season. The character was so different from how Millen is that he said after shooting a scene, “I don’t know what I just did. It was certainly a trip and a process for me.” As for Ira’s romance with his creator Susan Duncan, which has given some people some incestuous vibes, Millen said, “I think Ira is a complete innocent. I don’t think he knows or cares or judges what that relationship is. That’s just what was. And that’s what he knows and that’s who he is.”

The Art of Loyalty: Although Art the cop never asked for it, he got pulled into helping the Clone Club in all of its insane, dangerous activities. “He’s all in,” said Hanchard, who observed that it made sense when it was revealed last season that Art had feelings for his now deceased partner Beth (Maslany). “There’s a profound love there,” he said. “Why he picked Beth as a partner, [it’s an] underlying river underneath that drives Art.”

Cast and Producers’ Favorite Clones: Rachel (1), Sarah (2), Katja Obinger (1), Helena (2), Crystal (1), MK (1), Cosima (2). Maslany couldn’t pick just one, so she picked Allison, Helena and Rachel.

How to Play a Clone Playing a Clone: Maslany said that when she has to play one clone masquerading as another (such as Sarah pretending to be Allison), she sticks with the who the character actually is before shooting. Once cameras roll though, Maslany will then go inside Sarah’s mind to pick up all of her biases and judgements about Allison to play her. “It’s the biggest mindfuck on the planet,” said Maslany, who also revealed that sometimes she’d wear two wigs.

What’s Next for the Clone Club Members: Hanchard will start shooting “Tin Star” in June, and his film “Wish Upon” with Joey King opens in July. Bruun did an episode of “Murdoch Mysteries,” finished a crazy space film “Deep Six,” and just moved to Los Angeles. Gavaris had a film premiere at SXSW and is trying to put together his own TV show. Two films that Maslany did are available on iTunes: “The Other Half” acting opposite her real-life boyfriend Tom Cullen, and “Two Lovers and a Bear,” directed by Kim Nguyen and co-starring Dane Dehaan. Alexandre will be auditioning and writing and producing her own stuff. Kennedy will direct a short she wrote and release an album this year. Brochu will take a road trip up the PCH, and Vokey is getting married.

“Orphan Black” kicks off its fifth and final season on Saturday, June 10 at 10 p.m. on BBC America.

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Riley: “Ah, I’m really sorry I have to leave so early. I’m sure my fiancé is getting tired of taking care of a toddler AND a child by himself.”
Alex: “It’s okay. We understand, Riley. Go home and enjoy the time with your family.”
Riley: “Thanks guys! I’ll also leave you two to spend some time together. Go make me a happy auntie, okay? I want to see some cute babies soon.”
Alex: “Ummm… Okay then. Maybe someday haha..”
Danika: “Alex, I’m so sorry about this…”

ALSO nonny… sorry about the eyeliner again :’DD!!!

6th Natsume's Book of Friends Anime Has 11 Episodes, 2 OVAs
Series premieres on April 11

Wait– what??!! It’s going to have 11 episodes again?? Why???

And it said

The anime will have 11 episodes and 2 OVA episodes titled “Itsuka Yuki no Hi ni” and “Nyanko-sensei to Hajimete no Otsukai." 

We already had the Nyanko-sensei episode in season 5 and as a separate OVA in 2013. And we already had “Itsuka Yuki no Hi ni” in 2014. Okay, I get that maybe they want to add the Snowman youkai one to the series, just as they added Nyanko-sensei’s episode to the previous season (for whatever reason), but it’s weird to air the same OVA (Nyanko-sensei’s) again as one of Roku’s special episodes. Why would they air the same episode 3 times? I mean like, those two titles were already originally OVAs. 

And that also means that we won’t get 13 new episodes of Natsume season 6

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Your social media is really hostile for a group about unifying communities.

Look. There are only so many slanderous, passive-aggressive, conspiracy-obsessed asks about brain slugs and world domination that a person can answer before they go completely mad, okay? 

Maybe if we got some ACTUAL asks, instead of thinly veiled insults, I’d be nicer. But until that happens, don’t count on it.


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Why does love hurt so much?

The few times my heart has been broken, I’ve asked myself this same question. I think love hurts because we open ourselves up to it fully and completely, even if we don’t mean or intend to. We become vulnerable, and sometimes we get hurt because of that vulnerability.

Everything will be okay, anon. Maybe not now, but eventually. Take each day one step at a time and, above all, take care of yourself. You can make it <3

Keep on shining!
♥ Courtney

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Muffet fluff?

I’m not sure if this is a fanfic prompt or not, so just let me know otherwise if it is!

-Mod Rolly


— Though she’s kind of scary, there is a very soft & affectionate side she has around you. She loves cuddling up to you and is incredibly sweet whenever she’s addressing you. Both of you drive everyone mad with your constant affectionate banters in public.

— She loves letting you play with her spiders, although she keeps you away from the venomous ones that she knows may do more harm than good. It isn’t out of overprotectiveness, of course- okay maybe it is- but she just doesn’t want anything bad to happen. It’s always good to be safe, after all, dearie.~

— When on the surface, many of her spider-filled choices don’t bond well with many humans, so of course it’s a huge help to her when you suggest recipes that don’t include any of these. 

Officially in love with @iriscasefiles! It’s a great new podcast and part of the @procyon-podcast-network. If you love Eos 10 and Wolf 359, definitely go download this now! 

Also super cool: Procyon Podcast Network is currently running a Kickstarter campaign to fund not only this podcast, but two others as well! 

The other two shows are coming soon: @underpressurepodcast (this spring!) and @s2s-podcast (this summer!) 

Also speaking of Wolf 359, SURPRISE! Zach Valenti (aka Doug Eiffel) is part of the cast of Under Pressure! 

Okay, maybe you’re not convinced you that you need to be freaking excited yet. Well here is the coolest part: The creators ( a largely-female creative team btw) of these podcasts are working on intentionally including racially diverse characters/actors that are also all over the sexual orientation spectrum. 

So please follow, listen, donate! 

Sorry I haven’t been online much the past few days weeks  okay ….Months maybe ? I just want yall to know that I haven’t lost hope in Jelena just been so busy and tbh there’s just not that drive to keep checking regularly for Jelena updates since ….ya know. And there’s not been much to post about. I LOVE JELENA THEY WILL LIVE LONG AND PROSPER !!!! Love you all :) When I do come online I make sure to reply to messages so hit me up homies !!! xx 


favorite moana songs