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Keeping Your End of the Bargain

I promised I’d give you all another Dark fic when we reached our next milestone, and I always keep my promises. 

Just a quick warning- this is not fluff. It’s not romance. It’s not a sympathetic portrayal. This man is a manipulator, a good one, and he does what he does to further his own interests. He enjoys control, not company. And, to use Mark’s own words:

He is not here to help you. He is here to use you.


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Most of the Time...

Drabble… Winchester feels… 

There are times when you seriously wonder why you made the choice to stay, why you decided to move in with the Winchesters in the first place. When Dean and Sam are bickering about every little thing, for example.  Or when Dean gets in one of his ‘I’m always right’ moods. Or when you’re just feeling a little hormonal and they both just seem to push your buttons.

But most of the time… Most of the time, you quietly watch as they sit hunched over the huge table in the library, their arms surrounding their laptops or thick, dusty books of ancient lore, trying to find what it is they need to hunt and how to kill it, or where there are people who, even though they have no idea of the danger they’re in, need saving.  The determined focus on their faces, the weary rolling of shoulders, the trudging to the kitchen for a snack or a beer to help them fight their way through another hour or two… if those oblivious victims out there could just see how important it is to the Winchester brothers that they are safe for one more day.

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ship: ryan x reader
word count: 1319
warnings: panic attacks
rating: g (i don’t think there’s like, any swears in here)
a/n: michael is also in this one! it’s established that the reader has anxiety, but ryan doesn’t know that much about it. it’s implied that michael and the reader are good friends. also, you should change (y/n) to your first name, and (y/l/n) to your last name for maximum viewing pleasure! :)

It was just the two of you. Alone. At the office. You’d been dating awhile, but not long enough for him to know you had anxiety. You’d been dating long enough for you to trust him, but not long enough for you to trust him with that.

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