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I really fucked up my astronomy assignment. You only get two submissions. I accidentally submitted nothing the first time (which should not be a fucking option our submission thing is bull shit) and the second time I submitted without realizing I hadn’t saved my document again so I submitted my scientific analysis entirely without a conclusion. I would email him but he has stated that every email having to do with our submission thing fucking he immediately deletes, usually without reading. He is one of the worst professors I’ve ever had and he was even secret bad. He acted like a good professor the first week or so and then when the time ended for me to be able to drop the class and add a new one then he turned into a piece of shit.


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200:My crush’s name is: Well there’s kind of a story behind this one, her name is Justice and i didn’t think I’d actually have a crush on her cause she moved to my town in my senior year and we became friends. When we graduated she went to another state(even though it is right next to mine) and i stayed here, at first i didn’t talk to her all that much after she left but she came and visited my town for Christmas and we ended up hanging out a lot. After she left we started talk quite a bit, almost everyday, and i just really enjoyed taking to her and started developing a crush on her and i think she feels similar too but we can’t do anything about it till she comes back(or i visit her) so it kinda sucks. Oh and the kicker, we’re both good friends with each other’s exes…