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I’ve learned to internalize most of my pain, and to stop talking about it out loud. I’ve learned that no one will really get what I’ve experienced because I’ve experienced it alone.  They can never comprehend how deeply I felt, how my heart is still shattered in a million different pieces. “It’s not that serious”. I know. I know. But there’s still moments like right now where it suddenly hits me, everything that’s happened, and it’s like the air has been knocked out of me. I know this is all going to pass one day, I just need it to come soon

Yes…..and no.

Do I report this somewhere? Because she’s from the right show, but that is most certainly not a picture of a tiny magic floating cat.

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Pls consider: Coran and Lance having another bonding moment, and Coran starts talking about how it feels for your family to be gone and Lance goes like, "'Kay, it's official, you're my uncle now. I have like ten thousand others, don't worry, you're in good company, you've joined a huge family." And while Coran's still reeling from that, Lance realizes, "Wait, that makes Allura my cousin, I can't mack on my cousin!! :(((( Oh well, I'll just hafta deal, I GUESS." Finally Coran finds his (cont.)

(Cont.) voice, and is like, “Er, you realize that Princess Allura and I are not actually related? I’m simply her steward and-” Lance cuts him off. “Look, my dude, my uncle, my space uncle, I don’t care if you aren’t blood-related or not, she’s your kid.” And then Coran realizes that Lance is right, and he cries, probably.

Coran cries?? I’M CRYING, ANON.

Do you know… How goddamn weak I am for the ‘found family’ trope? Like hooo my gosh. ;-;

I just want an episode where. It finally hits the Paladins that Altea is gone? Like, objectively they know that Allura and Coran lost their entire planet, but it hasn’t sunk in yet. For the Paladins, Altea has always been gone. It was lost 10,000 years ago. But for Allura and Coran, it’s so much more recent?? Alfor knocked them out, and they woke up to find their everything gone. That’s so heartbreaking.

Lance would realize first, and he would immediately tell Hunk. Pidge would be there, obv, and the three would go and find Allura and Coran on the top deck and just. Hug them. Shiro passes by and is like ?? but then Lance blubbers out “We’re Coran and Allura’s family now” and Shiro is like ‘ENTER THE DAD’ and joins in on the hug. Hunk wraps his arms around everyone and picks them up. He is fuelled by familial love and 100000x stronger.

After everyone finishes lowkey crying on each other, Shiro just goes “Wait, guys… Keith is an orphan” and Hunk just starts BAWLING and Coran sprints out of the room with everyone on his heels. They gotta find Keith.

Keith is in the training room and suitably alarmed when all his friends suddenly pour into the room, all teary-eyed and in varying levels of emotional distress.

The group hug is suffocating but… Nice.

Me: Although I never got proper closure, I think I’m finally over that traumatic period of my life. Time to move on. 


  • Me: I'm going to go get MacCready
  • Boyfriend: eeeeeeh he's kind of a dick
  • Me: ??? How so?
  • Boyfriend: He's a hardcore merc and doesn't care about anything else.
  • Me: Oh... well i'll give him a shot anyway i can't deal with Danse's synth hate and i want a romance
  • Me two days later with MacCready's missions done and his romance going: HE IS MY PRECIOUS TRASHNERD HUSBAND AND I LOVE HIM YOU LEAVE HIM ALONE.