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I found out about you from that comic you did for OJST and i want you to know that i followed the breadcrumbs and found nigh heaven and hell because of it. Thanks for giving me another pairing to ship and keep up the interesting story. Im cheering for you from the sidelines and i want to know some other comics youve drawn because your art style is fun and exciting. 😆 keep up the good work!

Oh man thank you so much!! ;w;

Nigh Heaven & Hell is my baby so it means a lot to me to hear you enjoyed it (as well as the shipping I’m setting up~)  

And I also draw the webcomics Hazy London, and Freakshow <3


The first rough sketches for my ginormous montage piece I’m working on to celebrate ACOWAR! I finished the book earlier in the week and after exhausting all the tears in my body, I’m ready for some ART.

I wanted to work on a montage rather than a scene so there’s no spoilers! There are some small ‘nods’ going in this but I don’t think they give anything away unless you’ve read the book ;)

I got sooooo many old movie vibes whilst reading this: The Black Cauldron, Princess Bride, Legend etc etc etc and I really wanted to make a movie poster montage type thing :) It’s a lot of fun… although really, talk me down off the ledge next time cause 10 characters jesus christ (although it is really nice to include some of the long requested characters: Nesta, Elain, Lucien & Tamlin)

Oh and you can all thank @blackbeak for Cassian donning his man-bun. I promised I’d draw him with one, just for her <3

I’ll keep sharing WIP’s over on my instagram

@eggzumii told me that I was the only one selling something Undertale back in Komikon but I’m surprised this sell really well. Some people got excited to see it and some being like “oh man, I love this game”. The kids tho, THE KIDS. One kid wanted one “But mooom it’s Undertale!” and the other pointing at Undyne and Alphys and went all “Aaaw!”. Bless these pure kiddos <3

I had lots of fun! Hoping to spread positive vibe for this wonderful game!

  • (Hunk, Keith, and Pidge are chilling in one of the common rooms post-Season 2)
  • Hunk: Hey, Keith?
  • Keith: Yeah?
  • Hunk: When we hung out with the Blades, did you notice how-
  • Keith: I’m not gonna turn purple, Hunk.
  • Hunk: I know!!! Jeesh, the joke got old ages ago anyway. Nah, what I was gonna ask was, do you think you’re going to grow a tail?
  • (Moment of dead silence)
  • Pidge: (shrieking laughter) Hunk have you been imagining Keith’s fursona?!?!?!
  • Hunk: No!!!!!!!!!!!!! ............ But now that you’ve planted that idea in my head, Keith, would you prefer a long tail or a short tail? (The door to the rooms)
  • Keith: NO ONE is getting a tail!!
  • Lance: (standing behind him) ... You guys seem to be having fun.
  • Pidge: (takes one look at Keith’s face and starts choking)
  • Hunk: (slamming Pidge on the back) Oh, hey Lance! We were just talking about what it’d be like if Keith had a tail.
  • Lance: Ooooooh, kinky. (vaults onto couch) Lay out the options, my good man.
  • Hunk: Well, a lot of the Blades we saw have super duper long tails. But they kinda remind me of pythons, so I vote to nix that.
  • Keith: why are you guys doing this to me
  • Pidge: (finally caught her breath back) I agree, the long tail is way too weird. Maybe he’d have a short tail? Like a bobtail cat?
  • Lance: Awwwww, a stubby little tail? That’d be cute!
  • Keith: .... Did you just call my hypothetical tail ‘cute’?
  • Lance: .. Nno.
  • Hunk: Dude, you totally just did.
  • Lance: I did not!!!!!!!!!!!!! Pidge, stop laughing!
  • Pidge: (makes a gurgling noise)


Although this has been rewritten in a hundred different ways, due to recent events I’ve decided to once again bring up the fact that we live on a death world.

So imagine what an alien would do after hearing what we’ve been experiencing in North America and how we reacted.

When Houston and surrounding areas were hit by Hurricane Harvey, the sensible fled, but there were still many who stayed behind and played around in the flood. They were catching fish in their own homes and riding jetskis down the street. Now I ask you, what kind of sensible being would do such a thing? None of them.

Only humans have the stubbornness and determination to stick it out in one of the biggest natural disasters our planet can use against us, and actually find ways to have fun! Now there are people in Florida who are faced with not one, but two hurricane bearing down on them and they’ve decided to give Mother Nature the bird and stay home.

Drya: Human-Steve, when were these pictures of you taken?

Steve: Oh yeah! This was during the flood caused Hurricane Harvey. Man me and the guys had so much fun

Drya: My translator must be malfunctioning, the only definitions I possess for “Hurricane” and “Flood” are extremely deadly natural disasters, and yet you claim to have had ‘fun’ with others while they happened? Why did you not evacuate?

Steve: Well some people did, but a lot of people stayed behind because they just wanted to stay home

Drya: So humans sat through a natural disaster or epic proportions because they were too stubborn to move?

Steve: You think that’s bad? Right after Harvey some people who lived in Florida sat there through 2 back-to-back hurricanes!

Drya: *screams in horror*

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I got into a music/ed program at a good university next year. But I've only gotten into music and choir in the past 3 years. I'm worried that I'm gonna be so far behind everyone else and that I'll be made fun of. How did you overcome anxiety and start embracing your art and your music and follow your passions?

Oh man… for me, I was lucky enough to have a really cool teacher in middle school who inspired and encouraged so many young kids to pursue singing! Then, in high school, I was encouraged by friends to try out theatre! That was my experience but I started late in high school too! Even though I was late, I still had lots of opportunities to improve! I would just say, if it’s something you have an interest in, you’ve got nothing to lose by giving it all you got. It’s certainly nerve-wracking, but I can say from my own experience that I don’t regret going after it! You got this

The Pledge

Seth was nervous as he approached the frat house, he had heard crazy stories that fueled his deepest fantasies. Often his curiosity got the best of him, he’d walk the long way to class just to stare at the guys hanging outside the frat house and imagine what went on behind those doors. The fraternity was called Delta Phi and there were whispers of how the frat earned the money to throw their huge ragers that seemed to happen every weekend; they were just rumors of course but Seth 

loved to fantasize about what it would be like. The rumors varied from mild to extreme but they all said the same thing; Delta Phi made gay porn and sold it on the internet. He was ecstatic when one of the guys saw him eyeing the place and invited him over for a kick back they were having that night, the guy’s name was Logan he was about 6’4 with jet black hair and a star quarterbacks build with the muscles only a lineman would have. Logan saw the lust in Seth’s eyes when he was passing by,
the poor boy was putty in his hands:

“Hey there, you seem to walk by here a lot. Where you headed?”

“Oh, uh… Yeah I just like to walk this way to class, it’s fun getting to see the damage from your parties on my way to school. There’s been a couple times I’ve seen people passed out on your lawn, kinda lightens my mood for the day.” Seth said with a huge
smile and undoubtedly red cheeks.

Logan smiled, knowing how easy this was going to be, “Oh so you like to party then? You ever been to one of our ragers?”

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okay okay okay new list: top ten favorite critical role eps. IN ORDER

This is difficult, holy cow! I thought about defying this post and making a list of my ten least favorite eps, but was tragically unable to come up with ten episodes I disliked so, uh. Probably should’ve seen that coming. Okay, you win, here goes nothing, I’m definitely missing a bunch, this list changes on any give day, etc. etc. etc.

10. Episode 31: Gunpowder Plot. Every now and then, despite its huge cast, the show gets to highlight one-on-one interactions between Matt and a player. Scanlan spends the better part of an hour alone, a single gnome bard trying to navigate an ambush in an enemy stronghold. The process involves turning into a triceratops, defeating a dozen guards, breathing fire, and shoving a goliath off a flaming rooftop in the rain. That sequence is legendary for a reason.

9. Episode 25: Crimson Diplomacy. Mainly the first half, although Kit Buss is wonderful as Lilith and gets more screen time in the latter half. I think this episode kind of jump-started the more serious RPing on the show (which isn’t to say there weren’t great moments earlier!)–for the first time, it felt like it wasn’t so much the players worrying about losing a character as it was the other characters worrying about losing a friend. Vax completely failing to talk his way out of the Briarwoods’ chambers, “Jenga!”, Vex storming in with double natural twenties, “Sylas!” Matt did a phenomenal job juggling the tension in order to make this encounter feel like a difficult situation that was still winnable.

8. Episode 69: Passed Through Fire. I remember seeing a post from somebody who happened upon this episode on Twitch without having seen any of the rest of the show, and they said they were blown away by the emotional extremes in this episode alone. Pretty much everyone was crying, and then pretty much everyone was crying with laughter. There’s also the wonderful letter from Kerrek, VM doing shots, and the start of several RP threads that unravel over the course of the next few episodes. Also, the cliffhanger at the end of this one jumpstarts the endgame in a big way.

7. Episode 57: Duskmeadow. This was a really unexpected episode watching live, because the entire cast had been out doing interviews about CR all day and then came straight from that to this, so it’s a wonder anyone was coherent. And yet, true to form, we get Matt playing a dozen different recurring characters expertly, we get the long-awaited confrontation between Vax and the Raven Queen, we get a bunch of other wonderful character beats, and we get one of the most genuinely startling cliffhangers in the show, with a callback that stretches 36 episodes.

6. Episode 49: A Name Is Earned. The first half is a really archetypal low-risk fight for this show in that it showcases each of the characters’ strengths and weaknesses, often in hilarious ways–Keyleth accidentally disarming a trap, Percy attempting to hit someone with a lance and finally giving up and just shooting him, Vax stealthing by sinking into the snow up to the tips of his ears, Vex sending Trinket barrelling out as a cannonball. It’s a good time. And the sphinx’s puzzle is wonderfully fun and just complicated enough to keep everyone guessing–on rewatching, it’s great to see how Matt manages to drop hints without being too obvious about it. And, of course, the utterly heartbreaking moment where the whole Craven Edge arc comes to a head with Grog accidentally hurting Pike… oh man. So good.

5. Episode 63: The Echo Tree. The climax of the Feywild arc wound up being the payoff for a lot of character beats for Vex, and I’m not sure there’s been a villain who so easily and immediately got to the root of a character’s insecurities. Matt having this baddie incorporate the details of a short story that Laura wrote about Vex was vicious. It’s also so impressive that he was able to create a character who immediately brought up all of Vex’s insecurities and worries about putting her friends in danger, about being cruel and unwanted and never belonging, and there’s still that horrible guilt when she finally does fire on him. The sequence between Vex and Sondur is phenomenal.

4. Episodes 43/44: Return to Vasselheim/The Sunken Tomb. I’m counting this one as a two-parter because it features the same guest stars and makes up a pretty coherent little standalone. Absolute goofiness with amazingly funny little interpersonal moments between party members, guests, and NPCs; I’m a big fan of any time we get to see VM from an outsider’s perspective, and Zahra and Kash’s perspective is just the right mix of fond and sardonic. We get an oddly sweet after-school-special Grog moment, we get a beholder fight… and then we get everything going just unfathomably wrong in the last thirty minutes, completely out of nowhere. Half the party’s character arcs shifted permanently because of one failed saving throw.

3. Episode 89: Curious Tides. There aren’t a lot of recent episodes on this list, just because I generally only get to watch ‘em live and so they kind of all blur together and it becomes tough to remember specific episodes. But this one stood out. Any episode that can balance the extreme of a ritual that involves promising one god you’ll dedicate your life to killing another with the extreme of a well-meaning robot sketching the entire party while they’re sleeping? It’s a good time. Intense foreshadowing of some of the plot to come alongside hilarious (and wonderfully soothing) downtime shenanigans.

2. Episode 40: Desperate Measures. The completely world-shattering shift in the previous episode was startling enough, but it’s a testament to the RPing chops of the players and DM that they took the time to carefully play out the consequences of that change. What do you do when all the major population centers are being destroyed and any attempts to fight back are squashed? How far are you willing to go for a slim chance to instantly reverse what was done? Everyone in this episode is hurting and confused and frightened, and that comes across so well in the ways they lash out at each other. Despite the absolute crushing bleakness of the situation, this episode lays the groundwork for the emotional and plot-related beats of the next fifty episodes in the form of a tattered, piecemeal sort of hope.

1. Episode 52: The Kill Box. It’s one big battle, it should by rights drag out, but it’s so good. Every single member of the cast is so invested (Travis: “I can feel my heartbeat in my face…”), and it isn’t often that the party manages to catch Matt off-guard in a combat situation, but in this episode they just keep managing to surprise him again and again and again. And even their clever strategizing wouldn’t have been enough to save the entire party from the very real threat of a wipe once things start going sideways, if it weren’t for an absurd series of natural twenties to save the day. There have been a lot of mega-epic battles on this show since then, but none have hit this absolutely unreal combination of strategy and luck. This is the game-y part of the show at its absolute best.

The Virgin and The Sex God: Chapter Fourteen- Dean x Reader

“I love you because life won’t be the same after you.  Life has always been a shit show.  A fucked up nightmare of an existence, but with you.  I can see something different for me…. I can see an actual future.”   

The Virgin and The Sex God: Chapter Fourteen 
Summary: Dean finds out you’re a virgin and begins to try to charm his way into your pants. Little does he know he’s about to fall in love.
Word Count: 2,020 
Warnings: Sexual Content.  Language.


I’m so addicted to all the things you do
When you’re rollin’ round with me in between the sheets
Oh the sounds you make, with every breath you take
It’s unlike anything, when you’re lovin’ me…
From Addicted by Saving Abel

You couldn’t peel your eyes from the ceiling as you laid next to Dean.  He had fallen asleep a few hours before, but dreamland was far away for you.  The only thing you could think of was how much you were going to regret leaving him.  Turning over, you reached for your phone before standing up from the bed.  You smiled when heard Dean grumble in his sleep from the loss of you beside him.  Leaning over him, you pressed a kiss to his forehead before snatching your discarded clothing for the floor.  

You unlocked your phone and sighed when it read five in the morning. You had convinced Dean to take you to the laundromat after your little tryst back at the motel so you now had clean clothes for your trip.  Glowing pink in remembrance, you tired to latched onto every touch,  caress, and naughtily loving whispered that had transpired that night.  Dean was your first, second, and third time and you knew deep down that it should have been all along.

Moving quietly next door into your abandoned room, you dug around in your duffel bag.  You smiled when after finding the keys to your old chevy truck.  It had been sitting since you had arrived in Flander’s Ridge the week before last.  You glanced around the disaster of a room and sighed.  Even if you didn’t want to leave Dean, you would be happy to be back home.  Of course, only to leave right away with Charlotte.   You snapped your fingers and pulled your phone from the pocket of your jeans.   The phone rang five times before a groggy hello came from the other end.

“Hey Char….  It’s me.”  You whispered lowly into the phone.  You could hear her perk up at the sound of your voice.

“Hey, why the hell are you calling at five in the morning?”  She grumbled as you could hear the rustling of blankets.

“It’s just….  Could you give Sam Winchester a call and see what cases he’s working?”  You asked as you reached up to pull your hair into a ponytail.

“Uhhhh.  Ok….  Any particular reason for that?”  She quipped now sounding fully awake.  You were sure it was because she was going to integrate you for information.

“Because I might have kind of slept with his brother and became his girlfriend…” You whispered into the receiver before yanking the phone from your ear.  It was just in time as a piercing screech came from the other end.

“NO FREAKING WAY! That’s the most amazing news I have ever heard!  When’s the wedding?  I better be your maid of honor!”  Charlotte chittered and made you groan.  

“Hush Char, you know damn well how I feel about marriage….”  You mumbled.  

“Yeah.  You feel like you wuv Dean Winchester and you wanna marry him.”  She teased in a sing song tone.  

“Ok, Char.  Ok.  YES.  I love him….  I really think I might love him.”  You sighed as you shook with the relation. You had loved Dean Winchester all along.  Since the first time he had sewn up your wound five years ago.  There was just something about him that had spoken to your soul.

You could hear Charlotte’s smile over the phone as she giggled lowly.

“About fucking time you two idiots figured it out.”  She said gently.  Her voice like honey as she cooed.  “OH MY GOD, I can’t wait to be an auntie!!  You guys are going to make the cutest babies!”

“Charlotte, can you please stop overreacting…  Just because….”  You trailed off when the thought of a family….  A life with Dean pushed away your other thoughts and you smiled.  

“Yeah, Yeah. Girl, you got it bad!  Dean and Y/N sitting in a tree.. K-I-S-S-I-N-G…..”

“Shut up!  Gosh you make everything impossible.  Just see what cases the boys might be working in a few weeks.  I already know we made that commitment to Birdy….”

“Pish, forget Birdy!  Your ass needs to go with The Winchester and save that poor man.  Give him some babies and live happily ever after.”  She sighed with a dreamy tone in her voice.

“Charlotte, Dean and I are brand new.   We can’t just stop living our lives because…”

“The hell you can’t!  If anyone deserves to be happy it’s you.  Do you hear me?  You deserve to be happy with him.”  

“Char….  It’s not that I don’t want to go with him…  I just doesn’t it seem desperate?”

“OHHHHHHHHH!  I understand now.  You want me to get up with his brother so we can arrange to go on another hunt with them….  PSSSHHHH.  Girl, I got ya!”  She hummed before giggling into the phone.  “It will have to be after the Birdy thing though.  I mean we really did make a promise to her.  And she’s not a woman I want to piss off.”

You cringed at the thought of pissing off you’re rather burly friend Ladybird Mcclain.  She was a tall, lanky, wisp of a woman, but her temper was one of legend.  

“So…  You’ll call Sam?” You asked with a pleading sound in your voice.  The chuckle that came from her made you roll your eyes.

“Of course, girl….  Now can I go the fuck back to sleep?”  She groaned.   

It was your turn to chuckle at her before the goodbyes were exchanged.  You jumped happily in place and clapped your hands at the thought of it only being a short while before your separation from Dean would be over.   Remembering your original plan of breakfast, you double checked for your room key and ventured out the door.  

Dean began to stir awake at the smell of bacon cooking.  His eyes snapped open when his brain made the connection and he sat up straight away.  A look of surprise crept onto his face, when he found you standing over a hot plate cooking.  He quickly scrambled out of the sheets and closed the distance between the both of you.  His arms wrapped around your waist as his chin came to rest on your shoulder.

“Morning, sleepy head.”  You giggled as his scruff tickled your cheeck.  

“Ummm, Mornin.”  He sighed contentedly.  “Last night was fun. A lot of fun.”

You groaned when his voice grew lower with the last of his words.  The man was going to be the death of you.  You just knew it.  

“You hungry?” You asked though you weren’t why.  Of course he was hungry.  Dean was always hungry.

“Hell yeah.  I worked up quite the appetite last night. Think I deserve…”  He started but you cut him off at the pass.

“Don’t break your arm patting yourself on the back, Winchester.”  You said with a chuckle.  

“Oh…  That’s not you were saying last night.  Pretty sure it was my name ringing from those sweet lips.”  He stated cheekily as he pulled away from you.  

Your eyes rolled into the back of your head as you slipped the bacon onto plates.  Picking one up, you turned and handed it to him.  He smiled brightly at you- a knot twisting in your stomach as he did.  Who the hell gave Dean Winchester permission to be this gorgeous?

Sometime later, Dean sat with you pressed against him as you both took a warm bath.  The process of goodbye was drawn out and painful, but it was also loving and slow.  His lips pressed against your neck as he tried not to let what came next slither into his memory.  You hummed softly the tune that was now so clear to him now.

“So…  Is that our song?” He mused as he passed a rag lovingly down your back.  You cooed at him in approval before giving his thigh a squeeze.

“Of course.  What else would be?”  You sighed softly.  Pressing yourself closer to Dean, you turned so that you captured his lips in a kiss.  You both lingered in the moment as you tried to find a way to say goodbye.

When the kiss broke, you let out a small gasp of despair as it finally began to move forward.  There would be no stopping what was coming and it made your heart shuddered.  Biting the tears away, you sat up from Dean and turned to face him.

“Dean, we are going to have to say goodbye at some point.  Sammy needs you and I need to get home for awhile.  It’s not forever, but….”  You frowned as leaned to press your face into his chest.   His arms grabbed onto you in an instant as he shook his head.

“It still doesn’t have to be goodbye at all.  You can still come with me.”  He murmured against the crown of your head.

“I promise Dean.  I have one hunt I need to go on and then we can be together again.”  You sighed.  

“Forever?”  He muttered nearly under his breath.  This time though you caught what he said.  You pulled away from him with shining eyes.  Your happiness slipped down your cheeks in a rain shower of tears.  

“Yes.  Of course, forever.”  You whispered as you cupped his face.  

The same face that crumpled with the profoundness of the ache in his heart.  What had life been like before those soft eyes of yours?  What would life be like with you in his bed for the rest of his life?   He audible swallowed at his thoughts as your lips found his. Kiss one-hundred was the kiss that would always remind you what forever meant.


You stared blankly at yourself in the mirror by the room door as you tired to ready yourself for what was to come.  Sucking in a breath, you slung your two duffel bags over shoulder and walked to your truck.  Throwing them in the cab, you turned around to face Dean when you heard the low thudding of his footsteps behind you.  You smiled up at him and ignored the growing sadness in you.

“Well…  This has been the best hunting trip I’ve ever been on.”  You teased with an exaggerated wink.  Dean chuckled softly as he brushed a strand of hair from your eyes.

“Well it’s definitely in my top ten.”  He contemplated as his finger dance through your hair.   You narrowed your eyes at him and gave him a gentle slap to the chest.

“Really Winchester, I give you my virginity and I’m not even in your top five?” You gasped in an insincere tone of shock.

“And that’s why I love you.”  He said before he kissed your nose. “You don’t take my shit.”  

“That’s the only reason you love me?”  You questioned curiously and gave him an amused look.  

Dean let his tongue drag along his bottom lip as he thought of just the right words to say to you.  How was he going to explain that he didn’t know if life would be the same after you?

“I love you because life won’t be the same after you.  Life has always been a shit show.  A fucked up nightmare of an existence, but with you.  I can see something different for me…. I can see an actual future.”  

The words seeped into your skin as they tattooed themselves there.  You wanted to wear them on your skin for the world to see. They swirl their way through your veins and inked your gray heart.  There they would stay.  

Your arms wrapped around him as you whispered your pained goodbyes. Time was pressing you forward but you knew that time would also bring you back to him.  Dean’s lips were on yours again.  The kiss full of longing and swallowed sorrow.   Pulling away, he gently took your hand and lead you to the driver’s side of your truck.  Climbing in, you turned the engine over and kissed Dean through the lowered window.

“I love you, Dean Winchester.”  You declared when as he turned to walk away.  You couldn’t look at him when you said it or there would be no way you could leave him.  Dean turned slowly towards you again.  Something playing across his face as you waved goodbye before putting the truck into reverse.

You could only hope that time would be forgiving. 

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- wow the COSTUMES
- so much hard work with the details so amazing
- tiny Anna and Elsa are literally 1000x more talented than I’ll ever be at anything
- props to that actor because walking on four legs for 2.5 hrs looks not fun
- Anna and Elsa are incredible singers
- first time in forever is BEAUTIFUL
- I may have cried
- I cried for a lot of the whole thing lmao
- Love is an Open Door with Anna and Hans is adorably awkward
- THE SFX WHen Elsa freaked out at the ball are incredible
- Kristoff is a beautiful man oh my
- and he can sing like an angel
- also paddie (who I always thought was pappy in the movie idk?) is RIPPED AF
- the trolls are now kinda avatar looking guys
- !Lesbian couple dancing!
- What do you know about love song by Anna and kristoff is AMAZING and so so cute
- 12/10
- I can’t even describe how incredible it was holy moly
- Hygge was hilarious and sweet
- the Yoo-hoo big summer blowout guy is great
- also Olaf is seriously amazing
- he sounds exactly like josh gad and plays him with so much heart
- the scene where Anna is trying to find Elsa in the blizzard on the fjord is incredible
- the cast members form this icy wind and stop her from reaching Elsa sooner
- Elsa unfreezing is so wonderful
- Anna and Elsa singing love is an open door together at the end 💓
- everything was incredible, absolutely would recommend
- the new songs ahhhhhhhhh


MORE Wolf 359 doodles, since I caught up, including the 2 hour Lovelace special (which was great), and, hoo boy. HOO BOY. Give this really excellent sci fi podcast a shot if you haven’t already it’s a lot of fun. and a lot of tears. by tears I mean more fun.

oh and listen what if Eiffel only ever wears obnoxious pop culture graphic tees, since that’s all he brought, since that’s all he owns


Chapter 02:

- Prologue

- AU blog


Oh look, a new scene with Alphys and amalgamates! :D X3 Taa-da-da.

If some of you had already guessed your own suspicion in the previous update or earlier, then congrats! :) You may understand now why Alphys tried her best to explain this to Sans. Oh boy I love how she felt so frustrated, sometimes angry, concerned or scared every time I drew her. Sans might be an ass@– or too bossy but that’s his job and doesn’t let everyone discover his weakings, at least he’s been trained for that. In fact he makes sure that everyone respects their work program and the way things are in Core even if he runs away from his “personal problems”.

I’ve been having a lot of fun making up scenes with Alphys, man I already love her to pieces and when I wrote that script it immediately gave me feels and can’t help but feel bad for the poor dinosaur (yes that’s my headcanon XD).

By the way I have a few  updates more then finish the first episode of this chapter, but I hope everyone, readers or not, will enjoy this story further~ <3 Stay tuned~

Baby Daddy: Birth

Reader x Klaus Mikaelson


N/A - this is scene is so magic I just had to have it on this imagine, even though it’s not a gif. I’m sorry it took so long to be out, as I said, I was sick. Anyways, I hope you guys enjoy. :)


Imagine: You and Klaus are chilling and talking at a large bed when you suddenly goes into labour. 

Word Count: 2817

Resting in a huge soft mattress, you thought about no one bothered to let you know how hard being pregnant was. The fact you had a little person growing inside of you was weird. Oh, if only that was it… The baby kicked, twisted and danced a lot, making a whole party in your uterus. Every. Single. Day. And Klaus, who should be helping and regretting for putting you through this, would only laugh, saying it was cute. Also, that she had his impulsive genes. God, you hoped he was wrong!

“Oh no, baby.” You whispered, feeling it move. “I know it’s tight in there, but try to stay still.”

“Are you in pain, love?”

“Huh? Nah, I’m fine. A little bit uncomfortable, though.”

“It’s almost over.” He sat straight in the bed and stroke your belly, which made you smile. “Hey, sweetheart. It’s daddy.”

The baby girl kicked, almost as if she recognised who was talking to her. Klaus let a genuine grin slip under the response of his daughter and your heart warmed up at the sight. It was wonderful to see him as his true version. No anger, no resentment, not anything, just the man you have come to love very much.

“Y/N? Are you in there?”

You giggled, stretching your arm to touch the wrinkle formed between his eyebrows from the frowning. Klaus grasped your wrist, carefully, then placed a kiss on the soft skin, making you shudder. Yes, it did not matter that you were nine months pregnant, the man still managed to soak up your panties.

“Not fair, Niklaus…”

“I miss you so much…” He hummed against your forehead. “Your silky moans when I go down on you. Or the mewls whenever a kiss you right here.”

Klaus leant in, nuzzling on your neck and letting your scent intoxicate him. The reaction came pretty quickly to you, for it made you clutch a lock of his hair and pull it as hard as you could. He groaned, tightening the grip on your shoulders. After a lot of teasing, the blond man finally kissed you. His plump and warm lips connected to yours in a perfect match.

“Hum, allowed to make a fun fact?” Your voice was merely a whisper, while you stared deep into his blue eyes.

“Go ahead.”

“I know an effective method to help start the labouring process.”

“Like actually help you get that baby out sooner?”

“Oh yeah.”

“Share it, then!” 

You laughed.

“We need to have sex. Lots of it.”

"W-What?” He stuttered, surprised. “Sex helps?”

“It does.”

“So let’s get that started.”

The Mikaelson attacked your lips once more, only this time more wildly and lewd. You smirked between kisses, grasping the collar of his shirt and pulling him closer. However, before you could go any further, a sharp pain invaded your body, which lead you to stop everything.

“What is it, love?”

“Don’t freak out, OK?”

“I can’t promise anything when you say it like that… Come on, Y/N, tell me what is going on!”

“Alright.” You clenched your jaw, enduring the second contraction. “The baby is coming.”

“Huh? Are you sure?”

“Yes. Pretty sure.”

“What do I do?” Klaus looked lost and you felt sorry for him. 

“I don’t know!” You cried, feeling the pain crawling up your body again. “Go off to find Davina, she might have herbs or any knowledge that could help.”

“I won’t leave you alone.”

“Please, Klaus! I don’t think I can withstand this much pain.” Your voice was now barely a whisper. “Get Davina. For me.”

“Alright. But Rebekah and Elijah will be with you while I get the witch. Stay still.”

“Yeah, I’ll do my best.” You retorted, sarcastic. 

Like you could actually move from where you were under such a unbearable pain. It was utterly awful, something like being torn apart from the insides. Again, a scream slipped, which made you realise that keeping it together was no longer an option. Heck, you needed your brothers so much… Damon would make the whole situation lighter, whilst Stefan could give you support. You sighed, hating the idea of them not being around. 

“OK, screw this. I’m calling them.” You reached your cell, which was lying on the nightstand and dialled the Salvatore mansion’s number. 


Urgh, hi, brother. I’m sorry I’ve been so… Ah! Absent lately.”

You sound tired.

“I am. That’s exactly why I called you.”

Because you’re tired?”

You giggled and shook your head.

“No, I called because your niece decided that today is the day she comes to meet this world. Oh, for God’s sake this hurts!”

What?!” His voice sounded like he was shocked. “You’re having the baby right now?”

“Sort of.” You shrugged and Klaus returned to the room, bringing two of his siblings with him. “Can you come?”

Yes, of course I can. I’ll be there in five.

He hung up and you were left alone with your new found family, which were incredibly silent. 

The Mikaelson siblings soon shook it off, splitting and begginning to work on making you comfortable. Rebekah sat by your side, cleaning your forehead with a warm white cloth, while Elijah brought some clean sheets and a towel, probably for the baby. Klaus, on the other hand, kept looking at you with desaprovement infused on his eyes. There was no doubt that he was acting like that because of the call. Your boyfriend developed a huge resentment towards Damon and Stefan and it did not matter what you said on the subject, the man would not cave in.  

“OK, do not give me that look. Get me my witch and don’t worry about my siblings.”

“You shouldn’t have called them here!" 

"Niklaus Mikaelson, I’m giving birth to your daughter. It’s no time to be fighting, alright?”

“She’s right, Nik. We need as much help as we can get." 

He huffed and crossed his arms. 

"This is not over.”

“I really don’t care, Klaus.” You sighed. “Just help me, OK? We can discuss everything later. After she’s born and safe.”

Since the Mikaelson could not bear the sight of you hurting, he agreed to your terms and left to find Davina. A second later, another set of labouring cramps came and, heck, you were so going to need drugs. 

[A couple of hours later]

“Bekah, this hurts!” You whimpered, screwing your eyes shut. 

“Oh, darling. I know it does.”

The blonde stroke your forehead, which by now was all covered in sweat. 

“Thanks for being here." 

Your mere whisper made the girl smile. Poor Rebekah. She was doing everything she could to make you comfortable, yet, as the time passed, the ache only grew worse. And nothing in that goddamned house was able ease what you were feeling. 

"Elijah, please, call out brother." 

"He doesn’t seem to be getting the calls at all.”

“She needs him, don’t you see?”

“I can watch out for her.” Stefan said, stepping out the couch near the big window. “I’m used to that by now, since she’s my sister.

Oh, yes. He had arrived a little after your boyfriend left, offering his support and helping hand. Yet, despite all of the good intentions the Salvatore had, he was definitely not allowed to come close. Doomed to observe you from a cold furniture. It was rather sad. However, there was not much you could do about it. 

“Oh, dear Stefan. I’m not sure my brother would appreciate if we allow you to do that.”

“And we certainly don’t care.” A sassy voice echoed, coming from the door. “Now, if you excuse me, I have to take my baby sister away from you guys.”


“Thank me later, sis.”

“Are you crazy?” Elijah questioned, eyes widened. “We are not letting you get Y/N away from here. Otherwise…”

“… Klaus will go oh so pyschotic and destroy the whole town? Yeah, I know. Save it. I’ll take her to Bonnie, she has some witchy stuff that will help.”

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Ash vs Evil Dead [sentence starters]

[feel free to change pronouns as necessary!]

“So, does this mean I don’t have to pay back the 20 bucks I owe you?”
“It was 200 bucks.”
“Brand spanking new hand, or brand new ‘spanking’ hand!”
“I’m not dead, you dumb bastard.”
“Oh wow, that was weird. You were really still for a minute.”
“You mind telling me what the Flying Dutchman is going on?”
“We’re course correcting. Rebuilding the family you tore apart.”
“Oh here’s a question, if we had sex right now would it still be a threesome, cause technically you’re both the same person?”
“No one escapes their destiny, ____.”
“Don’t you worry my little burrito, you’re safe in this trunk.”
“Nothing helps, does it?”
“Of course you don’t answer. Because you’re DEAD.”
“You’re both dirty birds, and I’m gonna hurt you, real, real bad.”
“Yes, I’m upset. Yes, I’m behind the wheel. Yes I’m drunk, and maybe my license isn’t the fancy kind from the DMV, but at least I’m drunk!”
“Okay, I’ve seen some seriously disturbing stuff recently, but you are adorable.”
“Sorry ____, you played right into my hand.”
“Sorry ____. Sorry you got caught up in this bullshit.”
“Keeping my end of the deal is boring. It’s more fun to change things up at the last minute. Keeps Everyone on their toes!”
“What the Fraggle Rock is THAT thing?!”
“My children stole my immortality.”
“I’m gonna find him, take my chain saw, shove it right up his ass.”
“Yeah, that’s like a felony.”
“That is horrible, and also awesome.”
“Holy pickle dicks!”
“You’ve got some huge balls showing yourself in this town.”
“You! You ruined my life!”
“I’ve ruined a lot of peoples’ lives.”
“Oh, _____. Do you really think I want you and your little friends to die?”
“Man, making decisions is hard.”
“You say one more dumb thing… “
“I’m gonna say a lot of dumb things!”
“Everybody dies here, it’s just the rules.”
“What’s out there knows you’re alive, and it wants you to be un-alive.”
“You think THIS is the right time to be hitting on me?!”
“Shoot first, think later. Or don’t think at all. Yeah! Shoot first think never!’
“Oh, I’ll be polite. Right up until I’m rude.”