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The Pawns And The Kings

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Pairing: Jungkook x Reader

Type: Smut

Plot: The reader is kidnapped, left alone in utter darkness. Once the day of her auctioning comes, she’s given to the head of one of the worlds most powerful gangs, Jungkook. She was nothing but a gift to him. But her little soul turns out to have the power to turn the tides in the worlds angriest ocean. And it turns out, Jungkook isn’t the only man whom eyes have settled upon her.

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Just imagine getting fucked by Harry after that wedding please i want it

His hand on the small of your back by the end of the night is always a clear indication he’s had one too many, and you’re in for it. You don’t notice it until he lets out a booming laugh and you have to look at him because you love admiring his entire physique when he does this.

Butterflies creep into your stomach when you think about how lucky you are, to hold him, to be here with him, to be *his*. To kiss him, your memory passes to the last time he kissed you which was only moments ago; to touch him… you think about his hands, and then you become hyper aware of the hand that is on your back that doesn’t belong to you.

By the time you’re saying your goodbyes and Harry is giving his friends drunk high fives and kisses on the cheek, he notices you; stopping dead in his tracks. Your legs are crossed, one of your hands wiping sweat from the back of your neck slowly, biting your bottom lip. He gulps, his smile fading into a serious look.

He knows your body language.

He gets you home, after a hot and heavy makeout session in the taxi where you climbed onto his lap without a care in the world; sloppy kisses and sweaty bodies as you unbutton his shirt and just about the time you start ripping off his jacket, the car stops to let you out.

Discreet touches and giggles in the packed elevator to your hotel room, until he finally gets you into your room.

“So bloody beautiful,” he half coos/whines between kisses as you both fight to peel off your sticky clothes, not even making it to the bedroom.

He plops you down on the oversized chaise in the living room that overlooks the Pacific ocean, millions of stars and the moon lighting you both up, since you’re both too busy to turn on a single light.

He’s quick and needy, his eyes full of lust and then, for a brief moment, as he positions himself at your entrance, lifting one of your legs, he stops, running his fingers delicately over your lips.

He kisses your sweaty forehead, nudging his nose on your skin as he pushes in, the both of you groaning.

“I’m so lucky,” he whispers out, his head next to yours.

You can’t say anything, a happy and blissed / tipsy giggle leaves your lips and your head falls back as he starts to thrust deep, clawing at his back.

He looks up at you and let’s out a breathy laugh, now admiring *your* physique as you giggle, kissing your lips.

Review - Queens of Geek by Jen Wilde

Well this as a cute little bi girl YA/New Adult romance <3 <3 <3

Queens of Geek by Jen Wilde follows three friends as they attend a totally-supposed-to-be-SDCC-but-named-something-else-for-legal-reasons comic con.  Charlie is an Chinese Austrailian bi girl and small time YouTube star still recovering from a bad break up with her toxic ex.  They starred together in an indie movie that made it big and now she has to deal with him all weekend while they promote the film.  Thankfully she has Alyssa, a much bigger YouTube celebrity and total crush to distract her.   Then there is Taylor, a fat autistic girl with mental health issues who is secretly in love with their third friend Jamie.    

What follows is a fast-paced, sweet, and gentle romance for both girls.  Charlie’s burgoning relationship with Alyssa comes under a public spotlight and complete with YouTube videos and ship names.   For Taylor it is finding her tribe at the con both with other fans of her favorite book series and a comic made by a fellow autistic girl.  This allows Jamie, a character who is basically the most perfect guy best friend ever to turn their relationship romantic, even if it does set off a panic attack.  Both girls work their way through however and come to lovely happy endings for now.  

It was great to see Charlie use the word bisexual to describe herself MULTIPLE times.  Including a scene where she confronts her ex about his biphobia.  It’s also nice that her love interest has no objection to her being bisexual and doesn’t say anything rude, biphobic, or fucked up about it despite being implied to be a lesbian.  Yes folks the bar for bi representation really is that low and yes I really am excited that Queens of Geek manages to clear it (because so many books don’t).  

If I have any real complaint its that the story moves REALLY fast.  There isn’t much time to let Taylor’s mental illness or Charlies new relationship settle in.  In an author interview at the end of the book, it seems like this novel came out of Jen Wilde’s experience on WattPad, which explains to me the quick fanfiction-like pace.  For those of you who do like to linger on characters, it will be over too soon.  But for those looking for a quick read, the result is an enjoyable and very validating little love story.  

- Sarah 


“When I was about 25 years old, I worked with two very good actors.[…] Wanda Ventham and Timothy Carlton both embodied qualities which one is fogyishly tempted to look at with nostalgia. I didn’t know at the time that they were married or that they had a son of about 10 who was quietly gestating all the same attributes.
And now, 30 years later, the boy has been let loose. He has taken the form of Benedict Cumberbatch.

[…]It’s rare to the point of outlandish to find so many variables in one actor, including features which ought to be incompatible: vulnerability, a sense of danger, a clear intellect, honesty, courage — and a rather alarming energy. I take no pleasure in feeling humbled, but there’s no getting around it.

He must be stopped.” — Colin Firth.

Yesterday I parked at my bf’s apartment and got out of the car and heard someone calling to me. It was a large African America man across the parking lot asking for directions. I couldn’t quite hear him so I walked closer. When he met me half way he stuck his hand out to shake mine and said “My dad’s a pastor, I didn’t mean to scare you.”

After helping him out and walking inside it really hit me. This man felt the need to apologize for scaring me, which he never did, and add the fact in that his dad is a pastor. As if to seem less threatening. As a white woman I have never once had to preface something I say to make someone feel more comfortable talking to me. Thinking about this really bothered me and I let that feeling sit there.

This was one of those times where my privilege was very clear to me. And it frustrates the hell out of me that many people I know refuse to believe privilege is a thing.

Unknown King - part III

Pairing: Bucky x reader

Great Gatsby AU

Summary: After moving to New York, aspiring author Y/N gets more than what she bargained for when she befriends her mysterious neighbor. In a blur of riches and beauty, she finds herself falling for the man who remains unknown.

A/N: It’s been a week since I posted an update on UK. This story may seem boring right now, but trust me it will get better. If you want to be tagged please tell me. :)

Word count: 1.8k

Part I Part II


The next day you woke up in a startle when you realized it was 10:45. James said he’d pick you up around noon. You didn’t want to consider it to be a date, but the only friend you had was Emma and you really needed to make friends. He did say it was a neighborly gesture. It’s just lunch after all.

After a quick shower, waltzed back into your room to find something to wear. The steam from the bathroom had seeped from the open windows, relinquishing the room from the hot vapor. You slipped on a skirt and a black long sleeved shirt, finishing it all off with a pair of black boots. You tied your Y/H/C hair up into a high ponytail. By the time you were done, the clock had struck noon.

For the next ten minutes, you paced back and forth in your small living room. You constantly checked the clock, growing more anxious when the feeling of dread began to creep onto you. You came to the conclusion that he wasn’t going to pick you up. You were about to release your hair from the ponytail when the doorbell rang. After a considerate amount of time, you went to answer it.

James stood behind the door, looking apologetic. He wore a dark blue dress shirt that stretched tightly across his broad chest. His hands were stuffed in the pockets of his black pants. The sleeves of his shirt were rolled up, exposing his forearms. His hair now framed his face.

“I am so sorry for being so late,” he began. “I got a business call and I’m afraid it ran on a bit longer than expected.”

You smiled, “No worries. Shall we?”

He nodded and waited for you close your door before walking beside you towards his car. It was a beautiful gray Ferrari. You’ve only ever seen cars like those in movies and magazines. You tried to hide your amazement, but utterly failed and James laughed at your reaction. He opened the door for you and you gladly stepped inside. The interior was as beautiful as the outside.

“Where to?” You asked James once he got in the car.

“There’s this amazing rooftop restaurant with a view of the city,” He explained. “Very exclusive as well, hard to get in.”

“So how are we getting in?” You asked.

“The owners owe me a favor,” He smiled and sped off down the street.

The drive into the city was absolutely mesmerizing. Your neck was craned as you looked up, trying to see the top of the skyscrapers. Your head was constantly turning. It was all so overwhelming, so much to see but so little time. James was speeding through the streets. Heads turned in your direction when they heard the engine’s roar. You sunk low into your seat from the unwanted attention.

“When I first moved here I was just the same,” James spoke up. “So enthralled by the city for the first time. I can take you to all the nice places of the city.” He paused and ran his fingers through his hair. “How’s work anyhow? Any interesting stories?”

You snorted, “Yeah! I wrote a story about a kid with a mole shaped like Jesus.” You frowned. “I’m gonna need a hell of a story for Mr. Cole to take me seriously.”

“It’ll get better,” James added.

“Mr. Barnes!” The woman behind the desk smiled. She wore a traditional kimono and bowed her head at us. “Glad to have you back!”

James bowed respectfully and took the woman’s hands in his, “hello, Aki.”

“Who is this beautiful young woman?” She smiled brightly at you.

James extended a hand towards you, “This is Y/N Y/L/N.” You smiled and bowed. He turned to Aki again, “Table for two, please.”

She smiled before grabbing two menus, leading you to the tables. The walls were glass, giving a 360-degree view of the skyline. Soft music played through the speakers, providing some sort of sound the room. James pulled the seat back for you, like a gentleman. You thanked him and picked up your menu. Your eyes scanned all the food you did not recognize, underneath the English text, was a foreign language you also did not recognize.

“Is this Korean?” You asked.

“Japanese,” James corrected. “Aki’s family owns this restaurant. All Japanese food with a Japanese staff. Aki is very proud of her ethnicity.”

You took this time to scan the room. There was a grand fountain. The water fell quietly along the wall before rolling into the pool. It extended towards the tables, the water offering a soft serenity of silence. Lotus flowers floated on the water, along with koi fish. Your lips parted in amazement when your eyes fell onto the cherry blossom tree. The pink flowers bloomed and radiated as the sunlight touched them through the glass.

“Beautiful, isn’t it?” James spoke up.

You nodded, “I wouldn’t even be able to step inside this place if it weren’t for you. It’s amazing.”

Before James could say anything, a waiter approached us. You ordered the drinks and left before returning with them. With James’ help, you were able to order a dish that he recommended to be the best thing on the menu.

“James,” You began.

“Call me Bucky,” He said.

You smiled, “Bucky, thank you for taking me out for lunch. I really appreciate your kindness. You’re probably one of the most hospitable soul I’ve met since I arrived.”

“It is my pleasure,” he took a sip from his drink.

“So why so many parties?” You asked.

He shrugged, “Big house, I like to keep it full of people, even if it for a couple of hours. I also don’t have much time to enjoy the place, so why not let others do so?”

You nodded, “Sounds expensive. Where do you work?”

Bucky cleared his throat, “I believe that is my personal information, Y/N.”

Your lips pulled together in an ‘O’. “My coworkers just come up with the most ridiculous stories about you, which is why I was curious.”

He sat up, “Stories?”

“One coworker said that you murdered your family in order to get the money. Another said you won the lottery and another thinks you’re in a mafia.” You chuckled.

Bucky laughed, “That’s new.” He paused. “God, don’t tell me you believe them.”

You snorted, “Of course not. From what I’ve seen you’re very nice.”

You and Bucky spoke while you waited for the food. When it finally came, you talked some more in an infinite conversation. He asked you where you came from and why you moved. You approached him with subtle questions. He wasn’t an open book, but he was an interesting character and you wanted to learn more.

“I feel like I’ve been talking about myself for too long,” You chuckled.

“I don’t mind,” Bucky said. “I like meeting new people.”

After lunch, Bucky drove you around the city. Showing you the places that you didn’t get to see. It was fascinating. The buildings were so tall, you weren’t used to it. Bucky pointed out businesses that belonged to his associates. He even took you outside of the city.

By the time you arrived back home it was already 4 P.M. Bucky followed you to your door. You turned to him and smiled. “I had a great time Bucky. Thank you again for the dinner. It was fun.”

“I’m glad you enjoyed yourself, Y/N. We’ll do this again,” He promised. And then with a swift goodbye, he left you on your porch before getting into his car to take the short drive to his palace next door.

Once in your home, you left your hair to fall freely. Your scalp grew tired from the weight of your hair. A bath sounded great. You went to the bathroom and began to fill the tub. A knock on the door made you raise an eyebrow. Tenaciously, you walked towards the front door before opening it. There was no one at the door but a package wrapped in material as soft as silk. You picked it up and opened it. You gasped when you saw that it was a beautiful pastel blue gown. You pulled it out of the box. Its skirt fell to the floor. The design was simple yet so beautiful. You grabbed the note that sat on the bottom.

I still feel terrible about what happened to your dress. I hope you like it, I had some help picking it out.


You smiled at the letter, but it immediately faltered. How much did this gown cost? Probably a fortune. You frowned, although it was such a gorgeous dress, you knew you had to give it back. You felt selfish for even accepting it. After changing out of your clothes into something more comfortable, you shut off the water and packed up the dress once again.

The three knocks on the door sent a short sting of pain through your bones. You stood up straight, waiting for someone to open the door. It wasn’t long until you were met with a different butler. He showed no signs of friendliness. Instead, he arched his eyebrow at you.

“Can I help you with something?” He asked.

“Yes, is Buc-I mean Mister Barnes around?” You asked. “I need to speak to him. I live right next door.”

The butler hummed before opened the door completely. He motioned for you to come inside, you did so. The house is as breathtaking as the first time you stepped through it. The butler closed the door and left the room, telling you that Bucky would be down on a bit.

You were examining a painting that hung on the wall when Bucky came down the stairs. He was dressed in sweats and a plain black shirt. He smiled at you, “Did you like the dress?”

“About that,” You handed over the box. “I can’t take this Bucky.”

“Why not?” He asked, a look of worry crossing his face.

“It’s too much,” You admitted. “I’m afraid I’m not worth it. It is a beautiful dress, but I just can’t accept it.”

Bucky raised his hands as if he was about to cup your cheeks, but quickly let them fall.

“I just don’t want it to seem like I’m gonna take advantage of you,” You said.

Bucky put his hands together as if he was doing a prayer. “you’re such a pure soul, Y/N.” Before you said anything else, he spoke up. “Keep the dress, Y/N. You’d break my heart if you wanted me to take it back. Do you really want to do that?”

“No,” You admitted.

“Then it’s settled!” Bucky exclaimed. “Do you want a drink?”

“No, I have a bath that I need to indulge in,” You said. “Thanks, Bucky. I really appreciate it.” You smiled.

He nodded, “Of course Y/N”

He walked you back to your cottage. Where you said your final goodbyes before closing the door. You blew air out of your lips and set the box on your bed. It was finally time to wash the day away in your much-needed bubble bath. You mustn’t get attached to Bucky, you told yourself. You were friends.

Just friends.

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anonymous asked:

I love your work and I was so happy to find that to had a Tumblr. I don't know if you're the right person to ask, but I really respect how intelligent you are and I'm hoping you can help. I'm a bisexual woman who is in a long term relationship with a man. I love him dearly. But because I'm in a passing relationship, I'm starting to feel the hate from my fellow queers, who are passively shaming me for who I fell in love with. What should I do? I never got treated like this dating women.

I completely understand. I had exactly the same thing happen to me. Gay women mistakenly think that dating a man magically makes you heterosexual, forgetting of course that men don’t magically cure you of your love for women and other genders, and that all that sleeping with a man makes you is sleeping with a man. 

The ‘passing privilege’ is something I specifically want to address. 

We all have passing privilege. All of us have different levels of passing privilege. Every single one of you will pass at some point in your lives, ranging from either just online to every situation you’re in. For most people, when you walk down the street, people assume you’re cishet. When you interact with someone new they ask you about your ‘husband’ or ‘boyfriend’ (and if you have one!) and any children. People assume you are straight. ‘Passing privilege’ is not something exclusive to bisexual folks, and just because there are a few more situations they can pass in, and a few more obstacles they avoid, doesn’t mean they don’t face most of the discrimination like gay folks do. 

FURTHERMORE, bisexuals may sometimes avoid some of the obstacles gay people face when they date someone that appears to make them look like a cishet couple, but in avoiding those, they face something incredibly isolating that we all understand: being invisible, and feeling like no one understands. 

When I was dating a (lovely) man in my mid-twenties, every time someone would say something homophobic, I felt it. Every time someone would assume I was with a man, even though I was actually with a man, I noticed. Every time the government debated gay marriage and gay rights I intimately felt all that stuff because you know what? I’m still queer. I still love women. That part of me didn’t magically disappear. My boyfriend didn’t understand, either, because he was like, “At least that doesn’t affect you anymore!” Yeah, babe. It actually DOES affect me. I’m not straight. 

Worse: my mother acted like I was ‘cured’ when I was dating him. She was so overjoyed, and that broke my fucking heart because nothing had changed about me. I was the same. She just didn’t like the bisexual truth about me. So the idea that I get to have my parents acceptance and love is false, because that’s not what I had. I had conditional acceptance, and believe me, it hurt. Because it wasn’t for all of me. 

On top of that, every time I dated a guy, my lesbian friends would essentially excommunicate me. They’d stop inviting me out for ‘girl drinks’. They’d talk about me behind my back. They’d all have fun without me and the message was clear: you’re not welcome here anymore. Nothing about me had changed at all, nothing: but by dating a man, somehow I was suddenly ‘impure’ and unwelcome in ‘pure’ lesbian spaces. It was disgusting. I even had a lesbian call me a “sperm recepticle” once, which is not only biphobic, but transphobic to the fucking max. 

Bisexual folks face many (all, if they’re dating someone of the same gender!) of the same obstacles gay folks face with the addition of straight people and gay people dismissing them. 

So: don’t let anyone tell you you’re not queer. Don’t let them passively excommunicate you: CALL them on it. Tell them nothing has changed. You’re still attracted to women, and sleeping with a man doesn’t change that one bit. Don’t let them discriminate against you without (gently, or not gently, if necessary!) calling them on it. 

You’re just as queer as they are. You’re just a different sort of queer. You’re not a lesser queer. You’re not an ‘impure’ queer. You’re a different flavour of queer and the rainbow needs all colours <3


author’s note: Requested by @thugshawn (love you loads my girl xx). Hope it came out like you wanted <3 Feedback is always welcomed!



You loved travelling with Shawn around the world while he was on tour. You were on your way with him to Europe, to the continent where you were from. Yet you weren’t going to visit your home country but you made sure you had the best time with the love of your life.

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How To Practice Meditation Using A Totally Different Approach

What would you say about an alternative way to practice meditation?

People who practice meditation on a regular basis have reported great benefits by meditating, such as a greater spiritual connection to their source, an increase in patience, enhanced attention and peacefulness

With these kinds of benefits, the practice of meditation is growing in popularity on a daily basis but there are those, like myself, out there who want to meditate but haven’t had a lot of success in achieving the state of meditation on a consistent basis through traditional methods?

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Get Mine, Get Yours

Summary:  “No, no, no.” he stood up and you watched him pacing around the room, pushing the strands of blonde hair falling over his eyes back.

“You just asked me to explain what I was trying to say!

“I know exactly what you’re trying to say, _____, ok? You are talking about us fucking and the answer is no.” 

“Why not?!” you whined and crossed your arms over your chest, sulking.

“Because it’s a horrible idea! ”.

Genre: Romance (friends with benefits!au)

Pairing: Jimin x Reader

Rating: Mature (fluff + smut + angstishhhh??not really)

Length: 6.3k

A/N: all i wanna say is park jimin is the most important thing to me in this world

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Dear Steroliners

I have been lurking the steroline tag and your beautiful gifs/metas/fan fictions for awhile now. I don’t have my own tumblr/twitter presence, and I’ve never felt the need to weigh in until now, other than some random asks I’ve thrown at kmze. But it must be said, or it will continue to haunt me: this finale was completely bogus and should be thrown in the dumpster. I felt like maybe writing this out will help me get over the tragic and senseless end of those two adorable puppies, Stefan and Caroline. So here it goes.

There was so much NOPE in this finale it’s hard to know where to start, but I’m going to focus on the most obvious: Stefan’s death.

I don’t object to the notion that a Salvatore brother had to die. They’ve evaded death for far too long, and left way too many bodies in their wake. I don’t think any of us expected both the Salvatore brothers to make it out of this show alive. Would I have preferred it to be Damon that died, or at least to have the brothers both go out in a blaze of glory? Fuck yes. But I could have handled Stefan dying, and Damon living, had it been handled in a way that made even a shred of sense. It was not.

A sacrificial death, when done right, can be a very fitting way for a show to go out. See: Spike on Buffy the Vampire Slayer’s finale. 15 year old me shipped Buffy and Spike (I know, I know, quite a toxic relationship, but moving on). So I was bummed as heck when Spike died in the finale. But the way he went out was just so damn fitting I could not be that mad. He sacrificed himself to save Buffy, to save the Slayer-ettes and the rest of the Scoobies, and literally the entire world. It was necessary and rooted in the plot and was therefore heroic and did a heck of a lot to redeem him of his terrible deeds. It fit the narrative, it fit the character’s arc, and it was satisfying, which took the edge off the tragedy.

Now, let’s compare that to Stefan’s death shall we? Was his death necessary to save the world? Nope. It was not even necessary to save Mystic Falls, since Bonnie had found a way to control the hellfire and send it to hell, or at least divert it. It was arguably necessary to kill Katherine and destroy Hell, but like, there’s nothing particularly noble about destroying Hell? There were tons of bad people in Hell, people that should arguably have stayed in Hell and not been given a “get out of Hell free” card. There did seem to be some not terrible people stuck in Hell (Vicky was irritating but not evil) but maybe since Cade was dead this whole policy of throwing everyone who ever screwed up once in their lives, into eternal torment, no longer applied? Katherine is a cut-throat queen but I don’t see her being this petty. Unclear, but either way this Hell mythology was just too murky for a set-up wherein destroying Hell equals redemption. So far, I fail to see how this action redeemed Stefan’s tattered soul and granted him his peace.

Okay so let’s assume I’ve missed something. (I very well could have. I only watched the finale once and I doubt I’ll ever be able to bring myself to watch it again.) Let’s assume for the sake of argument that in fact the whole “stabbing Katherine with the dagger at the very moment she is immolated thus ensuring she dies in Hell and Hell is destroyed” was a very necessary and heroic act in the grand scheme of things. So at least one of the Salva-bros had to die. The choice of who gets the axe should be based in the narrative, yes? Maybe the brother who showed up in Mystic Falls in season 1, all gleeful about tormenting his brother and making the residents of Mystic Falls suffer, would be a good choice for the one who ultimately saves the town? Whose ongoing arc has been about becoming a better, less-selfish man, one capable of putting his brother before his own needs? Who, two episodes before, had proven that he was ready to be that hero, and had died in a similar sacrifice, but had miraculously come back from it with no explanation? Maybe the writers had a plan? HAHA BITCH YOU THOUGHT.

Instead, Stefan dies because “Damon is the better man.” Hahahahahah lol lol lol brb LAUGHING FOREVER. I don’t need to list the many actions/character traits that Damon has displayed over the years, that make it emphatically clear that he is not the better man. At best he is the equally-as-terrible man. Stefan killed Enzo, yes, which was painful, mainly because of its effect on Bonnie (Enzo was also a murderous trashbag, let us never forget). But Damon killed Tyler, tried to kill Bonnie, and abducted a couple of 4 year olds and tried to sell them to the Devil in return for his own soul, and that was just in season 8. I can’t even remember all the times he killed Alaric and Jeremy, I have literally lost count. Many of you have already covered Damon’s many crimes in your well-reasoned and thoughtful metas and commentaries. They do not need repeating. Damon is a selfish, impulsive, weak-willed, predatory psycho murderer. We have the receipts in the form of seasons 1-8 of this show. I say this as someone who is actually a big Damon fan (I like his snark) and was all about Damon and Elena in seasons 1-4, despite how terrible they were to Stefan. (The actors had lit chemistry back then, sue me.)

Stefan is a psycho murderer too, but at least he feels bad about it. I invite anyone to explain to me how saving Damon, and giving him a human life, tilted the karmic scales in Stefan’s favour. One mass-murderer dying, so that another mass-murderer can live, does not redeem the first mass-murderer, particularly when the major crime the first mass-murderer seems to be paying for, is the murder of a THIRD MASS-MURDERER (Enzo). I just refuse to believe that the universe’s sense of justice is this out to fucking lunch.  

Also, I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the most glaring plot hole in this clusterfuck of a sacrifice=redemption narrative, which is obviously that DAMON DIDN’T HAVE TO DO SHIT TO FIND REDEMPTION/PEACE. NOTHING NADA ZILCH. Thus undermining the entire justification for Stefan’s death. Dear god, what a mess.

I can sort of see how in Stefan’s deeply troubled mind dying for his brother would redeem him, because he loved the shit out of his brother, despite how rarely Damon actually deserved that love. Which brings us to another high-key problematic aspect of this finale, which is the assassination of Stefan’s character development. Over 8 seasons, we watched Stefan struggle with his mental illness, his addiction, his complete lack of self-worth, and most importantly, his suicidal tendencies. Once he was able to remove himself from the Triangle of Doom, he actually made a lot of progress! He stopped referring to the Ripper in the third person, he got a handle on the whole blood thing, and when he finally opened his eyes about Caroline, he found a healthy, happy, mutually supportive relationship for pretty much the first time in his entire life. He didn’t ever fully let go of his dependency on Damon, but by the time season 8 started, he was planning a life with Caroline and clearly heading in that direction. His suicidal tendencies made a come-back, thanks to killing Enzo and the guilt that caused him, but by 8x13 he was like I WANNA LIVE, by 8x14 he was re-proposing to Caroline and talking about growing old, and by 8x15 he was effing married to the love of his life and dancing and laughing with her at their wedding.

Then 8x16 comes around, and suddenly, he’s back to “I HAVE TO DIE BECAUSE OF WHAT I DID TO ENZO AND I WON’T BE ABLE TO MAKE UP FOR MY SINS BECAUSE I’M HUMAN AND DON’T HAVE MUCH TIME BUT DAMON YOU HAVE ETERNITY AND YOU’RE THE BETTER MAN” and I’m like THA FUCK? Did I imagine the previous 15 episodes/the previous 5 seasons? Is this the right channel? WHAT IS HAPPENING WHERE AM I RIGHT NOW?  

There are also so many plot holes when it comes to discerning Stefan’s own motivation for this sacrifice, directly out of the dialogue and HIS OWN DAMN MOUTH. He tells Damon that he has “an eternity with Elena” to make up for his own sins. But Stefan’s actions were definitely pre-meditated right? He knew he was going to give Damon the cure, so obviously Damon will not have an eternity to make up for his own crimes? Also Elena is a human now and Damon has been droning on about their human endgame plan for like 5 years now, ever since Elena went into her mystical coma? And then my personal favourite, when Stefan talks to Elena, he tells her he wanted her to have the chance to get to know human Damon. BUT EXCUSE ME as far as he knew Elena was stuck in the mystical coma until Bonnie dies, which everyone assumed would be 60-70 years from then, so seeing as how Damon will age and probably be dead by the time Elena wakes up, or at least very wrinkly and very old, how does he figure he is giving Damon and Elena their happily ever after? As far as Stefan knows, or at least SHOULD KNOW relying on concepts like logic and common sense, he just took away both Damon’s right to choose to die, AND Damon’s happily ever after with Elena, and this is full circle and remedies his original sin of forcing Damon to turn into a vampire and I’m just !?!??!!? I’M PHRASING THESE AS QUESTIONS BECAUSE I LEGIT WANT A FUCKING EXPLANATION SOMEONE PLS HELP.  

Oh and btw the whole Stefan sacrificing himself for Damon and Elena and making up for his original sin of forcing Damon to turn, was so effing murky in the actual episode it had to be explained in interviews by KW and JP, at which point KW made it clear that this entire nightmare happened because he is a 14 year old Stelena fanboy and didn’t watch the last 5 seasons of his own damn show AND NOW I’M ACTUALLY LAUGHING IT’S ALL SO RIDICULOUS.

So, cool. Stefan is dead, Caroline is widowed on her effing wedding day, I am emotionally gutted, and basically this all happened for virtually no reason my brain can discern. Very epic, so fitting, what a pay-off, much full-circle, argaahgaahfTHEFUCK.

When Caroline left him that voicemail, I couldn’t even enjoy the “I will love you forever” line because she also said “I understand” and I was like OMIGOD CAROLINE PLS EXPLAIN IT OUT LOUD CAUSE I SURE AS FUCK DON’T.

And even after all this, the writers are not QUITE done making a mockery out of the notion of consistency in story-telling. They decide that the last scene featuring Caroline Forbes-Salvatore, a character whose strongest traits are her loyalty to the people she loves and moral backbone, and who was widowed like 5 minutes ago from the viewer’s perspective, should be spent with Caroline receiving a letter from a murderous one-night-stand she does not GAF about. For the cherry-on-top, anyone who watches the Originals knows that the one-night-stand is currently suffering some sort of hell torment and hallucinating his actual true love, one Camille O’Connor. AND THEN THE WRITERS HAVE TO GO ON TWITTER to try and explain how the fuck this timeline could possibly make sense and Joseph Morgan is like “I’ve filmed all of season 4 lol what letter?” and I’m laughing again because this is total amateur-hour. Thank you to all the twitter users who have been dragging this joke of a writing team online, your salt is giving me life. Never has a moment of such cheap and blatant fan-baiting backfired so magnificently. I was planning on watching the Originals when it comes back but HAHA NOPE NEVER AGAIN JULIE PLEC, BACK TO THE DUMPSTER WITH YOU.

Anyways, this rant got out of hand. The point here is that I feel justified in completely ignoring this entire finale because of how little sense it made or even attempted to make. I’m sad a show I’ve loved for 8 years ended on such an absurd and poorly-plotted note. Perhaps I’ll eventually get around to writing some fan fiction in an attempt to create my own little alternative ending. In retrospect, I probably should have known better, but I hung in there because when TVD was good, it was really good. But damn, when it was bad, it was truly unwatchable.

Stefan and Caroline forever.

I don’t understand why everyone is attacking bughead shippers and calling us stupid and blind and all of that nonsense. Betty and Jughead are literally canon in the show right now. Sure they may not be forever (which sucks because they are super cute, but I understand how TV works so) but you don’t have to attack us for literally everything. I’m not saying everyone in the fandom is in the clear, no one is innocent, but can we all just leave each other alone? Ship who you want and let us ship who we want. You don’t like something? Block us.

I am a bughead shipper, and I have been called homophobic so many times just for shipping them. That doesn’t make any sense!! Sure, I love Betty and Jughead, they are my main OTP ship in Riverdale, but I do have other ships too! Veronica and Betty as friends, Jughead and Archie as friends, Cheryl and Veronica together, Josie and Cheryl together, Archie and Ronnie, he’ll I even ship Luke and FP, and Josie and Val tbh. I was going somewhere much further in this post but I lost my train of thought listing my Riverdale ships so… just please stop shitposting. Please my loves :)

My 6 steps to being a witch

Let me start out by saying one of the great things that I love about being a witch is how everyone has their own way of doing things. It’s one of what, in my opinion makes the pagan community great. That being said here are six steps that I use to help me be a better witch and better with spell casting. 

1: Know yourself and be comfortable with yourself in every aspect. 

This one took years for me to get done. I had a lot of things in my past that was wrong and I felt guilty of. I always thought “If I could go back in time and change that one thing, everything would be better.” Eventually I came to realize that only by moving forward and accepting the actions I took in the past good or bad had led me to where I stand today. That acceptance of who you are and everything about you, I believe in super important in spell casting because it removes guilt, and other such things that might cloud your intent. 

2: Know and accept how the world is.

Lets not sugar coat things, the world we live in today isn’t perfect. Heck its not even close to perfect. Turn on the news and your mind is filled with stories of corruption, murder, shitty politics, and a dying Earth. That being said, there is a lot of good going on too. Reforestation in on the rise, new clean energy is making a comeback, and every day someone is born into the world who has no knowledge of the bad, only the good. Knowing all of these and realizing both the good and the bad in the world is an important step in having clear intent. Knowing these things about the world and accepting them as fact will help you better realize what change you want to be in the world.

3: Clearing your mind completely.

Another step which took me awhile to get down, and even to this day I still have trouble with. A person can clear their mind in a number of ways. Many of us do it without realizing it. Whether its on the drive to work and you zone out only to realize you have arrived at your destination, or preforming a mundane task that you have done a thousand times. The most common way you hear of however is through meditation. Let me pause here to say I know my form of meditation isn’t gonna match up with yours, there are as many ways to meditate as there are beliefs of the act. For me it goes like this: I start by getting into a comfortable position, doesn’t matter what it is as long as its comfortable. From there I start thinking about five specific things related to my current intent. Then one by one I release those thoughts until there is nothing. Having this peace and sense of nothing clears my mind for step four. 

4: Focusing your intent.

Personally everything boils down to your intent. Intent is what makes our thoughts a reality and intent is what first set everyone down their path. Focusing your intent can be difficult. Our minds hold us hostage with maybes and what ifs. The difficulty of focusing your intent is why I start off with the first three steps. Accepting yourself and the world around you and then clearing your mind gets rid of all the thoughts and actions that may hold you back, and then leaves room for only your intent. Your intent by the way can be anything, it doesn’t have to be magical. it can be the intent of wanting to go to the store just as much as it can be the  intent to cast a spell shielding your homestead. Intent is everything and after you focus it and have it clearly and solidly manifested in your mind is when things start to get exciting. 

5: Sending your intent into the universe.

Explosions! Fireworks! Orgasms that rock your socks off! or nothing? Sending out your intent can be done an infinite number of ways, for most witches this is the part most talked about, the casting of your spell. Which in my mind was your intention for an outcome. Sending out your intent can be as simple as whispering it to yourself or as big as a twelve person ritual complete with wands, robes and a hidden radio playing your favorite pagan tune. What matters most in my mind is the fact that you actually send out your intent. just thinking about what you want to happen is like reading a instruction manual but not actually building what it is instructing you to build. What ever your intent is send it out! Just make sure your are understanding of the final step.

6: Acceptance.

Once your intent is sent out into the world, that’s it you’re done. Having done everything you possible can to make what you intended possible and now all you can do is wait for the universe to answer. Waiting, and waiting, and waiting until. Nothing. Yes sometimes nothing happens, sometimes you can do everything right appease all the gods that are and ever were to realize your intent and still have nothing happen. Guess what? That’s okay! Remember step two? Accepting the world as it is? Understand that there are always forces working their way around the world and sometimes no amount of intent can change that. All you can do is accept that, that is the way things work and try, try again. However often your intent does become a reality, and as we all know, that is the best thing in the world. 

Thank you for those who have stayed until the end, again this is just my six personal steps I use and I understand that they are not for everyone. Nonetheless thank you for staying around and learning a little more about how I see the world. Blessed be my friends. 


This is gonna be a kinda long post with some personal stuff in it so, uh, brace yourself.

As many of you know, I’m not as active as some others on tumblr. I also tend to post some rather negative things about myself. Firstly, I’d like to apologize for both of those things. Secondly, I’d like to explain a little more about those things, since both are kinda linked to eachother. I’m not as active as I’d like to be. I’d love to be posting art and dumb text posts and answering asks every day as much as possible, but a number of things are preventing me from doing that.
For one, I have ADD. Which is by no means an excuse, but it does make it incredibly difficult to concentrate on drawing or typing things out at times. Usually at about 5 mins in my mind starts to wander and I just kind of lose track of things and end up never finishing them or finishing a lot later.

The second thing is the fact rhat this is a vore blog. Which is amazing and vore and g/t and all that stuff means so much to me and I love drawing it, but the nature of it means I can’t draw it or do anything related to it around other people. What makes this especially hard is the fact that I’m still living with my family (which will change in the fall but regardless). My brother tends to like to spend his time near me and also likes to check out my computer screen whenever I’m drawing. So the only time I’m able to draw this kind of thing is when he’s not home and the rest of the family is doing their own thing. To add to it all, I have very specific moments when I’m actually motivated to draw things. And I often have the motivation when I can’t actually get it done. Which is frustrating to all hell.
So how does this connect to my negativity towards myself? Well my friends, I have a little something called clinical depression. Coupled with anxiety. The dynamic duo if you will. Which means I have random unexplained bouts of hating myself. And when that happens, my brain wants to cling on to something to blame for how I’m feeling, give a “proper” explanation for why I’m feeling that way. A lot of the time, it will decide that the reason I’m feeling that way is because I’m failing on this blog to be active. Which leads to a horrble jumping of conclusions in which my brain decides that hey, you’re not doing good enough, people must HATE you because of it. And that just becomes an ever growing snowball of self doubt and hatred until finally I let it all out in the form of a text post on the blog, because I’ve related it to vore which is something I cannot tell people in my immediate surroundings. So to the internet I go with crippling self hatred that I KNOW makes absolutely no sense whatsoever, yet still lingers at the back of my mind because WHAT IF. Eventually the shitty feelinga go away, thanks to time and all you wonderful wonderful people that have said so many kind things about me. And at that moment it will feel clear and I will be happy and thinking about how ridiculous my thought process was there. But it always comes back, because that’s just how mental illness works. Which is why I apologize profusely for the begative posts, but I cannot promise that I won’t post any more.

So that’s my explanation for what’s been going on. I don’t want any of you to ever feel like your in some way contributing to these feelings I have, because I know it’s all just the depression. And I also don’t want any of you to worry too much. I have been getting help for these things for the past 5 years and I’ve made immense progress, it just shows up every now and then because, unfortunately, that’s just how depression works. But it’s nowhere near as bad as it used to be.
So again, I’m very sorry and I hope this clears things up. I can’t thank you all enough for the kindness you’ve shown me, and even with these little difficult moments, I still love running this blog with all my heart. Thank you friends ❤

anonymous asked:

I just wanted to say that I agree with everything you said in the tags about people who prefer/only like/have only watched the 2004 movie. Thank you for saying it

Thanks anon ;)

And let me repeat what I said in those tags for everyone to hear.

*clears throat*
I’m not okay with the snobbery with which some seasoned phans treat younger phans as well as the people who like the more mainstream Phantom adaptation that is the 2004 movie. On many ocassions, I’ve heard people call them ‘fake phans’ for liking it/only having watched it (I actually came across a post that did just that a while ago on my dash) BUT NO- it’s your right to like something over something else, and you preferences don’t have to be the same as those of the majority.

As a seasoned phan, I consider it my duty to encourage young phans to expand into the countless POTO adaptations/media that exist. Well, what do you think- that calling them ‘fake phans’ is a word of encouragement? Well, news flash, it ain’t.

Also, same thing goes for people who like LND. Now, I’ll be honest- I do bash Love Never Dies (oh, *and* the 2004 movie, in case I didn’t mention that above- I utterly despise them) and I do think it’s a complete joke of a musical (with the music being the only exception to that). HOWEVER, bashing a play/musical/tv show/movie/any-form-of-media-really ~is not the same as bashing people who like it~. You are free to express an opinion like “That- I like/hate that!” but it’s completely unfair and straight up rude to say something like “You! I hate you, because you like/hate ~that~!” That’s not an arguement, it’s a personal attack with no basis whatsoever.

Aaand same thing goes AGAIN, for people who like LND/the 2004 movie and bash people who don’t. No, guys *tsk tsk* it doesn’t work like that. You can like one thing, I can hate one thing, I can like another thing, you can hate another thing- we CAN engage in a healthy conversation, a debate, even, as to why we like/hate said things. You can even try to convince me why I should like/hate the thing that you like/hate respectively, and I could do the same. But I will never, EVER, put up with you bashing me and the thing I like/hate because it just happens to be the opposite of what you wanted to hear (and neither should you, when you are the one being bashed).

Oops, I wandered off the topic. Anyway, you *should not* bash people for liking/only having seen the 2004 movie. You should not call them a fake phan for liking/only having seen the 2004 movie.
If they like it, that’s great, it’s their right to have a preference that doesn’t necessarily agree with ~your~ preferences.
If they have only watched the 2004 film, chances are that they’re still young in the Phandom and will eventually start investing themselves in POTO more and more (cause god knows that the Phandom is a black hole that sucks you in but after that, you’re done, there’s no escape xD) and they’re bound to expand in time. That’s what happens in most occasions, that’s what happened with me, that’s what happened with numerous *seasoned* phans I know.

And even if they don’t, even if they still like the 2004 movie at all/ more *after* they’ve expanded, that’s also fine.

To sum up:




There’s no such thing as being a fake phan. We all share a genuine love, a burning obsession, a flaming interest for and in “The Phantom of the Opera”, and that’s all that matters. End of story.

*takes deep breath*
I am now at peace.

Chaos Reigns Chapter 47- It's Over When It's Over

Trigger Warnings: language, smut

“Turns out it was a multitude of parties across town who placed the hit. Singling one person out seems to be where we’re having a hard time. No one is stepping up and asking questions as to why you’re still alive, and no one is ballsy enough to question it or The League. What I have heard, and you’ll like this one, you’re a Meta human CC… for lack of a better way to describe it, you’re apparently invincible.” Yari informs us with a chuckle.

“God, if only that were the truth!” I shake my head, sipping a glass of orange juice, my legs casually sprawled across Joker’s lap as he ate his brunch, the way he’s going it looks more like dinner for two. It was early afternoon and I was starting to feel worse for wear dealing with the events of last night. I looked tired and I was in some physical pain from the sustained injuries. Joker was also pissed with me for Whisper being in Japan and him not being able to personally deliver a ‘fuck you’ message, regardless of how many times I told him Whisper was the saviour of this whole debacle. I absentmindedly ran my nails casually along J’s neck, until he curled away from it, seeing a trail of goosebumps left behind, which I giggle at.

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Regarding the Finale and the upcoming Season Two

So, I feel like the finale’s purposeful hinting that Jughead’s possible joining of the Southside Serpents might create tension between him and Betty — given that she obviously gives him a concerned look when he puts on the oh, la la~ jacket, which understandably dampens his spirits some, more on that later — is a sort of red-herring.

The same way the pilot queer-baited viewers, the finale is V→A→B→J-love-square-baiting the audience and stirring up drama just to keep us guessing until Season Two premiere.

The finale established Varchie and Bughead as canonical ships, with the former going from semi-dating to actual dating, and the latter being a solid supercarrier (is it? or is it still a dreadnought?). And while sure, both vessels can hit turbulent waters and, hey, Riverdale is an adaptation of Archie comics, so V/A/B tension is expected (although I have an inkling the A/B part of it might be just from Archie’s side) — we have been hit over the head so many times with the Jughead/Betty and Archie/Veronica soulmate parallels that I honestly think that the show-runners intend those two ships to be eventual endgame. Please, please let Bughead be endgame. #CrossingFingers #HopingNoOneJinxedIt.

But back to my original point; it being that I have a few theories regarding the Southside Serpents storyline. One of which is that Jughead will eventually accept being a Serpent — hopefully with Betty’s support, but maybe without — in order to uncover the truth about the drug-ring in Riverdale and clear the Serpents of the allegations. He and Betty are too much of Intrepid Reporters to let that one go. Plus, Betty’s speech to her mother and then later to the town hinted she will take the truth by its dirty underpants and drag it into the light. 

Maybe he won’t even join them in any official capacity, and his putting on the jacket was just the show-runners teasing the audience, but it was a very clear symbolic gesture that his allegiance is now with the Serpents and the Southside, and he will take their side over that of the people of the…err, I guess the Northside…? (Southside is still part of Riverdale, right? Does the better off side of town have a name?) 

Somehow I feel like Betty will join him on the whole support the Southside…side. *face-palms* being real eloquent here. But as much as I would want a serpent!Bughead with Betty going all ‘Full Dark, No Stars’ on everyone’s asses, I am fairly sure Jughead will ultimately return to Riverdale High after an indeterminate amount of time at Southside High. As much as the Southside accepts him, Betty was right in saying he is Riverdale and he will return to where he is needed soon enough. 

Plus, from a meta point of view, it is clear the entire core four is having some sort of Coming of Age storyline with Betty becoming a more confident person who stands up for what she believes in, Jughead coming to terms with his insecurities and finding both a place and the people he belongs with, Archie’s whole find-yourself arc, and Veronica unlocking a well-rounded-person achievement and becoming better, just as she promised to herself to do. So, Jughead’s season two storyline will obviously bring him back to Riverdale High. 

All in all, the show-runners are trying for Romeo&Julet, Westside Story vibe for Bughead in the finale, but ultimately I think it is Varchie that will play out the star-crossed lovers theme in Riverdale, given the blatant allusions to the Hiram Lodge-Fred Andrews antagonism, while Bughead will have a more Neutral Good take on the Bonnie&Clyde-esque Battle Couple of Justice and Truth.

If it wasn’t blatantly obvious already, I could probably gush about Bughead moments in Sweet Hereafter for another 3k words, but I shouldn’t. I really shouldn’t. Though I will say this: hand-holding while running through the forest is a pretty underestimated romantic gesture. And now, I’ll try to reign in the Yes, that is my OTP! vibes. 

Tangential observation, but I think the reason why Jughead was #WhenHeSmiles over the jacket was because it was concrete proof, along with the whole biker-gang spreading out at his doorstep, that what FP told him — “Serpents take care of their own” — wasn’t just him wishing on a star and stubbornly holding out on the law, but actually adhering to a code. So, Jughead got validation that his father wasn’t just being a stubborn moron and screwing himself over by not taking the deal, but was “sticking by his own”.

Side-bar: Who else teared up a bit when FP told Jughead in a roundabout way that he was proud of him; please, raise a hand? 

Also, I think that Archie and Cheryl might not have a romance arc, as much as a substitute-sibling arc where a lot of Cheryl’s unresolved feelings regarding Jason will be projected onto Archie, who actually is a legit good person and probably is the best choice to be their recipient.
I just really want those two to bond, okay? 

In the same line of thought: Poor Cheryl. She needs a hug and some decent friends because her face in that scene where she was talking to Jughead and Veronica was about to ask her if she was okay, but was interrupted by Archie (or was it Kevin?) who ran there to tell them about Betty’s locker, well, it was just heartbreaking. Seriously #GiveCherylAHug2k17. 

I’m fairly sure that Hiram is behind Fred’s shooting. That’s the reason why Hermione was so keen on buying him out; she was trying to protect her friend-slash-ex-lover from her husband, who, need I remind you, had already used violent underhanded tactics against Fred before.

Also, I wouldn’t be surprised in the least if Hiram is involved in the drug trafficking and Clifford landing him in jail was his attempt at cutting Hiram out of it. But it might be just me. I tend to assume Hiram has his fingers in all the pies. All of them.

P.S. Can we go back to Jason, pls? In one of the first episodes Archie said Seventeen-years-old and how he will be remembered?, and when you look at Jason in hindsight, that line can’t help but break my heart. 

Although I tend to think of Jason as a Base Breaking Character given how much of his characteristics are expositioned via other people’s subjective opinions of him, so he is very much subjected to Alternative Character Interpretation, he turned out to be a pretty solid kid. I mean, I used to think Cheryl was just waxing poetic about her bro-bro, viewing him through rose-coloured glasses and all that, a point that seemed to have been confirmed in episode 3 with the score-book, but…maybe he wasn’t a wolf in sheep’s clothing like I assumed.

The kid got his girlfriend pregnant, wanted to do the right thing by her, loved her enough to defy his family (Fridge Logic moment, but if Jason and Polly’s babies are ultra-super-Blossom, something Mama Blossom was totes okay with, then why didn’t the Blossoms want him to date Polly? I get why Coopers didn’t want that. Hal is anti-incest and Alice is very anti-Blossom, but C&P are very cool-with-casual-incest parents, so Jason dating Polly wouldn’t have been that horrible a thought for them to swallow.), and started being a drug mule in order to get the funds for them to run away. Which, I guess, was how he figured out Clifford’s involvement with the drug trafficking. Maybe he wanted to do something about that, too; he did have drugs stashed in his getaway car.
Jason wasn’t the most upstanding citizen, but he tried to do good and was killed for it.
…just…poor kid.

P.P.S. Also, slight confusion over here at my end. Let me get this straight. Jason got drugs A from the Serpents to move them somewhere. Since FP claims they don’t deal with hard stuff, drugs A might be marijuana or something. Somehow Jason found out that Blossoms traffic drugs B, which might be cocaine or something equally hardcore. The same drugs he had stashed in his getaway car. But since the show insists on calling all drugs just ‘the drugs’ and using virtually identical packages in their footage, I am still not sure if drugs A≠drugs B.
Give me evidence, I beg you. 

Rant over? Rant over.

You is Smart

No matter what you or anyone else has told you, I’m here to state an important fact today: You are intelligent.  Every single one of you.

Before you start to argue with me, let me also state that some of you are intelligent in ways that the standard metrics don’t see.

In Education, we study Howard Gardner’s Multiple Intelligence theory, which delineates at least nine distinct forms of intelligence.  While the standard ones of verbal/linguistic and logical/mathematical are often classified as evidence of smartness by teachers and peers alike, others like musical, bodily-kinesthetic, and interpersonal intelligence go unnoticed or noted as talents, but not signs of intelligence.  Yet they are and harnessing their power can help even the weakest student learn new things better.

Here’s the deal- you possess all of these intelligences, just in varying amounts.  Some of them are super high, others in the middle ground, and a few are low.  But another plus to Gardner’s theory (which is also supported by Dweck’s growth mindset model) is that ALL intelligences can be developed to a higher mastery. AND nearly every intelligence can be used to support or supplement other more traditional learning models, if you know what you are doing.

So why am I blabbering on about all of this?

Because over the next nine weeks, I want to dive into each of these intelligences (with a little help from Brad who will be doing a guest post for me) and how we can use it in our quest to learn languages.  I’ll also try to give tips on how to boost that particular intelligence, in case you find it to be a weak rather than a strong point.  Hopefully, you’ll find some new methods that will help you maximize your own unique gifts, or at least try something new.

For today, I want to just give a brief overview of each intelligence, as well as some notes on how easily it relates to languages.  Let’s dive in, shall we?

Verbal-Linguistic (Word) Intelligence: People with high linguistic intelligence are good with language, both in terms of deduction and creation.  Generally people with high verbal-linguistic intelligence enjoy reading and writing (or oral story-telling).  They enjoy plays on words and appreciate the effort expelled to create a pretty sentence. Obviously, most people who consider themselves good at languages likely have high verbal-linguistic intelligence. In the article on this one, we’ll focus more on how to develop this intelligence to a higher level, as most of the typical activities we think about for language learning fall under this intelligence anyhow.

Logical-Mathematical (Logic) Intelligence: People with high logical-mathematical intelligence are often good with numbers or putting together logical statements.  Computer programmers very often have high levels of this intelligence, as do people who work with numbers such as engineers or accountants.  At first glance this may not seem to connect to language well, but I’d disagree.  I think many people with logical-mathematical intelligence are good at deconstructing grammar and creating sentence formulas to help them communicate.  They often can organize information well, especially if they also have strong visual intelligence.  

Visual-Spatial (Picture) Intelligence: This can go two directions. The more obvious one is being able to represent things and ideas visually.  We often think of artists in this group, but if you know someone who creates incredible mind maps or other visual representations of their notes, chances are they have high visual intelligence.  Another way to manifest this intelligence is being good with understanding spatial concepts. You know that person who NEVER seems to get lost, even in brand new places, even when their GPS doesn’t work? Or the person like my mother who can eyeball a cup of flour or tell you exactly which rooms are directly above which in a house she’s walked through once?  Often people with high visual-spatial intelligence initially struggle with language because the words feel too abstract, but once they start adding pictures or other visual elements to their learning programs, they catch up quick.

Bodily-Kinesthetic (Physical) Intelligence:  This is another one with multiple directions, but often simply stated as “learning by doing.”  Athletes and craftspeople often fall into this category- they demonstrate intelligence through physical action and creation.  Drama can also often fall in with these two as the physicality of theater is often the most critical piece (think of those early silent film actors and actresses and how key their actions and facial expressions were).  If one is learning a sign language, the connection to language is clear.  But I find that even for spoken languages, utilizing physical motions helps solidify vocabulary retention. AND let us not forget the ever important learning of gestures and of course pronunciation, which have physical components.

Musical Intelligence: Brad will be writing the guest post for this one, but I’ll go ahead and introduce it.  These are people who are good with rhythms and melodies, whether by playing an instrument, singing, composing music, or even quality critics who can distinguish between large numbers of pieces.  Musical intelligence lends itself nicely to language learning.  Many of us have learned vocabulary in simple songs or enjoyed music in the language we are studying.  Also chants and rhythms can help us memorize information, as well as make it easier to learn both prosody and tones of a language.

Naturalistic (Nature/Science) Intelligence: I am less familiar with this one as it was added after I completed my formal study, but from my reading, I understand it to be related to being able to classify natural systems as well as recognize and even derive natural laws.  Think Charles Darwin out there sketching his finches and developing the theory of evolution, without it already being written in a book for him to study- just making connections among the physical evidence. My cousin was the type who with a little bit of science knowledge at 8 could extrapolate how it applied to all sorts of situations, while I needed much more direct explanation.  While this one has a very low connection to language naturally (pun unintended), I believe we can make that classification aspect work for us.  

Interpersonal (People/Social) Intelligence: This one is fairly self explanatory, but not as limited as some think.  As the name suggests, this is the ability to interact with people well, often associated with high emotional intelligence.  These are the great conversationalists, the people who read others well, and who know how to work a crowd.  This does NOT always mean they are extroverted though.   Many introverts ARE highly intelligent in interpersonal matters, they just need time to recharge.  And many extroverts are not as good at this as they think- we all know that person who has to be the center of attention, even in the most inappropriate situations (e.g. the brother of the bride who makes an arse of himself at her wedding). Obviously, interpersonal intelligence can be highly useful to an aspiring polyglot because one needs to talk with people to practice!  Also people with high interpersonal intelligence are likely to pick up on and acclimate to new cultural norms with ease, making them blend in faster.

Intrapersonal (Self) Intelligence: This is in many ways the reverse of the former, though that does not mean one can’t be highly versed in both.  Intrapersonal intelligence is all about understanding yourself, knowing what makes you tick and how to motivate yourself.  It means understanding how you learn best and what brings you both joy and stress and how to effectively deal with both.  Again, this plays a high role in what many call emotional intelligence. Intrapersonal intelligence may not initially seem super connected to language learning (which after all, often has communication as its focus) BUT knowing how you learn is critical to the autodidact (self-taught learner- favorite word of a friend) and knowing how to boost your own motivation is even more essential. Therefore intrapersonal intelligence can be a great asset to a language learner.

Existential (Philosophical/Spiritual) Intelligence: Please forgive me, as I may falter on this explanation.  This is another one that was not included in the list when I was formally studying this information.  But, from the reading, this seems to be focused on people who ponder and come to interesting conclusions about the BIG questions: why are we here, what happens after we die, what does it mean to be “good”.  I had to think a long while how this intelligence would interact with language learning.  Ultimately, I think this intelligence helps one assign purpose (and therefore encourage motivation) to the activity and also perhaps help one deal with the more abstract aspects of language learning.  We all know those expressions that you have to feel more than learn in a formal respect- this is the kind of thing that existential intelligence may help one acquire.

 I hope you will find the next few weeks interesting as we look at each intelligence in depth and give suggestions on how to both develop this intelligence as well as how to use it to improve your language learning.  I’ll try to include some links along the way for those interested in knowing more.  Until then, peace out my Polyglot Peeps!

anonymous asked:

any fics where draco has pets? idk i just want him all mushy over a pet u know? every one needs a mushy draco


If you’re interested, I’ve written up a Career With Animals rec too. I hope you don’t mind that I’ve included fics where Harry is the one with a pet too, though Draco’s never horrible to them!


Unexpected, A Holiday Tail OF Mistaken Identity (amightypenguin)

Rating: PG-13, WC: 24k, Summary: After an accident involving a two year old and a wand, Harry (much to his dismay) is sent to Draco, who believes he’s caring for a pet. A large pet with a bad attitude.

Stop And Stare (Saras_Girl)

Rating: NC-17, WC: 78.3k, Summary: Harry’s life is full of care, he has no time to stop or stare; he has no time for anyone’s shit, until his friends aren’t having it. A story about the unravelly things.

With Great Yawns And Stretchings (sugar_screw)

Rating: PG-13, WC: 22k, Summary: The coffee is very good. Really. And the cats are so cute. That’s why Harry goes so often.

Such Great Heights (softlyforgotten)

Rating: NC-17, WC: 93.3k, Summary: Draco Malfoy, wide-eyed and pale and in a decidedly ragged shirt, was crouched next to the pile of whatever the dragon had been eating.Harry threw himself to a halt and yelled, “Merlin, how many times do I have to save your life?”

All Life Is Yours To Miss (Saras_Girl)

Rating: PG-13, WC: 115k, Summary: Professor Malfoy’s world is contained, controlled, and as solitary as he can make it, but when an act of petty revenge goes horribly awry, he and his trusty six-legged friend are thrown into Hogwarts life at the deep end and must learn to live, love and let go.

Slithering (astolat)

Rating: NC-17, WC: 27.3k, Summary: Draco found the nest down in the Manor’s cellars, while he was clearing them out.

Life Is The Flower (For Which Love Is The Honey (@bafflinghaze)

Rating: PG-13, WC: 15.4k, Summary: The Malfoy Manor lands are lush and verdant. Bees hover over carpets of flowers, and ducks paddle in the pond. It is a place far removed from bustling London and pesky reporters; it is a place where Harry finds what—and who—he didn’t know he was missing.

Taking Care (digthewriter)

Rating: PG-13, WC: 9.2k, Summary: Sometimes not getting what you thought you wanted makes you realise what you actually needed.

Servile (calrissian18)

Rating: NC-17, WC: 68.5k, Summary: “I would love anything you gifted me, My Lord, but this,” silver eyes, the same shade as the dragon that marked Harry’s arm, glinted in his direction under the Death Eater’s hood, “is exquisite.”

Partners Of The Four-Legged Variety (carpemermaid)

Rating: NC-17, WC: 17.9k, Summary: “Training starts in the home, Potter, so your new Crup and I will need to stay with you for a few weeks while I show you how to properly train and bond with him.” The Auror Department is instating a K9 Crup Unit, and Harry is the first to sign up. Turns out the professional trainer is Draco Malfoy, and he has to live with Harry as part of the Crup training programme.

Because Malfoy Owned A Cat (Marie Thomas)

Rating: PG, WC: 3.1k, Summary: Harry makes a surprising discovery when he Apparates into his Auror partner’s flat one evening after an argument at work.

Here Be Dragons (birdsofshore)

Rating: NC-17, WC: 21.8k, Summary: Harry doesn’t want to waste his time investigating illegal dragonhide trading, whether it involves a fetish club in Knockturn Alley or visiting a remote island in Wales. Why the bloody hell does Malfoy always have to be up to something?

Scurrilous (Saras_Girl)

Rating: PG-13, WC: 25.1k, Summary: When Potter starts behaving more oddly than usual, Draco has no choice but to take an interest. After all, it’s his job. Sort of.

And An Owl Named Romeo (rickey_a)

Rating: NC-17, WC: 26.4k, Summary: Draco breeds owls, Harry’s an Auror, and an owl named Romeo is going to bring them together.

The Poetry Of Fragments (olimakiella)

Rating: NC-17, WC: 20.2k, Summary: The city of London has seen its fair share of tragedies in the past few months but when a Muggle disease hits the Wizarding world, people start dying and rising again dramatically changed and fiendishly clever. A group of operatives are called in wipe London’s slate clean but as they unravel the mystery they realise the Muggles aren’t the only ones to blame. The action starts at Athena College Library in western London… 

Stalking Harry (thusspakekate)

Rating: NC-17, WC: 14k, Summary: Harry Potter is the most eligible bachelor in the Wizarding world. Draco Malfoy is a disgraced ex-Death Eater with emotional baggage and a bit of a crush.

Dealing With Duchess (oldenuf2nb)

Rating: NC-17, WC: 4,454, Summary: Harry Potter had always wanted a pet…

Seeing Draco Malfoy (khalulu)

Rating: PG-13, WC: 12.3k, Summary: It’s a few years after the war, Harry is an Auror, Ginny’s broken up with him, and Draco runs a “Magical Repairs and Reparations” service. And then there’s Ignatius – devastatingly good-looking, temperamental, and addicted to gingernut biscuits. When Harry loses his glasses in a fight and learns that they’ve landed in Draco’s hands, he’s suspicious. But soon after that, life starts looking up.

Remember Me, As I Will You (@alpha-exodus)

Rating: PG-13, WC: 13.2k, Summary: Two weeks, Harry’d said, two weeks and he’d be done with the assignment. But the longer Draco waits, the harder it is to believe that Harry is going to return alive. Content/Warnings: Major Character Death

Take The Air (dysonrules)

Rating: NC-17, WC: 50k, Summary: Someone or something is attacking Muggles and leaving them for dead. Auror Harry Potter is assigned to the case, but with his usual partner unavailable, he is stuck with the worst, most anti-social, rude, and annoying Auror ever to walk the halls of the Ministry. Or perhaps he is only that way around Harry…

A Simple Misunderstanding (naturegirlrocks)

Rating: PG, WC: 6k, Prompt: Draco tells Harry he wants to have a baby. Harry humors him, having no idea that wizards can become pregnant. He enjoys frequent sex with Draco, and boy, is he surprised when Draco reveals that he’s pregnant!

Catfished (Saras_Girl)

Rating: PG-13, WC: 32.8k, Summary: Draco is in deep water, Harry can see straight through him, and that’s not even the full scale of the problem.

Finding Cooper (dracogotgame)

Rating: PG, WC: 1.6k, Summary: Harry and Draco lose their puppy. Panic ensues.

Fractured Light (MissSnakeyBoots)

Rating: NC-17, WC: 74,900, Summary: Twenty year-old Harry finds himself in a good job with a new-found smoking habit, a Labrador that likes breakfast and a work friend with an unsavoury fascination with women. Harry’s friends worry about his emotional stability and on times - sexuality. Enter Draco Malfoy in Muggle clothes with his camera and Harry’s life is thrown into disarray.

Dog Therapy (Razra_Eizel)

Rating: PG-13, WC: 4.7k, Summary: Draco was sent to bring Harry back to Wizarding London, and failed completely.

We Are Young (I’ll Carry You Home Tonight) (@femmequixotic)

Rating: NC-17, WC: 68.8k, Summary: Harry and Draco have been falling into bed on and off again since the last election five years ago, much to the amusement - and financial gain - of their circle of friends.

Azoth (zeitgeistic)

Rating: NC-17, WC: 88.7k, Summary: Now that Harry is back at Hogwarts with Hermione for eighth year, he realises that something’s missing from his life, and it either has to do with Ron, his boggart, Snape, or Malfoy. Furthermore, what, exactly, does it mean when one’s life is defined by the desire to simultaneously impress and annoy a portrait? Harry has no idea; he’s too busy trying not to be in love with Malfoy to care.

Mad About Cats (enchanted_jae)

Rating: PG-13, WC: 2.2k, Summary: When a talented veterinarian and a mad cat bloke can’t quit dancing around one another, it takes a cunning cat to get them together. Career Choices: Harry: Mad Cat Bloke; Draco: Veterinarian

Turn (Saras_Girl)

Rating: NC-17, WC: 306,708, Summary: One good turn always deserves another. Apparently.

My Little Berserker (Aelys_Althea)

Rating: NC-17, WC: 105k, Summary: Eighth year was supposed to be calm. Moderated. Peaceful, even. Draco returned to escape the chaos wrought upon his shambles of a life and Harry to flee the responsibility of a world that sees him as something greater than was truly possible. Hogwarts was a safe haven, right? At least it was until Hagrid comes up with the wonderful idea to introduce some additional members to the student body of the fluffier variety. Hagrid doesn’t do moderated - where’s the fun in that?