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Pairing: Dean x Female Reader
Warnings: Blood, canon-related injuries, talk about self doubt and anxiety, Dean being kind of a temporary asshole.
Author’s Note: Am I too late for angst day? Don’t be scared, y'all know I can’t help but add a bit of fluff.
Summary: You’ve been hiding your feelings for Dean for months now and when you have a fight, you reach your breaking point.

You’ve got your hands pressed hard on Sam’s abdomen in the backseat of the Impala, your hands quickly turning crimson as you try to stop the bleeding.

Dean’s driving, his hands clenched so tight to the wheel that his knuckles are white. The muscle in his jaw is ticking repeatedly, and he doesn’t look at you as he races back to the bunker.

“Dean–” you say, trying to get his attention. You want him to say something, anything, because anything would be better than this silence.

“Don’t.” He barks.

You open your mouth to reply, but Sam groans, and you turn your attention back to him. “Hang in there, Sammy.” You say, keeping an eye on his pupils and monitoring his pulse.

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“I’m just surprised to see you cry.”

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would you give some musical recommendations?

Tbh if you haven’t watched Barbie: The Princess and the Pauper idk if u can even call yourself a true musical fan

from what i can gather the difference isn’t “people with physical and visible disabilities get taken seriously and accomodated while those with invisible mental illnesses don’t get taken seriously” it’s closer to “people with temporary illnesses/injuries (of most kinds including many mental health things) get taken seriously and accomodated, while people with chronic illnesses and disabilities of any kind don’t get either”. which is extra messed up because the longer someone is ill/disabled, the more they need the accomodations and the worse the lack of it usually affects them. (ofc other kinds of oppressions play into this too)

The Friendly Wager (Part 3)

Summary: AU. Reader and Bucky Barnes are neighbors and best friends. After yet another bad date, reader comes home to find Bucky with his typical weekend target. They decide to make a wager about dating, but is there more on the line than reader cares to admit?

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x reader

Word Count: 2,978

Warnings: language, fluff, sarcasm, complete and utter denial, social drinking, cheese - I needed something this fluffy ok? haha

A/N: This is my submission for the lovely Kait’s ( @bionic-buckyb) 5k AU Challenge. Congrats on the followers, friend! My prompt was “Can you please come over so I don’t feel so alone?

Part 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 -

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Skelebros Relationship Headcanons

I’ve been listening to “Here Comes A Thought” from Steven’s Universe for a while and it has thoroughly infested my brain. And we’ve had a lot of angst on my blogs for a while now, so have some fluff.

- Blushes whenever you kiss his forehead. Any sweet and affectionate gesture makes him turn bright blue.

- At the first party you two go to, he asks you to dance. He’s all fumbly and awkward, and he steps on your toes a lot.

- The first little gift you get from him is a card. One of those friendship Hallmark cards you get at the convenience store, It’s got a pun on it. He put a sweet heart candy in it.

- He takes you window shopping a lot. You two don’t always have the money to buy everything you like, but he likes seeing how you get all excited when you see something cool.

- The first argument you two have is probably over something minor in hindsight, but seemed like a big deal then. Sans leaves for a while to cool down. And when he comes back and the two of you make up, he kisses your cheek.


- He’s always singing or humming, but if you ask him to sing something for you, he starts blushing and tripping over the words.

- When you have a nightmare, he holds you in his lap and rocks you back and forth, humming softly to you until you fall back asleep.

- He usually tries to go all out when he gets you presents, but he’s bad at shopping for other people. But while he might not find the perfect thing, all of his gifts are thought-out and full of love.

- He’s a surprisingly good dancer, as you find out when you go to a formal party. He can waltz, and you spend the night dancing with him, but since he’s so tall he quite literally sweeps you off your feet a few times when you turn.

- He loves giving you piggy-back rides, and he loves to mess with you during them. Sometimes he’ll pretend you’re really heavy and that he’s going to fall over. One time he did, but instead of dropping you or squishing you, he just fell on his face rather than risk hurting you.


- He loves you so much and he wants you to know that. He tells you that he loves you constantly. Sometimes when you’re just sitting on the couch watching some show, he’ll just randomly say “I love you”

- He likes just sort of laying next to you. Not doing anything in particular, just laying near you and maybe holding hands holding hands.

-  When the two of you are sitting around, sometimes he bumps his feet against yours. No real reason, he just likes being near you. And it makes him happy, when he reminds himself that you’re actually there. He still can’t believe you’re actually here with him.

- He likes playing with your hair, no matter how short or long it is. Sometimes he just pets you. He likes scruffing up your hair, it makes you look cute when you’re all fluffed up.

- A lot of the ways he shows he cares is by making sure you take care of yourself. Sometimes he just drags you away from work to sit on the floor and do a puzzle, sometimes he makes you a snack. A lot of the times he just talks to you. About anything or nothing, or just whatever.


- A lot of the time you spend together, he just looks at you. Not touching you or talking to you, just looking at you with this look of awe on his face.

- He’s usually pretty lazy, but when you’re together, sometimes he’ll just pick you up. No reason. He’ll just swing you into a bridal style carry and kiss you.

- When he comes home from Muffet’s he always has a bag of food with him. It’s always your favorite. No matter how unhealthy, or uncommon. Even if you know for a fact Muffet doesn’t cook that dish.

- Sometimes if there’s only one chair left in the room, he’ll try to sit next to you on the same chair. Even if it’s way too small, he’ll give it a shot. It doesn’t help that no matter what sort of pretzel you two make all smooshed together, he usually falls asleep.

- He lets you win in Mario Kart, and Smash Bros.


- He likes holding your hand, just running his thumb over your knuckles. Sometimes he’ll sneak a quick kiss onto the back of your hand.

- The first date you two go on is actually a picnic. He brought Grillby’s to eat of course, but the two of you sit in Waterfall and munch on fries. You get distracted, but then you feel something being put on your head. It’s a crown of echo flowers.

- Sans is actually pretty good at fixing things. If you  just have to be your knight in shining armor.” need your car’s oil changed, he can do it. He tries to teach you how to change a tire, but eventually he just gives up and throws an arm around your shoulder. “well, we tried. guess i’ll just have to be your handy-man”

- Getting him to do anything romantic in public is hard, but sometimes when people are distracted, he’ll give you a quick smooch.

- When Christmas comes along, you discover his one true weakness. He can’t tie a ribbon for anything. He actually ties his hand into the bow, and you have to untangle him. He does manage to tie a ribbon you saved from Valentine’s day around your wrist. It says “I <3 you”


- He’s likes putting his head on your shoulder. Just laying his head there and closing his eyes.

- When you’re feeling down about yourself, he’ll sit next to you. And then he’ll list everything good about you. Everything.

-The first time you see him relax is when you’re watching some mind-numbing game show on T.V. He slowly just melts into the couch, and he scoots closer to you. Eventually he just leans his head on your shoulder and sighs happily.

- He love writing love notes to you. Pretty much every week you find a new note, with a flower laid on top of it. The house is pretty much overrun with flowers by now. He buys you bouquet after bouquet of flowers.

- He puts a lot of effort into his cooking. He tries to learn new dishes, especially ones you like. He makes you sweets, or hearty, healthy meals. His favorite thing is sharing a meal with you, even if it’s just a ham sandwich.


- When you fall asleep on the couch, you always wake up to him laying next to you, curled into your side.

- He steals the blankets all the time, but sometimes. Only sometimes. He lets you take out one of the really old, really warm quilts he’s had forever. He likes showing you all the different patterns, and even though he doesn’t really know their meaning, he likes guessing them.

- When you two kiss for the first time, he has to stand on a chair. He nearly tips over, and you have to catch him. And when you’re holding him steady, that’s when he realizes he loves you.

- He always takes you on really elaborate dates. All the time. He puts a lot of effort into them, but sometimes they don’t work out. So he goes with his back-up plan. And the two of you order Chinese food and watch weird game shows.

- When he hugs you, he always bumps his forehead against your’s


- He always gives you his jacket if you look even the slightest bit cold.

- Whenever you fall asleep on the couch, you wake up in your bed, tucked in. Sometimes there’s even a glass of water and a snack on your bedside table.

- He really likes doing little, sappy romantic gestures. If there’s condensation on a window, he’s put a heart with the two of your names in it. Sometimes he serenades you. Other times he picks you up and swing you around and around.

- He takes you on a lot of outdoorsy dates. He teaches you how to ice-skate, and when you trip and fall on top of him he just laughs and kisses your nose. Then he has you hold onto him while he skates you around the lake.

- He likes writing on you. When your reading, sometimes he’ll just take a pen and doodle on your skin. He draws little flowers,and smiley faces. And he’ll let you doodle on him too. He likes having matching drawings on each other, kind of like temporary tattoos

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Congrats on the milestone!! As for a prompt, if you're ok with angst how about Keith and Pidge where Keith has been rendered out of commission (taking a hit for Pidge?) and Pidge is left trying to get them out of whatever bad situation they're in by herself while carrying/dragging Keith, or something?

thank you my dear! I’m happy to provide ;)

Pidge paused, gasping for breath, and gathered herself for another heave. She was crouched, arms hooked under Keith’s armpits. The rest of him was flat on his back. By some small blessing, the corner of the Galra ship they were in was, for now, empty. But they had gone too far from any sane evac point in their search for prisoners, and getting back out was going to be…challenging.

“For the record, you picked a really great time for a nap,” Pidge griped as she threw her whole body weight into moving Keith another inch down the hallway.

Keith ignored her. Keith was probably unconscious. Behind them was a chaotic trail of Pidge’s bootprints slipping and smearing their dark red outlines. The dark red in question was leaking from the smoking hole in Keith’s armour.

She wasn’t going to let herself think too much about what it was. How much of it there was. How much of it would be too much.

How much of it was her fault.

Her foot slipped again, and her butt thumped hard to the floor. Keith’s arms flopped limply over her thighs, and she curled tightly over him, breath a scraping pain in her chest.

“Guys,” she said, trying to press the fear from her voice. “We really need that evac.”

A crackle was her first answer; Pidge recognized the sound of Hunk’s bayard firing. They were on foot, then. Coming after them. Shiro’s steady voice was the one that answered. “We’re on our way, Pidge. Just get somewhere safe.”

“Oh, sure. No problem,” Pidge said, but nobody answered. She twisted around, looking for some kind of temporary cover, but it was just a dumb hallway: long and open and well-lit. “It’s a good thing Galra bones aren’t made of concrete or this would be really difficult right now.”

Then Keith’s body shuddered in her arms, and her head snapped back down.

He took a wet, bubbling breath. “I regret saving you,” Keith croaked.

Pidge’s eyes stung with relief, and she hugged him tight for just a second. “Too late. No takebacks,” she said. “Besides, I’m the one saving you, in case you haven’t noticed.”

She bent for another heave, dug her heels in, and hauled them both another half a foot. When she looked up again, one of Keith’s hands was raised just far enough to deliver her a righteous middle finger.

A laugh hiccuped out of Pidge before she could stop it, and she kept hauling him, an inch at a time, towards safety.

I’m celebrating a follower milestone! Send me a prompt and I’ll write you a mini fic!

You may not realise it right now, but there’ll be a day when you notice my absence with every breath you take, with every beat your heart completes without me by your side. You’ll look for me in all the places that used to be my favourite, you search for me in the streets we used to walk hand in hand, you gently brush your fingertips over letters I sent you, but I won’t be found, not where you used to find me and not in the words I wrote you. You will miss me, no matter if you will recognise the emptiness in your chest for what it is or if you’ll brush it off as a temporary kind of sadness you can’t explain. You’ll miss me, but sadly it’ll be too late.
—  Sadly, I’ve been gone for too long / n.j.
Cosa Nostra (Pt. 2)

Summary: You were just a girl who took some odd jobs from the Min Syndicate to make some extra cash. When Min Yoongi himself sends a request for you to come to his mansion, any semblance of your normal life gets thrown out the window. What sort of dangers will face you once you become associated with one of the biggest mob bosses?



Word Count: 4k

Part [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6]

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Preparing for the meeting with Min Yoongi was a thousand times more stressful that you could have possibly predicted. At first you had worried about how you were to pay for an extravagant get up for this so called “meeting”, given that you were knee deep in debt. Luckily for you, a random lump sum of cash had mysteriously made its way under the door of your apartment. You didn’t know what was more worrying: the fact that the Min Syndicate knew exactly where you lived, or the fact that they just so casually handed you over five thousand dollars in cash. You didn’t even want to think about how they got that kind of money.

Even with your newfound temporary wealth, you didn’t know the first thing about how to dress appropriately for a meeting with the mafia. Despite your uncertainty in shopping for a formal dress, you managed to pick out an ankle length semi-form fitting black dress. The back of the dress was almost completely cut out, the fabric ending just below the small of your back, and with a slit down the side of the dress to show even more skin. It was a little risqué for your taste, but you figured that this was the sort of thing that mafia people wore to things like this. At this point you were clueless, so you might as well look like a fucking goddess.

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drarry domestic au make me cry

  • ok i’m gonna try not to stress myself out with the logistics of this too much but it’s post-canon minus the epilogue & when they’re in their early/mid-20s. they both have jobs that don’t suck but i don’t know what they are
  • and we’re past the point where the relationship is a Big Deal everyone’s used to it now and the drama has passed. they haven’t been together for a long time but it’s stable
  • draco has been living with his mom, not at the manor, a new big house she bought in another country in europe. he works in london but he didn’t want her to be alone so he moved with her. she’s rolling her eyes waiting for him to move out and live w harry
  • harry is a Sad Boy as we all know and has been living at grimmauld place - he at least fixed it up a ton with the help/insistence of the weasleys so it’s pretty different than it used to be but it’s not like he picked it out or particularly likes it. it’s just never really occurred to him to move u know
  • he doesn’t sell it when he moves out but he checks up on it regularly and he gives andromeda and teddy free reign of the place also and just kind of keeps it available for anyone who he’s pals with who needs a place to stay or whatever. maybe if it’s relevant to his job, whatever it is, he turns the place into a legit shelter
  • anyway.
  • definitely neither of them knows shit about looking for an apartment and hermione helps (ron also does not know shit and is disruptive)
  • they’re looking for something that’s more temporary, like not a house they’ll live in forever, something that kind of gets them on their feet and into the world of living like real adults. something nice but not fancy
  • draco’s difficult and dislikes very specific and unpredictable elements of each apartment and hermione throws her stack of notes at him because she can’t figure out how to avoid what he’ll dislike. the realtor thanks her
  • harry meanwhile has like no preference and is just like “ok this is nice” about everything they look at. ron throws hermione’s stack of notes at him (the realtor is scandalized but secretly thankful again)
  • tl;dr eventually they decide to live in a muggle part of london and work with a muggle realtor so they can just feel like normal people
  • the apartment they pick has a lot of big windows like narcissa’s new house 
  • and a really big kitchen with a really long table like grimmauld place 
  • and a spare bedroom which is mostly used for sleepovers with teddy, or rose and hugo, or ron when he falls asleep on the couch
  • they get plants because draco lives for the #aesthetic but both of them forget to water them so neville winds up coming over for dinner every wednesday night and “checking on” the plants
  • luna paints them a mural on one of their walls as a surprise gift so they lose their deposit money
  • an old lady lives next door and her cat is in love with draco and he keeps sneaking in and trying to eat their plants and trip harry so that he can have draco to himself. she gives them a key to her apartment so that they can just deposit the cat inside instead of knocking on her door three times a day. when she learns that harry likes to cook but doesn’t know a lot of actual recipes she gives him her family recipe book and he has an emotion about it

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Since the landlady is going to the beach with the boys when her ankle heals it got me thinking, how would they react with a s/o with tattoos? I know tattoos turn some people off so I was curious about what you think. P.S: I love you and how approachable you are when answering these ask. Keep being your sweet self!

(*Thank you so much! <3  I hope I seem approachable; I don’t want anyone to ever be nervous to talk to me.  =]  Also, since skeletons don’t have any skin, I think they’d all be fascinated by an s/o with tattoos.  It’d definitely be a turn-on!  Except… maybe not so much in the case of Papyrus because he doesn’t approve of the needles.  He likes the ink, but looking at them makes him imagine his s/o in pain, and that dampens his spirits.  He’ll get over that eventually. )


Sans thinks they’re neat.  The idea of dyeing your skin permanently is a huge responsibility–and one he’s intrigued by.  So, he’s going to give you a bunch of stupid joke tattoo ideas, most of which are puns.  

…And if you happen to actually take his unsolicited advice and get BONE ZONE tattooed in bone-shaped lettering, well… he’s going to marry you.  


ART FOR YOUR SKIN?!  THAT’S AMAZING!  Papyrus is jealous that he doesn’t have skin, but FEAR NOT!  He’s awfully resourceful and will be sure to draw on his bones with marker to make his own tattoos!  He’s going to be so happy when he shows you because he just KNOWS you’ll like his new ink.  

However, when he discovers how tattoos are applied on humans, he’s… horrified.  He still thinks your tattoos are fantastic, sure, but he doesn’t want you to ever get another one because the idea of someone stabbing needles into your flesh makes him hurt for you.  He doesn’t care if you insist it doesn’t really hurt.  If anything, that just makes him think you’re a real bad-ass.  He still stands his ground and insists that he can re-draw it on you every day instead.


Sans loves them.  He spends his time tracing his fingers along them, and if you happen to have one on your side, he enjoys following that design with his tongue.  It’s a part of you, so of course he likes it.

….He really wants you to get his name tattooed on your hip or lower back.  


Edge doesn’t really have a preference one way or another.  He has no idea what tattoos are, so when he sees the markings on your skin, he assumes it’s just a thing humans have.  He won’t even comment on them or ask you about them because he doesn’t want to show his ignorance, but whenever you’re not looking, he’s blatantly staring.  He does think that look pretty neat.


Blueberry assumes that your markings are just a human thing you’re born with, but when he sees you get a new one (“OH NO!  HUMAN, ARE YOU INJURED?  WHY IS THERE A BANDAGE ON YOUR ARM??”), you explain the process to him.  Like UT!Paps, he’s horrified, but you seem so nonchalant by it that he pretends it doesn’t bother him.  

He really wants to impress you, but he’s told that tattoos won’t work on bone.  The temporary kind won’t even transfer to his arm.  Sooo, he just goes with stickers and hopes that you like them.  

If you happen to let him help design your next tattoo, he’ll never stop staring at it–or telling everyone he encounters about how cool your tattoos are.


Stretch likes looking at them, and he wants to see every one you have, up-close.  He’s going to lean in and carefully examine each tattoo, and then ask you about the stories and meanings behind them and how much they hurt.  He’s fascinated by the way the ink moves with your skin, as well as by the permanence of it.  


(M, H/C, light angst) for my wonderful Parabeta @alyxhavok

He feels Alec’s comforting weight on top of him, his mouth open against his skin, cool saliva and short, hot breaths against his neck, their bodies damp and hot, pasted together.

Alec’s head moves, his mouth running upwards Magnus’ throat and chin and takes over his mouth; lips, teeth, and tongue stealing his breath when he barely regained it.

Alec slowly slides off him, a leg and arm remaining over Magnus, and his fingers find Alec’s head, gliding through wet strands of hair.

He feels sated and peaceful in a way he can’t remember, maybe never truly has before. He closes his eyes, his chest moving with Alec’s soft sounds of breathing, his long fingers splayed over Magnus’ abs, sending tiny, blissful sparks through him.

He could stay like this, forget there’s a world outside of them, just feel without the fear of repercussions, of being too much, of being not enough.

“Do you trust me?”

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How would Espada react if they accidentally scared their s/o like did something violent or anything that shows their true nature and they'd see s/o being honestly terrified by them to the point of crying or begging them to not come closer? Bring all the angst, I live for angst.

( ´△`)


-He’s strong, but he’d never be scary to you. You don’t have to be afraid of him, so please stop cowering like he’s going to tear you apart. If you never like him again, he’d have no reason to live, but the only thing he can think to do is crouch low and nuzzle at your arm, the picture of desperate submission. 


-Anything that caused this kind of fear from you was nothing but a temporary, terrible lack in self-control. She’d never hurt you, not on purpose, and the fact that you’re flinching back like a smaller Hollow makes her absolutely sick. If apologizing, anything would fix this, she’d do it. 


-He should be nothing but satisfied. Maybe this will finally teach you how dangerous Hollows really are and cure that pathetic human sympathy once and for all. Instead, he feels almost as panicked as you look, sharp, cold fear that you’re never going to want him again weighing down his limbs. 


-This reaction is how you should have been to begin with. You have every reason to be terrified of him, and now you might finally realize that. The thought of you not ever coming back makes him absolutely sick, but weak humans are better off staying away from monsters. 


-In the flash of temper that caused this, he didn’t think beyond finding some outlet for his rage. Seeing you cowering and terrified, though sends absolute ice through his veins, collecting in his stomach in the form of sheer panic. He wasn’t going to hurt you. You know that, right? Right?


-Outwardly, he does everything he can to pass the situation off as no big deal. It was just an accident, there’s nothing to be afraid of. Inside, he’s on the verge of total panic, terrified that he’s scared you away for good with a mere temporary lapse in judgement and control. 


-Normally, the terror of a potential victim would be nothing but satisfying. But this time, despite the sick joy he feels at seeing someone fear for their life, all he wants to do is make it stop. You shouldn’t be afraid of him. You never have been. It’s not right to see you flinch away from him.