(now i'm glad i did)


pretty sure that’s a fire hazard, Jesse.

happy valentine’s day!! <3 <3

Late Kyouken birthday and the tiniest bit of BandAU! 
I actually have quite a bunch planned out and I’m excited for the break to get a bit of time to work on it! ^__^v 

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ナルバキスン (look at me gwisun) ☆ d-lite


I like to think they unconsciously follow Shiro around like a mother hen

Whoa, I don’t remember seeing that teacher just a minute ago…
He seems kind of big. And… wriggly.
Plus, that other teacher is going at it with him.
Is she trying to stab him?
Now the lady teacher’s being taken away…
None of this makes sense.

Promotional photoshoot & interview for the RSC’s Richard II (with David Tennant)

I sent a message to someone (anonymously because my anxiety is stupidly high lately ><) about a post they reblogged and the false information it contained, and the next day a BNF made a post inspired by my message to spread the information.

I feel proud and silly :p

Remember when she said..

“No one is going to sign up for this and everything that goes with it”

“Do you love camera flashes? I hope you do!”

“I don’t know what’s going to happen if I’m ever content in a relationship”

“I don’t even know if that’s possible with the life I have”


l҉̶̘̫̟͔͚͈e͓t̨̨̩̻̠̭͈͇'̧̛̻̻̭̫̜͕̠̜̪͠s̱̬̝͞ ̙͈̬̜p̸̨̧̟̦͖̗͕l̙̞͖͍̟̝̀a̢͍̝̪y̶̞̞͔ ̜͚̖͚̕à̞̤̟̟̥̣ͅͅ ̢̙̯̪̖͕̻̕g͈͚͈̬̳̳͟a̷̷̰͇̜̪̤͇͡m̲̻̠̹̘͍ę̖̤̱

He was actually kind of annoying at first. He kept trying to make conversation with me before discussion because I was always the first one there.

He is actually completely different when teaching though. He gets pretty serious and focused. He clearly knows a lot and is super smart from what I can see. This was really surprising from someone who behaves like him….but I admired his intelligence and diligence in his studies. He definitely earned his TA position aha.

However, he is super clumsy too…

He’s knocked over lab equipment and broken things every lab session. Some glass was broken and it accidentally cut me. It wasn’t bad, but Namjoon was so concerned. He refused to leave my side as he told some students to get the nurse. He even paid for all the fees for the broken glass equipment and kept checking up on me via email.

A lot of TA’s don’t care if a student gets a small cut or pay for their fees. Namjoon cared though. He genuinely cared about my wellbeing despite only knowing me for a couple weeks professionally.

Of course I fell for him. He’s studious, sweet, and makes me smile.  ♥

It only got worse once we started having one on one study sessions….that dork….that cute dork….

Future Tense
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“You’re right,” Clarke says, and it doesn’t sound like she enjoys admitting it. “I haven’t been in a relationship with anyone in a while. But I am now.” She pulls her hand away to gesture towards him. “Let’s try this again. This is Bellamy. He’s my boyfriend. It’s serious.”

Abby’s eyes fly to Bellamy, appraisingly. Great. These expectations are going to be really fun to live up to.


Clarke and Bellamy go back to her hometown so she can give a speech at the opening reception for Wells Jaha Hall, and Bellamy finally meets Abby Griffin. A continuation of the “We are Undone by Each Other” universe.

Here it is! More Undone, because we all apparently needed more suffering. 

I want to do more finished things this year and not just doodles 
So! Thing for Shells and Nerdy! òuob