• me on a date:do you like memes?
  • my date:*shoves breadsticks in purse* i have to leave right now immediately
  • me:i'm taking that as a yes?
need to cool off? try an ice cream meme !
  • vanilla:write a cute and fluffy thought your muse might have.
  • chocolate:have your muse mention something they tend to indulge in.
  • strawberry:does your muse like fruit? which one best?
  • pistachio:write your muse saying something "nutty" and out of character.
  • black raspberry frozen yogurt:have your muse try to impersonate mine.
  • caramel:what does your muse dream of having in the future?
  • vanilla chocolate swirl:would your muse consider... ~"entwining"~ with mine?
  • mint:is your muse a morning person?
  • sundae with a cherry on top:write something that would make your muse happier than anything in the world right now.
  • rocky road:your muse trips and falls onto mine; reaction?
  • chocolate peanut butter:does your muse like the nightlife?
  • malted vanilla:write a sad and fluffy thought your muse might have.
  • banana:is your muse lusting after something right now?
  • pumpkin:write about a special memory your muse has.
  • butter pecan:is your muse moved easily by bribery or flattery?
  • coffee:does your muse do well pulling all-nighters? have they done so recently?
  • cookies n' cream:my muse snuggles up next to yours on a cold evening; reaction?
  • egg nog:does your muse hold their liquor well?
  • rum raisin:what kind of drunk might your muse be?
  • green tea:what calms your muse when they need it most?

anonymous asked:

I'm cackling the reports of a split which is actually a break but not forever was just on bbc 1 o'clock news. Nearly chocked on my lunch as dan wooten appeared with his shinny smug face with talk of it all ending in march. Guess the promo is working though as bbc shobiz reporter was at the arena in shefield where the last gig of this tour will be and he said tickets were selling like hot cakes and online more were being sold for double face value. Of note when reporting what the members would c

c. do once they took a temporary break to work on solo projects the only members mentioned by the bbc shobiz reporter were Louis and Harry. Harry apparently is Hollywood bound and Louis is heading for a tv career. Nice linking of their names once again and no mention of Louis’ impending fatherhood and how this supposed break would match up nicely. It is what it is currently but I’m sure while people are being distracted by this the men behind the curtain are pulling something else. Kay


Tons of linking. I’m sure Dan is continuing to enjoy his ability to get more attention for himself via 1D as well.