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Vancouver Crew Headcanons

-The baby of the group
-Just the sweetest, most adorable guy you’ve ever met
-170 cm in cleats 
-Not the best soccer player but he tries. The Aglionby soccer team isn’t exactly going to regionals (the crew team is really good for a team from the mountains)
-Koh is one of the three Vancouver crowd members not actually from Vancouver (the others are Rutherford and SickSteve). He’s from Incheon, outside of Seoul, and only learned English in school
-The worst at foreign languages. It’s amazing he speaks as much English as he does. Very noticeable and cute accent. Can’t pronounce anyone’s name correctly. The VC rolls with it
-Will probably end up following in his dad’s footsteps and working for LG Chem 
-Loves Ryang. LOVES Ryang. He finds the pretentiousness funny. Most of the time

-Going head to head with Adam Parrish and one other dude for valedictorian
-Film buff. Obnoxious film buff. Only Ryang can top him for obnoxiousness
-Such an asshole. The VC highkey love it. SickSteve is very good at pinpointing the crux of an issue and confronting people about it. Don’t debate SickSteve. Don’t. Also don’t say ignorant shit unless you’re prepared to get your ass handed to you
-Dealing with a lot of issues, including internalized homophobia, due to a Baptist upbringing and strict parents. Not the only one in the VC with strict parents but definitely the only one with super-religious parents and the threat of losing an entire community if he goes against them
-Is definitely going to elope with Lee-Squared at some point 
-Koh’s bestie primarily because SickSteve is first generation. They largely speak in Korean. Koh makes fun of SickSteve’s Jeollado and SickSteve makes fun of his aegyo, and both just find the relationship really comforting

-Puts up a good front of being incredibly nice and supportive but agrees with SickSteve on basically everything
-Chubby. Struggles with his weight. His family doesn’t help
-Probably the only one completely and utterly unafraid to tell Henry his mind
-Will almost certainly go into immigration law or a similar field
-Along with Koh, Henry, and SickSteve, fluent in Korean 
-Has the hots for SickSteve like woah. Talk about slowburn

-Slightly nasal voice
-Trans boy
-Art snob hipster. Black and white photos are his fave. He’s actually pretty good but his pretentiousness outweighs it
-Koh tries to gush over his photos but it’s more feeling than words
-Mom is a semi-famous daytime soap star; dad is her former personal trainer. Has an older sister who is a niche underwear model
-Guess who hates paparazzi
-Third generation. Ryang speaks almost no Korean and he’s more than a little sensitive about it 
-Doesn’t fall for Koh nearly as fast as Koh falls for him
-Insecure. His insecurities tend to come out as criticisms of Koh and his intelligence (it scares Ryang that the only guy who’s into him is a dumb foreign guy who barely speaks English. It scares him that Koh accepts him so easily- does he just not understand? Does he think Ryang is something he’s not? -Ryang doesn’t know because his Korean is miles worse than Koh’s English)

-Cryptid and conspiracy theory king.
-Thinks he’s the weird, anxious one but he’s actually kind of unrecognizedly awesome?
-Dirtbikes, skateboards, surfs, probably a sick snowboarder. His sports friends think his cryptid obsession is hilarious. The VC tends to ignore it
-Considers Cheng and Cheng2 his closest friends
-Is under so much pressure to make the family proud. Will end up going to Johns Hopkins and his dad will still think he could do better
-Dad’s (black and white) side of the family is from Georgia/South Carolina area. Mom is Teochew (Chinese) from Singapore. The Singaporean is strong. Rutherford is almost completely fluent in Teochew
-Cheng2’s roommate and conscience


-Friends with everybody
-Except Kavinsky, obvs
-Look, no one is going to like this but I have a headcanon/AU thing where Cheng2 messed around with Prokopenko back when Cheng2 was going to substance parties and racing and that shit did not go good for either of them
-Prone to saying stupid shit
-Has a tendency to speak in a mixture of stupid frat boy, social media star, and SAT vocab list
-When he’s really upset and/or angry, he slips into his native Appalachian (he grew up splitting his time between his bio dad and stepdad in Pigeon Forge and his not bio-dad in BC)
-Mixed Chinese/white. The product of a biracial gay relationship, Cheng2′s bio-dad is white and his not bio-dad is Chinese. They searched a really long time to find the perfect egg donor. Then Cheng2′s bio-dad cheated on his husband when Cheng2 was five and now Cheng2 only sees his not bio-dad during the summer and on holidays. It’s a big story and no one at Aglionby cares (it’s not even close to the biggest amount of family drama to grace the halls, the Lynch clan’s not included)
-Has a massive, completely obvious crush on Henry and a much less obvious crush on literally every other member of the Vancouver crowd. Is somewhat married to Rutherford
-So good at Econ. So good. This boy is going to do great at Berkeley

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