(not that i thought he was literally coming out as queer)

i’ve been getting a lot of messages lately (and unsurprisingly, considering how unrepentantly i’ve been reblogging stuff from them) from followers asking me for podcast recommendations - and i love getting those so thank you, guys! - and i thought i’d make a masterpost of what i’ve both a) finished and b) enjoyed since i’ve started bingeing them.  and, as an extra added bonus, what has canonical lgbt+ representation (since i know what you guys are into [waggles eyebrows]).

1. the bright sessions

canon lgbt+ is a ✓.  this is definitely the first podcast that i’ve fallen in love with as hard as my original gateway podcast: welcome to night vale.  it’s so well-written, the characters well-drawn, the premise fascinating - atypicals, or people with some sort of special ability, in therapy - and it’s such a positive story and experience that i can’t help but feel better on days i listen to it.  it really believes in humanity and that’s such a wonderful thing in this day and age.  plus, the voice acting is killer.

2. eos 10

canon lgbt+ is a ✓.  i don’t think it’s been officially confirmed that dr. dalias is, at the very least, bisexual (in fact, the official channels seem to be dancing around it, possibly so as not to spoil anything in the upcoming season), though it’s been hinted at plenty in story.  especially as i don’t know how else you can explain a supposedly “straight” male character getting called out on repeatedly thinking about a naked man during a group mind-link experience.  that aside, it is freaking hilarious.  the premise is doctors in space, one formerly drug-addicted doctor helping to stabilize a currently alcoholic one with amazing side characters including nurse jane johns and levi, a hypochondriac alien and deposed prince who seems to have a personal vendetta against wearing pants.  it’s well-acted, cleverly written and a freaking joy to listen too.  so funny and so smart, i can’t recommend it enough!

3. the penumbra podcast

canon lgbt+ is a ✓.  so much queer representation it’s bananas.  this ask the creators got is actually pretty representative of their approach to the show, slyly funny and very gay.  our main character is a genderbending queer private investigator who’s lost his heart head over a sweet-smelling thief with a heart of gold and more aliases than jennifer garner, all set against a noir backdrop.  oh, and on mars.  yeah, you read all of that right.  there are a few awesome side stories as well, including a couple of horror ones (that have no effect on the main juno steel story line, so can be skipped - and the creators are VERY GOOD about warning what’s to come in the episode notes), as well as lesbian outlaws and a disabled knight.  there’s literally nothing not to love.  EXCEPT FOR HOW JUNO STEEL WON’T LET HIMSELF HAVE NICE THINGS.

4. the black tapes

hey, hi, if you’re into horror, suspense, creepery or demons, this is so very much for you.  the premise is that alex reagan, our host, begins a podcast to interview people with interesting professions.  she starts out with dr. richard strand, a paranormal investigator whose mission statement is to debunk all things paranormal.  he even has an institute that offers a one million dollar prize for proof of the paranormal, which he has never even come close to having to part with.  while alex is interviewing him, she comes across a handful of black vhs tapes: the only cases that strand hasn’t been able to definitively solve yet.  the technology to disprove these incidents simply hasn’t come far enough, in his opinion.  needless to say, she never moves on from dr. strand and the mystery of the black tapes.  each episode, alex investigates another of the black tapes and much later on realizes it’s possible that they’re all connected.  oh my god, i almost got chills just writing that, it’s so good, it’s so real, because dr. strand is such a good anchor to reality.  alex will occasionally lose her skeptic’s perspective; dr. strand does not.  and once alex starts experiencing intense insomnia, making you realize your narrator might not be so reliable?  things somehow manage to get even murkier.  i really, really adored this one.  it’s paranormal set in the most normal of normal worlds, only making it that much spookier.

5. wooden overcoats

canon lgbt+ is a ✓.  okay, well, if you’ve ever watched black books?  this is kind of like black books, aka one of my all-time favorite shows.  rudyard funn is just as incapable and universally disliked as bernard black, which was all well and good when the village of piffling vale (which is very nearly a town, you know!) only had one funeral home to choose from.  unfortunately, that’s not the case anymore.  eric chapman has moved his funeral home right across the street and stolen all the business from rudyard, his embalmer (cum part-owner) and twin sister, antigone, and georgie, their assistant.  to add insult to injury, he’s charming and universally adored by everyone except those at funn funerals.  very british, very ridiculous, and very funny!  WE GET THE BODY IN THE COFFIN IN THE GROUND ON TIME.  (well, like that one time they did.  [coughs])

6. ars pardoxica

canon lgbt+ is a ✓.  i listened to this one pretty slowly, for me.  it’s very much plot over character, at least in my opinion.  which is fair since there’s quite a lot of plot and set dressing to establish.  we’re following (dr.) sally grissom, a scientist from the twenty-first century who accidentally creates time travel and ends up stuck back in the 1940s.  think a bombs and eisenhower.  it was always interesting, and the paradoxes created by the time travel experiments they kept doing were fascinating (i love time travel stuff because of the paradoxes it creates) but i didn’t get really ravenous for it until season two, which is when i really felt it picked up speed.  you’ve got anthony stuck in a literal CAGE - a “blackroom” bubble set outside of time, sally trying to garden (oh god), a gang consisting of a veteran, a (former) widow and time doubles trying to bring down ODAR (the company sally used to work for, and that anthony still does) and esther sliding down the ladder of morally unsound one determined rung at a time and it makes for a REALLY grabbing audio drama, eh?

7. the strange case of starship iris

canon lgbt+ is a ✓.  i’m already in love with violet liu, all right?  she’s a science officer on starship iris–well, what was starship iris.  when we first join violet, every single one of her crew mates has just died in an explosion on the pod they were traveling off ship with and the starship iris is in its last throes as well.  luckily(?) a passing ship comes along with a plan to get her to safety.  this has a real illuminae vibe to it (which is an amazing book btw) and all the characters are already so freaking likable.  it’s only on episode two and already shaping up to be a favorite!

8. the orbiting human circus (of the air)

canon lgbt+ is a ✓.  if there’s a more heart-warming podcast out there, then i haven’t run across it yet.  first of all, julian koster’s voice is so vulnerable and soft that i would use myself and everyone i know and also puppies as a shield against everything terrible in the universe for him.  second, the rest of the cast - leticia especially - is just as freaking talented.  the premise is that julian is the janitor at a radio show that broadcasts from the top of the eiffel tower and has strange and impossible acts every night, from tale-telling crickets to singing saws to the orkestral, a bird that can play every orchestral instrument (except that it refuses to play the viola, because reasons).  it’s fun and cute and breaks your heart with happiness regularly and often!

9. alice isn’t dead

canon lgbt+ is a ✓.  this is a horror podcast about a truck driver who is looking for her missing wife.  jasika nicole has to have one of my favorite voices around and having it be so heavily dependent on that makes me ridiculously happy.  throw in the story-telling of joseph fink, the depth and cohesiveness of his writing, and there is nothing not to love here.

10. within the wires

canon lgbt+ is a ✓.  this is really sufficiently creepy considering it’s not often overtly creepy.  this is set up as a series of relaxation tapes, which progressively get more and more interested in helping the listener break out of the facility in which she’s being kept.  super chilling at times, because the voice is so calm and the action so dangerous.

11. welcome to night vale

canon lgbt+ is a ✓.  okay, well, what more can be said about this at this point?  if you’re not listening to it, you’re wrong.  why wouldn’t you want to visit a town that can’t be visited and where every conspiracy theory is real and a part of everyday life?  yeah, everyone knows about the vague yet menacing government agency, steve carlsberg, you’re not hitting on anything new there.  there’s a dog park that doesn’t allow dogs, angels that are never to be identified as angels, mountains that aren’t real, a glow cloud that–ALL HAIL and a love story so complete and perfect that it can and will utterly steal your breath at times.  go, listen, inhale.

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Oh come on. If this was any other show we'd be calling them out for 1) censoring the only gay kiss 2) making them completely chaste, or void of intimacy, in comparison to the het couples. The fact is they want queer rep, but don't wanna show it (not to offend the audience? is it gross? Did the actors demand it?) It's a well documented double standard, and TGD has it unfortunately.

… . void of intimacy? 

“Have you ever been i love? Once. How’d it end? It hasn’t.”

“I’ll keep you safe.” 

…  in comparison to the het couples? Where 1. The main couple is obviously going to have more screen time like this is Zeke’s story and y’all keep forgetting that. 2. Ra Ra and Tanya are shown sharing a peck and it’s solely their cartoon versions. 3. Character’s don’t have to be physically intimate to be good rep.

Like y’all will stay stanning show’s like Teen wolf or more recently Riverdale which deliberately queer baited but “oh the actresses says that they know the characters have so much chemistry, so it’s possible” and has one gay man who from the looks of it literally serves to be the token gay.

And yet somehow the Get Down isn’t good enough LGBTQ rep. Like there’s a way to phrase what you want to see from the characters and the show without saying that you wouldn’t recommend the show based on LGBTQ rep or that it doesn’t have good rep.

Because Idk whats not good rep about a charismatic, artistic, intelligent, young black man. Who loves the people around him dearly, whose sensitive and strong willed. Whose passionate about finding and owning his freedom. Who has always felt like an alien in the world he inhabits for his philosophical thoughts and his dreams. 

nicky forces neil to get a new phone and eventually neil makes an instagram and as he starts getting more followers he gets more comfortable with having social media and does 60 second Q&A’s with the team at the fans request

  • the first one he does is with kevin because of popular demand
  • neil does it on the court after night practice with kevin and he reads a few questions that exy fans have commented on his previous posts
  • ‘kevin, what are you a queen of besides exy? no I’ll answer this, the answer is nothing, kevin sucks”
  • “fuck off neil” kevin gets serious and the rest of the video is kevin extensively and aggressively talking about exy until the timer cuts off
  • he does dan next and it’s the cutest 60 second video out there okay dan is sitting next to matt on the couch while neil is filming
  • he asks her how it feels to be “the best female exy captain in the NCAA” dan gets the biggest smile on her face and scrunches up her nose before she answers
  • ‘oh that’s sweet, who wants to know? I like this person. It feels great! but it’s stressful at times, there is a lot of sexism in the world but I usually ignore it in favor of focusing on how lucky I am to have such a great team.”
  • matt’s looking at her while she’s talking and u can literally see the love and admiration in his eyes, fans are crying in the comments about how cute they are, so am I
  • when he does renee, most of the comments are asking about her hair so she explains how she dilutes the bright colors by mixing them with conditioner to make them more pastel
  • “but that’s the easy part, root upkeep is the worst tho, I hate touch ups.”
  • neil vaguely knows what she’s talking about cause he’ll sit in the room when andrew helps her with her hair
  • nicky manages to tell half his life story in 60 seconds
  • neil uploads a second video of nicky giving advice to queer kids afraid to come out because of strict and religious parents or unsafe home lives
  • aaron walks away when neil tries to do his so instead neil uploads a five second video that’s just him zooming in on aaron sitting in a beanbag chair playing video games “aaron’s a dick.”
  • matt gets asked about his boxing background and he beams at the chance to talk about his mom
  • “she’s so badass, she taught me everything I know, she could kick anyone’s ass” he points at the camera “she’ll kick your ass. better watch out”
  • allison gives fashion tips, she also roasts neil for how he dressed when he first joined the team “god u guys should have seen him, fucking awful. nicky and I fixed him up tho, but it took a lot of work cause neil likes to make things difficult” 
  • when neil gets to andrew nobody expects him to actually upload anything but when he does the results are hilarious
  • neil sits next to andrew with the camera frontfaced so half of neil’s face is in the frame, andrew is curled up on the couch with a pint of ice cream and his glasses on “it’s time for your interview andrew”
  • andrew just stares at him
  • “why didn’t you sign with the rav- wait that’s a stupid fucking question, we’re not doing that one. alright. how many times have you and aaron been mistaken for one another?” 
  • andrew stares at the camera in silence
  • “tragic. next question. how are you so good at blocking goals?
  • silence
  • “incredible. what is your honest opinion about kevin day?”
  • andrew stares for a couple seconds before rolling his eyes and getting up to walk away, neil laughs and nods “I agree” 
  • BONUS: andrew has neil’s phone while they’re on the roof, neil is holding his cigarette and andrew starts filming, pointing the camera so you can only see neil
  • “hey junkie, it’s your turn to be interviewed” “alright” 
  • “how does it feel to finally have a real home?” 
  • neil smiles softly, but he’s looking at andrew not the camera “like I’m finally living, like I’ve got everything I could ever want”
  • there’s a short pause before you can faintly hear “285%” and the video cuts off

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there's been a lot of negativity surrounding s*pergirl recently, i was wondering what your thoughts are on kara's current romantic arc, and also alex blowing off earth birthday/encouraging kara to be with mon-el? and anything else, if you want

i love that alex is a lesbian ok & that they covered the coming out so well. i haven’t seen any of the episodes since it returned so keep that in mind when i saw season two is completely lacking in the overarching drive & important themes that they introduced in season one. it is choppy & exhausting to watch & i don’t get any sense of direction from watching it. do i love it? yes. i LOVE supergirl i think it’s fun & exciting & i love all the positive messages so when im watching it I’m like yeah!!!!!! this is great!!!!!! but when im thinking abt it afterwards im disappointed

i dont understand at all what Kara or alex would see in mon el & im not saying that as someone who is queer im saying this as a writer there is nothing absolutely nothing that speaks to a connection between mon el & Kara. being the last of their people, coming from the same sun etc, isn’t even enough. if anything it’s more of a division not because draxamites & kryptonians had prejudice against one another bc that was a fun point that made Kara look at her own prejudices so I liked that. but like beyond that there is nothing that makes them,,, alike?? he is selfish & a bit of a hedonist & Not Rly interested in being a hero he doesn’t want to be hurt & all of that is fine !!!! when coming from a writing pov bc u want ur characters to have flaws & u want there to be smth to be developed. what I don’t understand is why Kara has to develop it & why it is LITERALLY abt his development & Not HER actions & HER decisions re: his development. he’s abt ten thousand times less interesting than kara but im not seeing enough abt her & not only is it disappointing but it’s actually kind of ridiculous

i like sisterly conflict, i like that they get to grow like this tbh (from what i have seen anyway from gifs etc) i think it’s inaccurate to represent them as perfect sisters all the time they’re both growing as ppl they’re bound to clash esp now that alex isn’t swallowing everything down & now that Kara can rly be herself they’re bound to have to navigate that so I think that’s important

i can put together a more coherent thing later if anyone wants specific answers im just at work rn so this is just a rant but anyways ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ there u go

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More fics with Maggie getting hurt please. Not by alex, but in the line of duty. I like Alex fussing over her

She’s not used to being fussed over.

The first time she fell off her two-wheeler, her dad started to run after her to gather her in his arms, but when he saw her friend Tommy – six years old and already walking on the tips of his toes and swishing his hips – he stopped, grimaced, and let her cry it out on her own.

She’d stopped crying at flesh wounds after that.

When she went through the torture they put her through at the academy, she nursed her bruises privately, iced her pride in secret.

The first time she was hurt on the job – getting in the way of some white guy trying to beat on a queer brown kid – her girlfriend at the time had arched an eyebrow, had asked why she’d bothered anyway, and I guess you can’t take me to dinner then.

When she was kidnapped and Alex first patched her up – when she was still in awe of the James Bond spy lab this smoking girl who literally threw herself into fire to keep her safe, who’d insisted on treating her herself, whose fingers could break someone’s neck but were so gentle in the medical bay – she didn’t even bother telling the woman who dumped her soon thereafter about her kidnapping, about her injuries, because she didn’t want to be accused, again, of being obsessed with work, and when her ex had stripped her clothes off that night in a rush of fuck me so I know you’re still mine, she’d ignored the wince of pain she barely made, because I thought tonight was supposed to be about me and well it’s your precious job and you came out with me anyway, so it really can’t be that bad.

When she was shot by Cyborg-Superman and finally let herself pass out after telling Supergirl, Kara, Supergirl, to just get the bastard, she came to in Alex’s arms, Alex’s steely eyes angry, focused, rimmed with just a touch of terror, as her fingers worked to carve out the infection, to synthesize the right balance of chemicals to counteract the poisons his laser shot was laced with.

She hated needles, and she hated stitches, but she’d never felt so… cared for.

And now?

Now that she and Alex are officially dating?

She’s never been fussed over before, but Alex is making up for lost time like it’s going out of style.

Because one night she comes home limping, and Alex won’t even let her hobble to the chairs at the breakfast island. She carries her, bridal-style, to the couch, and she helps Maggie off with her jeans, and she mutters about incompetent easy bake local cop medics and does it hurt when I do that, babe and honestly who do I have to kill for hurting you like this and I’ll have Susan come by with some meds from the DEO, you’ll be pain-free and healed in no time.

And another night – one of those graveyard shifts for both of them – they’re in the field together and Maggie takes a blow to the ribs and Alex is on the guy before Maggie even knows she’s within range, and Alex’s hands are gentle as she tugs up Maggie’s shirt, as she checks for bruising, for breaks, and when she gets her home, her lips trace a hundred different pathways over Maggie’s purple torso, her lips make art of Maggie’s bruising, her lips forge a home in easing Maggie’s pain.

And when Maggie makes her work partner swear not to call Alex, because it’s the middle of the day, man, she has a very important job, you know and it’s fine, it’s barely a fracture, come on, I don’t want to worry her, he calls Alex anyway, and she’s there within ten, and within thirty she has Maggie laid up in bed with eight different pillows and a veggie burger and fries from her favorite burger joint and a two-liter bottle of seltzer and three books on Maggie’s to-read list and the TV remote with Netflix all cued up and ready to go.

“Babe, why do you always make such a fuss when I get hurt?” Maggie finally asks after Alex spends a full hour soothing her burnt back with aloe and absent-mindedly serenading her with that soft voice of hers.

Because even after all this time, she can’t quite understand. And she doesn’t quite believe it.

A look of pure confusion settles over Alex’s features. “Maggie, why wouldn’t I make a fuss? Hell, I don’t make enough of a fuss, I… you deserve to always be fussed over, whether you’re hurt or not. Don’t you… don’t you know that by now?”

It takes a long time for Maggie to swallow the lump in her throat down deep enough to answer the woman with the lethal, gentle fingers and the steely, soft eyes.

“Alex, you’re the one woman who can make me believe that. Thank you.”

 “It’s called being loved, get used to it, Sawyer.”

Hidden Behind Straightened Hair

Hidden Behind Straightened Hair | The fives times Dan’s hair was used as a joke to hide his insecurity about his sexuality, and the one time it wasn’t.| Phan | PG-13 | Homophobia, Bi-Erasure, 2012 Scenario’s, Curly hair/Straight jokes | 5,304 Words

Massive thank you to @ineverhadmyinternetphase​ for quite literally letting me force her to read over my shoulder the entire time I worked on this, and her endless support of both my take on 2012 events, and bi-erasure.

Honestly guys, this is the thing I am currently the most proud of ever having written, so please let me know what you think <3 I’m literally shaking as I post this. 

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I just saw my cousin as Grantaire in his high school’s Les Mis

I’m hella biased because a) he’s my cousin, and b) Grantaire is both of our favorite characters (we need help), so this is going to slightly focus on R (sorry not sorry), but here are all of my thoughts:

-They didn’t have a lot people, so in the opening number Grantaire sings “I’ve done no wrong, sweet Jesus hear my prayer”, Marius sings “I know she’ll wait, I know that she’ll be true”, and Feuilly sings “we’re not yet free, you won’t see me here for dust” (and I just thought that was so perfect with their characters)

-Because it’s a high school play they had to do a censored version, which means they can’t really state that Fantine is a prostitute, so Lovely Ladies was hysterical because so many of the lyrics had been changed and it was so ridiculous I can’t even remember what they changed the lyrics to it was so off

-Confrontation was insane because they gave Javert this whip/chain thing and had Valjean ducking under it and at “I’m the stronger man by far” he catches it mid-air and just damn it was intense

-In The Beggars/Look Down/What-ever-you-want-to-call-this-song, Enjolras and Marius are handing out papers to recruit other students to their cause, and later in the background (while Marius is singing with Eponine) Enjolras is trying to give R a paper and recruit him, and R is kinda like “I don’t know…” until Enj puts his had on R’s shoulder, and then he smiles and just nods and they spend the rest of the scene talking together in the background

-In Red and Black they gave Grantaire the lyrics “like the flowing of the tide, Paris coming to our side” as he goes to stand beside Enjolras before sitting down (AAHHHHH YOU ARE PARIS COMING TO ENJ’S SIDE)

-At “is Marius in love at last” Grantaire drops down on one knee and grabs a hold of Marius’s hand and at “I’ve never heard him oo and ah” he literally places Marius’s hand on his chest, like damn R could you be any more dramatic

-R stands on the table for the whole “you talk of battles to be won” part and only gets off the table when Enjolras walks over to them

-Grantaire’s egging Marius on during Red and Black is literally more snarky and cheeky than George Blagden, like dude is standing on the table holding his hand out before him like he’s in an actual opera while singing “Red”

-In Do You Hear the People Sing, since Courf and Combeferre are the same person, Grantaire gets “then join in the fight that will give you the right to be free” as he gives Enjolras a gun, which Enj the hoists into the air

-A Heart Full of Love starts off Romeo & Juliet style with Cossette on a balcony thing, and she comes down to stand beside Marius to sign her parts

-When they are on the barricade, everyone stands up at different intervals when Enj sings the “Damn their warnings, damn their lies” part, and Grantaire stands up at “they will see the people rise”… R is the physical representation of the people of Paris… the feels… I’m fine…

-They gave Grantaire’s solo in Drink with Me to Courf and I’m still bitter about it

-In the final battle, Enj and Grantaire are positioned at the top of the barricade and first when R dies he dies kneeling at Enjolras’s feet as Enj then picks up the flag and starts waving it, until he falls backwards into the traditional dead Enj position, but the only thing is he drops the flag as he dies and bam the tears

-they did the thing in Turning where the girls leave (fake) candles on the stage and in Empty Chairs at Empty Tables when Marius sings “now my friends are dead and gone” he picks up one of the candles and Les Amis start walking on stage behind the screen, and at “phantom faces at the windows” they lifted the screen and all of Les Amis walked forward and grabbed a candle, and at “where my friends will sing no more” all of Les Amis flicked off their flame and walked off stage leaving only Marius holding a single glowing candle (tears)

-They cut “this one’s a queer but what can you do”… like damn, as a queer that is my favorite line

-In the finale when Jean Valjean is in the church, there is a table beside him holding… wait for it… two candle sticks… feeeeeeels

-After the show my family was like “you were amazing, but you so should have had a bigger part” and my cousin and I are just here like “yeah, but grANTAIRE”

-Also, I’m very biased, but he might have tied George Blagden for my favorite Grantaire (why do the good Grantaire’s never get to sing Drink With Me?)

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Jaladdin were paralleled SQ and now Jaladdin are confirmed TL's. Do u think it's a good sign that SQ cud b confirmed TL in the future?

Let’s see, we had… 

…more references to Emma & Regina’s past.

We had a marriage out of duty because both her father and the man she was supposed to marry said so - remember Charming giving his blessing was more beautiful than the proposal? During an arc where Emma is struggling with her duty as the Savior and how it means she can’t have a happy ending. We had Ariel coming out as a mermaid and her man rejecting her - he wasn’t the man she thought he was. In this case literally. 

There was the most romantic scene from Aladdin and it was given to two women - one of which concealed her true identity which was linked to her having a voice. Ariel even said they knew each other in various ways in case the carpet ride didn’t do it for people. The True Love Hook ended up enabling was that between Aladdin and Jasmine. Was that foreshadowing as well?

The solution was for Jasmine to stand up to her oppressor - also don’t tell me Jafar didn’t act like a sexual predator or that Jasmine’s fear didn’t seem to be about exactly that - and to give in to the love she didn’t think she deserved. 

After an episode where what Regina hates most is linked to a closet, while love was associated with pink flowers, a rainbow/bisexual colored entrance and the person who told her father how to get there was… a fairy? Really?

Not to mention we also had Regina asking Emma out on a date, all dressed up. Like Aladdin with Jasmine, she was trying to get Emma to open up. Emma’s behavior and lines meanwhile were once again up for interpretation.

She almost gestures at Regina when saying the thing she would like to be distracted from. They could have easily made her refer to Hook. Later the same happened when they let Aesop tell a story in which Emma could have identified with either Aesop himself or the wife who decided she didn’t love him. All of this kept open for interpretation combined with the Aladdin and Jasmine story.

They have both metaphorically come out of the closet, which would explain the current evolution between them. We have an upcoming episode titled “Where Bluebirds Fly”, which is a line from ‘Somewhere over the rainbow’ from the Wizard of OZ, which is queer in itself, but this show has a lesbian Dorothy and True Love’s Kiss took place in Oz. We have a musical episode - where generally feelings are addressed - and we are also headed toward the final battle. Which - considering the psychology of this show - will represent a battle with the self on the metaphorical level no matter who the players are. 

So all in all, I thought all those things could be considered pretty good signs, yes.

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You don't need to respond I just needed to say a thing. I find it a little childish for so many people to assume that dan will/should come out. As far as I've read into it I feel like he's "come out" as much as he ever will. He's talked about attraction to all genders. I feel that he's made it clear that his sexuality is what it is and he's going to be attracts to someone no matter the gender. People think he needs to make a video about being bi/pan but really he's made clear that he's existing.

the question i receive more than any other on this blog is some variation of “when/how do you think dnp will come out/tell us about their sexualities or their relationship?” and i’ve never answered it. for a number of reasons, but primarily because so many people in this space operate under such a specific definition of what coming out means and what it should entail. i’m wary, always, of subscribing to a uniform standard for what queerness looks like and how it needs to present itself in order to be taken seriously or treated as valid, and i think the discourse and speculation and constant obsession about dnp’s potential future coming out process does exactly that. in my view the culture around coming out as it exists right now is a relic of cultural norms in which queerness was differentiated and encoded into law and language and social thought as explicitly and intrinsically Other. the socialized obligation to not only categorize and label one’s sexual/romantic preferences but then to announce them to the world at large is only cast on queer people specifically because, unless announced otherwise, society’s working assumption of a person is that they are cis/straight. queer people need to tell the world they are queer precisely because it is different, because it is a deviation from a socially enforced “norm,” and the term “coming out” itself denotes that someone was once hiding themselves and now they aren’t.

for some people (many people) labeling and coming out make a lot of sense. we’re not in a post-heteronormative world. the stark reality is that people DO operate with ingrained cis- and heteronormative frames of thought and it can be tiring to deal with people always making assumptions of your preferences that don’t fit who you are and what you like. labeling your preferences and making sure people know them is a way to avoid those mistaken assumptions. it’s also a way to find other people like you, to ally yourself with a community that is still so marginalized and oppressed in myriad ways, and join in the movement and the fight and take pride in an aspect of yourself that many people would try to deride or malign. but an alternate school of thought is that the gender you prefer having sex with or that you fall in love with is no more a part of your identity that merits announcement and discussion than, say, your preference for masturbating three times a week or your preference for only having sex in the missionary position or any other personal detail about what you do w your genitals in the privacy of your bedroom. it doesn’t have to have a bearing on identity in the most nuclear and concentrated sense of the word, it doesn’t HAVE to be labeled and addressed in a way that automatically reduces and categorizes it and neatly packages it as an object for the public to talk about and weigh in on. the notion of labeling your sexuality and then “coming out” is a construct in the most literal sense, and for some people, who perhaps don’t feel the need to correct everyone’s heteronormative assumptions of them, or who don’t feel the need to find other people with non-hetero preferences, or who think the reality of the life they live since they blatantly/openly share it w someone of their same gender is already pretty suggestive of their preferences, coming out widely and publicly isn’t a priority or a necessity (and in some cases can obviously also be a discomforting, stressful, scary, or even dangerous prospect!!!) for literally thousands of possible reasons.

we can guess that dnp align themselves more closely to this latter outlook. in both of the recent times that dan has discussed sexuality explicitly he talks about not wanting to label it for a public audience. in his diss track he directly addresses his own comments about attraction to more than one gender (j law –> evan p), and then says that it’s hard to put him in a box because he keeps “it” (his sexuality) so blurry. he’s bluntly saying that he doesn’t want to be categorized. in an interview with the sunday times in late 2015 promoting tabinof, the interviewer directly asks dan if he’s gay. dan references tom hardy’s answer to the same question and says that he and phil do not believe that their sexual preferences are something the public has any business knowing–he then delineates the purpose of their role as public figures. they are entertainers and what they seek to offer their public audience is the content they make. that’s it. looking to tom hardy’s actual quote sheds even more light: “I’m under no obligation to share anything to do with my family, my children, my sexuality — that’s nobody’s business but my own…It’s important destigmatizing sexuality and gender inequality in the workplace, but to put a man on the spot in a room full of people designed purely for a salacious reaction? To be quite frank, it’s rude. If [someone] had said that to me in the street, I’d have said the same thing back: ‘I’m sorry, who the fuck are you?’”

as far back as 2009, both dnp were talking about attraction to men and following it with the refrain that they don’t like labels. and that is VALID. it’s transgressive, even, to take a look at all the heteronormativity out there, all of the assumptions that people make about sex and gender and everything else, all of the demand that straights place on queer people to announce their otherness as loudly as possible and categorize themselves as being different, and then to say no, reject all of that pressure, and turn your back on it. refuse to comply with everyone’s expectations and just be happy in liking what you like and loving who you love. just existing, as anon put it so beautifully.

but if a queer person chooses this outlook, chooses to shirk labels and a formal/public statement of their preferences, the default assumption SHOULD NOT be straight. heterosexuality shouldn’t be an assumed sexuality for anyone, regardless of the statements they may or may not have made, but it especially should not be the assumption for two men who did publicly label at one point as bisexual, and who have repeatedly voiced attraction to men. in an attempt to move towards a society that doesn’t make assumptions at all, a world in which coming out is completely obsolete and unnecessary and people stopped giving so much of a fuck about the genders people have sex with, it’s on all of us to change the way that we think about sexuality and unlearn our own biased thought. the burden shouldn’t fall on dnp to correct our thought or go out of their way to tell us that they fuck or that they’re in love–doesn’t that cheapen everything that they are? doesn’t that demand something of them that they’ve said over and over they do not want to give? and haven’t they done enough to tell us about how they experience attraction? it’s on all of us to take those comments seriously and to validate and acknowledge their experiences as they relay them to us, and to contextualize them in the complex textures and nuances of who they are as people.

who they are and what they’ve already chosen to share with us is pretty damn radical in itself: they’re two boys who have shared and built a life together for nearly eight years and who rely on each other on so many levels. they’re two boys who speak of the love and respect they have for each other in numerous ways, perhaps without stating those words specifically, but making it clear through actions and stories of their time together instead. they’re two boys who don’t know how to be without each other, who don’t merely coexist and work together but who have consciously interwoven their lives to the point that all of their experiences are shaped with and through each other. the argument can be made that they’re “out” in the sense of not hiding who they are from us, in the sense that both of them, and dan especially, have taken conscious measures to talk about how much they like boys. the argument can equally be made that they still hide to some degree–they won’t hold hands or hug, they’ll separate beds if they’re showing us the inside of their hotel room, they’ll not say the words i love you in front of us. but to me none of that even incrementally eclipses the glowing reality and warmth of the life they share–it’s as much info as i think they will ever feel okay giving us and it’s more than enough, for me at least, to look to them as models of deepest mutual love and respect (yes between two men!!) and of the comfort that can arise when you find someone to just exist with, outside world and their asks of you be damned

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(You might have answered this before) Do you have queer / trans headcanons for the Gotham Rogues?

thank you, i love talking about the rogues!!! esp considering they’re GayTM

  • selina was confirmed bi in her run with genevieve valentine, holly robinson is a lesbian and eiko hasigawa is gay (wow can’t believe everyone who’s been catwoman has been gay. iconic.) 
  • harley is canon bi too (her creator paul dini said she “must be bisexual” and that he had always intended for harley/ivy to be romantic, if censored.) 
  • poison ivy is a lesbian. she literally hates men and i know it’s a stereotype for lesbians but she’s only really written as into men by other men. her closest relationship is with a woman. also, trans lesbian poison ivy is such a fucking good headcanon too omg.
  • riddler is gay. i was talking about this with a friend of mine and we were basically saying about how eddie’s relationships with women never seem to work out (if they’re not outright creepy.) eddie is pretty hopeless when it comes to women but it always seems like he’s trying to be straight and he is charming and charismatic but it almost feels like an act? probably because he doesn’t actually feel anything but wants to feel something for women and is confused as to why he can’t?
  • harvey is bi. not just because of the obvious two-face gimmicky stuff, he married and loved his wife gilda but he has a pretty substantial history with bruce and i headcanon he probably had feelings for bruce pre-acid and that’s how he knew. two-face just made him a bit more flirty and outgoing (and reckless) with his sexuality lol. 
  • penguin is gay. the only thing gotham ever got right. you can pry this from my cold dead hands. 
  • i think jonathan is pansexual but relationships and sex is honestly in the back of his mind so much it’s like, “oh you like me, cool i guess but i gotta work on this toxin so miss me with that shit” i also thought he was probably a-spec too but i haven’t really fleshed out that headcanon much. 
  • i feel like waylon is pansexual too but is so convinced no one can love him that he kind of just ignores the possibility of people liking him :( 
  • clayface has gotta be like, pansexual and non-binary. or he’s kind of surpassed gender at this point. i know he’s an actor and the people he impersonates are generally his “characters” but remember when he was gunna straight up sleep with green arrow as black canary? iconic.. 
a satire of pathologising intelligence in TFP as a criticism of pathologising gayness

Ok, so the Holmes parents know that Eurus is like a neon, nuclear-powered genius and they don’t have like say a library for her?  Where she can see books?  And can learn about anatomy and physiology?  So, she has to dissect her own arm to see how it works?  Dude…  

Just.  dude.  

If Eurus isn’t 100% symbolism and not meant to be taken seriously as a human for a single second then I can understand this.  Because it’s not supposed to make sense.  but if it is then, yikes.

like mummy holmes is a math genius who’s like not aware that her child geniuses need outlets for the intelligence?  Sounds fake but okay.

And like Molly before me, I know it’s not.  It’s not.  It’s not supposed to make sense literally but like it’s so hard for me sometimes just not to come crashing into the rocks of the surface narrative with just a million questions regarding the basic common sense of like anyone in TFP.

How can I think that we’re meant to take this narrative seriously, at face value?  Like, ‘kid was so smart she was a killer?’.  Dude, if that’s not about Sherlock’s feeling alienated because he was a gifted child, I don’t know what is.

Maybe Sherlock, as a child, had some of these thoughts and maybe shared them with others and those others weren’t cool but flipped out and jumped to some extreme labels for him like, ‘sociopath’, etc.

So, I can either believe that the writers really think that being super smart is intrinsically and mysteriously dangerous or maybe they’re trying to tell us something that’s actually off about that idea.  Like, to the extent that everything about Eurus as a dangerous person seems fake: she can control your mind with her clichés, etc., we can see that this is a satire on the very idea that someone’s, ‘too smart’, for their own good.  

The whole of Sherlock is basically an ode to the importance of thinking for yourself, of using your brain, and lately, your heart, too.  I really don’t believe that, ‘incandescent’, and poorly parented Eurus is supposed to be a real child that the Holmeses had.  She’s symbolic of how the Holmes parented their children as being, ‘different’.  But, in light of the fact that we know that Mrs Holmes is a, ‘genius’, as of HLV, then even this theory falls apart.  Why would a genius not know how to handle her genius children?

Because here, ‘intelligent’, is code for gay.  Since it doesn’t make sense that Mrs Holmes doesn’t know what to do about her smart children, it makes more sense that she doesn’t know what to do about her gay children.  (I legitimately forgot my own theory that, sociopath is code for gay, so yeah, Eurus is a sociopath and therefore gay.  She’s the gay secret of the Holmes children).

Now, who seems more incandescently gay: Sherlock or Mycroft?  I’d say it’s a tie, personally.  Since, ‘this is family’, according to Mycroft, himself, let’s speculate that this, ‘Eurus’, phenomenon is about both of them.  The Holmes parents found them to be incandescently gay, some might say, ‘flaming’, as children and they internalised the message that that was somehow a pathology.

I think the parents didn’t intend this but they didn’t realise the influence that Uncle Rudy’s struggles and their own ignorance would have on them.  The message they received is that their true feelings were dangerous and needed to be locked away in a very secure part of themselves.  Lest something terrible happen if their feelings were released.

So, yeah, as facile as it is that Eurus psychopathy is suddenly cured by Sherlock’s hug, it makes actual sense to think that facing family secrets actually can heal a family.  Finally having the Holmes family discuss that Eurus is still alive, means finally talking about the fact that their kids are you know, ‘still’, gay, despite having hidden it all these years.  The parents never wanted that, but they didn’t realise that it had happened, either.  It makes way more sense to think that the Holmes parents didn’t know how to raise two gay boys than to think that they didn’t know how to raise to geniuses considering that Mrs Holmes, herself, is one, too.

Looking back on Eurus’ ludicrous mind-control powers we can see that this is actually a satire of how ridiculous homophobia is.  Like, people fear that hanging out with a gay person will make you gay.  Somehow, through their gay magic they will make you gay, too.  This is equally as absurd as what Eurus does with her incandescent intellect.    

Seriously, think about the word, ‘incandescent’.  Why that word?  Mycroft is not prone to poetic liberties, why here?  Because it’s code for, ‘flaming’.  To be a, ‘flaming homosexual’, means that you’re very obviously gay; everyone can tell.  Eurus isn’t just symbolic of the Holmes siblings’ queerness, she’s symbolic of how easily others could see it.  This is why they internalised that it must be hidden, because it was very obvious to others, even when they were children.

Back to Eurus’ powers: homophobia often includes a fear of seduction by a queer person.  Dracula doesn’t just drink your blood, he makes you want him, first.  He puts you under a spell.  We get tons of Dracula coding for Sherlock in series 1.  (Part 1, Part 2, Mary, Molly, Sally).

In a way, then, TFP is a satire of horror movies because it’s a satire of homophobia.  It’s satirises the fear of intelligence and that intelligence is code for, ‘the other’, ‘woman’, ‘gay’.  

If you’ve read @heimishtheidealhusband‘s meta about victorian ghosts you will know that Gothic Horror expressed the anxiety of that time about same sex romance.  So, it’s possible that the reason that TFP appears to be both an homage and a satire of horror movies, is that it’s really about the destruction of this homophobia.  It’s about throwing out all of these fears and stereotypes that are deeply embedded in our horror movies because they’re deeply embedded in our psyches.         

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Real people can queerbait. If someone famous clearly hints more than once that they may not be straight knowing for sure they are that is queerbaiting. Celebrities are brands too. People using all Harry's support towards the community is obviously inaccurate and no one should listen to larries ever but if someone queer feels like certain things Harry has said about himself feel like queerbaiting then that's how they feel like and they're not so wrong that people should invalidate their feelings.

Just as a starter, I don’t think that larries are uniquely (or even predominantly) the ones at issue in how people address Harry’s sexuality, it’s a pretty fandom-wide issue. But beyond that, feeling disappointed that Harry (or any other celebrity) is not openly LGBT because you felt like he indicated he was and it would mean a lot to you if he came out, and blaming Harry/accusing him of queerbaiting for it, are two completely different things. People will react how they react to what Harry does and says. But it does not make Harry blameworthy and it is not queer baiting. 

I think many people are putting hugely unfair pressure on Harry. Sexuality is really complicated for a lot of people. Putting a label onto how you identify and saying that label and formally “coming out” and all of that is really hard for most LGBT people. To take myself for an example, like the fact that I am ~not straight literally never occurred to me until I was 18 and in college. Like I can look back and identify signs now, but truly, the realization hit me like a bus in a (no kidding) intro Women’s and Gender Studies class, when I realized I had a crush on this cute sophomore. I’ve since then had approximately 9,456 mini-crises. I’m on the board of my school’s LGBT organization, have four (five if you count the Lisa Frank rainbow unicorn) LGBT-related stickers on my laptop, and regularly wear pride shirts. But if you ask me how I self-identify, I will drop a smoke ball and run away, because it’s hard and it makes me nervous and I dunno, I just don’t want to! Like my parents probably have suspicions, but I’m not “out” to them. There’s no reason, like they’d support me and all that, I just… haven’t done it. The thought of any formal sit down or whatever just…. stresses me out? Like I said, I dunno! I’ll make some jokes and have ~indicators of my sexuality all around, but I’m not really “out.” And who knows, maybe I’ll end up with a guy and will have never really “came out” and people won’t really know how I identify. But does that mean I was baiting anyone? No. It means things are complicated. 

And one of my best friends definitely identifies as straight. But she’s on the board of the LGBT organization too, and worked at Lambda Legal, and has pride stickers too. Lots of people probably think she identifies as LGBT too. But she doesn’t. She’s just an ally who actually shows up and does stuff for the community. She doesn’t constantly declare her sexuality, because that’d be weird! I’m skeptical of allies who need to constantly reaffirm their straightness. Someone thinking you LGBT is not a bad thing. Reaffirming straightness while claiming to support the LGBT community isn’t really helping, it’s continuing to perpetuate that it’s bad to not be straight. So is she queer baiting anyone? No.

Think about how messy all my feeling are, which just exist in a small vacuum of my life, and then put it onto the stage of literally millions. Harry has 20 million followers on his social media account! People track everything his says and does. If I find the idea of addressing my sexuality stressful and complicated, imagine what it might be like for him. So if he does identify as LGBT (and loving women doesn’t make him not LBGT! there are more identities than just gay or straight!), and he feels comfortable making jokes and waving pride flags, because it’s reaffirming to him and also reaffirming to LGBT fans, then great! It means a lot to me and I’m glad he’s comfortable doing it. If he’s not comfortable saying “I’m not straight,” for any reason, I respect that! And I get that like holy crap, I can’t imagine the stress he’d feel.

And if he identifies as 100% straight, then he’s actually done what I want allies to do. He’s reaffirmed the validity of LGBT people and supported causes and been there during the bad times and the good times, and made tons of fans feel more welcome, loved, and safe. And he did it without making it about him, without making it “I’M NOT GAY BUT.” He did it just to do it.

One more final note, before I wrap up this essay: I also think the idea that it is bad that Harry could be choosing not to come out for career purposes is really, really harmful. It may be that Harry/his team/those close to him came to the decision that at this point in his career, explicitly coming out wouldn’t be wise. There is still so much homophobia out there. I could blame him 0% if he made that decision and it was largely a strategic one. It doesn’t undue the constant support he’s shown in ways that are still explicit, but don’t involve “coming out.” And people make the decision to not be out at work all the time. It’s shitty and I wish it wasn’t the case, but it is. LGBT people have to make active choices about whether or not to be “out” all the time. The world’s more welcoming than it used to be for LGBT people, but it’s still… not all that welcoming. There is ample evidence for that. I would never expect Harry to come out just to make me happy, if he didn’t feel it was the right decision for him at this point. Everyone can have their own feelings and that is allowed, but you can’t project your feelings onto a real human making decisions in a landscape of potentially complicated feelings and difficult situations and get angry when they’re not following what you want them to do. Life is tough, and I really do think Harry is doing his best to be here for the LGBT community, whether he is explicitly part of it or an ally. 

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i would like to her ur nursey family feels pls!! (i have plenty of my own & made a post but i need All the nursey content)


  • Okay, so, Nursey’s birth parents:
    • Amal Hassan Nurse      
      • born in Morocco, but spent the first ten years of her life moving all around northern Africa and the Middle East because her father worked as a security consultant and would spend a few years in various places designing systems for different companies
      • speaks both dialects of Arabic fluently, but will always prefer Moroccan, because it sounds like home to her
      • moved to the States when she was thirteen and her dad got a permanent job working for a security firm in Manhattan. Grew up in the private school system and never left
      • has a BA from NYU and a JD/PhD from Columbia. Is a senior partner in an NYC firm specializing in foreign and comparative law. smarter than all of us.

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a rant, aka “why everyone should watch ohshc”

my favorite thing about ouran is the complete lack of heterosexuality in the main cast, like

  • the main character is literally an asexual (and possibly agender) crossdresser raised by a flirtatious transvestite dadmom and everybody just goes with it, like no one ever gives her a hard time about it (except for tamaki but we later found out that he only tries to remind her that she’s a girl because he’s genuinely worried about her) or tries to tell her she needs to change. 
  • and as for the host club members, most if not all of them seem to be pretty laid back and flexible when it comes to sexuality (tamaki definitely was into haruhi even when he thought she was a guy, the twins act gay af half the time, kyoya and tamaki have that weird “mommy and daddy” thing, ect.). 
  • there’s an entire school full of singing lesbians.
  •  gender roles apparently don’t apply either; haruhi is tough and mature and independent and never feels like a damsel in distress.
  • did i mention the transvestite dadmom who NOT ONLY works to support his/her daughter and rocks at being a single parent, but is respected and accepted by haruhi’s friends.
  • that one story arch where kasanoda had a crush on haruhi but thought she was a guy and he just accepted it like “ok i guess i like guys now that’s cool”
  • (in the anime at least) haruhi never has a *sexy* bra and panties shot (she gets walked in on while changing a couple of times but it’s never a fanservice type thing), and remains independent and uninterested despite being surrounded by hot guys 24/7. because, you know, it’s possible to be just friends with someone even if they’re physically attractive. 
  • haruhi and hikaru go on a date and share a couple of romantic moments, but things don’t really work out and they both accept it and stay friends without either of them being bitter or resentful.
  • and none of this is even treated like a big deal? it’s all just accepted as the way things are? 
  •  basically this show is the best. end of story.

It’s almost that time again, when the weather gets warmer, and we’re dragged along by our families on mind-numbingly long road trips to places we don’t actually care about. Ah, the joys of summer vacation. Fortunately, for those 8 hour bore-fests, podcasts have your back! My family travels a lot, so I decided to share my favorite podcasts to keep y’all company on the road (ノ・ェ・)ノ

Our Fair City: An insanely vast and detailed show that takes the term “world building”, and shows it it’s maker (which is, of course, the ever benevolent Hart-Life Corporation). Filled with more colorful characters than you can shake a stick at, Our Fair City had a variety of  intertwining stories and beings that will steal your heart, and possibly your science equipment for various nefarious purposes. I’m only on season two, and am still extremely impressed with the effort that went into creating the world of Hart Life, and the many characters that inhabit it. You’ll have more than a few favorites, especially Dr. Herbert West, who manages to capture both the unbridled joy, and sinister dark side, of everything science. If you like classic old-time radio and the apocalypse with a twist, this show is for you.

ars Paradoxica: Time travel is this show’s bitch. No, seriously. Set in an alternate history-afied 1940s, ars Paradoxica handles the often-complicated trope of time travel with grace and creativity, providing several twists you won’t see coming. Starring my newest fictional wife, the utterly adorkable Sally Grissom, the show features some stellar voice acting, and continuity down to the tiniest detail. It actually finds a way to subtly use transitions like an actual TV show, and the sound effects are just killer. Once you start binging it, the story grabs ahold of you and utterly refuses to let go. While the pacing is a bit speedy, the drunk scientists in Vegas plotline is well worth it, and sets ars Paradoxica at a must-listen for any podcast fan.

The Bright Sessions: Before I begin, I just want to say that I wish my therapy sessions had been this exciting. The Bright Sessions is the audio recordings of Dr. Bright, a psychologist who specializes in the atypical. And by atypical, I mean superpowers. For those who like science fiction, but with a more slice-of-life feel, The Bright Sessions is a treat. It features a surprisingly complex antagonist, that pesky corrupt corporation that keeps showing up in podcasts these days, two female characters that I really wish went to my school, and an adorably awkward teenage romance… between two boys. Yep, this show has queer representation, and deals with it like it’s just a normal, everyday thing, which it is. Along with a very soothing atmosphere, when plot bombs aren’t being dropped, of course, The Bright Sessions is a great show for fans who want a unique take on what it means to be out of the norm.

Wolf 359: So, y’know that mood-whiplash podcast that literally everyone has been talking about? Yeah, that’s Wolf 359. Following the audio logs of loveable asshole, Comms Officer Doug Eiffel, the show is bar none, the best fictional podcast out there. No shit. It has everything you could possibly want: cool adventures in space? Check. Found family trope used to perfection? Check. Insanely complex characters and sympathetic villains who really make you question your own morals? Check. An even gender divide and strong female characters written the right way? Check to the max. The show deserves every ounce of praise it gets, and then some. The writing is witty, smart and thought-provoking, the soundtrack is gorgeous, the cast is insanely talented and wonderful and I love them all dearly, and the fandom is the best I’ve ever been in. I am not an emotional person, but this show has made me break down sobbing, and have trouble breathing from laughing so hard. Everything about it is incredible, and I implore you to give it a listen. You really won’t regret it.

Alice Isn’t Dead: Anyone who listens to Welcome to Night Vale has heard of this, and I’m here to tell you that it’s worth the hype. Alice Isn’t Dead follows one woman’s country-wide search for her wife via a truck, and that search gets dark, fast. Jasika Nicole once again does a masterful job of bringing her character to life, the writing is just as profound and weird as you’d expect from Fink, and the whole has a very creepy Americana feel that I like a lot. The story is just beginning to unwind, and whoo boy is it one that has me hooked.

The Black Tapes Podcast/TANIS: I’m grouping these two together, and both are worth your time. The Black Tapes Podcast follows cinnamon roll reporter Alex Reagan, and human ball of awkward darkness Richard Strand, as they unravel the mystery of the Strand Institution’s mysterious black tapes, a collection of unsolved cases involving the paranormal. It’s very creepy, very complicated, and very good. Both characters have secrets, and both are interesting as heck. TANIS is Alex’s producer, Nic Silver’s, quest to to discover what exactly the myth of TANIS actually is. He is joined by “information specialist”, Meerkatnip, who could beat me up and I would thank her. In terms of mystery, they end up getting a lot more than they bargained for, and you will too.

Limetown: Lia Haddock, investigative reporter for APR, is precious and perfect and must be protected at all costs. Unfortunately, she has literally no self-preservation. About 10 years ago, a research town out in the prairie called Limetown, caught the attention of the world when, after a 911 call, became completely void of any people. Now, with survivors contacting her and the mystery unfolding, Lia is doing literally whatever it takes to uncover the truth. The mystery and science fiction genres blend very nicely here, and there are several twists that shocked me. The writing is very gripping and neat, and the various survivors were all a treat to listen to. If you liked Serial, you’ll love Limetown.

Wooden Overcoats: Move over Cabin Pressure, there’s a new British podcast sitcom in town, and it’s great at being great. Wooden Overcoats follows the shenanigans of twins Rudyard and Antigone Funn, and their assistant Georgie Crusoe, as they engage in a pathetically one-sided rivalry with newcomer Eric Chapman over who is the best funeral home on the tiny island of Piffling Vale. Oh, and the mouse is the narrator, and she’s awesome. All the girls are, actually. There’s character development galore, snappy dialogue that had me kneeling over with laughter, a really neat and well-developed setting, and oh yeah, it’s British. Plus, the mayor and the reverend hook up, and it’s sickeningly adorable, and also gay. Everyone is so well written, and I honestly cannot gush enough about how wonderful and funny this show is.

EOS 10: As my friend Keelin once eloquently put it, EOS 10 is like Scrubs in space with conspiracy theories. Also, pretty much no one is completely straight. Following the most unorthodox bunch of medical professionals I have ever witnessed, plus one deposed prince-turned saucier, and a not-actually-terrorist who is thirsty af, the show features the headache-inducingly-insane happenings on EOS 10, an intergalactic travel hub set far in the future. And yet, we still have anti-vaxxers. Sorry, society. On the bright side: found family trope! Canon queer characters! A wonderful and awesome main romance that I ship like fedex! Mature and insightful handling of addiction! Girls who could kick my ass and I would thank them for it! Did I mention that everyone’s a little bit gay! Also, an autistic-coded main character (fucking fight me on this istg) and more conspiracies than Jane has hobbies. Everyone is so likable and well written, the comedy is pitch-perfect, and the world-building is really great. Oh, and the plot kick-starts in the episode where they have to fix an erection that won’t go away. It’s my second favorite podcast out there, and I implore you to give it a listen.

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I like your thoughts on the musical episode, but I'm afraid they're going to use the "7 tasks" s/l on Emma and H00k? If S6 is ending with Emma saying Yes to his proposal, idk what hope is left for SQ? I mean C$ is soo wrong, but there's never a consequence? IDK what to think anymore. How can they go from a C$ wedding to SQ?

Anonymous said:

With recent news about “A lot of Captain Swan in 6b”, “Captain Swan fans will be happy re: 6b”, “Don’t watch if you don’t like CS (something to that effect)” CS basically stealing SMF/SQ moments and scenes, the rumored engagement, and knowing also this might be the last season or at least the current narrative will wrap up, Do you still believe SQ could be endgame ? I just don’t see how they could break up CS after “everything” and get SQ in such few eps :(

Hey Anons!

  • The 7 steps aren’t speculation about the future, it’s an analysis of what’s already happened. We’re already on step 6 - the song titles they’ve been using clearly apply to Emma and Regina - and moving to the last step. They don’t apply to Emma and Hook at all, so I don’t think your fear is based on the content of the show, just on a general - and in that sense justified - fear because (queer) women often aren’t treated fairly on television.
  • As mentioned before here and here, Hook is Emma’s Animus. He is the expression of Emma’s own masculinity and her experiences with men in the past. While everyone’s speculating about Regina and the Queen merging, we’re missing what’s happening right under our noses. Emma and Hook are merging. The living together is a metaphor for Emma starting to re-integrate him. As Zeus said, he belongs with her, not romantically, but because he literally is a part of her. She has placed her own strength outside of herself and inside of him - as many women tend to do because society tells us to play nice - and now she has to ‘take her strength, her instincts, her armour back’. You can see it in their wardrobe looking similar and by Emma’s changing attitude. She has more and more moments where she acts like the Emma we met in season one.
  • There have been at least two scenes where their marriage has been foreshadowed by means of a wedding dress showing up between them. A marriage is also called a merger. It would symbolize the moment when Emma takes her power back completely, but also - and this is very relevant in terms of the untold stories - accepts herself. Hook’s shame about his past belongs to Emma as well. There are things she doesn’t want to face which we will learn about through Hook. The proposal is a proposal of Self acceptance. Once they are married - or almost-married, depending on what they do - their relationship can end. She doesn’t need him anymore, because she has restored the balance between the masculine and the feminine within. She can’t embrace her sexuality before this step is complete.
  • The spoiler we have is that Hook asks Charming for permission. While this is infuriatingly archaic on face value, it makes sense in that Charming is a positive Animus figure whereas Hook is a negative Animus figure. Their bromance and his permission tie in with the concept of Emma re-integrating these parts of herself.
  • It makes sense that PR teases the wedding, because they don’t want to dictate how the audience reads the symbolism of their show. They are limited to talking about the face-value version of what is going on, so you have to see PR in that light - with the occasional hint about bigger concepts hidden in their PR subtext. It’s what they do best. Remember that there are no official marriage spoilers, so that is them teasing that story arc.
  • The only people who would feel Emma and Regina’s relationship happening suddenly are people who don’t pay attention, think television won’t go there or are very stuck in and blinded by heteronormativity. Their relationship has been developing since the first season. The tropes are there. Love stories between women are often sexualized. A story that is primarily romantic and where intimacy comes first isn’t recognized as such, simply because audiences - gay or straight - aren’t often invited to recognize queer women’s romantic lives. What better way to break the pattern than with a story that does go there after 6 seasons of growing closer? It will just continue to progress as it has over the course of the series. It has never stopped happening, it’s simply gradual and the physicality will be the last step - just like in the story of the Skeleton woman.
  • They have put in all the clues that Regina is bi/pan and Emma is a lesbian. Nothing about this is unrealistic or out of the blue. This might be the fairy tale version, but so many queer women get married and then do end up coming out. The setup is there. Calling  CS ending and SQ happening unlikely or unrealistic is… tragically funny, considering we have no issue accepting dragons or fairies, but this experience that is a reality for so many would be out of the realm of possibility? I’m assuming something significant will happen for them at the end of 6B, but the further development would really be for season 7, so that’s another season. Again, nothing terribly unlikely about that.
Sherlock Holmes and Victorian Homosexuality

[This is the final post in my series on Strangers: Homosexual Love in the Nineteenth Century by Graham Robb. Previous posts can be found here.]

Dearest friends. Dear sweet ones. Dear softest lambs. Prepare yourselves.

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Robb’s last chapter is on literature and literary references to homosexuality.

And he chooses to talk – at length – about Sherlock Holmes and John Watson.

He writes:

The following observations are not a sly attempt to ensnare the great detective in the elastic web of gay revisionism. Everyone already knows, instinctively, that Holmes is homosexual.

Well then.

If there is one post you read from this series, it should be this one.

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i haven't got a sister so it's fine

prompt: ‘i haven’t got a sister so it’s fine.’ 'i know but if you did i’d take good care of her, i just want you to know that.’ but little did josh know that y/n bradley existed and she was ready to come out of hiding.

note: i’m so sorry for the lack of writing on my account. i’ve been so busy with school i haven’t had a chance to write anything decent hence the quality of this..holidays are 2 weeks away so i will try to improve the quality and frequency of imagines until then i wanted to say a huge thank you to the 300 of you who have clicked follow xx


“y/n what’s wrong?” your roommate queered as you let out an exhausted sigh.

“i’m sick of the lies, the secrets and the deception” you groan whilst tugging your headphones from their jack port. “i just want to have a normal family.”

you’d just finished watching josh’s newest video, released onto his ever-growing channel zerkaa. watching josh’s videos made you feel a combination of both proud and depressed, for reasons more tangled then a spider’s web.

“head up kiddo, you know that none of this is your fault so why do you let it get you down?” your flat mate who doubles as a lifelong best friend responded.

“because i expose myself to bullshit like this, he literally just said and i quote 'i haven’t got a sister so it’s fine.’ hate to break it to you mr famous youtuber, but i’m real and we share DNA!” you exclaim whilst waving your arms to express your point.

“chicky” you cringe at the nickname appointed on you. “either you speak to your mum about patching things up, or you let this crap go. and i’m talking videos, twitter, the lot. even if you’ve never met him, it’s not healthy to stalk your brother and his mates.”

she’s right, you just don’t want to admit it. you contemplate your options, two very different extremes you’ve got lying on the cards.

“fuck it” you reach for your phone tucked away in your purse “it’s been long enough.”

as the phone dials, the a million and one possibility of this going wrong race through your head. this could bring up so many different emotions for mum, josh mightn’t agree to your proposal, dad might overrule everything.

“hello sweetie, what’s up?” her gentle tone travels through the receiver.

silently praying the following words don’t ruin her mood you initiate the conversation. “mum i’m ready. i want to meet josh.”

i hold my breath while awaiting her response. after a draining couple seconds of utter silence she speaks in a voice so quiet that the sound of the kettle boiling would cover it completely. “i knew this day would come, i had been preparing for it. i’ll see what i can arrange with Josh and your father. but please y/n prepare yourself for the worse.”

“i will mum, and i won’t go through with it if you don’t want me too.”

“you’ve waited long enough, and i’ll support you through every decision you make.”

“thanks mum, i’ve got to run. love you.”

you pick up the piece of toast, placing it between your teeth and leaving the plate in the sink for later. you wave a goodbye to y/bf/n who’s head is buried in the morning paper before jetting out the front door.

work is the perfect excuse for you to forget about this mornings events and the video you desperately wished wasn’t etched into your cerebral cortex.

while picking at your salad during lunch hour you receive a text. a feeling ascending from the pits of your stomach told you exactly who had sent the anticipated message.

from: mum
'good news, i spoke to josh and he’s agreed to meeting you. be wary that this is all new information to him, and that he’s still coming round to the idea. he said i can give you his address and if you want you can swing by sunday afternoon about 3 pm. love you sweetie, ring if you need xx’

sunday it is, you thought as another text came through with Josh’s address.


you could literally see the nerves bundled inside just by watching your shaking fist make contact with the large wooden door of Josh’s home.

taking an awkward step back you glance around the neighbourhood subconsciously thinking if you should make a run for the car and pretend you were never here.

you can’t help but think how your life could have been so different if it were not for mum’s 'whoring’ around. it’s a thought that crossed your mind constantly even before you had notified Josh that you exist.

you even imagine what growing up with Josh would have been like. maybe you and Josh would have bickered as children, or maybe you’d have dated one of his friends resulting in him getting protective and annoyed at you. maybe you’d even have that unbreakable sibling bond and people would assume you were twins. but i guess we’ll never know.

“ugh” the dark skinned boy who opened the door stood speechlessly scratching his almost bald head. “we, um. we don’t take fans at the house” he moves to shut the door behind him.

“wait” your hand reaches for the crack between the door and it’s frame, not caring if it gets broken in the process. “please hear me out! i’m a relative of josh” you blurt out without thinking.

“i’m sorry love, i think i’d remember if josh had a hot cousin or something. please leave the premises befor-”

“jj, stop! that’s my sister” you instantly recognise josh’s voice just as you had jj’s due to many hours spent watching their videos online. only this time it’s real. in the flesh, in front of your very own eyes stood your older brother.

well shit. it’s too late to back out now.

“sister?” jj along with josh’s other roommates nosely inquire as they exit the kitchen, one with a mouthful of food.

“haha funny story” josh scratches the back of his neck. “so this is my little sister y/n” he ushers me in the door directing me to the sitting area while the three clueless boys trail behind.

“i’m sorry, what?” vik exclaims whilst rubbing his eyes as if he’s trying to escape a bad dream.

maybe this isn’t vik having a bad dream but instead what’s about to be a nightmare of your own…


was looking for this to be longer but like i said, i haven’t had the time. hoping this will suffice x

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MORE JIMON: "You want me to do what?” (heh)

Randall and his minions are laughing at him. Normally Simon would just gracefully ignore it and hope not to get his ass handed to him, but today that was particularly hard to to.

He’d lost the bet. Prom was in two days and he had no date. Not only would he be considerably poorer that weeked, he’d always be remembered as That One Guy No One Wanted To Take To Prom. Awesome.

“You’re just gonna let them talk to you like that?” Jace’s voice nearly makes Simon jump. He turns his head just in time to watch him slide up by his side.

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Suits last night turned the gay-bait up to 11

Even my 76 yr old straight, old school dad was like ‘Harvey’s in love with Mike, right? There’s literally no other explanation for how obsessed he is with him…’

There was one point I thought Harvey was going to lean in and kiss Mike, but then he rocked back on his heels at the last moment.

Like, what are they even doing with this show anymore? They should just have Harvey come out at this point as bisexual bc he spends more time thinking about his handsome BFF than his female supposed love interest.