(not that i thought he was literally coming out as queer)

i’ve been getting a lot of messages lately (and unsurprisingly, considering how unrepentantly i’ve been reblogging stuff from them) from followers asking me for podcast recommendations - and i love getting those so thank you, guys! - and i thought i’d make a masterpost of what i’ve both a) finished and b) enjoyed since i’ve started bingeing them.  and, as an extra added bonus, what has canonical lgbt+ representation (since i know what you guys are into [waggles eyebrows]).

1. the bright sessions

canon lgbt+ is a ✓.  this is definitely the first podcast that i’ve fallen in love with as hard as my original gateway podcast: welcome to night vale.  it’s so well-written, the characters well-drawn, the premise fascinating - atypicals, or people with some sort of special ability, in therapy - and it’s such a positive story and experience that i can’t help but feel better on days i listen to it.  it really believes in humanity and that’s such a wonderful thing in this day and age.  plus, the voice acting is killer.

2. eos 10

canon lgbt+ is a ✓.  i don’t think it’s been officially confirmed that dr. dalias is, at the very least, bisexual (in fact, the official channels seem to be dancing around it, possibly so as not to spoil anything in the upcoming season), though it’s been hinted at plenty in story.  especially as i don’t know how else you can explain a supposedly “straight” male character getting called out on repeatedly thinking about a naked man during a group mind-link experience.  that aside, it is freaking hilarious.  the premise is doctors in space, one formerly drug-addicted doctor helping to stabilize a currently alcoholic one with amazing side characters including nurse jane johns and levi, a hypochondriac alien and deposed prince who seems to have a personal vendetta against wearing pants.  it’s well-acted, cleverly written and a freaking joy to listen too.  so funny and so smart, i can’t recommend it enough!

3. the penumbra podcast

canon lgbt+ is a ✓.  so much queer representation it’s bananas.  this ask the creators got is actually pretty representative of their approach to the show, slyly funny and very gay.  our main character is a genderbending queer private investigator who’s lost his heart head over a sweet-smelling thief with a heart of gold and more aliases than jennifer garner, all set against a noir backdrop.  oh, and on mars.  yeah, you read all of that right.  there are a few awesome side stories as well, including a couple of horror ones (that have no effect on the main juno steel story line, so can be skipped - and the creators are VERY GOOD about warning what’s to come in the episode notes), as well as lesbian outlaws and a disabled knight.  there’s literally nothing not to love.  EXCEPT FOR HOW JUNO STEEL WON’T LET HIMSELF HAVE NICE THINGS.

4. the black tapes

hey, hi, if you’re into horror, suspense, creepery or demons, this is so very much for you.  the premise is that alex reagan, our host, begins a podcast to interview people with interesting professions.  she starts out with dr. richard strand, a paranormal investigator whose mission statement is to debunk all things paranormal.  he even has an institute that offers a one million dollar prize for proof of the paranormal, which he has never even come close to having to part with.  while alex is interviewing him, she comes across a handful of black vhs tapes: the only cases that strand hasn’t been able to definitively solve yet.  the technology to disprove these incidents simply hasn’t come far enough, in his opinion.  needless to say, she never moves on from dr. strand and the mystery of the black tapes.  each episode, alex investigates another of the black tapes and much later on realizes it’s possible that they’re all connected.  oh my god, i almost got chills just writing that, it’s so good, it’s so real, because dr. strand is such a good anchor to reality.  alex will occasionally lose her skeptic’s perspective; dr. strand does not.  and once alex starts experiencing intense insomnia, making you realize your narrator might not be so reliable?  things somehow manage to get even murkier.  i really, really adored this one.  it’s paranormal set in the most normal of normal worlds, only making it that much spookier.  or, alternatively, avoid this like the motherfucking plague.  [curtsies]  if you’re still intrigued, stop after season one.  two, if you can’t find it in yourself to get off the ride any earlier.  ZEUS HELP YOU IF YOU CONTINUE ON, I AM THE OLD MAN AT THE GAS STATION WARNING YOU TO GO BACK BEFORE YOU’VE GONE TOO FAR, ON YOUR HEAD BE IT IF YOU DECIDED NOT TO HEED IT.

5. wooden overcoats

canon lgbt+ is a ✓.  okay, well, if you’ve ever watched black books?  this is kind of like black books, aka one of my all-time favorite shows.  rudyard funn is just as incapable and universally disliked as bernard black, which was all well and good when the village of piffling vale (which is very nearly a town, you know!) only had one funeral home to choose from.  unfortunately, that’s not the case anymore.  eric chapman has moved his funeral home right across the street and stolen all the business from rudyard, his embalmer (cum part-owner) and twin sister, antigone, and georgie, their assistant.  to add insult to injury, he’s charming and universally adored by everyone except those at funn funerals.  very british, very ridiculous, and very funny!  WE GET THE BODY IN THE COFFIN IN THE GROUND ON TIME.  (well, like that one time they did.  [coughs])

6. ars pardoxica

canon lgbt+ is a ✓.  i listened to this one pretty slowly, for me.  it’s very much plot over character, at least in my opinion.  which is fair since there’s quite a lot of plot and set dressing to establish.  we’re following (dr.) sally grissom, a scientist from the twenty-first century who accidentally creates time travel and ends up stuck back in the 1940s.  think a bombs and eisenhower.  it was always interesting, and the paradoxes created by the time travel experiments they kept doing were fascinating (i love time travel stuff because of the paradoxes it creates) but i didn’t get really ravenous for it until season two, which is when i really felt it picked up speed.  you’ve got anthony stuck in a literal CAGE - a “blackroom” bubble set outside of time, sally trying to garden (oh god), a gang consisting of a veteran, a (former) widow and time doubles trying to bring down ODAR (the company sally used to work for, and that anthony still does) and esther sliding down the ladder of morally unsound one determined rung at a time and it makes for a REALLY grabbing audio drama, eh?

7. the strange case of starship iris

canon lgbt+ is a ✓.  i’m already in love with violet liu, all right?  she’s a science officer on starship iris–well, what was starship iris.  when we first join violet, every single one of her crew mates has just died in an explosion on the pod they were traveling off ship with and the starship iris is in its last throes as well.  luckily(?) a passing ship comes along with a plan to get her to safety.  this has a real illuminae vibe to it (which is an amazing book btw) and all the characters are already so freaking likable.  it’s only on episode two and already shaping up to be a favorite!

8. the orbiting human circus (of the air)

canon lgbt+ is a ✓.  if there’s a more heart-warming podcast out there, then i haven’t run across it yet.  first of all, julian koster’s voice is so vulnerable and soft that i would use myself and everyone i know and also puppies as a shield against everything terrible in the universe for him.  second, the rest of the cast - leticia especially - is just as freaking talented.  the premise is that julian is the janitor at a radio show that broadcasts from the top of the eiffel tower and has strange and impossible acts every night, from tale-telling crickets to singing saws to the orkestral, a bird that can play every orchestral instrument (except that it refuses to play the viola, because reasons).  it’s fun and cute and breaks your heart with happiness regularly and often!

9. alice isn’t dead

canon lgbt+ is a ✓.  this is a horror podcast about a truck driver who is looking for her missing wife.  jasika nicole has to have one of my favorite voices around and having it be so heavily dependent on that makes me ridiculously happy.  throw in the story-telling of joseph fink, the depth and cohesiveness of his writing, and there is nothing not to love here.

10. within the wires

canon lgbt+ is a ✓.  this is really sufficiently creepy considering it’s not often overtly creepy.  this is set up as a series of relaxation tapes, which progressively get more and more interested in helping the listener break out of the facility in which she’s being kept.  super chilling at times, because the voice is so calm and the action so dangerous.

11. welcome to night vale

canon lgbt+ is a ✓.  okay, well, what more can be said about this at this point?  if you’re not listening to it, you’re wrong.  why wouldn’t you want to visit a town that can’t be visited and where every conspiracy theory is real and a part of everyday life?  yeah, everyone knows about the vague yet menacing government agency, steve carlsberg, you’re not hitting on anything new there.  there’s a dog park that doesn’t allow dogs, angels that are never to be identified as angels, mountains that aren’t real, a glow cloud that–ALL HAIL and a love story so complete and perfect that it can and will utterly steal your breath at times.  go, listen, inhale.

nicky forces neil to get a new phone and eventually neil makes an instagram and as he starts getting more followers he gets more comfortable with having social media and does 60 second Q&A’s with the team at the fans request

  • the first one he does is with kevin because of popular demand
  • neil does it on the court after night practice with kevin and he reads a few questions that exy fans have commented on his previous posts
  • ‘kevin, what are you a queen of besides exy? no I’ll answer this, the answer is nothing, kevin sucks”
  • “fuck off neil” kevin gets serious and the rest of the video is kevin extensively and aggressively talking about exy until the timer cuts off
  • he does dan next and it’s the cutest 60 second video out there okay dan is sitting next to matt on the couch while neil is filming
  • he asks her how it feels to be “the best female exy captain in the NCAA” dan gets the biggest smile on her face and scrunches up her nose before she answers
  • ‘oh that’s sweet, who wants to know? I like this person. It feels great! but it’s stressful at times, there is a lot of sexism in the world but I usually ignore it in favor of focusing on how lucky I am to have such a great team.”
  • matt’s looking at her while she’s talking and u can literally see the love and admiration in his eyes, fans are crying in the comments about how cute they are, so am I
  • when he does renee, most of the comments are asking about her hair so she explains how she dilutes the bright colors by mixing them with conditioner to make them more pastel
  • “but that’s the easy part, root upkeep is the worst tho, I hate touch ups.”
  • neil vaguely knows what she’s talking about cause he’ll sit in the room when andrew helps her with her hair
  • nicky manages to tell half his life story in 60 seconds
  • neil uploads a second video of nicky giving advice to queer kids afraid to come out because of strict and religious parents or unsafe home lives
  • aaron walks away when neil tries to do his so instead neil uploads a five second video that’s just him zooming in on aaron sitting in a beanbag chair playing video games “aaron’s a dick.”
  • matt gets asked about his boxing background and he beams at the chance to talk about his mom
  • “she’s so badass, she taught me everything I know, she could kick anyone’s ass” he points at the camera “she’ll kick your ass. better watch out”
  • allison gives fashion tips, she also roasts neil for how he dressed when he first joined the team “god u guys should have seen him, fucking awful. nicky and I fixed him up tho, but it took a lot of work cause neil likes to make things difficult” 
  • when neil gets to andrew nobody expects him to actually upload anything but when he does the results are hilarious
  • neil sits next to andrew with the camera frontfaced so half of neil’s face is in the frame, andrew is curled up on the couch with a pint of ice cream and his glasses on “it’s time for your interview andrew”
  • andrew just stares at him
  • “why didn’t you sign with the rav- wait that’s a stupid fucking question, we’re not doing that one. alright. how many times have you and aaron been mistaken for one another?” 
  • andrew stares at the camera in silence
  • “tragic. next question. how are you so good at blocking goals?
  • silence
  • “incredible. what is your honest opinion about kevin day?”
  • andrew stares for a couple seconds before rolling his eyes and getting up to walk away, neil laughs and nods “I agree” 
  • BONUS: andrew has neil’s phone while they’re on the roof, neil is holding his cigarette and andrew starts filming, pointing the camera so you can only see neil
  • “hey junkie, it’s your turn to be interviewed” “alright” 
  • “how does it feel to finally have a real home?” 
  • neil smiles softly, but he’s looking at andrew not the camera “like I’m finally living, like I’ve got everything I could ever want”
  • there’s a short pause before you can faintly hear “285%” and the video cuts off
Be More Chill Headcanons 3

- After the SQUIP incident Jeremy instantly assumed that Rich wasn’t his friend any more and would go back to bullying him.

- Rich felt the opposite and assumed they’d be even closer friends so one day Rich slapped Jeremy’s back and yelled “Hello Jeremy Queer!!”

- Jeremy was instantly afraid of being bullied over that but no Rich Just Knew The Truth

- Everyone assumes that Jake gives the piggy backs but then Rich shows up out of no where and sweeps him off his feet
- The entire crew makes “don’t move to New Jersey” jokes a lot

- For one of their first dates boyf riends thought they had to do something big and special because Dating God says so. So they went to Wild Woods board walks

- It wasn’t terrible, they walked around, went on rides, bought matching t-shirts, and Jeremy screamed when he dipped his toe into the ocean cuz it was so fucking cold

- But it was pricy, both boys were broke at the end, so now they have simple dates with big ones far between

- “No way, not in my good Christian home.” “Your Jewish, Jeremy”

- Christine sees flowers growing in cracks and get so excited she always stops and takes a picture

- Christine has a photo album on her phone of just things that look nice, she’s very proud of it

- After a while the gang starts using jokes to cope with the SQUIP incident, whenever they fuck something up they said “sorry my SQUIP told me to” “oh did your SQUIP say to do that huh?”

- Michael is very concerned

- Mr Rayes’ SQUIP looked like a giant hot pocket with a mouth

- Rich is the kinda guy who will bite in a fight

- Christine literally snorted in the middle of very quiet homeroom when she heard the line “everything is legal in New Jersey” from Hamilton for the first time

- Jeremy sucks at keeping secrets

- This led to him, after mending their friendship, telling Brooke that Chloe was jealous of her

- Brooke confronted her about it, because “wth Chloe you’re beautiful bby I’m jealous of you” and Chloe ended up confessing “ok so maybe like? I like you? In a not straight way”

- Even before they were dating, anytime someone called Chloe and Brooke the cutest bffs Rich would lean over and say “they’re lesbians Harold”

- One time Michael and Jeremy cried in a Dave and Busters because they saw a giant Rock Em Sock Em and a game for Luigi’s mansion

- Chloe is the friend who drives up to your house unexpected and keeps beeping the horn until you come downstairs.

- She doesn’t give a shit if you’re half naked, “get in loser we’re going shopping”

- Christine has a lazy eye that she can control, sometimes she moves her eye away during photos

- Jenna goes around and does everyone’s nails with colors she thinks suits them, she’ll even do them in the middle of class

- Jenna once painted everyone’s nails in their pride colors and it was amazing

- “Ok so I need to tell you all something but it’s a secret so-” “don’t tell Jenna, got it”

- They all fight over Android vs Apple, it becomes a bloody war, friendships are ruined

- Rich will do any dare you tell him to and it’s scary

- Jake and rich leave really gay notes and presents in each other’s locker

- Jeremy’s locker is literally just a garbage stash, he carries his backpack

- Michael once left weed in his locker by accident (he didn’t mean to bring it to school, he’s a good egg) and it fell out when he opened it and the heart attack he had nearly killed him

- Christine has the decked out locker that has decorations and is overly neat and constantly smells like perfume

- Jenna has stacks of magazines, money, and ten make up bags in her locker, she has all her heavy text books in there

- Rich’s locker is a fucking mess don’t go in there unless you want to be taken to the forsaken school maze of papers from freshman year and moldy snacks

- Jake has so much sports shit in there that everyone tells him he needs a second locker

- Brooke never locks her locker, and she leaves valuable stuff in there sometimes but nope she just lets it all be free for the taking. Yet no one takes

- No one takes because Chloe is right next to her locker, and there’s a rumor Chloe has a knife in hers.

- The rumor is a lie of course, but Chloe doesn’t mind it, so she opens her locker very suspiciously

i just made this announcement over on twitter, but like, let’s be real, i’ve been on this horrible blue hell site since i was 16 - and i’m turning 24 on sunday, so that’s essentially a third of my life, yikes - and you guys are wonderful and i love you and you deserve to hear it here first. so.

as most of you know, i finished my first manuscript earlier this year, and i’ve been reservedly liveblogging the absurdly nerve-wracking process of querying agents and throwing my novel out to the wolves. 

and i’m so happy to finally be able to tell you that i’ve accepted an offer of literary representation from brooks sherman of janklow & nesbit associates.

i first became aware of brooks a couple of years ago when my best friend lena, who was loyally and devotedly beta-reading one of my early drafts, suggested i check out becky albertalli’s “simon vs. the homo sapiens agenda.” she thought simon was an exemplary gay ya romance, exactly the kind of thing i was hoping to do. and she was right: simon instantly became one of my favourite books, and becky became one of my favourite authors. i pledged to myself that when i finally worked up the nerve to start talking to agents, i would talk to the guy who helped make simon happen.

but it took a long time. like, a long time. i started writing “teenage victory song” - the name of my novel, a contemporary gay YA love story, hopefully coming soon to a bookstore near you! - back in 2013. specifically, during an 11:30 PM gchat with grace on wednesday, december 11, 2013, which i have archived for historical preservation. so grace is getting the dedication when this thing goes out, naturally. but, yeah, i started writing it in 2013, and only just finished it this spring, and only with the help of some truly incredible people and loyal friends and family - way too many to name here, but you know who you are, and thank you. i love you. if i hadn’t had your love and your support to battle the little grey cloud of depression and trauma and persistent economic instability that hangs over me 24/7, i’d never have gotten this far. writing this book, and keeping myself mentally healthy and happy enough to finish it, is the hardest thing i’ve ever had to do. 

i also need to thank benjamin alire saenz, andre alexis, dennis bock, anne michaels, and mallory ortberg for reading various permutations of this manuscript and believing in it and giving me their writerly advice on it. i love all y’all. and, of course, major, major thanks to the lambda literary association, who do so much incredible work for so many lgbt authors, and to whom i will be forever in debt.

i just don’t have words for the fact that brooks read my manuscript and said yes, that he said wow, that he believes in me and in what i’m trying to do with my writing. he represents so many authors whose work i’ve been continually blown away by, and it is patently ridiculous and surreal that i get to stand next to them now? i’ve already mentioned becky albertalli, whose work has done so much to humanize young lgbt people and to normalize gay love for a mainstream audience. or adam silvera, who just put queer boys of colour on the new york times bestsellers list with “they both die at the end,” which i am presently reading and crying over and having my internal organs ripped out by. and last, but definitely not fucking least, angie thomas, who wrote “the hate u give,” very possibly the most important young adult novel of the last twenty years, a heartbreaking and compassionate and warmly funny complete and total masterwork that i inhaled in less than two days. like, i really don’t. have words. these are people who have been heroes of mine for so long. i just started actually crying so i’m going to have to wrap this up lmao.

i grew up in an intensely homophobic and conservative christian household, and when i was probably eleven or twelve i somehow came into possession of a copy of “a great and terrible beauty” by libba bray. i don’t remember anything about it except that it had a subplot involving two girls who kissed each other on the mouth, and when they kissed each other on the mouth, i was so viscerally horrified that i started bawling, and i stood up, walked upstairs to the garbage disposal, and tore the book apart with my bare hands. watched the pages filter down into the garbage. and i don’t, like. i don’t like to damage books. i don’t even fold corners because i don’t like to crease the pages. i still remember it all these years later because my first reaction upon recognizing myself in that kiss was to literally destroy it. and i had to keep that part of myself buried for so many years. reading lgbt ya and fanfiction was some of the only escape i had. i wasn’t able to come out until i was eighteen years old, and when i did, it ultimately meant becoming estranged from my mother forever.

i have so much love and tenderness and compassion for all those previous, wounded versions of me, who went through so much, who hated themselves so much, who spent so much of their teens and early twenties being depressed and closeted and suicidal and dreaming of the day when they might get to be an author. you fucking did it, buddy. i love you so much and i am so proud of everything you did to survive and keep creating.

in conclusion,

re: jay/umbronydraws

i’m sure most everyone who follows me and/or is active in the hamilton fandom is aware of what’s been happening to my good friend jay/umbronydraws during the last few weeks or so. with jay’s consent i’m here to explain the situation on his behalf since he wants absolutely no further part in the fandom or in this situation and honestly? I don’t blame him whatsoever. 

tl;dr congratulations, you harassed another queer artist of color to the point of considering suicide. both people outside of the fandom AND people within the fandom have been guilty of this. how many more times is this going to keep happening?

caps (provided by jay) and explanations are below. content warnings for slurs & just. shit. many names have been left uncensored. (reblogs are ok & encouraged, we need people to know and understand what happened here so that we can work on making sure it doesn’t happen again.)

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anonymous asked:

Oh come on. If this was any other show we'd be calling them out for 1) censoring the only gay kiss 2) making them completely chaste, or void of intimacy, in comparison to the het couples. The fact is they want queer rep, but don't wanna show it (not to offend the audience? is it gross? Did the actors demand it?) It's a well documented double standard, and TGD has it unfortunately.

… . void of intimacy? 

“Have you ever been i love? Once. How’d it end? It hasn’t.”

“I’ll keep you safe.” 

…  in comparison to the het couples? Where 1. The main couple is obviously going to have more screen time like this is Zeke’s story and y’all keep forgetting that. 2. Ra Ra and Tanya are shown sharing a peck and it’s solely their cartoon versions. 3. Character’s don’t have to be physically intimate to be good rep.

Like y’all will stay stanning show’s like Teen wolf or more recently Riverdale which deliberately queer baited but “oh the actresses says that they know the characters have so much chemistry, so it’s possible” and has one gay man who from the looks of it literally serves to be the token gay.

And yet somehow the Get Down isn’t good enough LGBTQ rep. Like there’s a way to phrase what you want to see from the characters and the show without saying that you wouldn’t recommend the show based on LGBTQ rep or that it doesn’t have good rep.

Because Idk whats not good rep about a charismatic, artistic, intelligent, young black man. Who loves the people around him dearly, whose sensitive and strong willed. Whose passionate about finding and owning his freedom. Who has always felt like an alien in the world he inhabits for his philosophical thoughts and his dreams. 

Pink Lemonade

Summary: Richie Tozier finds himself in a sticky situation and is forced to hide in a closet for safety. He wasn’t expecting to find the space already occupied, and he defiantly wasn’t expecting to enjoy the company so much.

A/N: *Warnings: Homophobic Comments, Sexual Situations/Themes.* The boys are in their senior year of high school, so 18+. I love Richie’s mouth in this one, he is so sassy!! Might consider part two if people like it, if not no biggie.

Word Count: 2009


Part: 1 (2) (3) (4) (5) (6) (7) (8) (9)

The boy’s loud, lustful moan echoed against the concrete walls. Richie felt his hair being pulled as his pace quickened, knowing his already busy mouth would soon be overwhelmed. He snuck a glance at his partner, his half lidded eyes casted upwards in complete bliss and it took everything in Richie’s power not to smirk or crack a joke. The climax came quickly, forcing a sour taste down the trashmouths throat. He cringed, pulling away.

“Fuck that was good.” The large football player moaned, doing up his jeans and pushing himself away from the bathroom wall.

Richie nodded, giving a thumbs up as he walked to the sink and spit. Running the water he washed out his mouth, feeling the salty flavor cling to the inside of his cheeks. “Glad I could be of service.” He muttered, smirking over to the bulky boy. “Next time we should switch.” He joked, chuckling to himself lightly, knowing that the likelihood of him getting off was just as about as good as this losers chances of an academic scholarship.

“I’m no faggot.” The football player hissed, glaring at the lanky boy before him.

Richie turned off the faucet, raising his eyebrow, “You kind of are, I mean I literally just got you off.”

You sucked my dick, you’re the faggot not me.” He retorted harshly, his rationality adding up poorly.

“Hmm.” Richie looked over to the jock and smiled, amused by his homophobia despite what he had practically begged him to do yet again. “The way I see it,” He mused, confidence brimming in his eyes. “If you orgasm from the stimulation of another man then you my good sir, are gay.”

“You better watch what you say Tozier.”

The warning merely slipped right passed Richie as he continued, “I mean does your cheerleader girlfriend know what you’re doing afterschool in these here bathrooms?”

“You better shut the fuck up, or I’ll-“

“I’ll have to ask her if having your dicked sucked by another male makes you homosexual or not. I’m curious about her opinion on the subject.” Richie saw the jock move and instantly threw himself to the side, allowing the oversized senior to crash into the sink. The buffoon let out a loud protest before rebounding and bolting towards the other boy.

“I’m going to fucking kill you trashmouth.” The football player bellowed, following Richie as he bolted through the bathroom door and out into the hallway.

Their footsteps screeched against the tile floor, becoming the only sound in the empty school. Richie knew he was faster than the tank behind him, who had at least seventy pounds on his lanky ass, but he also know there weren’t too many places to run to in such a small high school which meant he needed to hide.

He cut down the hall leading into the lunchroom and heard the jocks steps fall behind. Taking the opportunity he rushed into the nearest janitor’s closet, closing the door behind him tightly. His heart ponded against his chest and he let out a slow, desperate sigh of relief.

“This room is taken.”

Richie nearly jumped out of his skin at the sound of the small voice, he quickly turned around and met the chocolate eyes of a petite boy, his face swollen and bruised. The boy tried to continue but Richie quickly covered his mouth to silence him. Moving his finger to his lips he motioned for the kid to stay silent, the sound of the jocks footsteps becoming louder and louder.

There was a slew of curse words following the noise of the jocks heavy breathing. Richie smirked as he passed the closet, continuing down the hallway before turning the next corner. He chuckled lightly, feeling a weight lift itself off of his chest. “Damn, I thought he was going to kill me.” He muttered, still holding on to the small boy.

The other kid pulled his face away from Richie’s hand, narrowing his eyes at him. “Your hands smell disgusting.” He hissed, “Don’t you ever wash them?”

Richie turned to him then, taking him in fully. “Hey I know you.” He commented, smirking slightly at the memory. “You’re that neat freak who hangs with the bird boy and the stuttering kid.”

“I have a name.”

“Right, right.” The trashmouth mused, twirling his hands in the air, motioning for the name to come back. “Edmund or something.”

“Eddie.” He corrected, nearly growling in annoyance. “My name is Eddie Kaspbrak.”

“Yeah Eddie, that’s it.” The lanky boy smirked, snapping his fingers. “Hey, it’s nice to meet you Eds my dear. Names Richard Tozier, but my friends call me Richie.”

“I know who you are.” Eddie replied harshly, causing Richie to smile.

Richie faked gasped, clutching his chest. “Have we met?”

“You’re the joker of Derry High, kind of hard to miss.” He answered, sneering in his direction. “And I was here first so you need to-“

“Who’s got you on the run?” Richie asked, ignoring Eddie’s obvious annoyance. “Same kid that gave you that shiner?”

Eddie cringed, grazing his hand along his already bruised skin. He frowned, before sneering. “Henry Bowers caught me right after last period.” He explained, his eyes becoming heavy with an emotion that Richie could not pinpoint.

“Yeah, I hear that kid is an asshole.” Richie replied, trying to push down the bubbling emotion in this throat. “Real big too, got held back a few grades.”

“And you? What are you doing here?” Eddie asked, his eyes clearing of the storm within him. “I thought you could talk yourself out of anything.”

“Normally I can but I got the captain of the football team pretty heated up.” He replied, amused by truth his own statement. “He’s such a homophobe.”

“Yeah I’m aware.” Eddie added, shrugging his shoulders. “He’s got me a few times in the locker room.”

Richie felt his face flush, looking at the boy he raised an eyebrow, “You’re a queer Eddie boy?” The small boy flinched, although Richie wasn’t sure if it was from the harsh terminology or the nick name. Eddie’s gaze dropped and he merely shrugged not answering the question fully. Richie chuckled, “Well let me tell you, the caption of Derry High’s football team is defiantly gay himself so don’t take his abuse to heart.”

“How would you even know that?” Eddie hissed, leaning against the furthest wall, putting what little space he could between the two. “What are you physic or something?”

“No but I just sucked his dick and that’s about as gay as it comes.”

“What the fuck?” Eddie stammered, “Are you serious?”

“As serious as that shirt you’re wearing.” He replied, motioning to Eddie’s bright blue polo. “Been doing it for the past month and he comes quicker than the fucking road runner.”

“That’s-“Eddie muttered, shuttering. “That’s disgusting.”

Richie shrugged, tasting the lingering saltiness in the back of his throat. “What, you’ve never been with anyone? That’s just how it goes Eddie Spaghetti.”

“Will you stop it with the fucking nick-names?” Eddie hissed, shifting his weight under him awkwardly.

“So I take that as a no.” Richie snickered, amused by the boys uncomfortableness. “How do you even know you’re gay if you’ve never been with anyone?”

Eddie recoiled, looking at his feet. He played with his hands before responding softly to his shoes, “You’re supposed to love the person you have sex with and I’ve never been in love.”

Richie couldn’t help the laugh that erupted in his chest. He used his hands to quiet himself but it failed as his voice filled the air. “What you think that I loved that lug-nut?” He mused, clutching his sides. “Sex has nothing to do with love Eds, it’s all about getting your rocks off not filling your head with all that emotional shit.”

“Wow, you’re just the pride and joy of Derry aren’t you?” Eddie bit, standing from the wall. “You’re sick.”

“I’m truthful.” Richie corrected, his laughter dying down into a chuckle. “Just wait till your first time, it’s defiantly not like it’s made out to be in the movies.”

Eddie’s face was red with embarrassment. He brushed past the taller boy, opening the door and exiting. Richie rolled his eyes, following him for the simple fact he was sure the jock had given up his chase by now. “Don’t need to get mad Eds, I was just telling it like it was.” He spoke, taking long stride to catch up with him.

“Don’t call me Eds.” He hissed, walking through the hallway quickly. “And leave me alone, go blow some guy in the bathroom.”

Richie staggered for a moment, stunned by the harsh statement. He recovered quickly, hurrying through the high school doors with the other boy. “Hey, I think you owe me an apology.” He joked, taking the steps two at a time and abruptly stopping in front of Eddie, forcing him to a halt. “That hurt.” He mocked, pouting his lip and tilting his head.

Eddie scoffed and moved past his obstacle, grumbling something under his breath. Richie smiled, skipping up next tom him as they walked through the parking lot, which now only consisted of two cars, Richie’s beat up truck and what he could only assume was Eddie’s blue something or rather.

Richie found he was actually enjoying himself, completely comfortable with the small boys company. The only person who had ever made him feel so at ease was Beverly, and that had actually taken some time. No one had ever calmed him so quickly and Richie was afraid to let it end. “Is that your car?” he mused as they neared the blue painted vehicle. “It’s kind of gay you know. I mean couldn’t pick another c-“

He was instantly cut off by the boy who zombie rose from the driver’s seat. A surprised squeak dropped from Richie’s lips and he jumped back instantly. Eddie laughed, and Richie drank in the sweet sound. “Awe, what did Bill scare you?” He sneered, opening the car door.


“W-who is this?” The boy at the wheel asked, looking over the trashmouth before scrunching up his face.

“Hey, it’s the stuttering dude!” Richie mused, pointing to Bill enthusiastically. “I’m Richie, Eddie Spaghetti and I hid out in a closet this afternoon. We had a very heartfelt conversation about the difference between love and sex.”

“W-what the f-fuck? “ Bill muttered, looking at Eddie with wide eyes.

“Ignore him.” Eddie mumbled, sliding into the passenger seat. “He’s just the schools trashmouth.”

Richie gasped dramatically, again gripping his chest. “I thought we were becoming friends! We had such a fun time in the closet.” He joked, holding Eddie’s door open with one hand smiling down at his annoyed face. “I mean we could have a bright future together Eds.”

“D-did I miss s-something?” Bill asked, turning the ignition and awaking the car. “W-what-“

“He’s just fucking with me.” Eddie bit, smacking at Richie’s hand until he dropped his grip. “He’s apparently an asshole like that.”

“So I’ll see you tomorrow then Eddie Spaghetti?” Richie jeered, clicking his tongue and shooting his fingers at the very aggravated boy. “We’ll do lunch.”


“Okay then! Bye-bye new friends!” He cheered, closing the car door and cutting off Eddie’s protest. He watched the boy pout in the driver’s seat, glaring daggers at the school fool. The car moved, pulling from the parking space and driving out of the lot. Richie waved at them until they were out of sight, consumed by the now fading sun.

The lanky boy whistled a light tune as he strolled towards his truck, smiling uncontrollably. He thought of the small boy with the wrong assumptions of love, admiring the purity of the entire thing. Although he would never admit it, Richie found himself liking the boy. He but his mind at ease, even if he hated all of his stupid jokes or his ideas of sex.

Whatever the case, for the first time ever, Richie Motherfucking Tozier was looking forward to the next day of school.

anonymous asked:

have you seen the twitter drama with shane? do you think the phandom is exaggerating and being too over protective of dan and phil?

aoiwejroaijeroaiejwroaer i want to fucking scream. the argument “fans do it, so shane can do it” is dumb as shit. no one is trying to “protect” dan and phil. people are making the fucking basic point that a dude with an AUDIENCE of MILLIONS speculating about the private affairs of two of his peers, especially when those peers are potentially in a queer relationship that they have not confirmed themselves, is completely invasive and rude. it’s a fucking entirely different thing than fans who write fictional works for their own enjoyment sequestered into spaces that dan and phil don’t see (and that’s not to mention that writing fic is a practice dan and phil themselves have acknowledged and even celebrated.) fans aren’t asserting an assessment of dnp’s relationship as fact for millions of people. and there’s the overarching point that what shane concluded is that dan and phil are queer baiting or essentially manipulating and exploiting their own audience for profit which is a fucking serious allegation especially if dnp are actually queer and can’t respond without OUTING THEMSELVES??????? ? who the fuck thinks this is okay????? he is literally backing them into a corner where either they stay quiet and let his allegations sit that they are profit-hungry liars who fuck with their largely underage fanbase for fun, meaning they have to just accept that millions of people will listen to that and probably even believe it bc it’s coming from a youtuber they look up to and respect and who may even have more info than us as fans  OR they respond (which they can’t! fucking! do!! bc they’re not out!!!!!!) if people can’t see how this is a completely toxic attitude towards queerness that completely erases the possibility of two people being closeted, then idk what to say. i’ve posted about this twice now and i’m not talking about it anymore

a rant, aka “why everyone should watch ohshc”

my favorite thing about ouran is the complete lack of heterosexuality in the main cast, like

  • the main character is literally an asexual (and possibly agender) crossdresser raised by a flirtatious transvestite dadmom and everybody just goes with it, like no one ever gives her a hard time about it (except for tamaki but we later found out that he only tries to remind her that she’s a girl because he’s genuinely worried about her) or tries to tell her she needs to change. 
  • and as for the host club members, most if not all of them seem to be pretty laid back and flexible when it comes to sexuality (tamaki definitely was into haruhi even when he thought she was a guy, the twins act gay af half the time, kyoya and tamaki have that weird “mommy and daddy” thing, ect.). 
  • there’s an entire school full of singing lesbians.
  •  gender roles apparently don’t apply either; haruhi is tough and mature and independent and never feels like a damsel in distress.
  • did i mention the transvestite dadmom who NOT ONLY works to support his/her daughter and rocks at being a single parent, but is respected and accepted by haruhi’s friends.
  • that one story arch where kasanoda had a crush on haruhi but thought she was a guy and he just accepted it like “ok i guess i like guys now that’s cool”
  • (in the anime at least) haruhi never has a *sexy* bra and panties shot (she gets walked in on while changing a couple of times but it’s never a fanservice type thing), and remains independent and uninterested despite being surrounded by hot guys 24/7. because, you know, it’s possible to be just friends with someone even if they’re physically attractive. 
  • haruhi and hikaru go on a date and share a couple of romantic moments, but things don’t really work out and they both accept it and stay friends without either of them being bitter or resentful.
  • and none of this is even treated like a big deal? it’s all just accepted as the way things are? 
  •  basically this show is the best. end of story.

i am all about queer harry growing up in a homophobic muggle world and when he finally comes out to his friends ron tells him that “mate we live in a world with magic nobody cares who youre shagging. as long as it’s not a slytherin. oR ONE OF MY BROTHERS HARRY YOU ALREADY HAVE GINNY” meanwhile hermione goes to the library to research all she can on queer lifestyles and literally drags him and ron to pride parades to show her support

anonymous asked:

TBH everyone over reacted. He wasn't trying to be homophobic. He was saying they were just friends. Which everyone should know? (And I am LGBT as well before someone comes at me)

Man, I’m over the conversation about sdcc. I’ve said my piece, the entire internet has said their piece, somewhere in the chaos I think maybe some thoughtful dialogue happened, or at any rate jeremy jordan did a good job faking it on his twitter. I’m over it. I have no idea why I’m awake typing this, I have work tomorrow, and yet somehow I am STILL GETTING ANONYMOUS MESSAGES so here I am

it is bizarre to me that so much of the argument within fandom has gone:

Group 1: that comment was homophobic
Group 2: um, Jeremy does not hate the gays?? He was just stating a true fact?

I find it alarming as hell to see such a limited understanding of what homophobia is (especially given that most of this fandom is queer.)

So just to be clear:
Individual people being homophobic on an interpersonal level is NOT the main source of my concern. I don’t think Jeremy Jordan hates the queer community. I think he considers himself an ally.

But that’s not really how homophobia functions in our culture anymore. In most places in the United States, most people don’t hate the gays. I grew up in Kentucky, I know there are still lots of people running around beating us up, but like - overall, the common consensus in this country is that that’s uncool behavior. (Not everywhere all the time, I know. I don’t mean to belittle anyone’s suffering.)

But even if everyone around you considers themselves to be an ally, that doesn’t change the fact that the majority of sex education in this country only discusses heterosexual sex. Or that it is significantly harder for queer couples to adopt children than straight couples. Or that adult queer people who attempt to mentor youths are far more likely to be assumed pedophiles than straight adults doing the same.

It doesn’t change the fact that heterosexuality is seen as normal, and homosexuality is seen as other. It doesn’t change the disparity in resources, in social capital, in representation.

That’s what homophobia looks like. It doesn’t just look like someone screaming a slur at you when you hold hands with your SO. It also looks like, oh hey here’s a random example, people finding the idea of a lesbian ship for a television show to be absurd and laughable, even though there has practically never in the history of tv been an interaction between a man and a woman without everybody assuming it was romantic. To quote the great philosopher Avril Lavigne, “he was a boy, she was a girl. Can I make it anymore obvious.”

Lazy writers can write romances based on that line, ok? Literally all you have to do to get audiences to buy into a straight romance is put a man and woman onscreen at the same time. It literally never occurred to them that it was possible for Winn to be Kara’s bff without a moment where he asked her out and she rejected him. But when we go, “Lena filled Kara’s entire office with flowers one time, we’d like to interpret that as romantic,” the cast feels the need to perform a musical number about how absurd and impossible that is.

That’s homophobia. It is an enforcement of the idea that only heterosexuality is normal. And it can be homophobic WITHOUT Jeremy Jordan, on an interpersonal level, hating gay people.

That said, he’s made an effort to understand, and I appreciate it. As Emily andras said about the situation (because at this point the entire internet has weighed in, so why are you all still in my inbox), people make mistakes. If those people are willing to listen and engage fairly, then we can all learn from these moments, and they can have positive outcomes.

ok im going back to bed. Sorry for being deeply deeply grumpy. I’m answering your ask because it is one of the politest I’ve received in a whole flood of them, and you are receiving my grump toward the entire set.

Okay, so I just rewatched The Six Thatchers for the first time since the premiere and I have to beat a dead horse here, so If you want to go down that conspiracy rabbit hole, feel free to continue past the cut (it is an all-encompassing rant). This is your warning, no fair reading on and then getting upset over it and fighting me on my own post – that is not tolerated.

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Sherlock Holmes and Victorian Homosexuality

[This is the final post in my series on Strangers: Homosexual Love in the Nineteenth Century by Graham Robb. Previous posts can be found here.]

Dearest friends. Dear sweet ones. Dear softest lambs. Prepare yourselves.

Originally posted by sherlockspeare

Robb’s last chapter is on literature and literary references to homosexuality.

And he chooses to talk – at length – about Sherlock Holmes and John Watson.

He writes:

The following observations are not a sly attempt to ensnare the great detective in the elastic web of gay revisionism. Everyone already knows, instinctively, that Holmes is homosexual.

Well then.

If there is one post you read from this series, it should be this one.

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anonymous asked:

If you find the energy and willingness to do so, I'm super interested in why you don't agree with Dean being a closeted queer person. (Not trying to start anything, I'm genuinely interested.)

Sure! Well, “closeted” is a word that I don’t find particularly fecund in an analysis, or in general, because “being closeted” has meaning in relation to something - like, for instance, you’re closeted to your parents, you’re closeted in your workplace, you’re closeted to everyone outside of the internet, you’re closeted to people you’re not very close to, etc. And sure, you can be closeted to everyone on the planet, but if you exclude people who haven’t told a single soul, there is no such thing as “being in the closet” in an absolute sense. You can come out to one person and you’re not in the closet in relation to them, but still in the closet in relation to everyone else. You can come out to literally everyone you have ever had a conversation with, but technically, unless you’re going around with a t-shirt that says “I’m queer”, you are “in the closet”, as in “not out”, to a person you’re meeting or getting to know for the first time.

This said, I have seen people using that word to mean - if I’ve interpreted it correctly - that Dean is either a) in the closet in relation to everyone; b) closeted to himself, so to speak, as in, he doesn’t realize and/or acknowledge and/or accept that he’s not heterosexual.

I don’t agree with either. Now, I’m gonna put here the disclaimer that this is my interpretation since Dean’s bisexuality/queerness is not stated textually in the show thus we’re talking on a level of signs and attribution of meanings (*insert something smart about semiotics*) and blah blah blah.

Allow me not to be specific with, like, references to lines spoken in the show in this post, maybe when I am done with my thesis and all will get the time to make a thorough analysis with specific references.

Now, do I think that Dean went up to his dad and told him “I like girls and guys lol”? … Nope. At all. (But being closeted in relation to someone doesn’t really mean anything. Being out isn’t an all or nothing thing. You can go to pride parades wearing feathers and still keep it hidden from your dad. There are people who wait for their parents or grandparents to die before publicly coming out or transition. It’s complex.) Do I think Dean went up to Sam or Bobby and told them “I like girls and guys”? I don’t think so, as in, I don’t think he gave them a speech about being bisexual, but I think that both Sam and Bobby have at least a partial sense of Dean’s not-heterosexuality. Has Dean let his queerness known to people outside his family? Sure he has. On the top of my head, I can think of: Ash, Frank, Charlie (all hackers and queer or queer-coded, there is a pattern of association between hacking and queerness, but this is a thought for another day); Crowley was exchanging innuendo with him after 0.2 seconds of meeting and, well, Crowley has gotten to know Dean pretty intimately; and let’s be real there are characters who just looked at him and caught up because of reasons (Gunner Lawless comes to mind, I guess Aaron Bass, pretty sure Max Banes) and people who assumed and used it against him (the Campbells come to mind, no wonder the poor guy built 5739 walls around himself in season 6 and at some point was like “I was busy having sex with women”). It’s also implied that both he and Garth knew what the Purgatory in Miami was and that Dean expected Garth to get the joke, and Garth is another character that knows Dean beyond the façades. And then there’s a constellation of tiny moments that don’t mean anything on their own but in the context of what we know about Dean fit in the picture, like Jenna Nickerson feeling comfortable mentioning the first girl she’d kissed after knowing Dean for a short while.

At this point we’re left with “does Dean know he’s not straight” and, well, at this point it’s obvious but the thing is: Dean takes pride in his being anti-normative. Unlike Sam, he embraces his underclass identity, his not-normal identity. He acknowledges he’s a freak ever since day 1, and while he has heavy issues with the loneliness that comes with it, he uses it as an important brick in the construction of his identity. May I refer you to this conversation I had with @aslightsgoflashing and @f-ckyeahfutbol that touches this very topic.

Now, Dean’s relationship with his sexuality is extremely complex - we need, for instance, to count his experiences with sexual assault into it (I mentioned season 6 before, which also happens to be where he gets assaulted by a man in a sexually charged context, while I believe the other instances of sexual assault on him are carried out by women). Dean lives a life where is body is a) a commodity for the job, b) always at risk of being violated (in multiple ways, from wounds to possession). He’s always walking on a line between protecting his body and weaponizing it (it’s not a coincidence his body has been used as bait so often) and he that goes with sexuality too. He’s vocal in expressing knowledge of obscure kinky sexual practices, talking about how he’ll “try everything once” or whatever (but enjoying wearing pink panties is a secret…).

He builds his identity is a complex, ambiguous, ever-changing relationship with his body and his sexuality, and there’s nothing about him that suggests to me that he lives in a bubble where he doesn’t know he’s queer. Maybe he didn’t always (or ever) had the correct terminology for it or really conceptualized it, but in his twenties the guy knew his Pink Flamingos references (and Sam didn’t).

I think that among the reasons why Dean isn’t throwing himself at Cas’ feet and declaring his undying love for him, the fact that Cas has a dude body is, like, the last one on the list. I mean, I’m not saying he does not perceive men and women differently - he has different ways of relating to men and women due to the overwhelmingly homosocial context he’s lived pretty much his entire life, although he’s clearly developed a less sexist way of relating to women through the years - but his reluctance in opening himself to Cas is not due to some “gay panic” thing. I mean, it would be pretty diminishing to read it as just that.

So… well, these are my two cents on the topic :)


anonymous question (as a note i’m struggling with generals atm. I’m not sure what my ~overall feelings~ are it’s gonna take some processing time. I will however talk about some specifics) 

This is a long post that contains a lot of spoilers about all of the book. (also salt) don’t read if you’re not into that, this isn’t brief. 

Anonymous said: thoughts on Mor?

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Good Stuff’s Best of 2017

WARNING: I’d like to thank everybody who was here for me when times were low. Thank you, take care out there, and enjoy.

Cartoons; the one thing that I will continuously watch until I go blind. 2017 was an emotional handful and an exhausting trudge, can’t deny that, and I’m counting down the best cartoons/animations I’ve seen and loved this year in no particular order. Only two rules, no sneak previews of future projects (sorry to Unikitty and Hideo Kojima). Here we go….


This was a sleeper hit tbh. The fact all the episodes were free on Youtube blew my mind, but having a well structured story with a lovely cold space color palette, actually relatable characters, and a sinister undertones below its tender, colorful charm to be as a nice headliner to when Friendship is Magic came back in spring. It was an inviting start for the year, and with the guy behind Motorcity and Superjail taking the helm and having two more seasons being produced, Hanazuki is something I find is in good hands come 2018.


Four long years. I waited FOUR long goddamn years…and fuck me was it worth it. A spectacle is what I can call Little Witch Academia. Almost every episode dazzled me with its stage made bravado and confidence that always made me say, “Okay. Let’s make it til’ the next week”. Even when things got serious, LWA knew how to have fun and make the most of its concept. There is a sense of predictability sometimes, but the series would still throw you some good curve balls to never lose your interest. What did lose my interest was Netflix’s sorry excuse of a dub. The movies: fine. But Netflix, try that again, with any other anime, and I will rip your nuts off.

8. Now I might be cheating here since it’s not a cartoon, but shit it might as well have been


Originally posted by fictional-seviper

The effort that went into this is phenomenal, beyond the many other games of the year no doubt. While not everything is animated, I could tell they were cutting corners in some areas, the frame BY frame animated enemies, bosses, and effects made this one of the most visually colorful and alive games to date, next to Mario Odyssey. Not only was this game a frustrating yet joyous romp to start and finish, but the music and art flawlessly channeled the essence of a time where the word “cartoon” was only starting to make good progress. My favorite character would have to be Satan King Dice, whom is an animated homage to great musician and composer Cab Calloway. His stache, his clothing, even his Cheshire grin captured the cool, jazzy vibe Calloway always provided in his performances. He and his fight was the highlight of Cuphead for me and I hope this game, if a sequel isn’t possible, is well remembered for its unexpected excellence in how a video game can look.


Originally posted by dreamworksmoments

Faithful is what I can describe these two. Captain Underpants was just an awesome book to elementary schooler me, but to see a well animated, well written movie about a dude in his underwear was nothing short of a simple yet powerful masterpiece. As for Batman, this is one of the three truest DC and Batman movies around this time, and it has a gay undertone with Batman and the Joker’s relationship (how can you not pull that off, Suicide Squad?). While not a big fan of lego myself, The Lego Movie put my faith WB making another one equally as good, and they did not disappoint. It’s a shame it got snubbed at the Golden Globes, it deserves the award more than the Boss Baby. Plus it had a Superman that didn’t bore me while having a terrible CGI lip job that’s only made worse by his two way dick nose….

Justice League costed 300,000,000 dollars………….


To me, this series felt like one of the few steps forward the world took to make the LGBT+ community feel more welcome and inspired in public outlets; a small step, but progressive none the less. It is a colorful and lively action comedy, a first to be created by a transgender person, where you can see a non-binary character, a pride fest, diverse background characters of orientation and ethnicity, and it feels like they are a part of the world and not footnotes that states that you should respect queer, bi, ace, and so on based on a say so. It’s a show don’t tell type of series and it brightened my summer before I had to remind myself that college exists and is expecting me.


*ring ring* “Hello?” Ye, Disney? How fucking dare you?

My hype for this was undoubtful. I love Tangled the movie, I consider it one of my favorite 2010 disney flics beside Wreck it Ralph and Moana. And when the art style was up for a preview for this (?), I just sat and waited until it finally premiered and damn. I never stopped loving it, but it is until episode 16 where the series starts to hit high note after high note with the direction it’s going for the story. The fact that this all takes place not long after the movie makes the thought where Eugene and Rapunzel finally get married feels all the more earned. It’s working its way to a happily ever after, I adore this show, and this makes me appreciate Frozen a bit more for how far that’s fallen in the world after its one year of fame. Seriously, Gigantic had to get chopped, but Olaf can still live? Give me a break, Disney.

“Sir, I understand your enthusiasm….but this is Domino’s.” Then I will have the 5.99 large with Salchicha and pepperoncini with a liter sprite on delivery.


This was so beautiful, so awesome, and much better than…

I wasted my life and I cannot say that I will ever reclaim that time proactively again the Anime

Made in Abyss is like Hunter x Hunter except Gon’s more booksmart and Kilua’s a timid robot. The bond between Riko and Reg was a fucking dynamic and heartfelt where Riko’s helps build Reg up and Reg kept Riko and himself safe with his bodily arsenal. That and this series has the best world building where they not only give the low down on almost everything about the titular abyss, but the atmospheric environments and the designs of the inhabiting creatures made this a unique world to want to explore myself. It knew what to show, and knew what to share. When things got serious, I actually tensed up at the thought of shit truly going down; they knew how to soften the terror while maniacally instill fear in us for the safety of the traveling kids. I want to recommend this link to an awesome breakdown of how great Made in Abyss was. However, as it seems that a season two has gone down the abyss as well, and I’m afraid it can’t come back up.


Is it safe to call this the M.U.G.E.N. of cartoons? Just an all up mashup of stuff I love in a Saturday morning? Campy, action, and laid back, this is something I can be sober or grab some kush and I would be enjoy the show just the same. They even have references you might not have ever heard of, but might like the search. OK KO’s a popcorn cartoon, it’s not for everybody, but it established itself well into the modern CN era when Adventure Time finally has to move on. 


Getting this out of the way: episode 6 toiled the final season of Samurai Jack for me. Not gonna go into detail, but if that episode was remade, I would have been more satisfied looking back. However, that does not stop me from saying this is how a revival should be, this is how a reboot should work, THIS is how you can bring nostalgia back. Samurai Jack was great back then, but this season, wrapping up the loose plight of our boy trying to get back to the past and defeat the demon Aku, was satisfactory to many fans. Even those who’ve never heard or remember Jack could just enjoy this as a dynamic mini-series; it gives you context of what happened before without having to recap the original plot of it. For non fans, it’s mostly about an ageless samurai, longing to return to his own time, stuck in the future for over 50 years to the point of losing his honor and his mind. It’s a binge worthy 10 episode season, originally intended to be a movie, and aside from polar opinionated finale, this made Samurai Jack feel great to love again.


This is a personal choice from me because 2017 was an honest to god terrible year for me; nothing but turmoil, season to season, and the struggle to cope with that despair in a way I felt actually could help. However, this small series here boosted my spirits because even with it being a show for little kids that I originally wanted to watch as a joke, the competent, enthusiastic spirit it had just moved me in a way that cartoons that I love for eons could only try to do on a whim. It’s not the best made cartoon, it’s not something I sincerely recommend to you all, but it helped me realize that the best thing about life is finding and seeking things that don’t just distract you from the hard and testing times reality puts on you, but gives you a moment of honest bliss and happiness that can influence your outlook on looking forward to better things because things like this, cartoons like this, CAN make you feel better. 

*sniff* Which is why, the actual cartoon of the year….

1. is STEVEN U., BABY!

Just kidding, guys! You will NEVER win, Steven!

TEEN TITANS GO! WINS IT AGAIN, BABYYYY! ONCE AGAIN BABY (i don’t even like it no more…), YOUR NEW FAVORITE SHOW (i don’t even fucking like it no…) RISES TO THE TO-

But Steven Universe in Space, though. That’s when it’ll be great again.

Hidden Behind Straightened Hair

Hidden Behind Straightened Hair | The fives times Dan’s hair was used as a joke to hide his insecurity about his sexuality, and the one time it wasn’t.| Phan | PG-13 | Homophobia, Bi-Erasure, 2012 Scenario’s, Curly hair/Straight jokes | 5,304 Words

Massive thank you to @ineverhadmyinternetphase​ for quite literally letting me force her to read over my shoulder the entire time I worked on this, and her endless support of both my take on 2012 events, and bi-erasure.

Honestly guys, this is the thing I am currently the most proud of ever having written, so please let me know what you think <3 I’m literally shaking as I post this. 

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anonymous asked:

there's been a lot of negativity surrounding s*pergirl recently, i was wondering what your thoughts are on kara's current romantic arc, and also alex blowing off earth birthday/encouraging kara to be with mon-el? and anything else, if you want

i love that alex is a lesbian ok & that they covered the coming out so well. i haven’t seen any of the episodes since it returned so keep that in mind when i saw season two is completely lacking in the overarching drive & important themes that they introduced in season one. it is choppy & exhausting to watch & i don’t get any sense of direction from watching it. do i love it? yes. i LOVE supergirl i think it’s fun & exciting & i love all the positive messages so when im watching it I’m like yeah!!!!!! this is great!!!!!! but when im thinking abt it afterwards im disappointed

i dont understand at all what Kara or alex would see in mon el & im not saying that as someone who is queer im saying this as a writer there is nothing absolutely nothing that speaks to a connection between mon el & Kara. being the last of their people, coming from the same sun etc, isn’t even enough. if anything it’s more of a division not because draxamites & kryptonians had prejudice against one another bc that was a fun point that made Kara look at her own prejudices so I liked that. but like beyond that there is nothing that makes them,,, alike?? he is selfish & a bit of a hedonist & Not Rly interested in being a hero he doesn’t want to be hurt & all of that is fine !!!! when coming from a writing pov bc u want ur characters to have flaws & u want there to be smth to be developed. what I don’t understand is why Kara has to develop it & why it is LITERALLY abt his development & Not HER actions & HER decisions re: his development. he’s abt ten thousand times less interesting than kara but im not seeing enough abt her & not only is it disappointing but it’s actually kind of ridiculous

i like sisterly conflict, i like that they get to grow like this tbh (from what i have seen anyway from gifs etc) i think it’s inaccurate to represent them as perfect sisters all the time they’re both growing as ppl they’re bound to clash esp now that alex isn’t swallowing everything down & now that Kara can rly be herself they’re bound to have to navigate that so I think that’s important

i can put together a more coherent thing later if anyone wants specific answers im just at work rn so this is just a rant but anyways ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ there u go

I just saw my cousin as Grantaire in his high school’s Les Mis

I’m hella biased because a) he’s my cousin, and b) Grantaire is both of our favorite characters (we need help), so this is going to slightly focus on R (sorry not sorry), but here are all of my thoughts:

-They didn’t have a lot people, so in the opening number Grantaire sings “I’ve done no wrong, sweet Jesus hear my prayer”, Marius sings “I know she’ll wait, I know that she’ll be true”, and Feuilly sings “we’re not yet free, you won’t see me here for dust” (and I just thought that was so perfect with their characters)

-Because it’s a high school play they had to do a censored version, which means they can’t really state that Fantine is a prostitute, so Lovely Ladies was hysterical because so many of the lyrics had been changed and it was so ridiculous I can’t even remember what they changed the lyrics to it was so off

-Confrontation was insane because they gave Javert this whip/chain thing and had Valjean ducking under it and at “I’m the stronger man by far” he catches it mid-air and just damn it was intense

-In The Beggars/Look Down/What-ever-you-want-to-call-this-song, Enjolras and Marius are handing out papers to recruit other students to their cause, and later in the background (while Marius is singing with Eponine) Enjolras is trying to give R a paper and recruit him, and R is kinda like “I don’t know…” until Enj puts his had on R’s shoulder, and then he smiles and just nods and they spend the rest of the scene talking together in the background

-In Red and Black they gave Grantaire the lyrics “like the flowing of the tide, Paris coming to our side” as he goes to stand beside Enjolras before sitting down (AAHHHHH YOU ARE PARIS COMING TO ENJ’S SIDE)

-At “is Marius in love at last” Grantaire drops down on one knee and grabs a hold of Marius’s hand and at “I’ve never heard him oo and ah” he literally places Marius’s hand on his chest, like damn R could you be any more dramatic

-R stands on the table for the whole “you talk of battles to be won” part and only gets off the table when Enjolras walks over to them

-Grantaire’s egging Marius on during Red and Black is literally more snarky and cheeky than George Blagden, like dude is standing on the table holding his hand out before him like he’s in an actual opera while singing “Red”

-In Do You Hear the People Sing, since Courf and Combeferre are the same person, Grantaire gets “then join in the fight that will give you the right to be free” as he gives Enjolras a gun, which Enj the hoists into the air

-A Heart Full of Love starts off Romeo & Juliet style with Cossette on a balcony thing, and she comes down to stand beside Marius to sign her parts

-When they are on the barricade, everyone stands up at different intervals when Enj sings the “Damn their warnings, damn their lies” part, and Grantaire stands up at “they will see the people rise”… R is the physical representation of the people of Paris… the feels… I’m fine…

-They gave Grantaire’s solo in Drink with Me to Courf and I’m still bitter about it

-In the final battle, Enj and Grantaire are positioned at the top of the barricade and first when R dies he dies kneeling at Enjolras’s feet as Enj then picks up the flag and starts waving it, until he falls backwards into the traditional dead Enj position, but the only thing is he drops the flag as he dies and bam the tears

-they did the thing in Turning where the girls leave (fake) candles on the stage and in Empty Chairs at Empty Tables when Marius sings “now my friends are dead and gone” he picks up one of the candles and Les Amis start walking on stage behind the screen, and at “phantom faces at the windows” they lifted the screen and all of Les Amis walked forward and grabbed a candle, and at “where my friends will sing no more” all of Les Amis flicked off their flame and walked off stage leaving only Marius holding a single glowing candle (tears)

-They cut “this one’s a queer but what can you do”… like damn, as a queer that is my favorite line

-In the finale when Jean Valjean is in the church, there is a table beside him holding… wait for it… two candle sticks… feeeeeeels

-After the show my family was like “you were amazing, but you so should have had a bigger part” and my cousin and I are just here like “yeah, but grANTAIRE”

-Also, I’m very biased, but he might have tied George Blagden for my favorite Grantaire (why do the good Grantaire’s never get to sing Drink With Me?)