(not that I'm so fast with the edits

do not fall in love with people like me,
i will take you into bookstores and put bibles in front of the sports illustrated swimsuit editions,
i will get u kicked out of the museum cos i’m trying to peel the sponsors names off the walls,
i will make u “spot me a five” at every fast food place so u can’t go back to them without feeling the emptiness in your wallet,
i will destroy ur credit in the most reckless way possible,
and then when i leave u will finally understand why storms r named after people

I’ve hit critical tipping point where I pulled out every scene into its own word doc (except for the last three, they were previously not written in individual documents) and I’m about to start mocking up the first two chapters of Trade All Your Tomorrows.

ETA: I also just realized I’m on a school computer and Word 2013 has my name on it, so that was a fast edit.

I bought The Song of Achilles a few days ago (I started to read it on Thursday and I have 50 pages left I think -I hate myself so much for reading so fast ESPECIALLY WHEN I’M READING FANFICS IT ALWAYS ENDS SO QUICKLY)

This book is so amazing. You guys need to read it, absolutely. It’s important!


anonymous asked:

ugh that jurassic park picspam is sooo nice!! you're really good :) do you think you could make one of fast and furious! idc which one, maybe the new one if you're able to. or all of them in one picspam?? idk i just love the way you edit them!

Thank you so much! it might take a while bc i don’t have it on my laptop and i’m pretty busy rn but watch this space!