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PSA - screenshots last forever

1. In the light of being publicly accused of being a sexual predator, I have several things to say. Contrary to the person accusing me, I have screenshots supporting my side of the story. Bear that in mind when you send me hate. I find it very disturbing the number of people that have asked me to kill myself without even bothering to ask if the accusations were even true or not.

2. Someone is accusing me of being a sexual predator. I don’t know why she’s hiding behind an anonymous blog now, everyone knows the only person I co-wrote fics with, is her. She used to own the urls rhuubarb/anhcor/antihetharry/stylinscripts/paynet-ed. I’m saying this for clarity’s sake as I’m about to post screenshots, so you know all the posts are coming from the same person.

3. this is the posts where she admits she lied about her age all along and that I didn’t know about it. (contrary to what she claims in the now conveniently deleted post)

This is the screenshot of our last conversation (I was the one to put an end to it, contrary to what she claims)

4.  When we met, I EXPLICITLY had told her I didn’t want to interact with minors and she disregarded my wishes and built herself an imaginary life that she fed me (and our friends and betas) daily. She admits to it here too. I have tons of people who know about my age policy and know that I don’t want under any circumstances to interact with minors. That discovery, months after our falling out, led me to orphan our fics. Which I explain the circumstances of here.

5. I have sought legal counsel and I will be pressing charges against that person. This is not a game, this has gone too far.

I didn’t want to talk about this because I truly didn’t want to bring attention to such a horrible topic who might discredit other victims of abuse.

I know the person behind that blog, I talked with them and I personally know that

1) they weren’t 13 at that time

2) the “abuser” didn’t know their real age or that she were a minor because she lied about it.

3) the relationship wasn’t sexual and how they found gross that people believed that

I know all this because the person who made that post told me that and I have the screenshots to prove it.

to me this situation is so upsetting because the people that have been following me for a long time knows how passionate I’m about this cause it hit really close to home and to see people blatantly lying about it…. it makes me wants to throw up

I’m trying to heal.

I’ve been treated so badly by people in the name of Christianity that I’ve been sour toward that religion for years.

I know not all Christians are close-minded, queer-hating, fire-and-brimstone folks but, boy, do those ones like to yell the loudest.

I know not all Christians are bad, and I’m trying to forgive. Not forgive those who hurt me, but those who are only guilty by association, and never really did anything to me.

But it’s like every time I open myself up, I get hurt, again and again.

It’s hard. But I’m trying to heal.

I’d like to personally respond to the allegations made against me

First of all I would like to emphasis that I have always been a strong supporter of the belief to trust the abused before the abuser. So this has been a particularly hard pill to swallow. I understand why one would quickly jump to conclusions on who to blame here. And yet, I am saddened and terrified by the amount of hate and death threats I have been receiving.

I have not at any given moment, ever, actively sided with anyone who to me appeared to be an abuser. In any form. Never would I stay silent in a situation where I were to witness any kind of harassment or wrongdoing. NO matter what relationship I’d have with that person. I am a very honest person who puts kindness first. I have met many of my mutuals on here in real life and hope they can testify. But, in the end we can all just trust our own judgement.

What I can say about these accusations is that they are NOT TRUE:

The person who is accusing me (and a handful of others) of these things has never been open about their real age towards me (or any other of said group). The whole time I communicated with that person I was of the belief that they were in their early twenties. At no point did I know or think I was interacting with a MINOR. I have only learned of their real age months after I have already stopped talking to them all together. So to accuse me of actively looking the other way when a minor was being harassed is neither true nor fair to claim in any way.

There has not been any form of harassment in the group chats I have been part of.

Never have I witnessed Addy harassing anyone, not said accuser and not anyone else.
However, said person on the other side has later admitted to be a pathological liar in various situations to many different people.

By now there are posts going around that can verify these points with screenshots. (I also have proof of this. If you are interested and want to see them, contact me off anon)

I know I cannot change anyone’s opinions on these matters, but since I’ve not just witnessed but now been falsely accused of such serious accusations ALL I CAN DO is to ask you to think critically about everything you read. Actively consider what you see on Tumblr, what you like, reblog and share with others, who you are actually following and who you blindly believe. Such accusations can have a life changing impact on everyone involved.

I know this is a lot to ask for and yet of such vital importance.

To me, this is an attack on all the progress we as a society seem to have made in the past months. This is an insult to those who truly struggle in life because of past abuse.

So before you blindly repost things: Think of those affected and hurt by harassment and abuse. Think of those struggling with self hatred and suicidal thoughts. But also think of those whose life have been turned into hell by being wrongfully accused.

But please, whatever you decide to do: treat PEOPLE with kindness.


I got named after Homeland’s Nick Brody because I need a home(land)! Let’s just hope my happy ending works out better than my namesake’s!

I’m 5-6 year-old (I don’t count so well yet), and am part hound, part shepherd, part bat (the ears).

My friends at See Spot Rescued​ in New Jersey say I’m “a big goofball.” I’m not sure what that is, but if a ball is involved, it must be awesome!

I love to play and run around, and then after I like to snuggle and show affection to my humans.

I have FLAWLESS manners and know all the tricks, plus I’m housetrained, crate trained, and can sit, die down, shake, and go to place if you say the word!  All you have to say first is, “Come home with me, Nick Brody!“

Please email seespotrescued@gmail.com and ask about meeting me… a dog needs his home!


Nick Brody (the dog)

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