(not really but u get me)

Ladies and Gentlemen, I ashamedly present to you what I did instead of the art I’m actually being paid to do (*europeanly shoves this at @forovnix*)

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i know u get a lot of messages like this but,,, i really love ur blog n ur art and everything that you do. im just bursting with admiration for you i had to send u an ask n let u know that i hope u have a beautiful day!!!

AW YOU’RE SUCH A SWEETIE this made me smile so much THANK YOU!! <3 I hope you have a beautiful day too!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3 <3 <3

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Hey I just wanna let u know your art inspires me a lot. My art style is kinda like your small art style, (soft,round, kinda simple) and I get down on myself a lot abt it tbh, like I feel my art cant be good at all bc its really simple and cartoony. But when I see your art and I see how its really good it makes me feel better about my own cause its like "hey, his art style is very cartoony and good, yours can be too!" And so yeah ur gr8 just thought id let u know

Yes!!! I’m so glad to hear that!!!

Every art style is different, it has their very own way to look like, because you’re putting your feelings and your soul into it.

And we’re all different.

We create our own universes. And there’s people out there who are really interested about it! You just don’t know who these people are. That’s why you gotta go out there and be like ‘’I did this thing!!’’

Some people see the colors as a first thing, the palettes that you use, others sees the line art. Some people like detailed drawings, other like realistic ones, others just stick to the simple. We all have different likes and dislikes because that’s how we work. Because that makes us ourselves.

Honestly, going out there and show people what you do it’s kind of a hard process. But believe me, it’s totally worth it.

For my younger friends dealing with abusive households

Ive been where you are and I am sorry you amazing people deal with toxic assholes like that. Its really fucked me up good but I was able to get out and you will be able to as well I promise. Soon you can tell them to fuck off for life. You deserve being yourselves and around people you love. I love you and I wish I was there to hug you all but Ill do what I can and listen if u need me to

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Who r u closest to on tumblr?

ahhh that’s actually really hard to answer :-( i’ll just list the people i talk to the most/have clicked with really well!!! this is in no particular order ok hdnshajsn 

@nctreacting (@myjihansol) - @jibabylovesyou - @jungkooksbisexualgf - @markleetrashh - @jenowhat - @fairyprincerenjun - @donghyuckstudies - @flawlessjeno - @leetaeyongdeservestheworld

@ my other mutuals hhh please dont get mad if ur not on there ok!!!! just drop me a message talking about the different tastes of water and honestly the next time i get this kind of ask your name will 100% be up on there ok!!!!!!!

do u ever get it when u see one of ur mutuals acting like normal and saying they care about u and shit but when really they don’t??? they message u privately but won’t like ur shit or reblog anything or notice ur existence outside that chat??? bc same.

full offence but SM should focus on giving lines to the current members of NCT instead of debuting other randoms. the ones in the band barely get any lines or attention/promotion and to make or comeback old/subunits with new members where it’s the same shit but different pile, really makes no sense. treat your current members properly dickheads.

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Hi idk if I've sent an ask about this (my health condition makes me forget stuff I don't document well) but ur blog is an honest to god treat and its so nice to read posts that reassure me that all the negativity about steven universe is often overhyped and the show is as strong as ever so thank u so much ily

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Oh my dear! thanks for thanking me, but theres no need, I am just doing what I feel like doing as an animation fan, a future writer/animator and a great bud!

Again, why spice when u can nice? is always better being nice to people and explaining junk!! if they don’t get it then add salt to mix the spice, but always try the pacifist route first!

About SU, well, I don’t like unfair things! and is really unfair how people’s treating the show, honestly!!

I hope you are having a gooptastic day!! 

Happy fucking birthday dad

After all the stuff you say about us and try and make us look bad in front of the family because we dont like how u treat us with your wife? Yeah I can see how “we” are the bad guys. And how you say we put you through therapy? YOU DONT EVEN KNOW WHAT I BEEN THROUGH SINCE FIRST FUCKING GRADE DEALING WITH YOUR WIFE CRITICIZING EVERY FUCKING THING I LIKE OR DO AND U NOT STANDING UP FOR ME. MAKING US LOOK BAD FOR NOT WANTING TO DEAL WITH THE EMOTIONAL ABUSE ANYMORE. YOU SAY YOU LOVE US BUT YOU WONT APOLOGIZE. DO YOU EVEN REALLY LOVE US? I apologize I had to get this off my chest

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except for when he’s being exceptionally rude, or cute, or smiling, or alive and breathing ughh he’s so adorable I cry about him every day 

when i think about it….my views tends to be that yes, trigger warnings and similar can be really important
but something that bothers me about tumblr is that people stand by them on principle alone, often going overboard imo
and then seek out the ‘triggering’ material anyway

like idk maybe i’m way off
but i have exactly two tags blocked
and weights, calories, etc….i don’t enjoy seeing them….i don’t think u should post them w abandon….i think u absolutely 100% need to own up to it when you do (seriously, that’s a main thing for me) 

but i also know i can’t get too annoyed
bc guess what….i will click on ‘read mores’ whether they have a ‘tw ed !!! don’t read !!! I SAID TRIGGER WARNING !!!’ or not

and then i’ll get annoyed at the post, trigger warning-ered  bc guess what again….eating disorders are annoying and the posts are annoying but ! i think the same things, it’s okay

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I still dont get what the big deal is. Do u know any celeb who gets this annoyed about a ship? Louis i think? was he straight forward with larry too?

From what I’ve heard about larries they are absolute maniacs and I really hope the world doesn’t see us like that because that’d be a tragedy,this fandom means so much to me.

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WHY ISN'T PHIL APPRECIATED AS MUCH AS DAN IT'S REALLY FRUSTRATING WHAT ON EARTH THANK U FOR LOVING PHIL AS MUCH AS U DO. also, hi, i'm effy, not new to the phandom but kinda new blogging about the boys :))) xx

hi!!! Welcome :)
alsO I KNOW RIGHT!!!! Phil doesn’t get nearly as much appreciate as Dan and it makes me so sad!!!! How are there so many more people subscribed to Dan than phil I mean have they seen phil’s content???? I’m glad you appreciate phil :’) ❤

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hey how do u think an ISTP 5w6/5w4 would act in a romantic relationship? thanks!

Wow! I was with one briefly!

HONestly, you don’t want me to answer that question because I am going to get very very fucking mad. I don’t ask for much, but said fellow was the one person who absolutely, positively could not/would not give me the one thing I really really really wanted, and I needed to step back because I felt incredibly disrespected 

That being said: 

I’ll tell you this: date one who’s mature and doesn’t invalidate your feelings. Inferior Fe (you having emotions is stupid! Emotions don’t make sense!) combined with 5 (WHAT’S AN EMOTION?? guys??? they’re stupid) makes for a person who can be incredibly disrespectful unless they are decently mature. INTPs are a lot better at not being dicks to people they like 

They’ll probably be all sweet and puppy dog but still step all over your fi fi’s or your fe fe’s (more than likely on accident) and really upset you. The trick is how they respond when you tell them you’re upset. 

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It's... So fulfilling to find an artist that adores Soldier 76 as much as I do. I love your art style and hope you have the best day ever❤️✨

AWW MAN that really means a lot to me!! 😭 I’m so glad to see other people spreading the soldier 76 love! and I’m also glad that everybody knows by now how embarrassingly whipped I am for that man

thank you so much for your message and I hope you have a lovely day as well, dear anon~ 💜