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I remember when I went to see Get Out with my white friend when the mystery was starting to unfold we were making our predictions and in the scene when you see the photos of rose with past partners my friend was still like "I think she's being hypnotized too" and let me tell u I rolled my eyes of color so far into the back of my head like they really were surprised when rose turned out to be bad too. 🙄

i’ve been playing Hitman: Absolution today and it’s all fun and stuff being really sneaky but cHRSIT i don’t recommend doing it just before you go to bed I’M SO ON EDGE HELP

@ladycynthiana wanted me to tell the entire experience of me meeting rhett and link!! so that’s what i’ll do i guess. so basically i think i waited in line for almost 2 hours (i wanted to, i was second to last lmao) and so i had 2 things for them. the sky book, and a Little Photo Of Something (https://twitter.com/californiarolls/status/746489396564627456). i walked up, said hello, handed them the book first. i explained what it was about and what they meant to me (and all of us) and they were so sweet about it. they loved it and thanked me for it. after all the sap got out of the way, i went “i’m about to get really Mean” (heh) and handed them the pic, letting them know it was Me who’d sent the tweet. rhett was like :O and laughing and link, as u can see in the video and my m&g pics, was like between :O and :D and he was like “you gave us exactly what we needed!” it was probably the best moment of my life. he told me they’d put the pic in the book too and so when they were ready i was like “for the first pic, can we look like we’re about to throw hands?” and they laughed again but happily did it (rhett looked a little TOO intense…like please rhett you’re not actually about to swing…) but we did it and i couldn’t stop SMILING. so my pics look like i am happily fighting rhett and link. then afterwards, i asked for a regular one and link was like “we made up!” and i think i heard rhett go “yes we’re reconciling” and i was like :’) pleas…but we took a pic, I said thank you again, asked for a hug from them and then proceeded to go outside and cry on camera (you can find That travesty on my twitter). but Yes. It was a wild ride. they’re the actual sweetest and i hope they enjoy the book :’) (also i THINK i got makeup on rhett’s shirt and I feel so bad please i hope he forgives me)

。◕ ‿ ◕。

Connor murphy as a crew boi
  • if anyone does crew, you will get this. and if u don't look it up
  • - Connor started crew bc during a fancy dinner party with his parents someone said 'hey, you kid looks like a good crew rower',,, and thus it started
  • - at first he thinks he's all bad and thinks he will suck, but surprisingly he doesn't.
  • - he's really tall so it's easy for him to take long strokes so after one season of doing it he's bumped up to varsity.
  • - let me tell you, all of the coxswains l o v e this man
  • - they look up to him in both ways, literal and mentally
  • - he started a natural and wow lOOK AT THOSE STROKES
  • - also, all of the girls love Connor, they love his hair and braiding it.
  • - Connor also love crew, it gives him propose, it makes him not feel like a freak. he doesn't feel like an outsider anymore
  • - also because he rows for a boathouse (which is with other schools) no one has literally ever heard of him, so firsts impressions are now 'hey your the best male rower on the team?' instead of 'hey your the one who threw a printer at a teacher in second grade?'
  • - ((also gives him a hOT C R E W. B O D Y))
  • - his parents love watching him race, and his sister even comes along. After 1 year of rowing she doesn't even ask or is forced too. It's a family weekly tradition to all go see Connor the crew star™ row
  • - all in all, Connor fucking loves crew(but he hates the crew uniforms, too tight, no long sleeves, no black)
  • - Connor later grows up to be a Olympic medalist, he's won 5 gold metals and continues to win more every olympics.

callout post for @stripperanakin

  • really really nice?? who tf are you
  • keeps reblogging my art and giving me 234092384 more notes than i would otherwise get
  • indulges me when i send 2304923408 screencaps of ewan mcgregor being a gremlin on long way down/long way round
  • loves clones. like damn what more can u ask for in a person tbh.
  • tbh this is less a callout post and more of a list of reasons ari is great
  • did i mention ur great, ari
  • anyways i hope u have a good day

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Oh, I am SO glad that you're coming back! I speak for everyone in this community when I say that this blog is one of the most lovely ones and personally, my favourite. You are SO appreciated! <3 I hope you had a great time in Japan and can't wait to see you around here again <3 Yes, this blog is really loved <3

thank u so much, that really means alot! I saved this message for almost a week bc it really made my night <333 

Not to get TOO flowery and sappy here, but the world is getting to be a tougher and tougher place, so to have this little space, a little fantasy, a little escape from reality, to pour some of my creativity and enthusiasm into, and encourage others to do so, too, is a gift that gives to everyone who appreciates it, and that’s a big deal, to me, anyway <– whoa run-on sentence how DARE I? Whateva whateva i do what i want.

(Japan pics coming soon, and a cute vid of me feeing the foxes at a fox village wherein you’ll get to hear my 11 yr old girl voice wooo!)

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Do u get a lot of hate for shipping bakumomo?

Directly towards me, no, I haven’t, but I guess it’s also because I haven’t really posted actual bakumomo art with romantic hints whatsoever; if anything they’re mostly comedic hijinks and more of friendship prompts.

In terms of the actual ship though, I have definitely seen opinions which totally scream “NO” at the thought of them being paired together, haha.

Anyway I think in this world where individuals who find it hard to accept the diversity of other people’s choices exist, any ship will more or less have those “haters” around as long as it has enough attention and popularity.

Jealously; Mark.

Request: Mark getting jealous because a lot of idols have a crush and likes his gf??? Thanks!!!

Genre: Angst & Fluff.

Warnings: None.

A/N: Anon never asked for a scenario, I know, but judging for the request it would be really boring if it was as a masterpost, believe me, that’s why I decided to do it as a scenario.

ALSO, I have a bunch of things to do for school lately, actually, I didn’t even thought that I was going to be capable to write this today bc of all the shit that I have to do so, I’m sorry if I post a bit less lately or if I don’t post nothing at all but school comes first, right? So, I’m sorry. But my winter holidays start the 14th of july and I promsie to be completly yours that day, hehe.

“My ideal type? Honestly, I’m not sure but.. Y/N? I have been thinking about her a lot and, I feel like Y/N is exactly what I want in a girl.”

There was a few seconds of silence before you and Mark started to laugh after hearing those words. And not only you but also Johnny and Jaehyun in the other side of the screen as they were interviewing the idol that just choosed you as his ideal type. They even decided to a couple more questions about you to the idol before changing the topics, still giving each other glarances and still laughing at this huge coincidence.

“I can’t believe it’s happening again!” Mark said still laughing at the whole situation.

“I guess you’re lucky to have what everyone wants, uhm?”

“I am, and I wish everyone could know that you’re only mine, Y/N.” You raised your eyebrows in surprise after hearing his words and smiled widely.

“Wow, Mark, I didn’t know that you were the jealous type.” He showed a small smile and hided his face with his hands. You kept smiling as you walked closer to him and sat in his lap while you kept teasing him. “Good to know.”

“Shut up.” You would giggle a little after hearing his words and place your hands over his, slowly taking them out of his face.

“You know there’s no reason to be jealous, right?” You kissed his soft hands before placing them around your figure surprising him at first but quickly holding you close. “You’re the only one who I really care about after all.”

You cuddle closer to him, placing your head on his shoulder and enjoying the way his hands would dedicately move in your back and legs. He kissed your forehead sweetly as he repeats your words again and again inside his head, trying to calm himself.

It was the second time in the week that other idol choosed you as your ideal type, and it’s not something that haven’t happend before. There was a long list filled with different names that Mark, probably, even memorazed, an if both of you would joke a lot about it a lot, clearly Mark was losing more and more confidence everytime. That shy smile that he always shows whenever other idol names you wasn’t the real one that express happiness and joy, but a fake one that only makes his jealousy even more obvious, and you could easily tell that.

“I know but… it still bothers me.” He said at the same time he sighed. His voice changed completely, it wasn’t the playful tone that you loved so much but a softer and sweeter one mixed with insecurity. He started to play with your hair to control the sudden anxiety that he was feeling.

“Well.. there’s only one way to stop all of this, right?”

“No there’s not.” He said, but then his eyes shined as he gasped loudly. He looked at you with a really adorable surprised expression that made you giggle again at his cuteness. “Wait, y-you’re not trying to say that-”

“I am!” You said, making your happiness obvious.

You and Mark talked about making your relationship publicly before but you were too scared to agree in that time. You know perfectly how mean and protective some of the fans can be and you were extremely worried not only about your career but also about Mark’s future and even NCT’s. It was a big step for both of you and even if you were still afraid of such important decision, you would do everything on your power to make Mark feel confident again.

“Y/N, you know that it’s not necessary to do this, right?”

“I know, but.. I think is time now. Also, I already talked with my manager about it and he thinks is a great idea and feels really happy for us.” 

Your words made him feel more relaxed and suddenly all his jealously dissapeared. He was too happy now to even care about all those idols said about you. In no time they would know that the place where you belong is right by his side, and that both of you would be like this for a long time.

“Thanks for this, Y/N.” He could only said, looking at you with nothing but pure love and happiness in his eyes. “I’ll make sure to keep you safe, okay? There’s nothing to worry about. I love you”

“I love you too, Mark.” You pecked his lips sweetly before hugging him and keep watching the rest of the interview.

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Angust d how do I stop my aunt from slagging me off the whole bloody time.

if it’s casual (??) slagging and she’s not fully serious about it tell her to shut the fuck up (don’t swear at her if ur like 14 tho). don’t let anyone bully u, even if they’re family. she doesn’t get free pass to make u feel shitty just because she’s related to u

but if she’s really rude and aggressive with it tell another adult in ur family and try to get them to talk to her 

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my friend sent u some messages and u responded so i did too but u never respond and it makes me feel like i did something wrong so i hope i didn't offend u

gaaah i’m really sorry, if it was an ask i usually don’t answer asks just because i get nervous and don’t wanna say the wrong thing and if it was a private message i probably won’t answer for a lil while because i find it hard to reply to people when i’m not at my best :( i’m sorry

unpopular opinion

but i dont really care that the era is over????? like i’m sas that it is but like…i’m not affected really. i feel like it’s been dragged out too long personally. like don’t get me wrong it was a great era but i’m ready for new music

Please hear me out

Hi, you don’t know me, but I was wondering if you would mind helping me out. I’m a music student who has been accepted to perform at a flute convention in August and long story short, I had some funds to be able to afford half of the trip but my dog died last week due to a tumor I didn’t know about and I spent what I was saving up on her while she was ill and the for the cost of euthanasia, unfortunately. I don’t normally do GoFundMe pages, but I’m trying to raise money for this trip because it is an incredible opportunity for me to start achieving something that is significant in my career as amusician. I also worked really hard to even get accepted, so if there is any way that you could possibly donate gf.me/u/zx3qs I would greatly appreciate it. Even $5 would be a blessing to me and would help immensely. If you aren’t able, I completely understand but also sharing it on your page and urging others to donate and/or share would be of great help. Thanks for listening and I’m sorry to bother you and I hope you have a blessed day!

~ Unfortunately I’m not able to donate any money, though I’d really love to help you out. I hope sharing this on my blog helps and I wish you the best of luck. *virtual hug*

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I don't get why berserk fans hate the recent anime series so much. I feel like am the only fan thats love it, sure it has flaws & the CGI may not be pixar but I don't think it's the worst ever; few of the arcs they cut out due to censorship I can understand maybe not thrill about it thou I get it. Despite that it's doesn't stop me from enjoying and watching something I love regardless of the dumb hate it received, I just don't think it's that horrible.

   I’m prolly not one of the best people to approach about this considering I don’t like it either, and also I could say the same kind of thing – I don’t get why or how you can tolerate it. The entire production is just .  .  . the most amateur thing I’ve ever seen, and not in a good, “this could have potential” way. Berserk fans are a picky bunch and although I am not so picky myself, I could list to you all the reasons why the way most feel about it is justified this time. 

    If you can somehow overlook its flaws enough to enjoy it? Eh, power to you man! I am a long-time fan who is tired of lame adaptation after lame adaptation and even more so that it was our first breach into the Post-Eclipse world. I tried multiple times to give my faith to the guys behind it, but each time I was disappointed which is why I’ve given up supporting it.

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IM SORRY BUT ROWAN IS MY FAV SIM EVER? She's such a little shit and it's so adorable?!? But seriously A+ writing on ur end, I'm envious like I'm a third creative writing major HOW do U eVen get your diAlogue so perF??? ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

omg this is literally the sweetest message i’ve ever gotten????? ((sos im cryin a lil oops))!! i love rowen too she’s such a fukin brat all the time wow. ALSO i’ve actually been writing stories/books/all tht jazz since i was really little!! dialogue has always been my fav part of writing so it comes p naturally to me :) honestly i just write shit tht’s funny to me?? lmao idk but THANK U FOR THIS MESSAGE im like smilin real hard rn damndamn

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I love your art but one thing that's really distinctive and amazing abt u is that whenever I send an ask I know you'll answer it even if its a dumb q about pasta or something. Its great to see a talented artist still talking & interacting with fans on the regular, its so nice! Love that

That is sooo nice I didn’t even notice but uh I love getting asks and I love attention and validation so widjcjjsjsjd. Also u guys ask me weird shit tht I have a good laugh at usually. Anyways i answer every single ask I get usually unless it’s idk racist or something lol

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would you ever write ronsey?


The short answer is: yes, yes I probably would.

I’m not sure if you’re asking because you’re genuinely into ronsey and want more content, or if you’re trying to get me to more openly admit my ronsey problem so you can make fun of me for it, but either way, I’ll just say that I have a long and depressing ronsey playlist and I’m sure at some point it’ll lead to fic attempts. It’s a slippery slope for me from playlists to thousands of angsty words, tbh.

My main hesitation re: attempting ronsey is that it’s already been done so well that I’m nervous to try and jump in there. I realize the ronsey treasure horde is small, but for instance we do have All the Trees of the Field Will Clap Their Hands and of course the ones by @spikenards (cutting up the trees behind my house, a lot to not do) that are brilliant and tend to fulfill my ronsey cravings, so like … I’m not entirely sure what to try that wouldn’t just be a pale imitation of these works that I love. I’ve read and reread ronsey HCs/thoughts from my fave TRC blog @theronancycle so many times now that I would need to make sure i’m not just like internalizing that stuff and regurgitating it, so I’ll have to be careful with anything ronsey that’s not, i dunno … a wacky AU or something.

I keep saying I’m gonna try writing a “bottle episode,” i.e. a one-shot wherein Ronan and Gansey are stuck somewhere alone and forced to deal with their feelings, but I haven’t figured out what would trap them into this yet. I also have a weird ronsey relationship metaphor about Chainsaw and dependency to air out here, idk, been rereading TRB and having ~~Feelings~~ about that again.

I’m not sure anyone will care about this beyond like the six other people who scream with me every time ronsey content appears. BUT! If you’re one of those people and have a specific idea you want me to try, feel free to send it my way. Or hell if you want me to try out other trc ships (that do not involve k*vinsky), whatever, send me an ask/message, it’s fun for me to try other stuff/POVs when I need a break from wrestling my pynch AUs.

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i have a jojo charm but im too afraid to actually put it on my bag because i lost a previous beloved charm... i keep it in a pocket and i take it out when im on a plane and the jojos are my travel buddies. although typing it out makes me question if i should be displaying joseph while im flying

THAT’S REALLY CUTE BUT LMAO U SHOULD DEF KEEP IT IN YOUR POCKET (or get another one that’s not joseph lmao)