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Sort of an how-to animatic

So I‘m not good at it either, and this is actually more for me, but I‘m gonna share it anyways

Soo despite your art skills, there is some stuff you might wanna use some stuff it looks more interesting. Some of those are just personal opinions btw.

Perspective can be a big factor in making it seem more theatralic. I can‘t really say much about this but just try to imagine this was a real movie, where every angle is pretty much possible.

Here is a good post about it

But basically

is better than

Don‘t!! Be!! Scared!! To!! Do!! Too!! Much!!
Just go wild,, on the face but also body the body languages. This is also covered by Spib in their post, so I‘m not gonna put an example here.

So uh it‘s always good to put a background color because it
1) Helps the mood
2) Helps the setting
3) doesn‘t make it too obvious that you were too lazy to draw a background

What I‘d recommend is to read a bit into color theory and find out the effect colors can have. Maybe not if it‘s night. Just go with the blue/purple.
Also don‘t get TOO crazy with it because that would be just irritating. And ofc go with white if you draw backgrounds

Some really good examples by @juuria

That’s pretty much your decision. Of course, you should find something that makes sense and isn‘t just a white void (if it is, at least make it seem like they‘re standing on something???)

Go wild my dude,,, show them talking if it‘s  a conversation, if they‘re having a monolog just let them sort of do something that keeps it going, e.g they walk into the place where the other part of the animatic takes place. Also don‘t be afraid to let them change their pose, it makes everything smoother than if you just change their expression.


Just everything you can get your hands on!! Most people just use sai and movie maker

So uh yeah that‘s all I could think off, feel free to add more

Aulë and Yavanna (cause they kind of perplex me like they’re that couple you know who have been married for decades but you d o n ‘ t k n o w w h y)

I picture Yavanna as taller/bigger than her husband  }:) 

“I guess tears come to even eyes like these.”

quick pic of @nhipotle’s stupid blind au giving me angsty feels ugh


Snaps from Sunday’s adventures ✌🏼️
the kind lady at the market always remembers us and gifted me two bits of peacock ore 🙈


27 years later…

eddie kaspbrak - scoot mcnairy || bill denbrough - jimmi simpson
beverly marsh - bryce dallas howard || ben hanscom - logan marshall green
mike hanlon - william jackson harper || stan uris - joseph gordon levitt
richie tozier - bill hader

romanced companion’s prized possession from sole

cait: a customized shotgun with her name carved into it. she carries it everywhere.

codsworth: (platonic obvs) a picture of sole and their family before the war (including codsworth of course!)

curie: a beaker filled with a bouquet of flowers. she keeps it on her desk, even after the flowers die.

danse: one of sole’s holotags. that way he could never forgot sole. he wears it around his neck, while sole wears his.

deacon: a small bracelet he never takes off. so, no matter how many times his appearance changes he still has something that’s constant.

dogmeat: (also platonic!!) a collar for him to wear around his neck, to finally show that he has an official owner. 

hancock: a high quality cloth for cleaning his favorite knife, so it can shine even brighter when he threatens people ;))

maccready: a special edition grognak issue #1 comic. he keeps it proudly on display.

nick: a collection of old detective movies, along with a projector.sole and nick cuddle up and watch them on rainy days.

piper: a camera that sole was actually able to fix up. piper bombards sole with pictures on a daily basis. 

preston: a copy of the original US constitution (articles of confederation), so he can always know what it was like in the days of the former minutemen. 

X6-88: a special modification for his preferred weapon. he uses it as often as he possibly can.

i actually really enjoyed writing this, so feel free to send me fluff anytime because, i love fluff

Okay but what if post dai anders & justice find a way that they can help cure tranquil mages

If Anders could literally heal all the tranquil mages out there. The ultimate healing role for them

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Ok so all this talk about becoming serious with harry. Him actually wanting you to post pictures of you two? (Obvs just for family and friends but FOR FAMILY AND FRIENDS you know? I'd imagine one wouldn't be talking to everyone about dating him). Him making subtle references to you on insta? (Like when he posted cafe habana's wall of plants after he was there with Nadine). Small gestures that are actually huge with him and just scream trust

Oh, gosh.

And to have that “secret” social media relationship with him? It’s like you’ve got your own language; a code that only the two of you can understand. Others may catch on, but it’s never inherently obvious. 

Let’s say you’ve got a private account on Instagram - it’s always been private, but after Harry requested to follow you, you’ve gotten an influx of requests. Thousands of requests, really. But you’d only accept his. It’d be your world.

You’d snap a picture of a monarch and post it with a caption of “HE’S beautiful” for a double-Harry inspired post.

He’d post a picture of an abandoned rocking horse outside of an antique shop with the caption, “It’s like kicking a dead horse.” and you roll your eyes when you see it, because you misspoke once and accidentally said “kicking a dead horse” instead of “beating a dead horse.”

You’d post one of your morning cup of tea, captioned with, “Splash of milk and one sugar.” because that’s how he takes his.

He’d take a picture of a flower cart filled with fresh roses, tulips, and daisies with the caption of “Nothing more melancholic than artificial flowers in the summertime” because you’d said that once after seeing a pot of fake pansies outside of a shop the two of you had passed.

And then, just to be cheeky, you’d buy a pair of Chelsea boots and post a shot of you wearing them, with “These boots were made for copyin’” written beneath.

Kid!Bard asking Legolas question.

Minu was saying in the stream that Bard has that kind of childish innocence where he would ask completely impertinent questions and not even see why they would be rude.

And Legolas would answer Bards questions with more questions.

“Master-elf, why are your ears so point?y”

“Why are your ears round, Little bargeman?”

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ah sonja - not trying to start a Discussion here - but in that pic - well i live in LA - and i've been to LAX loads of times - that's not LAX in that picture. i mean obvs it's them w/e, but there are no hallways like that at LAX that lead straight to the outside, esp not after the remodel. and the arrivals area doesn't look like that at all, and it's also daylight outside in that pic.

Anonymous said: LAX anon - i might be wrong, asking for input here. but i can’t get over how very not LAX that looks in that picture.

I’ve only been to LAX twice and i remember no real details so i’ll publish this in case anyone want to chime in with their thoughts