(not lmfao)

it’s wild how like…sensitive my skin is to my diet. like i snapped on a bunch of foods and sweets last weekend and like ive been dealing with like a mini breakout cuz of it. like i’m really suffering

it really is true what they say: after you read six of crows, literally no other book is satisfying anymore

0303emily asked: Do you think Norway in canon knows how big Denmark’s dick is? (You don’t have to answer this if you don’t want to.)

I never thought I’d be comparing dick size, but it’s Hetalia so why not?

Using Hima’s humour, I’ve always had this weird headcanon that a nation’s land-size influences the size of their…  So yeah, I think he would know. Kay, I’m going to go re-evaluate my life now. 😂 😂 😂

the only two stray kids moods are watching the episode before subs come out bc you’re too excited or being too lazy to watch the episode and having to rush to watch it a day before the next episode airs

my plan since the beginning of this year was to save at least a couple hundred dollars and go the fuck all out on black friday/thursday night but come tonight, i only end up with under $100 because of my irresponsibility LOL and i’m compelled to stay home and save that but maybe this isn’t so bad hahaha and i get to stay indoors in my bed, right?

yO so this is CAECILIA BELMONTE, an orlesian duchess who is a dual-wielding rogue & former bard, now an inquisition agent! she has an empress!au and a horizon zero dawn verse at the moment but i’ll likely add more in future, but she can be written during the events of origins & da2; though inquisition is the default. if you’re up for interacting, please LIKE / REBLOG this tiny lil promo!