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Hello! I've been working on a particular story recently, and I was wondering if you had any tips or links to relevant resources. 2 main things: 1) How do I write two best friends (ugh, so cliché, I know; however, in this case, I think it makes a lot of sense) that end up "falling" for each other (in a way that isn't super annoying)? Please keep in mind this is NOT the main focus of the story. 2) How do I make my readers root for (or, to be simpler, ship) two characters? Thank you very much!

It’s so cliché I wrote that kind of relationship too! No worries, friends falling for friends happens in the real world too, if not as often as it does in literature (because, I guess that’s what we want, right?).

I’ve definitely read some posts/articles on this specific type of romance, but they were really brief and not memorable, so we’ll go with my experience for now.

1) No matter how badly written or terrible the relationship, there will still be shippers. I’ve had people ship characters that were never going to be together simply because one of them bestowed the most basic act of kindness upon the other. Shippers are hopeless romantics, essentially. They want to believe.

When my two characters did get together, all my online comments (except one who preferred them platonic) were along the lines of “AAAHHHOHMYGODITSFINALLYHAPPENING.” Apparently, mainstream storytelling has readers so convinced there will be a romantic subplot, that all my readers had assumed these two would get together from day one. Just in case that wasn’t so, they also shipped the main character with her other friend, her love interest with another girl, and kept expecting a love triangle to form at some point (never). 

Long story short, shippers be shipping no matter what.

2) How to make it not annoying? And cliché? And silly? I wanted to avoid all those things too when I initially wrote the romance, yet when I came back to edit it a year later I cringed while deleting large sections of their dialogue and interactions. I also realized that when I first wrote them I didn’t understand their personalities as well as I do now. Still, I love how the relationship turned out, and as I got to know these two characters better, the better I understood their motives and reasons for falling in love. It’s okay that it wasn’t perfectly portrayed in the beginning, readers still got the point and kept reading. 

The best thing you can do, in my opinion, is to avoid mushiness and remember that these two people already know each other really well. Sure, they might feel a little awkward once the romance starts, but unlike falling in love with a stranger or mild acquaintance, they already trust and respect the other person. If that’s the case, they love each other despite the flaws they already know about, and might be more willing to forgive the other person over personal differences. Or they’ll break up and never speak again, that happens too sometimes.

Don’t feel that because it’s friend-falling-for-friend it’s somehow more likely to annoy readers than any other kind of romance. All types of romance have the equal ability of being cheesy or breathtaking. Learn how to write your characters well, get in their heads, see the way they see, and the romance begins to write itself.

If you haven’t seen my big ol’ masterlist of romance-writing-references, here’s the link (x). Focus on the last subheading to help you get into character, and refer to the rest for backup. 

Hope this helps!

Relatable ramble probably?

I start my first actual job today (retail). The most common reaction I’ve gotten to this news is, “oh great! Now you can be more social!” (because retail) I don’t even know if I have any words at this point but here goes. Lol. I guess just “why?”

I’m already really good at talking to people. I don’t know how much more obvious I can make it that I’m not socially awkward and in need of socialization as training in order to be a fully-realized adult or something, and that my life is not “lonely” or “empty” and that even though it’s apparently unlike most people in my life, I thrive being on my own. It’s not even annoying at this point, just slightly confusing that there’s a perception of me in other peoples’ minds that has nothing to do with me for real. Why do they continue to see me as timid and socially anxious when I’ve made it clear in the past that I like to be alone by choice? It’s like they need me to have “friends” more than I need me to have friends.

That’s it.

These books can help.

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I love your work it's really great. I was wondering of you could do a headcannon of the MC introducing her kids from a past relationship to her voltage man. I don't have a preference. Any voltage game is fine. Thank you so much

Thank you so much! <3 Am super happy to know that you think my work is good and I’m truly sorry for taking so long with this! I was having bad writers block and just didn’t have the motivation to do any headcanons. -cries- 

Buuuut! I finally got my writing mojo back so here you go, anonnie! I hope this is to your liking. :D (I decided to go with KBTBB because I’m in quite the bidder mode right now. xD)

Eisuke: ”Go on, say hi to uncle Eisuke.” You smiled, pushing your incredibly shy daughter towards Eisuke who had a somewhat odd look on his face. He was honestly nervous upon finally meeting your child, mainly because he was worried that she might end up disliking him and also because he simply didn’t know how to react in such situations. 

“Hello, it’s, uh, nice to meet you.” He said, rubbing the back of his neck in an awkward manner.

“H-hello.. It’s nice to meet you too. Mummy has told me a lot about you..” The little girl timidly said, her head hanging low. 

Eisuke could somehow feel his heart melt at the sight of the little girl; she was such an adorable child(Unlike all the other children which he found annoying) and not to mention, she closely resembled her mother. 
He had never been a father before but for some reason, he could feel his paternal side bubbling up within him. 

Crouching down, he took a peek at the child, a surprisingly sweet expression appearing on his face. “Hey now, why are you looking down? You should always hold your head high and be confident. Come on, look at me before I tickle you.” And at that, she immediately looked up, a shy smile tugging at her lips. 

“You have such a pretty smile too, just like your mummy.” He ruffled her hair gently. “Remember to keep your head up and show the world how beautiful your smile is, understand?" 

"I understand..” She nodded happily.

“Good. Now let’s get you some ice-cream.”

Soryu: Soryu couldn’t help but fidget slightly since you had left him with your child. This was the first time the two of them had ever met and considering he was never really good with children(nor was he ever fond of them), he truly didn’t know what to say or do. 
Just as he was nervously figuring out on what to talk about, the little girl suddenly spoke.

“Are you really a mobster, uncle Soryu?” She asked, eyes wide with curiosity. 

“Yes, I am..” He replied, unsure how the girl would react to that since, most people and children were scared and wary of people like him. “Are you scared?”

“Scared?” The child cocked her head to one side, a puzzled look expression crossing her face. “Why should I be scared?”

“Well, because mobsters are known to be bad people.” Soryu responded.

“That’s not true.”

“It’s not?”

“No, I don’t think all mobsters are bad people.. I don’t think uncle Soryu is bad.” She shot him a warm smile, causing his heart to feel warm and fuzzy. “I think you’re a nice man. I like you!” And with that, she gave him a hug. 

Soryu was beyond shocked since he never expected her to be so open to him, much less hug him but at the same time, he felt himself growing fond of her. She was different from other children, just like how her mother was far different from others too.

Hugging her back gently, he responded in a happy tone. “I like you too.”

Baba: “He’s a bit shy and reserved but once you get to know him, you’ll love him.” You smiled, a tiny bit nervous. “Go talk to him.”

“Alrighty~ And don’t worry. I know we’ll get along.” Winking, Baba approached the boy who was sitting on the sofa. 

“Hey there.” He said, sitting next to the child who was quietly reading a book. “What are you reading?”

“…The Lies of Locke Lamora.” The little boy replied, still reading his book. “I doubt you’ll be interested in these kind of stori—”

“Isn’t that the book about the orphan that ends up becoming an infamous thief?”

The child instantly turned to look at Baba, his eyes widened with surprise. “Y-yes! How did you know? Do you like stories about thieves and assassins too? What other stories have you read?”

The way the boy changed from a reserved child to an overly-enthusiastic one left Baba chuckling, especially since it appeared that he had a liking towards thieves. He couldn’t help but ruffle the kid’s hair, a loving look on his face. There was just something about the boy that made him want to take care of him, possibly even teach him a trick or two. 

“I do.” He nodded. “You want to know why?”


“I am actually a thief myself." 

"What?! Really?!” The child exclaimed, staring at the older man in awe.

“Really.” He smiled. “But you need to promise to keep it a secret okay? If you can do that, I might just take you along when I go on my adventures." 

"I promise!” The child happily agreed and the both of them spent the whole day talking and planning when they would go on an adventure together.

Ota: “You’ll do fine with her, Ota! Just give me a few minutes and I’ll be back before you know it.” Giving a quick kiss on his cheek and your child’s, you left the place. 

Ota couldn’t help but frown, once in a while stealing glances at the little girl who seemed to be fiddling with the hem of her shirt. Exactly what was he supposed to do now? And what should he say? He was never good with children so to be placed in a situation like this.. It made him feel extremely awkward. 

“So..” He muttered, finally turning to look at the girl. “What do you like to d—”

“Can you tie my hair, uncle Ota?” She suddenly cut in, looking at him in a hopeful manner. “And after that can you teach me how to paint? Mama said you were a good painter.”

Ota cocked his head to one side with a confused expression. Firstly, why would she ask him, of all the person, to tie her hair? And secondly, was she actually interested in doing arts? 

“U-uh, sure. I guess I could do that but don’t complain if I end up messing your hair up!” He huffed while taking the rubber band in her hand, his cheeks a light shade of pink. “And you want to learn how to paint?”

“Hee~ I won’t complain. I promise! I’ll like whatever pattern uncle Ota decides to do with my hair.” She grinned happily. “Yup! I like how pretty paintings are. Will you teach me? Please?” Turning around, she looked at him with puppy eyes.

Letting out a sigh, Ota chuckled at her cuteness. She seriously resembled her mother a lot. “Yeah, sure. Why not? But if I teach you, you need to paint something for me okay?” Smiling, he stroked her head lovingly and the both of them ended up having a fun day painting and getting to know each other.

Mamoru: “So, it’s just the two of us for now, kiddo.” Mamoru said nonchalantly, looking at the little girl who was sitting beside him. Few minutes after introducing the two of them, you had left to buy some groceries for dinner, leaving your daughter in the care of Mamoru. 

Even though he acted like he could handle it, that it wasn’t such a big deal, he was actually feeling extremely anxious on the inside. It was his first time taking care of a kid, much less a girl whom he knew nothing about. What would she want to talk about? Was she hungry? Or was she sleepy? A tons of things whirled through his mind until..

“Uncle Mamo?" 

He was then snapped out of his thoughts when the girl tugged on his clothes lightly, calling him in a sweet tone. “O-oh yeah? What’s up? Need to head to the toilet or somethin’?” 

"No.. I was just wondering whether you’d like to have a tea party with me. We can dress up as something we like.” She smiled happily while pulling out what seemed to be a wand and a tiara. “I always do this with mummy when she’s free.”

Mamoru stared at the accessories she was holding before looking back at her. He had never done anything like this before nor did he ever wanted to but the way she asked him and smiled.. There was no way he could say no. Instead, he somehow felt himself wanting to play with her since, it would obviously make her happy. 

“Sure, sweetie. I would love to have tea party with you.” He took the tiara and placed it on top of his head before taking ahold of the pink wand. “So.. Can I have a cupcake?”

Wicked Possession (a fic series)

See You Again… (Night 3)

Night Three. Oliver is completely infatuated with the young goth woman named Felicity. What will happen next? Read nights 1-2 here! This part gets a little steamy… ;)

Outfits: Night 3

Song Inspiration: See You Again (Miley Cyrus cover) by Breathe Carolina

The next time Oliver saw Felicity, she was rushing toward him with an angry expression and an uneasy stride. She was slightly taller, made possible by a pair of heels in place of her trademark combat boots. Her lacy top exposed part of her stomach, sending him to instant fantasies.

“Did you use nepotism to get Cooper fired?” she asked, face red.

He chuckled. “I might have.” He winked for added effect.

“Why would you do that?”

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