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One of the lessons of running this blog is that you can find new young heroes in the most unlikely books. But even I was not expecting to find them in a Darkseid Special. Yet here they are - Makayla, Lukas and Jaydon, three escapees from Granny Goodness school whom Darkseid wants dead not only because he wants not another Scott Free but also because they keep trying to commit small acts of resistance against him. Now, Jaydon doesn’t live to see the end of this issue and chances we will see the other two again are slim, but I still found myself liking them - especially Makayla’s resilience and cunning that let her survive and even score few occasional wins against, well, Darkseid.

By the way, while not having any teen heroes, Black Racer & Shilo Normal Special, where second Mister Miracle humiliates a clear Trump stand-in while confronting Black Racer is also very good.

Tagging @dcwomenofcolor for a new heroine, who is battling Darkseid himself.

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one thing that makayla had made clear from the start, was that she didn’t play games. she didn’t have time for them nor was she going to get involved, but kaiser seemed to have other ideas as he approached her, a smug grin on his face. part of her wanted to punch the smile off his face, but that would no doubt end in a brawl and as much as she liked to think she would win, he was a lot stronger than she was. “you just gonna stand there or is something stupid gonna leave that damn mouth any time soon?” makayla hadn’t had any problems with the guy before she’d slept with shayne and from then, they couldn’t seem to be in the same room with one another without snide comments being thrown. she liked to think that things were good….makayla hadn’t opened up but she was enjoying spending time with the blue haired girl, something she hadn’t experienced in a while. with a light sheen of sweat covering her body, makayla unwrapped the bandages from around her hands, clenching them to stop the pain in her arm. “just wanted to check whether you got the same ones or you got different? if they’re different, you should let me see them.” not sure what he was talking about, makayla furrowed her eyebrows together until her unspoken questions were answered, kaiser showing her some photos on his phone. the blue hair was unmistakeable, as were the breasts and abs that she’d spent hours touching and she couldn’t explain what it was, but there was a sick feeling in the pit of her stomach. “you’re welcome to her,” makayla muttered, refusing to show any sort of emotion once she had seen the time stamp. she’d had plans when shayne had text her asking to see her, so makayla had said she couldn’t make it…what she didn’t expect was for that to mean she sent nudes to kaiser instead, no doubt wanting something more. “you two fucking deserve one another.”

Makayla and Newt
A Thousand Years - Glee

You and your older brother Thomas were lucky when being sent up into the glade, you had each other and have been there for a year.

“Up here.” Makayla yelled over the top of the tree house.

Newt climbed up to find Makayla sitting there with a huge smile on her face.

“What?” Makayla asked with a change in expression.

“I’m just trying to think of how I became so lucky to get you.” He smiled.

Makayla sat on her knees and leaned in to kiss Newt.

“I hate that we have to hide our relationship.” Makayla whispered as she sat back.

“You are the best thing that happened to me while in this hell hole and Tommy is my best friend in this bloody place, if we tell him, I lose him and you. And I can’t live with that.” Newt said.

“Maybe he’ll be okay with it.” Makayla said.

“Mak, he won’t even let you be alone with any of the boys, let alone date one of them." 

Newt cupped Makayla’s face in his hands.

"I can’t lose you.” He whispered.

Makayla leaned in and kissed him again.

Newt and Makayla pulled apart, looking to the ladder where Thomas was standing.

“Makayla let’s go, now.” Thomas growled.

“Tommy.” Newt said.

“Don’t you dare!” Thomas yelled. “How could you!?" 

"Thomas it wasn’t his fault.” Makayla said.

“I don’t want to hear it Makayla, let’s go now!” He yelled.

Makayla climbed down the tree house.

“I trusted you Newt. I trusted you to protect her! I never thought you would be like the other boys! I thought you respected her! I thought you respected me.” Thomas said.

“Tommy, let me explain.” Newt pleaded.

“Don’t call me Tommy! I don’t want you anywhere near her again.” Thomas growled before climbing down the tree.

Thomas followed Makayla into her own little hut.

“What the hell Makayla!? I told you to stay away from these boys and you go behind my back and date Newt!?” Thomas yelled.

“Leave me alone Thomas!” Makayla yelled.

“What were you thinking!?” Thomas yelled.

“I love Newt, Thomas! And he loves me!” Makayla yelled.

Thomas felt sick, he knew his baby sister, would end up broken.

“Makayla these boys don’t know what love is! You are the only girl here! He doesn’t love you, he loves the thought of you. He loves that you are a girl and that he can have someone, he doesn’t love you because you’re Makayla. When other girls come up, or we get out of here, you’ll be dumped and left in the dirt, broken inside. He will hurt you Makayla.” Thomas said.

“Get out now.” Makayla said.

“You need to understand that I’m keeping you safe Makayla. I’m protecting you.” Thomas said.

“I don’t need protecting Thomas! I’m not a little girl! I can take care of myself!” Makayla yelled.

“You’re not dating Newt.” Thomas finally yelled. “You are not dating any of these shanks and that is final." 

"The only shank in this hell hole is you! Now get out!” She yelled.

Thomas stormed out of the hut and saw Newt. He was looking at Makayla’s hut. He ran up to him and stopped when he was face to face with him.

“I trusted you. You were my best shucking friend Newt! How could you!?” Thomas yelled.

“I love Makayla.” Newt said.

“Well she hates you Newt. She wants nothing to do with you anymore and neither do I. You’re dead to me Newt, go out into the maze, get stuck out there, get eaten by a shucking griever, I don’t care anymore! You are not my brother and you are not my friend.” Thomas yelled.

Newt went to the tree house and hid at the top.

Newt started to cry. From the tree house, he saw Makayla in the middle of the field, than he noticed one of the cows got loose and was running straight towards her. Thomas climbed down the tree house quickly. He saw Winston take out a spear.

“Winston no!” Newt screamed but Winston already threw it.

It missed the cow and was heading towards Makayla quickly. Her back was turned, so she didn’t see it coming. 

“Makayla!” Newt yelled before pushing her out of the way.

The spear went into Newt’s shoulder. 

“Newt!” Makayla screamed.

Newt was on the ground screaming. All the boys ran out to see the commotion. Most boys couldn’t see so the boys in front told them what they saw. Some boys misheard things and when the news got to Thomas in the back of the crowd, he heard that Makayla was the one who got stabbed.

Thomas pushed through the crowd of boys, yelling Makayla’s name.

“Thomas!” Makayla cried out not being able to see him.

He could hear the pain in her voice and moved even faster to get to the front. He fell just as he got to the front.

He looked up and saw Makayla holding Newt close while sobbing. Makayla wasn’t hurt. But Newt was. The med jacks and some of the other boys carried Newt to the hospital hut.

Makayla stayed on the ground and sobbed. Thomas dropped down next to her and held her.

“I thought you were hurt Makayla.” Thomas cried. “I thought I lost you." 

"You almost did Thomas. You almost did.” She whispered. “That spear was coming for me. Newt pushed me out of the way and now he might die and the last thing he thought, was that I hated him and that you didn’t care if he died. I heard you Thomas, I heard you tell him that we didn’t care about him." 

Makayla got up and ran to where Newt was. Thomas sat there and cried. My sister almost died, and now my best friend might. How could I think Newt would hurt her? 

He ran to the hut where Newt was and heard him talking to Makayla. His voice was full of pain and fear.

"I love you Makayla.” Newt said, breathing heavily.

“Newt please.” She whispered.

“Just listen.” He yelled, not in anger but in pain. “Listen to me. I love you so much. I would take a spear in the heart if it meant saving your life. Thomas had a right to be mad. You’re his baby sister. All he wants is to protect you, I would do the same thing." 

Makayla was sobbing.

"I don’t want you in here while they take this thing out of me. If something happens, I want you to know that I will always be with you and that I love you so much. Tell Tommy I love him and that I’m sorry.” Newt said.

“We have to get this out now!” The medjack yelled.

“Go Makayla.” Newt said. 

He gave her hand one last squeeze before she was escorted out. She saw Thomas outside.

“Makayla, I’m sorry.” Thomas said through the tears. 

She gave a little nod before sitting on the ground, leaning against the hut. Thomas went in as they started the surgery. Thomas went and held Newt’s hand. Newt opened his eyes and looked into Thomas’.

“I’m sorry Newt.” Thomas said.

Newt squeezed Thomas’ hand in response. Newt passed out from the pain but Thomas never let go of his hand. The spear was successfully removed but they didn’t know if Newt would wake up.

“The spear was really close to his heart, we don’t know if it was punctured. All we could do was fix his shoulder, we couldn’t check his heart because we don’t have any equipment that could help us. All we can do is sit and wait.” The medjack said.

Hours went by, but Thomas still held Newt’s hand. People came and left, but Thomas stayed at his side. Makayla wasn’t allowed in, due to Newt’s request, but she never left the hut, she stayed outside until Newt woke up. 

It was about 4 am when Newt awoke. Thomas was asleep next to Newt, still holding his hand and Makayla was asleep outside, not wanting to leave him.

“Tommy?” Newt whispered as he sat up.

“Newt.” Thomas cried.

Makayla woke up and ran into the hut but Thomas held up a hand telling her to stop so Newt couldn’t see her.

“Where’s Makayla, is she alright?” Newt asked.

“You almost died and all you’re worried about is Makayla?” Thomas asked.

“I told you Tommy, I love her.” Newt said.

“Is your heart well enough to see her?” Thomas asked.

“If anything, she’ll make it heal quicker.” Newt smiled.

Thomas nodded his head and Makayla walked in. 

“Newt.” She cried.

Newt cried at the sight of her. Makayla ran to him and hugged him, being gentle due to the fact he was stabbed. Newt tried to hug back but realized his hand was still held tightly in Thomas’ hand.

“Sorry.” Thomas said as he placed Newt’s hand in Makayla’s. “I took Makayla’s place and held your hand so you knew we were there for you." 

"You held it this whole time?” Newt asked.

“You’re my best friend and if you were going to die, I wasn’t going to let you go without knowing how sorry I was.” Thomas said.

He stood up and walked to the door.

“I know Tommy.” Newt smiled.

“No you don’t. I told you that I didn’t care if you died. I told you to go out and get killed. I didn’t mean it Newt.” Thomas said with tears in his eyes. “But I was scared. I didn’t want to lose Makayla, she was all I had here, she’s the only piece of myself that I am sure of. She’s my baby sister and I didn’t want her to get hurt. I didn’t want her to get hurt, I didn’t want to see her cry, I didn’t want her to get played.”

“It’s okay Tommy. I would have done the same thing.” Newt said.

“No you wouldn’t have. You’re stronger than me, you’re better than me, you aren’t scared of anything.” Thomas said.

“Tommy, I’m scared to death about losing Makayla. I truly love her and I wouldn’t be able to live without her. I rather die than live a life without her. I know you don’t like it but I love her with my whole shucking heart Tommy.” Newt said.

“I know.” Thomas smiled. “You almost died for her. If that’s not love than I don’t know what is. I’m sorry I didn’t trust you. I’m sorry about all of this. I love you so much Newt and I’m glad to call you my brother.”

“Love you too Tommy.” Newt smiled.

“And Makayla, I just wanted you to be safe.” Thomas whispered.

Makayla got up and hugged Thomas. 

“I know.” She cried.

“I’m warning you now Newt, hurt her and I’ll throw the next spear at you.” Thomas winked.

“I’ll throw it at myself if I ever hurt her.” Newt smiled.

Thomas left the hut, leaving Makayla and Newt alone.

“I love you so much Makayla.” Newt whispered as he kissed her hand.

“I love you.” Makayla said leaning against Newt’s chest, on the good side of course.