(not a senpai)

Happy Birthday Takeru-senpai! 

Don’t forget to greet Takeru-senpai by tapping on him when he appears in your cafe (only applicable if it is March 22 in your timezone).

Starting with Takeru-senpai, there will no longer be social media birthday contests for all the upcoming birthdays. We hope you understand and we thank you for your patience.


Andromeda Black + Sneaky flirty eyes with one Ted Tonks. 

Ah, the fruits of my labour. I scared my cat running around in a cape and robes. 

I’ve always admired @asktheboywholived and their chameleon ways; how easily they could slip into the skin of all the characters they’ve done. Even when I used to follow them at @lettherebedoodles on my older blog years ago, so for years I’ve wanted to do something like that but I’m far too awkward and camera shy so I never even attempted. 

But I attempted, and I hope it’s not super dorky looking or lame lol. I have some Alecto recordings as well, but most of the good ones are on my phone, and for some reason they aren't’ converting into frames. So once I figure that out, I’ll make those as well. 

hello hello !! it’s been a while since i last did a roleplay. i’m just gonna join this bandwagon thing. stolen from @lcvefccl

like or reblog if you’re willing to roleplay with a heavily headcanon-based / canon-divergent: senpai / taro yamada from the in-development game lovesick: yansim / yandere simulator !!

so me & @asktarosenpaiare now making an au centered around my reblogged post with taro being a ( cannibalistic ) yandere instead & now ayano’s the kouhai who’s fighting to survive. but this all happened becuz of taro rejecting her when she finally confessed, then everything changed from there.