As most of my followers know I have an abusive father. Earlier in my life physically abusive, now emotionally and psychologically abusive. He had said he would pay for the first month of my college tuition. which is of. 3,672 dollars.
And now he has stated that he will not give me money to pay a place he’s never seen? Although I have been there for the acceptance students day along with my sister. And I have many pictures of my visit. 
I am unsure if a gofundme at this point will help. But if i can’t get enough money in a few days, I will not be able to attend and leave my abusive household.
I am currently completely booked with commissions (THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH) but It would be irresponsible of me to go and take more than I could finish in a timely manner. If anyone could donate or help, I would be so increasingly grateful…

ok let’s do dis, send me screenshots of your ff characters and I’ll draw them in their child-form >:3c

I cannot promise I’ll do all of them but I’ll try. send me via tumblr IM, asks, attaching them to a reblog w/ a short description of them when they’re younger, whichever floats your boat

of course I’ll prefer doing female characters from followers but hey, whichever gives me inspiration

First Impressions vs What Actually Happened: The Promised End
  • cards:Liliana joined the Gatewatch, Emrakul was sealed in the moon
  • story:Liliana plans to use the Gatewatch as her pawns, Emrakul redirected the power of an apocalypse spell to help the Gatewatch seal Her in the moon for reasons yet unknown but likely nefarious ones. She also sucks at chess.
Safe & Sound

Pairing: Chuck Shurley x Reader
Word Count: 780
Warnings: Death, feels. (I don’t even know what’s up with my lack of fluff this week.) 
Song: Safe & Sound - Taylor Swift
A/N: The third of my fics for my one-shot series collab with Ashley (@d-s-winchester) - make sure you also check out her fic for today, which can be found here! You can find the masterlist of all of the fics for the collab this week here. Enjoy!

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Take the used-up heart like a pebble
and throw it far out.

Soon there is nothing left.
Soon the last ripple exhausts itself
in the weeds.

Returning home, slice carrots, onions, celery.
Glaze them in oil before adding
the lentils, water, and herbs.

Then the roasted chestnuts, a little pepper, the salt.
Finish with goat cheese and parsley. Eat.
You may do this, I tell you, it is permitted.
Begin again the story of your life.

Jane Hirshfield, “De Capo,” in The Lives of the Heart (HarperCollins, 1997)

Bleach has One Chapter Left as Readers Suspect Forced Cancellation

News of Bleach’s end has been widespread since Weekly Shonen Jump’s Hisashi Sasaki made the announcement. The former editor-in-chief released the statement shortly before the Shonen Jump Podcast, during which the Vice President claimed that Bleach’s creator Tite Kubo would end his 15-year story in less than 10 weeks. That placed the ending date of Bleach at around Mid-September.

But just two weeks after that announcement, Shonen Jump issue 35 was previewed with a surprising piece of information: Bleach and Nisekoi will end in double-issue 36-37, meaning Bleach will end in August.

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