Eruri Fic: The Power of Words

A little ficlet for @eli-heichou​ on the difficulty of finding the right words. 

“You think you can charm the birds from the trees don’t you?” 

The training instructor sneered as he relegated Erwin to slop duty for trying to talk himself and Mike out of trouble for the third time that week. He failed, but he took the lesson to heart. Erwin was a studious trainee, he applied himself diligently, learned from his failures, learned to play to his strengths. 

Erwin learned the power of words early and was not afraid to use them. Half truths and hollow platitudes, blatant flattery and subtle blandishments were all weapons in his formidable arsenal. Erwin learned how to ingratiate himself with his commanders, learned how to ignite the hearts of trainees, how to make and break men with his words, how to convince them to walk willingly into the mouths of titans, fists proudly clenched.  He learned how to charm another expedition, another month’s rations, horses, steel, medical supplies, from noblemen and politicians, or more often than not, their wives. 

Women hung on Erwin’s words. 

“Talk to me.”  Marie would plead.

“What do you want to talk about?”  he would ask.

“I don’t want to talk, I just want to listen. Please darling.” 

So he would talk, fingers tracing lazy patterns up and down her back as she sighed beneath his touch, beneath his words. 

Years later, Nile was still complaining that Marie always wanted him to talk to her.  

“I mean, what the fuck is that about?” 

Erwin just shrugged. Words came naturally to him.

But words had failed Erwin when it came to Levi. 

Levi had tied his tongue, stopped his voice in his throat, driven the clever words from his head.  Levi struck him dumb and left him desperate.  He was deserving only of the truth. Demanded it. Naked and unadorned. 

“Don’t bullshit me Erwin Smith.”

But Erwin didn’t have the courage to face the truth.  Erwin who could issue the orders that would send ten, twenty, a hundred men to their deaths, could not bring himself to force that tiny word of truth past his clenched teeth until it was almost too late. 


They were standing atop the Shinganshina wall when the word finally slipped past his lips, a split second before Levi jumped.  Erwin often wonders if he heard. Wonders what might have happened if he’d found his courage sooner.

“Levi, did you hear me?”

“Hmn?  What?” Levi grunts into the pillow beside him.

“When we were on top of the wall in Shiganshina.”

“What the fuck are you talking about Erwin?” 

Levi turns over, nestles in against Erwin’s side, still more than half asleep.

“Just before you jumped. I told you I loved you.  I’ve always wondered if you heard.”

Erwin’s hand finds it’s way into Levi’s hair, dark strands shot with silver running through his fingers.

“Why are you asking now? That was years ago.” 

“I don’t know.” 

Erwin shrugs and Levi’s head bobs on his shoulder. 

“Tch.  Of course I heard.  I heard you long before then.”

“But I never…”

“Dumbass.  You didn’t have to.” 

Levi’s hand reaches up to his cheek, thumb skimming lightly over this lips.

Erwin opens his mouth, but before he can speak, Levi is kissing him and even now, after all this time, it still takes his breath away.  That against all the odds, Levi is right here, and he’s warm and he’s alive, and he’s everything. 

“See?” Levi pulls back, a lazy smile curling at his lips.  “Sometimes you don’t need words.”

Valentine’s Day Game

Okay, I was going to do a special list for today but that didn’t work out, so I’m going to try something a little different than originally planned.

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I'm Not Okay (Vocals + Bass)
  • I'm Not Okay (Vocals + Bass)
  • My Chemical Romance
  • Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge


I’m Not Okay (Vocals + Bass), 
Originally performed by My Chemical Romance.

i know ive posted two im not okay edits this week shush that’s all i have ok :)

punkidontheblock asked:

Hi I was hoping you would do a Valentine drabble where it's their first year as an actual couple and klaus goes all out on Valentine's day and showers her with gift and stuff and she is suprised and he is says is so anything for you please thank you I love your drabbles

!! I’m so glad you like my drabbles! I hope you get cavities from how sweet this one is! You’re very lovely! Happy Valentine’s Day, folks! (P.S. I did very little editing because I’m sleepy! So sorry if there are any wild errors!) 

Eleven months.

That was their official time together. If he counted their unofficial time together, he’d be looking at the last century, at least. She’d floated in and out of his life, travelling, seeing different wonders of the world, having different occupations. She had a thirst for knowledge and a wonderment for life that Klaus found so endearing.

But right now, at eleven official months and ‘Valentine’s Day’ –whatever that was – looming, he was terrified.

Rebekah had dropped in a week previously and, in her trademark snide-trying-to-cover-interest voice asked, “So, first official Valentine’s Day together? What have you planned?”

And he had frozen, in the middle of ripping someone’s heart out – Rebekah’s timing had never been fabulous.

Valentine’s Day.

Valentine’s Day?

“What the bloody hell is ‘Valentine’s Day’,” Klaus had spat at his sister, his hand still not quite pulling the heart from the man’s body.

“Seriously?” the man asked. “I’ve met Caroline, how do you keep someone like her around?”  

Probably not a smart move on the man’s behalf, because Klaus roared angrily and separated the organ from his body.

“I’m with the dead man on this one,” Rebekah replied, incredulously. “But I suggest you work out what the bloody hell is Valentine’s Day, or I doubt you’ll make it to your one year anniversary. Good day, brother.”

With that she was gone, leaving Klaus to brush the blood onto his jeans frantically, and search the web for Valentine’s Day.

Now, on the eve of Valentine’s Day, Klaus was anxious, nervous, jittery and skittish about the next day. He was currently hunched over his desk, clumsily folding paper origami hearts, too embarrassed to ask his minions to do it for him. He wasn’t very good to start with, his long fingers not quite agile enough for the fine art of paper folding, but he was getting better, and the last three actually looked like hearts.

He was so focussed on his task that he didn’t even register the soft footsteps coming up behind him.

“Hey Nik!” a bright voice chirped.

He paled, jumped to his feet, and, in one fluid movement, whooshed them out of his study, not forgetting to shut the door behind him, and have her seated in the courtyard of the compound, and was thrusting a disctractionary glass of blood into her hands, safely away from any incriminating evidence.

“What was that for?” she asked, suspiciously.

“Nothing,” he responded, a little too quickly. “Hybrid business, go back to your drinks.”

Caroline frowned at Klaus’ suspicious behaviour.

“Ahh! Elijah!” Klaus cried, as the elder Mikaelson walked through the entrance. “Caroline here was very interested in your work with children during the second world war. Tell her about it, I have some things to do. Bye.”

Klaus spoke fast, and was gone even faster, but before he was gone, Caroline could have sworn his cheeks were flaming.

“What was that about?” Caroline asked, bemused.

“I believe all will reveal itself, my dear,” Elijah responded, cryptically. “Just be a little patient with him today.”

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