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Have a gif of a sexy combat rolling Hanzo

Now who does that remind you of? They met at Overwatch right? Right???

Chowder: “Dex are you free tonight? At 8?”

Dex: “Yeah, why?”

Chowder: “Nursey? You free then too?”

Nursey: “I think so, yeah”

Chowder: “Great! You should go see a movie together. Here’s the tickets, its a romantic comedy. Enjoy!!”

“You just made yourself an enemy,” Andrew Minyard says. Neil doesn’t flinch at the sound of his voice by strength of will, flicking a glance to Andrew’s reflection in the mirror. He’s not very tall, but he seems to fill the entrance entirely where he’s leaning against the doorframe.

Neil laughs, rough in his throat. “I know.”

“You know,” Andrew repeats musingly. The florescent light overhead turns his smile shadowed. “And do you know who exactly it is you’re making an enemy of?”

“Captain of the Edgar Allen Ravens, weird obsession with Kevin Day, entitled streak big enough for every one of your team mates put together,” Neil quips. Watched a man cut down right in front of him as a kid and didn’t flinch. From a family that associates with my father. “I didn’t exactly see you trying to make friends with him either.”

tumbling ain’t the same as falling - chapter three

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Video game nights

- Okay like the family doesn’t get together often, but when they do it usually ends in chaos right?

- Well that chaos is great when directed at something like say video games.

- Now one day/night someone has the brilliant idea of Mario Kart tournament.

- Four players at a time and winner stays in until everyone has been beaten.

- It took most of the day.

- Luke yelled player one the second the idea was brought up. He wanted first pick of characters.

- He never got over the time Tiffany made him be Peach and play with her pink controller.

-Cass did not know how to play at first, so she was hitting random buttons.

- A time out was called and Dick showed her how.

- Stephanie got so excited when she passed someone that she jumped up and had the popcorn fly out of her lap.

- Harper gets mean with the shells. No one is safe. She will throw them at you in the game while also bumping you from the couch. Like she says there are no friends in Mario Kart.

- Duke is the one to talk to the game as he plays. Yes he knows the person is next to him but yelling at their character is more fun.

- Tim and Barbara were both accused of cheating. They had to explain often that they could not hack into a video game while playing if both hands were on the controller.

- Jason will throw the controller if he loses. Everyone has learn to duck.

- Same with Damian. He did beat Dick though so he takes that as a win.

- Dick is just so glad the whole family is there.

- Lots of colorful words in different languages.

- Bruce threaten to pull the game because everyone was about late to patrol.

- When Kate asked where they were, she demanded to be part of the next tournament.

Hello my beautiful and lovely friends 💕 Tonight is a lovely night because I reached 1k followers! I’ve been on tumblr for more than half a decade, and I can tell you all that I’ve never had a better experience than when I joined the bookish side. I love talking to every single person on here, and it’s honestly so much fun gushing/ranting about books with all of you! Thank you for the thousand. I never ever ever thought I’d reach that number. I’m a humble shitpost extraordinaire *bow*. I appreciate every single one of you, and I’m always so grateful for getting the chance to interact. I hope I can continue to be a productive member of this amazing community. I love you all 💖❤️

permanentchaos  asked:

I just wanted to say that I have absolutely fallen in love with and adore your VixenNeil au fic and cannot get the idea of cheerleading neil out of my head. So much I have spent the last hour watching cheerleading competition videos and imagining the vixens and this obsession is now your fault thank you so much friend #noregrets

i’m so glad you like it! quite a lot of watching of cheerleading videos has gone into the making of that fic tbf (10/10 would recommend because holy shit)