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  • okay so this had been in the inbox for a while now and i’m super duper sorry i just wanted to get some namjoon stuff out!!
  • okay i’ve never seen many model aus so this is gonna be lit just wait i have some quality ideas
  • okay so firstly, you!!
  • you’re not the cliche make up artist who fixes the lead models make up and gets all close in his face…
  • and you’re not the photographer either, who gets to pose our dearest model however you want…
  • you’re actually a lowly secretary, like the one who answers phone calls for the head of the agency, and you’re always sent on coffee duty for everyone, and you’re usually the one taking notes, and emailing potential sponsors like you’re not really high up on the ranks
  • but because you’re a secretary that means you get to always be right near the action in case anyone needs a super large frappuccino with extra whip cream (looking at you, mrs. fashion designer lady)
  • which means you get to see him
  • and by him i mean the one and only kim seokjin
  • he’s well known across the world because he’s so damn handsome like he’s a god or something??
  • it’s always a war to see which agency will get to book him for a shoot because he’s so super popular
  • he works for the company big hit modeling (wink wink) and they’re not really a super known company, until seokjin starts modeling then they become one of the most famous companies across the globe
  • he’s mostly a fashion model (idk if there are other models) but he started with the typical fashion magazines where his hair is all messed and he’s holding some sort bag over his shoulder and giving the camera the big pouty lips
  • but recently he’s been in like sports magazines (mm kim seokjin, modeling in some bathing suit trunks, yes plz)
  • actually everyone expects the bathing suit issue to be sultry but legit you remember opening the issue and it’s seokjin with one of those flower swimming caps, smiling playfully and holding a beach ball up to his chest
  • and then in other pics he has the heart sunglasses and he’s wearing cute pink floaties and then an innertube around his waist!!
  • but still, you can see those shoulders,,, and those calves,,, and you just kinda have to fan yourself with the magazine because that level of beauty is overwhelming
  • you low key hoard every magazine he’s in okay like every single magazine he’s been in, it’s stashed under your bed
  • you wish that he would come and do some shoots for your magazine agency…
  • and guess what, your boss manages to do it, manages to get the one and only kim seokjin to come and do a “business” photo shoot
  • everyone goes into a full out panic because kim seokjin, the kim seokjin is going to be here of all places
  • you’re excited sure, but a little upset
  • you’ve been an admirer of seokjin since as long as you can remember, since he started his modeling career
  • you don’t know how you’re gonna feel having him so close to you, yet so far away
  • you then scold yourself for being so sentimental because why would he even notice you to begin with??
  • okay okay so it’s the first day of the shoot
  • you’re dressed in your usual work clothes, super business-y like a button down and then slacks or a skirt or whatever you like that’s business-y idk my work uniform is a cheongsam so like idk
  • but you can tell everyone is ok edge from the get go because everyone is being super snappy with you and everyone is running around and running into each other and it’s a hot mess up in this camp
  • okay it’s like an hour before seokjin is even supposed to show up but everyone is still super stressed and everyone is like go get our coffee and be useful and you kinda smile through the tears oh alright i see how it is
  • you know everyone’s orders by now so it’s not that big of a deal but still you’re feeling personally a little frazzled by all of the drama
  • you stumble into the coffee shop and the little cashier who you’re actually really friendly with now waves to you and you wave back and smile like if anyone can make your day better it’s him
  • so you order everything and kinda mention what’s going down at the agency like “yah kim seokjin is gonna be down here soon and everyone is stressed and being kinda crabby”
  • and the boys eyes light up “oh seokjin huh?” and he smiles “yah he’s a riot. really pretty. really sweet. don’t you think?”
  • he’s not really looking at you but you don’t mind too much
  • “seokjin is so gorgeous. and this is weird, but his hands are really super cute?” you laugh “you know i’ve been a fan for like years now… he looks so gentle and sweet… and i’m sure he’s so much more than a pretty face! like i bet he saves puppies off the street, well, maybe cats. and i bet he carries groceries up the steps for old ladies too!!”
  • and your counter boy is snickering and you’re like “jeongguk stop making fun of me i really think he would be like thaT”
  • but you’re pulled away from jeongguk because someone taps your shoulder so you spin around and guess who’s standing there
  • it’s, that’s right, you guessed it, it’s none other than kim seokjin in the flesh
  • your face drains of all color and you wonder how long he’s been standing there, listening to you rave about him
  • it’s a super small hole in the wall coffee shop that mostly older folks come to which explains the lack of paparazzi and screaming fans but you kinda wish they were there to take the pressure and attention off of you
  • he’s staring down at you and his face is so red but you’re sure that your face is even more so
  • jeongguk is cackling behind the counter and you start to blush harder
  • and finally seokjin manages to stammer out “thanks for thinking so highly of me…!! it means the world to me, that people, like me, i mean, i know people like me, but i mean like-”
  • and jeongguk just coughs “plz mom, you’re embarrassing yourself.”
  • “i tolD yOu noT TO cALL me tHaT”
  • and he hides behind his hands and you think that’s so super cute you just wanna like… idk… kiss him all over…
  • “you’re um… coming over to do a shoot with us!!” you smile a bit
  • his eyes go wide and he smiles “are you one of the models im working with?”
  • and you go so red you can feel your heart slamming against your chest “who me? ahh no i’m just the assistant…”
  • “oh… what a shame, i would wanna do some shoots with you. maybe one day we can get jeongguk to take our picture!”
  • “smoooooth”
  • “jeon jeongguk is2g shut your mouth”
  • you’re blushing and smiling and seokjin is looking anywhere but your face and jeongguk is coughing like um your coffee is ready
  • and you both think it means your coffee and you both go to grab it and your fingers brush and you both pull away and stutter out apologies
  • jeongguk rolls his eyes but smiles anyhow
  • but alas seokjin’s phone rings and his agent is like :))) hurry it up there pal :)))
  • and seokjin says he’ll see you soon but before you can reply he’s rushing out the door and as soon as he’s gone you’re practically screaming to jeongguk, from a melted heap on the floor
  • “you should probably get going so you can see your boy…”
  • jeongguk hands you over the trays of coffee and sends you off with a playful little wink
  • okay okay so you get back to the office area and you’re handing out drinks to all your superiors and they’re too busy trying to fix the lighting and touch up seokjin’s makeup and whatever to even notice that you stay in the shooting room while things start to go down
  • but you don’t notice that seokjin keeps glancing over at you, and he’s low key trying to ask all the staff about you like who’s that angel over there just for reasons…
  • okay so he’s dressed in this extremely tight white button down and he has some black slacks and a skinny black tie and his hair is down in his eyes and also !! carrying a briefcase and probably wearing some ugly ass penny loafers but he makes them look so nice
  • okay but then
  • then
  • the coordinating outfit lady whatever they’re called, she comes over and undoes the first two buttons and wow chest chest chest chest
  • you feel your stomach twisting in knots and you want to look away but oh it’s so tantalizing
  • but something is definitely off, the imagine isn’t right but nobody else is seeing how awkward it looks right now and you’re like um this can’t be the image we use??
  • and so like any normal person would do in this situation, you totally disregard your job and your standing and you rush up to the runway area and you hurry over to seokjin
  • and there is some astounded gasps and screaming and your name followed by some rude and profane language but you disregard all of it tbh
  • you rest one hand on seokjin’s chest and the other one works at his tie and he tenses up and goes red as a tomato and he stares down at you
  • you stick your tongue out a bit and he thinks it’s so cute how you’re concentrating but also you’re so close and he might die?
  • you loosen the tie up so it’s not so tight and stuffy and it hangs down a bit and it really matches this whole messy professional thing and it looks like a million times better
  • and the head photographer has a light bulb right, it just pops up over his head
  • “you two, stay like that please”
  • and you’re like wait what im not a moDEL
  • but hey you’re already in the business clothes and you two look so cute,,,
  • most of the pictures you two end up taking, your face is blocked from view either by looking to the side or looking down or whatever but it’s super touchy like he has his arm draped over you at some points, or his hand on your waist and it’s so close and you’re like wow how have i not died yet
  • but then
  • then
  • seokjin leans down and he gives you a look and you don’t need words to understand he ghosts his lips over yours and wraps his arms around your waist and your hands are on his chest and you can hear like seven million cameras going off
  • you both pull away and he’s stammering and you’re blushing and the entire business is in a frenzy because that was so good
  • and the main photographer comes up and he’s like “nice to meet you i’m min yoongi, if you’re interested we could get you a job over at big hit… you and seokjin here have a certain chemistry that would be so amazing to capture in photography.”
  • he gives you his card
  • seokjin gives you his number (wink wink wink)
  • and a few weeks later jeongguk is the first to confront you about a certain photoshoot in a certain magazine featuring a certain someone that looks very much like you, kissing a certain famous model…

Title: Curiosity

Genre: AU, Platonic, Teenagers

Word Count: 12, 928

Warnings: Brief blood mentions and speculations of paranormal activity

Description: In which Phil is an amateur urban explorer/photographer/YouTuber who encounters Dan, an amateur graffiti artist, in an abandoned hospital by surprise. They decide to explore together and find a lot more than just empty rooms and random chairs, if you know what I mean.

Author’s Note: Told in first-person perspective. Sorry, I just found this interesting side of YouTube recently and decided to write about it and exercise my sensory imagery skills. Also, finally back on schedule, hopefully. (Please remember that this is fiction.)

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Headcanon of the Day

All of the furniture in Byron’s house is made of metal. There are cushions, of course, but all of the supports are metal.   

It’s not an aesthetic decision. When someone asks why, he simply opens his wallet and hands them an old photograph. It features Roark (who couldn’t have been more than 4 at the time), his newly hatched Cranidos, and piles and piles of broken wooden furniture. Turns out Cranidoses don’t see any difference between the trees they headbutt to train and the wood that makes up a dining room table, for example. The pair got through two whole rooms before the destruction was halted. 

for anyone who reads Strung Out Photographs just know I had an idea in the shower a few days ago that made me start crying and it changes the entire direction I was going towards on the story I'm sorry in advance

Congratulations to Mark & Marissa, who got engaged yesterday on the pedestrian foot bridge over the canal!

Mark called me on Friday, asking me if I’d be available to photograph his proposal… they drove all the way in from Montreal! She had absolutely no idea.

I had to hide in the bushes… so I’m really sorry to all the people jogging and biking on the canal who thought I was a huge creeper with a huge zoom lens hiding in the bushes. I had to do what I had to do.

Ottawa, Canada
June 27, 2015

Sorry to my followers for bothering you with that... WTF !? Answered.

Is it necessary, you said ? Yes, it is necessary.  

The way you wrote your message… give me the sad impression that you don’t see the interest to credit people who take screenshots.

I guess you are the kind of people who have no idea of the amount of work that we, screenarchers, put into our screenshots. Screenarchery is not limited to press a key. We have to find the good scene, lightning, landscape, angle, we have to tweak settings  and it takes time. Like a photography. Photographers are always credited for their work, why not screenarchers ? The process is quite similar…. 

If you think screenarchers don’t need to be credited for their work,
you’re wrong.  

If you think you can browse, choose one and do what you want,
you’re wrong. 

I really feel you are the kind of people who thinks screenshots are only screenshots, nothing more so we don’t deserve credit…

And due to my restricted skills in English, I close this post by quoting the entire text of @surlysara​ who have wonderfully answered.

In the real world, photographers are either paid for photographs that artists use as references or are generous enough to give permission for an artist to use their photographs.  It is simply not done to use photographs and not give credit/buy rights.  Many artists also spend a lot of time and money on photography equipment and training to make their own references.  Obviously EA/Bioware owns any copyright privileges of their intellectual property, but @cantkeepmyeyesoff spends a LOT of time and energy creating these shots, and then freely shares them with the fan community. Is it so much to ask that she be credited for all the time and effort she puts into creating the gamer’s equivalent of photography?  To get credit for the creativity and skill required to bring us shots that inspire or allow us to do art in the first place?  And without which the artist would have to spend triple the time creating references for her own work?  Lia spends as much time taking the perfect shot as most artists spend creating a drawing or painting.  It is necessary to give credit because she asks for it.  Period.

capture this moment (like a photograph)

A belated birthday gift for the incomparable commanderbellarke who asked for Bellamy finding Clarke’s purse and, by going through it to find out who it belongs to, ends up falling for her before he meets her. 

This was supposed to be short and sweet I swear. Dammit. Instead it’s kinda long and definitely overly wordy. 

Once again featuring MuseumEmployee!Bellamy, but this time with a dash of Photographer!Clarke. (Disclaimer: I have no idea how working at a museum or running a photography showcase works. So sorry.)

WC: ~3,500

Taking the train fucking sucks.

He has to wake up earlier than he would if he had a car and then walk six blocks to the station, just to be jammed into a metro car that’s at least ten people past its capacity. Plus there’s the weird shuffle at each stop of people exiting and entering that, more often than not, leaves him even more squished than before.

For the most part, he knows how to handle it; He blocks it all out with a book, makes a point not to meet anyone’s eyes, and does his best to not be in the way. Survival skills.

And they usually work, getting him to his stop unscathed. But for no explicable reason, today sucks.

That’s not entirely true. It sucks for a couple explicable reasons. One; rent is due soon, which, yeah, self-explanatory. And two; he’s working ridiculous hours at the museum this week.

He loves the museum, really. Working there is kind of a dream. But he’s on front desk duty all week while Maya’s on vacation, and dealing with people in a constant stream, for hours, is not his favorite thing. He’d rather be assisting the archivists, which is his usual gig.

It’s great. He gets to work hands on with what he loves, and he gets to be trained by the best in the business, fueling his hope that he’ll actually be able to do this professionally someday. And get paid for it.

(Each of the handful of times that he’s gushed about this to Octavia has resulted in the shake of her head and a muttered “God, what a nerd.”)

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I just want someone who won’t judge me if I make silly faces or if I get excited over something nonsensical. I want someone that I can annoy without being mad. I want someone who can do the same to me. I want someone who I can share my irrelevant ideas to and not make me shut up when I start talking about it. I want someone who is game with me taking their photographs. I want someone clingy, but not touchy - someone that can make me appreciate their whole presence and not make me sick of it. I want someone to miss me and make me feel special. I need someone to make me cry, out of pure happiness or out of sadness. And I need someone who knows how to say sorry without me having to tell them what they need to say sorry about. I need someone who knows his mistakes and take action to fix it because I’m so so so tired of telling people what to fix. I want someone who can lower their pride and someone who is selfless. I want someone who is not afraid to show an effort. I want someone to challenge me, surprise me - someone unpredictable. I just want someone who will hold me if I get scared of the reality I’m facing, someone who will be there for me no matter what. I want someone who is not confused of their feelings, who is 100% sure that it’s me who they love. I want someone who can make me see a better perspective of the world… someone who can make me truly happy.

But most importantly, I just want someone who is real.