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a james + sirius headcanon nobody asked for? hey im here for you kid

  • when sirius moves in with the potters, james makes sure to show him around the muggle parts of london he’s never been allowed to see.
  • it’s the summer holidays, they’re bored and tired out from playing quidditch in the backyard, so they end up going to a thai massage place.
  • later they’re chilling on james’ bed with a joint, and sirius says dreamily, “man, i feel like some kneaded dough right now. like you could just push me in the oven and bake me”
  • james replies with a grin, “mate. you’re already baked”
  • sirius fucking loses it
  • first days after skam: yeah i love fanfics but i only read the ones that are set after the events of s3 and are canon compatible

title: daily lives of yoosung
genre: fluff, slight smut
fandom: mystic messenger
characters: yoosung and saeran/unknown
summary: saeran caught yoosung doing something… 

Korean words (that are unclear or you guys doesn’t know): 

  • ssi—it means addressing someone formally. Like how 707 and Zen address Jaehee. 
  • yadong—it means porn… obviously lol

note: trying out to get out of the writer’s block… i can’t stay like this forever… it’s so tiring, to be honest. so enjoy this! 

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wanted to remind everyone that it’s going to start warming up soon (at least where I am) and it’s TOTALLY OKAY and RECOMMENDED to try wearing crop tops/backless tops or dresses if u haven’t before, you are all beautiful and will feel so free!! the chances of people who dont have scoliosis (or a similar condition) noticing, or at least caring about, your uneven hips/waist/crooked spine/scar are pretty low. we are all our own worst critics and pick apart our perceived flaws much more harshly than a random stranger walking down the street. you all deserve to feel good about yourselves

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omg thANK YOU Q-Q ……. i always feel like ppl who followed me for the llsif are now like, yo where is the llsif GIVE THE LLSIF NOWWW IM HONGRY

and im like cRIE S BUT I WANNA DRAW KLANCE RN .….. //////SHIELD S MYSELF///////

anyway so omg im glad you are digging it tho LOL q-q !!!!

No hard feelings, just being thorough and capable for a great outcome.

hockey fans!!! (read the tags)

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✪But the storm closes in much quicker than anticipated and soon they can barely see each other in front of them, can barely hear each other over the comms. Ryan orders them to stop and tether themselves to each other so they don’t get lost. Before Gavin so reach back and hand his tether to Ryan, Ryan’s knocked out of alignment by debris.

✪The force of the blow knocks him straight out and Ryan doesn’t wake up until the storm has passed. He’s in a large hole in the ground, a deep crater, not Jeremy’s. What makes matters worse is that he’s fairly certain he’s broken his leg in the fall and that he’s no longer attached to an oxygen tether. He’s got about five hours of oxygen left and after that he’ll die in this hole. He tries to access his comms, but he gets only static in return and now the crushing loneliness is pressing in.

✪He hopes the recruits are okay. He hopes they made it back to the base. They should’ve. They’re all made of sturdy stuff, easily bouncing back from a hard fall or a near death experience. Plus Ryan gave them all the survival knowledge they need to know. They’ll be fine on their own and they’ll make great astronauts after this. They’ll go on to do great things, maybe even make captains themselves. And Ryan couldn’t be prouder of the thought.

✪When his oxygen gets pitifully low, he tries not to panic, but in the face of his own mortality, he knows he’s frightened. The danger of dying in space alone is a fear they all face, but that doesn’t make it any better when you know it’s inevitable. That is until he looks up when gravel drifts into his hole. ‘Guys! I found him!’ It’s Gavin, standing there far above him. Soon Michael and Jeremy join him. ‘Ryan, are you okay?’

✪They get the rundown of the situation and spring into action. Michael and Jeremy repel down into the hole with a stretcher. They lift Ryan onto it. Gavin helps pull them out. They walk back to the tethers with Ryan laid out on the stretcher. He breathes a sigh of relief when he’s attached to the tethers. ‘You had me damn worried there, Ryan’ Gavin says. ‘You had all of us you fuck. Next time carry a flare gun so we can find your sorry ass,’ Michael says. ‘You doing all right there?’ Jeremy asks

✪They all show their concern and care in various ways. Gavin complains and whines. Michael rages and shouts. Jeremy gets quiet and frowns a lot. Ryan is touched by their care and concern and he would totally assure them that he’s fine and how proud he is that they’ve managed to find him. But he’s tired and in a lot of pain and recovering from an oxygen scare. There’s little he can do.

✪They set him up in the infirmary and get him patched up, setting his leg and casting it. He won’t be doing any work outside of the base for a long time, but he’s less worried about that now. The recruits have all proven themselves ten-fold. Ryan can finally sit back and relax and log everything their doing for the official record. A month later, Captain Ramsey’s ship arrives to take them all home and receive their official report.

✪Ryan heals up in peace on a short reprieve Geoff gave him. The recruits visit him on his time off and get him out of his quarters from time to time. They involve him in their activities and games during their down time. They pull him planet side whenever Geoff lets the crew off for a time while they’re docked. Ryan allows them into his lab when he goes back to work. He lets them participate in his experiments and finds himself enjoying another’s company in his lab.

✪Geoff teases him about his ‘three boyfriends’. But Ryan knows he’s happy to see that the Mad Scientist Haywood is actually being friendly. Ryan only shrugs and smiles. It’s weird, but it’s good. So if another mission comes to Ryan, he puts in a request for his team and meets up with the three smiling recruits to go on their next adventure. THE END.

anon you’re a blessing and I love this and I love this au and i love you.